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Miller's Ale House Reviews

All LocationsAllentown, PAAlpharetta, GAAltamonte Springs, FLAtlanta, GAAurora, ILBaltimore, MDBel Air, MDBoca Raton, FLBoynton Beach, FLBradenton, FLBrandon, FLChattanooga, TNChicago, ILChicago Ridge, ILColumbus, OHCommack, NYCoral Gables, FLCoral Springs, FLDavenport, FLDavie, FLDawsonville, GADaytona Beach, FLDeer Park, NYDestin, FLDoral, FLDu Page County, ILEstero, FLFort Lauderdale, FLFort Myers, FLFranklin, TNGainesville, FLHenderson, NVHollywood, FLHomestead, FLHunters Creek, FLHyattsville, MDJacksonville, FLJacksonville Beach, FLJensen Beach, FLJunction, TXJupiter, FLKendall, FLKissimmee, FLLady Lake, FLLake Buena Vista, FLLake Grove, NYLakeland, FLLancaster, PALanghorne, PALansdale, PALas Vegas, NVLevittown, NYLombard, ILLong Island, NYLutz, FLMcDonough, GAMedia, PAMethuen, MAMiami, FLMiami Lakes, FLMount Laurel, NJMurfreesboro, TNNānākuli, HINaples, FLNewark, DENew York, NYNorridge, ILNorth Miami Beach, FLNorth Riverside, ILOak Brook, ILOak Lawn, ILOcala, FLOrange Park, FLOrlando, FLOrland Park, ILOviedo, FLPalm Beach Gardens, FLParamus, NJPembroke Pines, FLPensacola, FLPhiladelphia, PAPlymouth Meeting, PAPort Saint Lucie, FLQueens, NYRego Park, NYRichmond, VARiverside, ILRockaway, NJRockville, MDRoswell, GASaint Cloud, FLSaint Petersburg, FLSanford, FLSarasota, FLSchaumburg, ILSeminole, FLSpringfield, PAStaten Island, NYSterling, VATallahassee, FLTampa, FLWatertown, MAWest Palm Beach, FLWilkes-Barre, PAWillow Grove, PAWinter Garden, FLWinter Park, FLWoodbridge, NJ

