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National General Insurance Reviews

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Overall Reviews at National General Insurance

Insurance Agent | Cleveland, OH | Nov 7, 2012
Switch and bait company that doesn't keep their word.
Rules and management changes daily. Bait and switch company. Told us one thing when we were all interviewed and hired and then changed everything 2 months down the line. Never know what they are doing next. They do not believe in keeping promises made. Management a good ole boys network that hangs out at the bar every night after work. Accounting sucks. Although they have pay trackers, they are not accurate and when you get your check it doesn't show exactly what you are paid on or for in detail. The pay structure makes it impossible for you to calculate your own take home pay and when management makes a mistake in your pay, which happens often, they take it back out of your check and you have know real way of keeping up with the numbers you have been paid by. Unstable, management acts like kids throwing balls around the office without regard to employee safety and they want you to participate in this "Cult" culture that was discussed in one of our meetings in a call center invironment where people are up on there feet high fiving and running to hit the bell, while you are on the phone with clients trying to meet individual needs and concentrate on the client with all the noise and activity going on around you. They take away your voicemail but expect you to develop relationships with your customers in developing report. So if you spent an hour building a 3000.00 policy and the client needs to go to the bank to put the money in and call you back, they will call back and if yo
Prosit's a paycheck if your desparate. alot of good people you meet and work with and get to know.
Consget ready for a rollercoster ride with management, it's always changing along with promises
Insurance Agent | Winston-Salem, NC | Oct 3, 2020
Company Values a Profit over People....Believes they’ll make more by insuring less
I worked in CV which had lost a lot due to claims activity and created stricter Underwriting guidelines soon after I started. A lot of business was lost due to Underwriting Cancels and Non-Renewals as a result of these changes. People would call in to ask why their insurance policy was cancelled regularly and ask if there was any way they could be reinstated. Usually they found out at the last minute as their Agents wouldn’t want to tell them, so they were desperate to find coverage in states where insurance is required. Mid-cycle Rate increases without warning were also very common in this department, especially for businesses that required a DOT # or MC number. Imagine a customer being on auto-pay, renewing for a $2,000/mo policy and suddenly their payment jumps to $9,000/mo or more. People were livid and there was nothing you could do, other than tell them they should’ve known to log into their account before the monthly draft so they could see the increase. Otherwise, there was no real communication and certainly not in a timely manner so they could prepare and get other rate quotes before accepting the increase. If a vehicle was totaled, there was no internal process to remove the vehicle after the claim was completely processed. The customer would wait months for the claims process to complete and then suddenly they’d have an inordinate charge on their bill for insuring a salvage vehicle. And yes, they would go back to the day after the claim and charge the customer f
Receptionist | Bakersfield, CA | May 30, 2016
Do yourself a favor and don't work for Personal Express/NGIC
No work/life balance. They play favorites. Over worked and underpayed. Some of the other employees treat you like their personal assistant and expect you to do everything for them, even the things they can do themselves. Oh and the claims department, they can be so incredibly lazy and rude. They basically make you be the mediator between them and the customer because they don't want to help them if they aren't assigned to that claim and if you tell them you will not assist the customer since it's not your job (if the customer won't take no for an answer) they will finally come to the front and be so rude to the customer all because they had to do their job. As a person with compassion, its no fun looking a customer in the eye to tell them you are sorry that no one there wants to do their job to help them during their time of need. And when you bring it to a managers attention, they say they have no control over that department. Well my suggestion is you should probably get people in there who will do their job then. You are literally EXPECTED to do everything. The vacation time is used for sick time, vacation, or any time you are out of work and if you miss work, they write you up even with a Dr note because the time you are out is considered unexcused. Basically if you are going to be sick make sure you give them a few days notice to avoid getting in any trouble. They treat you different when you miss any work for any reason, except for the people they like. Those people can
ConsEverything about that place sucks from the time your shift starts, until you walk out the door.
Sales Representative | Beaverton, OR | Mar 15, 2016
One of the worst ever!!!!!
This place is a mess.. where to begin??? They claim to be a growing company but nothing more than a call center who is looking for ways to nickel and dime people out of commission. Incompetent trainers (and I mean incompetent; guy says "like" every 3rd word and stares at the wall) who race you through training and wonder why you are lost in class. Then has the nerve to get upset at you if you ask a question! Management is just as clueless. They do nothing all day but stand around in groups and BS with each other... it's the good old boys club. They force you to work OT and give you a very complicated process to sell policies with. If you do not follow it to a T, you lose commission and then, you guessed it, you get fired. They also have a very complicated array of software that they do not fully train you on (see above) and instead throw you into and tell you to sell with it. This is all in the middle of a sales floor with people shouting and you unable to hear yourself think. There is also micromanaging galore! You have to check with management on everything. You cannot sell an RV by itself and you have to check with management to be off the phone to call someone back, etc. In many ways this place was a gigantic bait and switch. I was told when I was hired my desk had an "entrepreneur" way to be handled but the micromanaging began right away. Oh, then I was going to be paid a percentage of the premium as my commission? After I began, that turned out
ProsNone I can think of...
