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New loss | Lake Mary, FL | May 30, 2019
Don't believe the hype this is a horrible company
This is an Indian based company and they have no idea what goes on and the stupidity in the lack of training that we had during my training class they didn't show us how to do any of the floor skills of how to talk to a person of how to run through actual scenarios they had us sit with other people while they were working and we had no clue what was going on because the person we were sitting with wouldn't go through and show us exactly step-by-step what was happening the trainer was her second time ever training she basically put up sheet of paper on the screen and had us read the sheets of paper and that was our training it was the dumbest stupidest training I've ever had in my life and I've been working for over 25 years my manager was actually in my training class cuz she didn't know anything about the job but she turned out to be the manager and will constantly lie about what she had told us when she got caught not knowing the information that was supposed to be given to us we didn't have any sort of stable environment of learning the rules and constantly changed every day and if you didn't learn about a new rule if you were subject to be written up for the constant changes of the rules every single day you got. For going to the bathroom and going to the break room when it was not your break time you're in a point system and in the end I was one of the last two people out of my training class out of about 25 when it it only been 2 months the whole class was just about fi...more
ConsVery strict rules for such a minimum based pay company
Help Desk Analyst | Auburn Hills, MI | Dec 28, 2018
This company should be ASHAMED
A typical day at Mphasis consist of answering phones, being extremely detailed on all calls in description box, taking abuse from the rude clients we often get, micromanaged by leadership. I learned how to have more patience that I didn't have before I worked here. Working with these clients its safe to say you may need a shot when you get off or before entering work. The people that call are sometimes rude and very incompetent but there are some nice people that call time to time. Management is horrible, they have poor communication and treat us like we are beneath them. Lets not mention people that are not in these managerial roles that think they are and try to dictate orders because they are friends with management. The Lilly Desk is the worst desk to be employed for being that our leaders do not have our back and lack backbone to stand up to their bosses to let them know how badly we are treated. The hardest part of this job is dealing with the phony managers that walk around here and you hear them talking about other ;people that they smile in front of. They need to do an evaluation of our leaders because apparently if you are not friends with them you will not be recognized to be someone of leadership. They do not give raises at this company at least not at the Help Desk even the RDM team says that haven't received raises either. Making $13.25 an hour with all the brain power we exhibit here is insulting. This job should start at $17 at least an hour. Too much is deman...more
Prosits a little job
Conspoor pay, poor management
Help Desk Analyst | Auburn Hills, MI | Dec 28, 2018
Management boo!-coworkers yay!
I've known people that have worked here for years and haven't seen more than an intro wage. They heads talk about giving a raise but no action has ever been taken. Most of the people that leave here do so because of the wages. The wages are ok if you do not have any kids or student loans, but most people that have a job here have one or the other if not both. The heads of house are impulsive in their decisions, poor decisions at that. They make the decision, go with it- don't do anything to support the decision until it is already in place and will not tell you about it until the night before they do it, at the soonest. Management tends to stick to themselves, never talking to their employees, and seem willing to throw them under the bus. the over-strict policies hold almost no accommodation for slow days. Better hope you are busy or you will be very bored. Almost no reward for doing well, you either meet the company's strict standards for your desk, or you don't. If you don't you are in trouble, if you do you are probably cheating and will get in trouble anyway. All the major issues with the company come from up the chain Anyone from any team is friendly and everyone is willing to help everyone. I can talk to my Supervisor or Team Lead and they will help me out, and your coworkers will be more than willing to help and laugh with you. Even with the strict policies- they will keep you entertained. This is a very friendly work environment and very accom...more
ProsFriendly, Flexible
ConsLow pay, poor management, over-strict policy
Software Engineer | Maitland, FL | Feb 19, 2020
Waste of time
I entered the software development US campus program at Mphasis along with approximately 20 other individuals. Most, if not all of us were fresh out of college or had little to no software development work experience. We were provided with technical training for about 2-3 months. This training was a mess to say the least. We were told at the beginning our trainer would be there on the first day, but after 2 weeks he still wasn't there. For the first 3 weeks we were going through online videos for our training (which were extremely terrible). Once the trainer got there, it wasn't so bad as he was extremely knowledgeable. We were told at the beginning of the program that halfway through, we'd be able to give preferences as to locations we wanted to be assigned to, and also that we would at max have to wait a month before being assigned. What actually happened was we had no say in where we wanted to go (meaning they lied to us) and personally I had to wait 5 months after the training ended to actually get assigned to a location. The first person to go to a client location only took a couple weeks but for the majority of us we had to wait several months. Client locations would contact us and say they want us to start on XX date, then completely ghost you 3 days before you were supposed to start. Overall, everything we were told during training ended up being a lie and I feel like I wasted a year of my life when I could have been getting experience elsewhere. Although, ...more
Technical Support Specialist | Tulsa, OK | Feb 7, 2019
Ruined our Account
I was an employee with HPE/DXC before Mphasis bought the contract from Modis. Mphasis is based out of India and offshores in the United States. As soon as Mphasis took over our account they cut our staffs pay tremendously and fired many higher ups or demoted them down to level one agents making entry level wages (these were employees who had been there for YEARS knocked down to 12.59$/hr.) Those who weren’t fired and chose to stay reaped the consequences of Mphasis taking over which included lack of adequate training, staffing, living wages, tools, proper accesses, job security, SLAs not being met, accounts pulling out, sites closing, and much more. There are no raises, despite the promises of a merit based system. There are constant BED BUGS. Accounts keep shutting down and clients are losts due to the unorganization. We are losing the Auburn Hills site in Michigan and Mphasis still thinks they’re doing a great job here. It’s clear, that they’re not.... I would highly recommend looking for a job elsewhere. The company is not honest, is very impulsive, and untrustworthy. Good luck.
