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Overall Reviews at NTT DATA Services

Benefit Specialist | Boston, MA | Apr 9, 2018
Profits before employees
It is sad when you work for a company in which you are just another body keeping a seat warm. I took on this role as an exciting opportunity to help people while out of work for reasons beyond their control. I was unable to complete many of the job responsibilities that were part of my job as I did not have access to wage information and I needed to request it from payroll who was not responding to my request as they were beyond overwhelmed with issues due to a payroll system conversion. There were many problems with employees benefits and that was just to add to the transition of a large group of employees that were acquired in 2016. It was overwhelming and frustrating. I was unable to complete the process of life insurance claims due to the issue of who (which Insurance Company) employer was going to be responsible to pay out the claim if the employees were not active (working) as of 1/1/18. It was an emotional roller coaster for me to have to go back to these families/beneficiaries to tell them that due to some red tape I had to wait to find out when and if I would be able to provide them with an answer.
Consmany, no access to benefit deductions, no one to provide with the answers that I needed, unable to take time off as approved and scheduled.
Engagement Manager | Charlotte, NC | Oct 30, 2019
Struggling to regain their niche
The Financial Services consulting group struggles to compete in a price competitive market. Their GTM strategy does not reflect client needs and therefore are suffering diminished market share. They continue, slowly, to redefine their strategy and value prop but with little to show for it. Clients generally view NTT DATA employees as no different than contract workers and are more often used in staff augmentation roles. The company as a whole has many mature and well defined internal processes to support personal/professional development and suggests advancement opportunities. Reality is that consultants are rarely placed in roles that serve their growth needs and suffer stagnation and low job satisfaction because of it. More often they hire outside rather than promote. The company lost sight of culture building in 2016 and has yet to regain traction and mindshare with its employees. Employees are generally very talented professionals who work very well together however there is little to tie them to the company or the community.
Senior Advisor | Plano, TX | Feb 8, 2019
Would not recommend to my worst enemy...
I was on the Tenet Health account for several years, to say their is a lack of oversight and decision making, even actual intelligence would be a compliment. The management team has no idea whats going on, they lie to both the client and their staff, they attempt to 'rule with iron fists' and with fear unsuccessfully. Management is literally a bunch of 'buddies' who have hired each other and friends, and keep/protect each other, while doing absolutely nothing. After I left, they continued to harass several team members resulting in a 'hostile work environment' HR complaint. Most of them are a couple years from retirement and admittedly stating they have already checked out. If you are the type of person who wants to never accomplish anything, have constant pressure, changing focus and direction quarterly, with unrealistic expectations, no support, event set up to fail and love unethical direction and with the constant fear of losing your job... NTT Data all the way.
ProsSome cool peeps work their, but very few
ConsManagement is AWFUL, GC has no clue, and is a liar
Call Center Representative | Oklahoma City, OK | Mar 27, 2020
Not a good environment, shady business practices, and rampant racism thrive.
Training was a joke. The instructor let the class act as if it was 5th grade without any consequence for their actions and they completely disregarded any topic the instructor would finally put before us. out of an 8 hour day, we would be given a task that took 30 minutes to complete, and that was it, each day. The place is clearly new and a joke, especially once getting on the floor. Management was smoke and mirrors, the right hand never knew what the left was doing, and they were hiring like crazy people they told were going to help-desk or for Tech support only to put them in a CSR role. Not a good environment at all, not good managers, very terrible HR. Stay away, the poor salary for the work you are expected to do for the crooked companies NTT data represents and their business practices is atrocious and immoral. Its not worth it. Even their systems they used to do their work could be upgraded by a 16 year old and be more secure, this company could be good, but here in Oklahoma city, its definately not.
Customer Service Representative | Reno, NV | Oct 5, 2018
Poor Training methods and teachers
to even begin this job you have a month of training and you have to wait for the first of each month to even start.. They have trainers who come from out of state and they are usually tired and irratable, therefore wanting little disruption while they talk. This includes especially questions. When training a class you have to be open for questions thats how a teacher knows they are actaully getting the lesson thru, interaction and communication is what causes one to see things more clearly. All of you must know that in training only half of you will be hired on..... Sept 1st class was over 100 people and 200 the next month...getting hired is a month long process and if you cant type 35 wpm dont you have to wait till the first of the month to start ..if you have a mortgage your already behind at start if you dont cut the class your even more behind. I am a very educated professional who ended up hereand was no selected to move forward because of questions...thats frivolous
Prosfree fat food
Constrainers who dont want to train properly
Desktop Support Technician | Turlock, CA | Feb 21, 2019
No team values, bitter group, ideas not acceptable
If your not a member of the female click, you get no help or training from them. Documention is outdated and controlled by the click only. Very hostile work environment lots of name calling and they are always ready to email the boss if you make a mistake they never tell you personally and try to help you succeed. Zones are heavily guarded by the female click don't ever help them in there zone you will he reported but it's ok to work in yours and faults in your zone are right away emailed to the boss. Organization of the department is always changing and you are setup to fail because you are not notified of these changes. Communication lacks it's all cryptic and only given half the information you need to succeed. Never a good morning or compliment even though you make effort. If they like you a big good morning and conversation. Very very in mature group of ladies. Apply at your own risk in Turlock.
ProsNone at all unless you are liked
ConsGames lots of childish games and retaliation.
Document Specialist | Lincoln, NE | Feb 14, 2020
Cold and impersonal
I came to work for NTT when they purchased the company I worked for from Dell, who had purchased us 6 years prior from Perot Systems. In all, I've worked for the company for 12 years, however, when NTT purchased us, it was as if my tenure had started over. Funding for the projects I was working on dried up, I no longer got any raises and all opportunities for advancement dried up. I am a remote employee, and as such, even with the best of intentions, my immediate leaders don't always put the most effort into my role as an employee and thus I'm often overlooked and underutilized. Beyond the immediate colleagues on my team, I am not recognized or valued by the company. Even for something as simple as a payroll question or finding our employee verification number one has to work through an HR ticket with a bot rather than having any actual human to speak to. NTT is a great place to work if you like to feel like a cog in a machine rather than an individual.
Business Consultant | Louisville, KY | Jun 27, 2018
Demanding, yet fulfilling, work environment
There were a lot of decisions made by this company that I disagreed with, but there were numerous acquisitions that affected the company policy, benefits, etc. and I do believe that the company took as fair an approach as they could to satisfy their employees, though I do believe most employees had the impression to disagree with my statement. The position I had was contract-based, which made job security an ever-changing target to manage. Numerous times I thought my position (as well as the positions as those around me) was in jeopardy. This makes the environment very volatile, but I knew this when I accepted my position. Overall, I would stay with this company. I have worked for other employers that treated me very unfairly, but I would not count NTT among them.
ProsPing Pong Table, Good on-site management, Good employee performance feedback
ConsNo HR person on site, Contract-based work environment
Field Technician | Washington, DC | Jul 18, 2019
I’m Thankful For The Opportunity
I am very thankful for the opportunity for working at NTTDATA, but the way we are treated as employees is unappreciated, underpaid, and lack of opportunity to grow. The company HR department is a joke. If you have an issue where you have to go through HR, you call in to an 800 number to get a trouble ticket. Then if you get a person they are most likely from a different country where English is not their first language. They expect you to know everything without giving you an orientation on how to navigate within the company: for example: entering your time with in the time sheets, getting access to systems you need to do your work, who to got to for specific information. I appreciate the opportunity to working here, and the indirect lessons learned here, but I know there are plenty of companies out here that will treat me and pay me my worth treat me and pay me
Customer Service Representative | Yukon, OK | Feb 26, 2019
Good job if you want temporary work
I was hired through temp service for 3 months. During training, a manager came in to introduce hisself and a question that was asked was, "Does NTT Data hire temp employees on permanently." Manager answered back with "after 3 months you'll be hired on permanently, we have never had to let go employees." Which was not sure information. A week before my three month contract ended, employee relations sent an email stating my contract was extended to March 31. A week later, I received a phone call stating my contract was up and that Friday was my last day. NTT Data provided false promises. They also provided benefits such as medical but the insurance will make a decision on if they will cover what ever service you receive will be covered. It's not garenteed that the insurance will cover anything.
ConsShort lunch, Benefits, temporary job