ConsIncompetent trainers and management, misleading hiring practices and job descriptions
Material Claims | Winston-Salem, NC | Oct 20, 2014
Material Damage
There is an amazing opportunity for advancement with National General Insurance Company. At the same time, as a Claims Adjuster, you have to be humble and have really thick skin to make it happen. You are going to have handle death, dishonesty, extremely long hours, moral ambiguity, never ending phone calls, and a ton of screaming. Also, your life and your family will be threatened on a semi-regular basis. Luckily, your immediate manager and co-workers will be supportive and sympathetic. I can promise that you will work with some of the best people you've ever met in your life at NGIC. You will be eligible for a bonus and a raise every year based on performance. Every manager will be willing to mentor you to move forward . If you can complete the training and do this job for at least 2 years, you can accomplish anything. Unfortunately, the top-level management is a dreadful collection of sycophants, and weirdos. They are willfully oblivious to the day-to-day requirements of the claims department and there is a "work 'em until they quit" mentality that permeates every aspect of their decision making. The owner of the company will occasionally show up from NYC, scream at employees, and fire them. As long as you're able to avoid eye contact, you'll be safe. Also, the worst part of NGIC on an immediate level is the Human Resources department. Interacting with HR is a bizarre and defeating experience. There's an inside joke about one of the HR reps arriving at 11:30am and lea
ProsAdvancement, Co-workers
ConsHR department, owner, moral ambiguity, hours
Sales Representative | Remote | Aug 16, 2021
Dishonesty is a company value
From the initial interview until after you have begun taking sales calls, National General supervisors and management actively engage in dishonesty as a company value. The commission structure (referred to as "incentive") is the worst aspect of the Sales Agent positions, and is a tightly held secret until after you have completed training and are taking calls. In order to earn anything beyond your hourly rate, you have to forfeit an amount in commission equal to your weekly hourly pay and only take home the difference. Example: $15/hr = $600/week, so the first $600 in commission you earn per week just evaporates -- you will never see it. This is the biggest secret held until after it is too late, leading to a lot of turnover. The goal in selling policies is not to provide the customer with what they are seeking. In fact, if you provide a customer with what they are seeking on a call, supervisors will respond negatively to this. You are actively told that it is not your job to provide the client with the coverage they are seeking, but that your job is to make sure you sell them something they did not intend to purchase when they called. The sales process is deliberately manipulative and seeks to take advantage of clients. Above all, this is not an ethical company toward employees or clients. The only real benefit is that you will get your property and casualty licenses paid for in all but three states (plus DC). If you hold a life license when you join the company, you will
ProsWork from home, licenses paid for in nearly every state
ConsExtremely dishonest management, manipulative sales tactics, withholds $30000+ per year of your commission earnings
Customer Service Representative | Louisiana | Feb 13, 2019
Stressful & messy
My supervisor talks about each and every one of us behind our backs. I can't go to her for anything that concerns me, she will tell my co worker. I have learned to keep quiet and slowly planning an exit strategy. They give you too many tasks , setting you up for failure. They dont have your back, will take money from check if you mess up on a transaction. Example. A customer wanted her money back after a carrier would not reinstate her . But she owed them the money for coverage. She needed that money to start a new policy , she requested her money back. so we cancelled the transaction but supervisor said that if carrier still took out the money , they would take it out of my check. Instead of them billing the customer. Besides that, there is no organization, people call for homeowners and they can wait a week before anyone calls them back. They dont train you on commercial policies. They said they just throw you to it. Passwords are not updated on the list, so we constantly have to wait until they reset them to be able to get in. They want you to sell but if you mess up, your on your own. Company literally will back up a customer before backing up their employees. Things are always changing. They tell you one thing and next week it's a different way and then e-mail you important info instead of making a meeting and teaching you in person. They evaluate you every year and make up to do list right before evaluation time so they can have an excuse to not give you a raise. This
ConsEverything about it
Senior Sales Agent | Portland, OR | Feb 23, 2021
Earning Potential
The earning potential is real at National General. My first year I made over 70k and my last two years I was pushing for 90k. While the money was good, the culture and management team were poor. This branch might not represent the company as a whole, but I experienced some things that I never want to experience again as a working professional. The first issue was ethics. I found out early that the management team was a tight knit group that was mainly comprised of family and long term friends. In order to work your way up, you need to be liked by the high school inner circle. Drug use was also known. I had members on my team who were open about their drug use and team leaders who were on "uppers" themselves. I didn't care because it didn't affect my performance, but still... Now finally about the position itself (this will translate across all agencies). As an entry level sales job, this position is great for anyone looking to get their feet wet in sales. However, for seasoned vets with experience, pass on this opportunity. I was with the company for almost three years, and after my initial training (which was a month), I really didn't learn anything. Towards the end of my time with National General I was there only for a paycheck. The company does a very poor job with continued education and will not develop you once you get out the gate. They've actually made progressional steps to restrict your talents by implementing AI that corrects your sales process, amongst o
ProsEarn a lot of money, the job is easy, ability to work from home.