Technical Support Specialist | Tulsa, OK | Dec 4, 2019
relaxed environment
I have felt included since my first day working here, even with a disability. They had my accomodating software installed from my first day on the job. hen I encounter issues with software accessibility, they are open to do anything I need to continue doing my job. I always feel welcome and never like a burden. e sometimes have sponsored lunches and celebrations. We are generallly given flexiility with out schedule based on attendance, which feels good to me because I have a sense of control, as this is a factor I can directly control. So if you have best attendance, you can choose your shift within reason. The staff helps us to setup all our tools in a classroom environment and one-onone if needed. The only thing I struggled with was short, half-hour lunch time if working 8 hour shifts, but now I work 10 hour shift and have 3 days off each week. We have set schedules once we are given our shifts, and so their are no surprises. Also, sometimes there is overtime available. We have QA evals frequently, but I don't feel micromanaged at all.
Loan Processor | Maitland, FL | Feb 16, 2020
Awful place to work!
I have worked for this company several times and have never had an issue until recently. The company itself is ok, it is certain projects that you work on that are not. The project that I was recently hired for is a total joke. Management has no clue what they are doing. They have certain people that are favorites due to the amount of time that they have worked there and personal friendships. New people are treated like outsiders. Management does not care about the employees at all. They expect you to work OT and weekends all the time. Maybe it would not be so bad if they at least treated you like a human being. The turnover rate is ridiculous. You would think it would be a red flag to HR. I started in May of 2019 and since that time they have lost 20 employees. Most of whom walked out of the job without notice due to the stressful environment.
Software Engineer | Woodland Hills, CA | Sep 12, 2019
Never listens to employees concerns and Leadership takes no responsibility
Lowest Salary. No Benefits except Decent Health care. This company is purely for Bachelors only. Family persons cannot survive with low salary. Company is full of politics. Managers also getting the lowest Salary so they can never help anyone who has issue with Wage. Promotions forget about that. They have some kind of logic like Onsite means no promotions no hike. If you raise your voice they will threaten you saying that you will be replaced by someone from offshore who is visa ready. Existing employees will be treated like slaves and will be given the lowest salary. New Resources are Hired with High wage is a trap for the resource.
Subject Matter Expert | Auburn Hills, MI | Feb 6, 2019
This company is a joke
I was with HPE/DXC before Mphasis took over, ever since they took over things have went downhill. People can seem to come in late or not at all without any repercussion. People are allowed to violate the dress code without any repercussion as well. There does not seem to be any consequences for anything, no reason to do a good job, no raises even thought they said they were going to start giving out merit raises. After working for them for 2 years I get an email from HR saying that as of March 29 I no longer have a job unless I want to at my own expense move to another state. The PTO is a joke as well, you can only get a maximum of 40 hours a year.
ProsGood co-workers
ConsThe company itself
Module lead | California | Apr 25, 2019
Worst company to listen to employees concerns
They don’t care about employees. They only care about billing. Most of the employees are bachelors... it is the worst company for Family persons with kids... hard to survive with low salary... If you are lucky and if you get a good client then you are good otherwise you are screwed up... Most of the times Indian clients are Ex-Mphasis resources... So they collaborate and screwup employees lives... Employees cannot ask for Salary hike... it won’t even match the cost of living... If you want to jump to Mphasis make sure you jump with minimum 100k otherwise it is waste of time... it will never increase....
ProsClients and employees
ConsManagement, leadership team, pay and benefits

Questions And Answers about Mphasis

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Mphasis?
Asked Jul 26, 2016
Don’t Get Stressed Out
Answered Nov 21, 2019
Prepare well
Answered Nov 3, 2019
How often do raises occur at Mphasis?
Asked Nov 19, 2016
Never they'll lie and say 6 months but all actually never, even when your promoted you dont get a raise.
Answered Jul 2, 2019
Raises do not occur at Mphasis.
Answered Feb 7, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Mphasis?
Asked Jul 26, 2016
You’re constantly wondering how long you will have your job because there’s always sites closing or layoffs.
Answered Feb 7, 2019
Good and supportive work culture
Answered Nov 3, 2017
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Mphasis a better place to work?
Asked Jan 9, 2019
Work 9/80 schedule
Answered Nov 21, 2019
I would like to train the Right candidate with latest technologies.
Answered Nov 3, 2019
On average, how many hours do you work a day at Mphasis?
Asked Nov 19, 2016
8 hours a day 40 per week.
Answered Oct 24, 2017
10 hours a day
Answered Oct 9, 2017