Overall Reviews at Miller's Ale House

Server | Long Island, NY | Apr 15, 2015
Want tons of work for minimal money
When I started at Millers the restaurant was less than a year old and new to the area so it was very busy with many people excited about a new sports bar. After a while the excitement wore off for the most part after people realized the food is sub par and the liquor portions are very small. Now the restaurant stayed busy because the food is so cheap, beer prices are good, and there are over fifty televisions to watch sporting events. The problem is that it will attract the kinds of customers who are usually rather cheap. Also never work on the night of a big sporting event because you will have tables that will sit for three hours and might order just an appetizer and a main course. Another problem is after a few months of working there the food portion sizes went down and some of the few decent regulars noticed that. Another thing regulars noticed was the company started to put the higher ABV beers in smaller glasses. Management can be okay when they aren't playing favorites, but they are under heavy pressure because of the parent company that owns Millers. About every 2-3 weeks the parent company sends in secret shoppers to inspect everything with the restaurant. Also management is terrified if someone either writes a complaint to corporate or even fills out a bad survey. A positive is that because the restaurant is so big management is very open with your schedule and availability so I can somewhat recommend Millers if you are in school or want it as a secondary job
ProsVery open with scheduling
Consfavoritism, horrific environment, bad clientele
Server | Orlando, FL | Dec 21, 2019
Horrible Management, if you close you can make good money but very unreasonable management
Working at millers was nothing more than working at an over-hyped IHOP. There is plenty of chances to make decent money but its all dependent on volume. Your section will make you or break you, patio makes a killing 200+( closing), miles you can make 100+ (cut at 10-11 pm), and high tops you can make 140-200 (closing). it all depends on the clientele and when you get cut, if you don't close you don't make good money. Expect to work 5-3 am and sacrifice your sleep for the good tips. You will get stiffed while providing attentive and satisfactory service multiple times a day. Besides the bad tippers, Monday- Thursday When 10 pm happy hour starts your tables will be camped and your check averages will be rough, up-selling will not work on budget eaters. Walk outs are not uncommon here, If a table is generous enough to dine and dash you will get written up, the policy is an insurance against theft but you will be held accountable just as if you did steal. Very hard to get good sections, based on favoritism instead of skill. Lets not get into the kitchen, trust the zingers and nothing else unless you want to eat hotpocket grade food. Some cooks are great some will refuse to make your order when they are weeded, angry, or when you need a remake. Managers have napoleon complex and are very hard to communicate with turning simple situations into hostile altercations due to their defensiveness. Management was often miserable, unreasonable and didn't seem to know basic leadership. Over
Bartender | Kissimmee, FL | Sep 15, 2019
Poor management
Managers are indifferent. The GM Omar usually didn't do much other than hang out in the back and talk. He would work the kitchen from time to time but usually during our slower hours. The guy almost never closed and was usually the first of the managers to go home. Support staff manager was something like 22 years old, brand new, and incompetent. Complaints about her writing the schedules were rampant. She lacked store knowledge, dragged her feet when she was needed, and would stand at QA and insist she was busy even if the restaurant was slow and we already had an Expeditor at the window doing his job. In fact, it wasn't uncommon to spot two managers at the window with an expeditor already present and doing his job. I cannot overstate how annoyed the managers get when asked to do....anything. One of our bussers died in a car accident and the first thing a key did was make a joke about it the day of in a team meeting. The kitchen manager has been on for months and still has to have his team show him how to do his job. When our GM started making inconsequential changes to the restaurant he felt slighted that nobody seemed to care or tell him what a "great job" he was doing. In an act of pettiness that benefited nobody or anything except his ego he brought it up in a team meeting and stated that he could make life working there worse if he wanted to and that we should be grateful he wasn't doing that. Most managers can be caught from time to time out back on their phone
ProsSometimes the pay is nice and there are some genuinely good people working there.
Cons0 Breaks, long hours, inconsistent pay, largely incompetent and petty management, bad work culture.
Bar Manager | Sterling, VA | Apr 23, 2018
Exciting Place where every day provided a new challenge
I would walk in and write a floor plan and look at my labor card an see if any adjustments were needed based on staffing/volume. Perform a Pre-Shift meeting to iron out any issues we may have had/products we may be low on. Run the actual shift which may involve cooking on the line, bar tending, or expo-ing. I make sure that whatever area in the restaurant that needs my help the most gets my attention to ensure that the customer experience is not affected by any issues that be going on "behind the scenes". Most important thing I learned working for Miller's is the importance of being the calming experienced presence when in the middle of the rush. Yelling and panicking will just make everyone else do the same or worse. I loved working with several of my management teams. However it always seemed that other stores would have problems, and it would constantly be pulled apart. The culture @ Millers is most certainly one of teamwork but also that of over delivering on expectations. When you run the specials we do, by delivering great service and quality, people are blow away with the value and level of service. The hardest part of the job is most definitely the most rewarding part as well. Teaching young people to "do the right thing even when nobody is looking". Otherwise known as building Character. Secondly it'd have to be working until 3am and living that late night lifestyle while trying to raise a family. The Most enjoyable part is that moment in the Chara
Server | Jensen Beach, FL | Feb 9, 2019
Managers do not know how to treat their employees AT ALL
I have never worked for a company that treated their staff so poorly, unless you are one of their "girls" You get special treatment, can wear whatever you want and pretty much do whatever you want while others are talked down to and belittled for the same thing. I was completely over it. The GM is a good guy, but the 2 older associate managers are very hard to work for. You can't talk to them, you're afraid to approach them with anything, they are consistently rude and demeaning to most employees like I said before unless you're one of their "girls" No one should have to deal with kind of stress at work from their management. You should be able to rely on them and expect that you will be treated with respect when you are spoken to. There's a way to manage and these guys need a reality check. I'm going up the corporate chain because something needs to be done about it. I've talked to many other servers at this location and it seems to be a unanimous agreement about how they feel about the management. It's toxic and worst of all it makes you feel horrible. They expect respect, but absolutely none is given. None. If you plan on working here, expect that you will be talked to like you are worthless and you will not get any support from management staff. I wonder if they realize that it's a pretty open atmosphere and many customers can hear everything being said. It's wrong in every way.
