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Miller's Ale House
Miller's Ale House
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Orlando, FL
5,001 to 10,000
$100M to $500M (USD)
Restaurants, Travel and Leisure

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Miller's Ale House Reviews

Overall Reviews at Miller's Ale House

Head Coach | Pensacola, FL | Oct 19, 2014
Rising company
Millers Alehouse is a great company to work for. They are on the rise and will be in a city near you soon.
ProsThe opportunity to travel
ConsOpenings to move up
Bartender | Orlando, FL | Mar 29, 2018
Overall ok
This place isnt bad as far as coworker relationships and the money isnt that bad. They also help me to become a trainer and open other restaurants. But the lack of advancement leads me to look elsewhere. Also, the attitude of some of the managers puts everyone in a sour mood. Not good for business when all the staff is walking on eggshells and in a bad mood. Overall the job is fast paced and stressful at times.
Dishwasher/Busser | Estero, FL | Nov 28, 2016
Balanced many tasks and built good relationships with co-workers
A day at Millers Ale House for me consisted of many duties including cleaning everything, assisting servers, helping managers with projects and being reliable to fix unexpected mishaps. The management was very professional and they expected me to always be on top of my tasks. They wouldn't except slackers, and whoever did slack was somewhat punished for it. Some of the Co- workers at this job were friendly and helpful, but others just cared about themselves and getting through the day. Working with these people really taught me to be independent, but also to work well as a team. The hardest part of the job to me was being able to make everyone happy. Because no matter how successful you are there's always going to be someone who isn't satisfied. So I really had to focus on things that were in my control, in which I excelled at. The thing I enjoyed most about this job was that I got to meet a lot of friends while working there, and it really made me comfortable.
ProsGood employee food discounts, friendly workplace
ConsToo easy of a job for me, and thought I needed something better and more challenging.
Administrative Assistant | Altamonte Springs, FL | Jul 18, 2012
Great for College
This was a great place to work during my college years. They were very flexible with my school schedule. --
Customer Support Representative | Coral Springs, FL | Aug 10, 2017
nice place
easy to work and great staff usually. laid back get in and get out with doing easy side work. management can be kinda bothersome. for the most part nice job.
Shift Leader | Tallahassee, FL | Dec 3, 2015
Great place to work
Very fun and energetic place to work. Co-workers and management where fun and easy to get along with. A good place to make advancements in food service.
Bartender | ChampionsGate, FL | Dec 11, 2019
Poor Management
While the money was great it was also well earned. Eight, ten and sometimes twelve hour shifts with no break at all. Verbal abuse and s-e-x-u-a-l harassment going unchecked by questionable management.
Cook | Orlando, FL | Jan 26, 2018
Fast Paced, especially on weekends and game days
Fast-paced, quick turnover restaurant environment specializing in American fare. Not for the faint of heart or the weak of body. Management team was dedicated and understanding, with some issues in efficiency and consistency.
Head Coach | Langhorne, PA | Sep 13, 2019
Productive and Fun Workplace
The upper management rocks and really cares about each individual and their development. They looked out along the way and just made sure you were on the right track within your self development and providing assistance along the way. The people and culture are just exactly what one would be looking for. A great team mentality working with good people
Bartender | Staten Island, NY | Sep 22, 2019
fun place to work
I enjoyed working with all my co workers management was easy going and always cared if hours needed it was no problem to try and get a shift to work or get one covered

Questions And Answers about Miller's Ale House

How do they feel about servers with tattoos?
Asked Sep 2, 2016
Tatoos should be covered when working.
Answered Oct 1, 2020
No problem
Answered Sep 23, 2017
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Miller's Ale House a better place to work?
Asked Aug 29, 2017
Change Upper Management. Have Management that cares about its people.
Answered Jun 29, 2020
Better communication throughout departments, and a clear line of sight with company initiatives.
Answered Mar 31, 2020
How did you get your first interview at Miller's Ale House?
Asked Jul 1, 2016
I applied on indeed and two days later got a call for the interview
Answered Sep 27, 2018
Saw it online
Answered Sep 23, 2017
Do they hire felons?
Asked Nov 30, 2017
Yes, they do they do not do a background ck on there American employees yes they do Everfy but that is it. That does not state if your a felons.. So you could be working right next to one.
Answered Aug 20, 2019
Depends but most cases yes
Answered Feb 6, 2019
How does the pay period work do the employees get paid once a week or every other week
Asked May 24, 2017
Health insurance
Answered Feb 28, 2020
Is paid on weekly
Answered Jul 13, 2018