Questions And Answers about NTT DATA Services

On average, how many hours do you work a day at NTT DATA Services?
Asked Feb 22, 2017
As many hours as it takes to meet goal.
Answered Aug 27, 2019
8-9.5 hours
Answered Jul 4, 2019
How are the working hours at NTT DATA Services?
Asked Jul 6, 2016
Lots of overtime with no compensation.
Answered Jan 20, 2019
Fine, except when paired with a project manager too afraid to say no
Answered Dec 23, 2018
What would you suggest NTT DATA Services management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 22, 2017
They need all new managment
Answered Nov 15, 2018
No opportunity for advancement and not 1 coworker i know has received raises or bonus. Bonuses are taxed at 30% also, so when they are every few years, they're really giving IRS bonus. It's an insult. No raise for 6 years, no bonus in 3 years. I stopped working as hard as I normally would and I started taking every single hour of time off each year. I'm just a body in a seat that they don't care about so why should I go above and beyond? The cost of the HSA plans are unbelievably high and they contribute HALF of what employee contributes to HSA so overall, one cannot afford a medical plan that includes spouse and child(ren). The company sure seems to keep the employees in India happy though....
Answered Oct 30, 2018
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at NTT DATA Services?
Asked Jun 21, 2018
Be honest about your role
Answered Mar 2, 2020
Do not try and work the TxDOT account. Company seems fine aside from that environment but I personally have not had that experience.
Answered Dec 6, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at NTT DATA Services? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Apr 11, 2017
Was less then 2 weeks for me
Answered Oct 30, 2018
Depends I was as a new contract was being developed quick hire but slow to get the contract to go live spent the last month doing nothing waiting to go live as training was completed
Answered Jul 31, 2018