ProsGood coworkers, nice location
Bartender | Gainesville, FL | Aug 18, 2022
Poor work culture, cliquish, management be sus
Worked here for 4 years, and this place was like high school all over again from day one. Poor management styles, would rather alienate employees then properly correct people. half the staff party, rage, and breed alcoholism, management included the other half mind their business, just dont cross the rager's... "weaker" FOH members are walking punchlines for the first half the crew/ ragers. Gross to witness, but I was just one of those who minded their business. I didn't acclimate well there just based on the fact that management is aware of gross/abuse behavior but they were in on it too T-T And were in fact the reason that culture is perpetuated in the first place. I stayed because it one of the best paying restaurants in town, and ignorant people weren't gonna stop my bag. I just did my best and got in where I fit in. Because management is petty be prepared to defend yourself and involve corporate if need be. I made it clear, after the first time they crossed me (cause they will try you if your not in the clique (ragers) that i would be recording interactions, and refused private conversations. They were careful ever since, like 2 cowboys preparing to draw, me vs them just waiting to catch the other slipping. Definitely wasn't healthy....
Prosgood money easily 1k+ a week
Conswill affect your mental, because they're mental
| Port Saint Lucie, FL | Apr 3, 2021
yeah not great, especially management
personally while working here for over nine months, i would never ask for many days off and when i would ask off, the days would get approved and i would tell multiple managers about it but when the schedule would come out, i would be on the schedule on the one day i asked off for. The worst part is that asking your coworkers to cover the shift never worked because no one ever responds when you ask and then its considered YOUR fault for not getting your shift covered, even when you asked off for it in the first place. not a great work environment either, the managers either absolutely hate you and they make that clear, or they really like you and they make that clear too. also for as long as I've worked there, we've had a mask mandate which is fine and all but that also means we have to ask people to wear masks in the restaurant and if there's one thing I've learned from this job, it's that south floridians really don't like to be asked to wear a mask and they will let you know. a lot of people have gotten very confrontational about that and it makes for a very uncomfortable work environment. the only positive i can come up with right now is some of the people that work there have a positive energy but that's not really enough to say this is a good place to work at.
Pros40% discount on food
Consscheduling problems, management
Busser | Lombard, IL | Feb 8, 2022
Honest review
Never worked at a place like Millers Ale House. Management is awesome when it comes to flexibility. The more tables you can take the more management will like you. Unfortunately the clientele here is less than Sub-par. I don't think I was ever actually yelled at for my few months there(some people did, but they deserved it.) The coworkers who were hard working and knew what it took make a restaurant run, are some of my favorite people. My main issue with Millers were the coworkers who were lazy, entitled, and straight up ignorant. Support staff would have to spilt tips with eachother. That's totally normal until people just refuse to part of their job, and watch their Co-workers do everything. Servers seating themselves, and skipping rotation. Management will not do anything about it. If you tell them they'll just brush it off, and that's ultimately why I quit.(doubles also don't get free food which is insane.) I had coworkers who were caught not tipping out the support staff, another was a busser stealing tips off the tables. Coworkers sl*t shaming each other and spending rumors. People would not show up for multiple days of work, and come back without being reprimanded.
ProsAble to smoke in the back whenever. You basically call off whenever and not get in trouble.
ConsNo free food. Hours. Management not strict on the right things.
Prep Cook | Orlando, FL | Sep 12, 2021
Stressful if you don't have tough skin
It's super fast paced and can be so overwhelming that it'll send you into a mental breakdown, and when you're unnerved like that, the managers will just be like "Quit crying, everything is fine" or "I shouldn't have to be back here helping you" and obviously them saying that doesn't help me feel any better at all. They care more about the FOH workers than they do about the BOH workers, although there are a couple nice managers who shine through the other ones. Half of the coworkers talk about how they hate it here and want to quit, they're good coworkers though and luckily there is some teamwork especially in the BOH where things are very fast paced. Closing and doing sautee or dishwashing alone can be very nervewracking and you are given no help, and some managers are picky about certain things so you may be sent to recook or redo certain things all over again. They give the customers too much of an advantage with their "customer is always right" policy and customers will be super picky about things and get stuff recooked for no reason which adds onto the stress on top of other orders we already have to do.
ProsDiscounted/Free Food, Nice Coworkers
ConsNo breaks, Stressfully fast, Managers don't care about you
Server | Paramus, NJ | Sep 30, 2018
Great place with rough edges
* A typical work day for me at millers consisted of coming into work to a relaxed work day but steadily turning into a fast paced environment as dinner time crowd rolled in. Our establishment was a family restaurant first and a live bar second. As the night rolled on you had slow times but you also had very hectic times where all hands were needed inside the expo window, AT ALL TIMES. * I learned how to multi task different tasks and how to manage certain tasks and put them in order. I.E. Getting cups and plates from the back to getting ice for side stations to having all down time towards getting food out of the window and to tables while food was still hot and freshly made. * My management staff was very good with certain managers better at certain tasks. * Hardest part of my job was trying to keep a smile and uplifting spirit throughout the shift, as some tables made it absolutely dreadful sometimes. But i always tried to keep a positive energy at all times because it was best for keeping the spirits up of my other colleages. * The most enjoyable part of my job was the variation of different people i got to meet. I love to make and build relationships with people and make them feel at home when they sit with me.

Questions And Answers about Miller's Ale House

What is the best part of working at Miller's Ale House?
Asked Mar 7, 2020
Answered May 9, 2022
Seeing that you put smile on customers face
Answered Apr 28, 2022
How often do you get a raise at Miller's Ale House?
Asked Oct 5, 2021
Every 6 months
Answered Sep 25, 2022
Not often
Answered Sep 21, 2022
What questions did they ask during your interview at Miller's Ale House?
Asked Jul 7, 2016
Work experience
Answered Sep 27, 2022
Related work experience, availability
Answered Sep 19, 2022
What is the promotion process like at Miller's Ale House?
Asked Feb 1, 2022
Answered Sep 23, 2022
Very long and terrible training
Answered Sep 12, 2022
What is a typical day like for you at Miller's Ale House?
Asked Mar 24, 2020
Answered Sep 28, 2022
Answered Sep 22, 2022