ConsPoor management, mundane work, long hours.
Claims Representative | Cleveland, OH | May 28, 2020
I Wake Up Wanting To Go To Work
I have always felt supported at my time with National General Insurance Company. The management is very clear in their expectations and they will always steer you in the right direction. I wake up every morning excited for my commute into work and even more excited for my day. NGIC's Cleveland office was one of the first to allow all Claims staff to work from home during the Covid-19 outbreak. I have friends who work at other offices in the area who were still working while I was working from home. On top of that I feel like my manager genuinely cares for my well being. They always ask how we are doing during our team meetings and during my bi-monthly one-on-one. Even more, your co-workers are amazing. Everyone always makes themselves available to help new employees or employees who might be a little confused. It is always a good time here, there are office decorating competitions, free food, and lots of little fun events. Every week the management will balance the claim load by giving the rep with the most claims one day off. Every claim you close gets ticket for an early exit. Every quarter the best performers get to spin a wheel to win a prize as well, including Cavs and Tribe tickets. On top of this, NGIC is very giving as well, every month there is usually a donation of some sort in the building, not just claims. Evaluations are based on fair cirteria. There is a free health clinic in the office and a discount gym. More holidays than most insurance jobs, and more
Call Center Representative | Winston-Salem, NC | Mar 7, 2022
Work if you want a beginner job.
This is great for students who have graduated but things get repetitive after a while. They pay does not equate to the amount of work being done and raises are little to nothing with a whole bunch of work load they put on you. The metrics are impossible to reach and they trust the system before you so keep that in mind. You could have documentation and still won’t believe you. There was one great supervisor and when I switched teams it was awful. They want to blame you for everything but not notice the human side to you. You do a schedule bid too and holiday bid which can be difficult cause holidays should be time off with loved ones. If you are sick you use your vacation time. They do not accept doctor appointment notes. They will fire you if you are out for a medical reason and need more time for recovery if you keep calling out. They show favoritism when it comes to promotions. Supervisors don’t want to do their job when a customer calls to complain in claims or adjusters which just leaves customers upset. You can’t reach adjusters most of the time. You aren’t supposed to give out any info even to the customer so they are blindly filing a claim that sticks with them regardless. You have to set up all claims regardless if they have a policy or not so you waste peoples time which makes customers angry too. You don’t have a balanced work or personal life. They give you “personal” time but won’t let you use the 7 mins they give a day but want you to be on the phones all day de
National General Employee | Namibia | Feb 21, 2015
Beware! If Forbes had a list of worst companies to work for National General Insurance would be on it.
I warn people to truly look at the negative reviews. I agree wholeheartedly with each and every one of the reviews. The positive reviews look like they have been written by upper management or marketing. So I am screaming…. Please be aware and do not work at this place. They should be investigated for their termination procedures since they will fire one person for one reason and not fire another for the very same reason. There have been many employees who are terminated for the most trivial reasons. There's no structure nor are there processes and/or procedures. There are so many compliance issues there that an audit can be dangerous and bankrupt this company. The management has NOT A CLUE to what they are doing and management is a JOKE! You are often left with the idea that you can’t ask questions because they don't have time for you and they don't have answers. The management staff is completely unprofessional. There is a high level of fraternization within the organization. If you challenge any of the current processes and procedures you will then become a target in the manner of high school bullying. The manner in which I have witnessed management go after someone who they have a problem with puts the movie Mean Girls to shame. Many people choose to let them fire them as protest for their abuse The culture here is a setup for failure which makes for an uncomfortable work environment. The training is lacking in many important areas. When you leave training you
ProsGenerous Vacation time
ConsSchedules, Management, Favoristism, Lack of training, Astronomical turnover rate

Questions And Answers about National General Insurance

What is the best part of working at National General Insurance?
Asked Apr 12, 2020
The coworkers and atmosphere
Answered Jun 30, 2022
Good work/ life balance.
Answered Jun 22, 2022
If you were to leave National General Insurance, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 29, 2017
The micromanagement. And the fact the more you sell the harder ques they put you ib making it harder to hit your quota.
Answered Feb 17, 2021
The micromanagement. Your always being watched and critiqued
Answered Feb 2, 2021
How often do you get a raise at National General Insurance?
Asked Jul 4, 2022
Answered Aug 20, 2022
Once a year
Answered Aug 18, 2022
What is the interview process like at National General Insurance?
Asked Jan 9, 2018
Be prepared to answer Star method questions.
Answered Jul 8, 2022
Insulting. They want to pay experienced workers at hourly rate and way below market rate.
Answered Apr 27, 2022
How would you describe the pace of work at National General Insurance?
Asked Mar 30, 2017
Always busy. Start slow in the beginning. After a bit of time it's just call after call nonstop.
Answered Feb 2, 2021
Unrealistic amount of claims per week. 40+ .
Answered Sep 25, 2020