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Navy Federal Credit Union Reviews

Popular JobsMember Services RepresentativeOperations AssociateDelinquency Control SpecialistOperations AnalystISD AnalystBusiness Systems AnalystLoan OfficerTellerBranch ManagerLoan ProcessorBusiness AnalystCustomer Service RepresentativeMSR IIMortgage ProcessorProcess TechnicianComptrollerAccount SpecialistDeveloperEngineerFinancial ModelerCall Center RepresentativeMSRMortgage Loan OriginatorProcessorTraining InstructorAccount Resolution SpecialistBusiness Process AnalystInformation ServicesLendingMarketing Communications CoordinatorMentorMortgage CloserMortgage SpecialistOperational RiskProject ManagerSenior Loan ProcessorService TechnicianSupervisorTrainerAccount ManagerAccount RepresentativeAccounting TechnicianBenefits AnalystBranch SupervisorISD Support LeadLoan Servicing SpecialistLoan SpecialistMSR llMortgage OriginatorQuality Assurance AnalystResource ManagerSecurity OfficerSenior Mortgage SpecialistSenior Mortgage UnderwriterSenior UnderwriterSoftware Test EngineerSupport AssociateAchAdministrative AnalystAnalystAppraiserAssistant ManagerBilingual Call Center RepresentativeBranch OfficeBusiness Operations ManagerCCO Credit CardsCall Center SupervisorCharlie Smith Senior HwyClaims SpecialistCloserCollectionsCollectorCommercial Sales ExecutiveCompliance AuditorCompliance OfficerComputer EngineerComputer ProgrammerConsumer Loan and Titles RepresentativeConsumer Loans MSRContent ManagerCounselCredit Card ServicingCybersecurityData AnalystData ModelerDigitalETL Tester/AnalystElectronics TechnicianEmployeeFacilities AssistantField MortgageGarnishment SpecialistGeneral Ledger AccountantGraphic DesignerHVAC TechnicianHired through contractor AerotekHuman Resources InternHuman Resources SpecialistISD Coordinator IISD ResourcesISD TechnicianISD TesterIT EngineerIT Operator IIT Project ManagerIT Security SpecialistInsurance SpecialistInternLead OperatorLearning SpecialistLeasing SpecialistLegal SecretaryLending ManagerLiaisonLoan Service SpecialistLoss Prevention OfficerMANAGERMLOMSAMSR IMSR IIIMSR credit cards 1MSR/MLOMSR1Marketing AnalystMember AdvisorMortgageMortgage ManagerMsr III MLON/AOperations ManagerParalegal AssistantPetty OfficerProccessorProduct OwnerQuality Assurance TesterQuality SpecialistReal Estate ManagerReceptionistRecruiterRefereeRepresentativeResearcherRetail BankerRisk AnalystSUBPOENA SPECIALISTSales CoachSavings & MembershipSeasonal InternSecurity SpecialistSenior AnalystSenior Business AnalystSenior Business Development OfficerSenior Business Process AnalystSenior Call Center RepresentativeSenior CorrespondentSenior CounselorSenior Enterprise ArchitectSenior Financial SpecialistSenior Loan OfficerSenior Mortgage ProcessorSenior Operations AnalystSenior OperatorSenior Process EngineerSenior Program ManagerSenior Project ManagerSenior Sales SpecialistSenior Solution ArchitectSenior System EngineerSenior Systems AnalystSenior TesterService Technician IIIStaff AssistantSupport SpecialistSystem EngineerTechnical Support SpecialistTechnical Support SupervisorTempTitle Review SpecialistUnderwriterleader

Overall Reviews at Navy Federal Credit Union

Member Services Representative | Hampton, VA | Sep 1, 2019
Far different from any other credit union
My experience with Navy Federal Credit Union has been quite a journey. In the beginning, I was extremely excited to work for a place that really seemed and felt as though they had it all together. It's rated such a great place to work for and the offering pay was amazing. It was far more than I had ever made in my entire life. I was interviewed by an assistant manager and manager at the time and the interview was slightly intimidating but nothing I felt like I couldn't handle. Navy Federal has a really strict policy on what you are and are not allowed to wear. Tattoos need not be visible. If you have any facial piercings aside from earrings, you do need to take those out. Nails need not be a "distracting" color or length. Blazers/suits are HIGHLY recommended. Some branches vary on what they make you wear but to be on the safe side, assume business attire at all times. Once I actually got hired and started working there, the training courses were pretty great. I really felt like I learned a lot of vital information as a result of the training process. As an employee of Navy Federal, you are expected to know almost everything (bank teller side, loans, credit cards, etc). You are expected to be a universal employee and the one major downfall that I have found working with Navy Federal is that it isn't always black and white. There's room for a lot of gray areas depending on members situations and circumstances which can in turn lead you to have to make rather difficult situation...more
ProsMember satisfaction, benefits, pay, training courses are very informative
ConsNot a lot of support, gossip, favoritism, disrespectful people, consistently feeling like you don't have time outside of work if you're working full time
Member Services Representative | North Carolina | Oct 25, 2019
Poor Employee VALUE System--- I don't want a star sticker- I want to be PAID
The whole environment fosters false hope of advancement. An extreme push for more rolls with responsibilities and increased work load. No advancement or promotions unless your in a click. The pay is not good all and the terminology about the employment in the company is feed to you and not real. Prior experience and education is not valued in anyway that benefits the employee AT ALL. You are micro managed unless you have been there over 10 years and can get away with anything including not working at all. Veterans are not valued as employees including experience in the military. I have seen veterans with degrees and experience including staying in the company for years and doing an amazing job and be passed up for promotions and discouraged to advance into leadership. These positions are hourly and your micro managed heavenly on your time. The stress is not worth what your being paid. They saying "oh this job pays well" hahha NO you have NO opportunity to grow above a Senior Member Service Representative and still do the same Job at a pay rate of non educated, experience- terrible job title extreme work load and never getting the opportunity you deserve. They have mastered the art of holding you down and preventing you from advancing, getting higher pay working less to reduce the cost of work on you and continue to feed you and everyone lies along with expecting you to complete surveys and expecting you to value the job and leadership like they are doing you a favor. ...more
Proshopeful coworkers
ConsLow pay, No advancement, Over worked, Underpaid
MSR II | Santa Ana, CA | Dec 25, 2019
2 time is a charm
I enjoyed learning new skillsets in my role as an MSRll with this company Excellent benefits, higher pay than most credit unions. Now for the negative, when i got back from living in oregon i received a call to come in to an interview for this position. I was told it was laid back and was made to feel as if this would be a great plae to work for me, however after a week into the role i slowly started to realize i made a mistake. I believe i asked about the volume of the branch and staffing in the interview but i might not have in this case i cannot say however i let them know what i was looking for which basically wasnt high volume with low staff which ive dealt with and left with a prior institution. Everyday became a nightmare lines out the door, only me and one other person on the teller side or by myself. And commonly the lobby on platform is also full and understaffed. Did about a combined total of 2 weeks (1 week cash training ) 1 week platform basically both computer i picked up very quickly because its second nature coming from a teller background already, they knew hiring me i had no loan experience ect and then had expected me to know and handle all of the grey area regarding loans clients have in a high volume independently with minimal help and if you ask for help your reprimanded. I was told i was going to be let go or have my bonus taken away for my par because my rating was too low and i told them i was planning on finding other work anyways, ...more
Member Services Representative | Virginia | Mar 23, 2020
Not a Progressive Organization
One of the things you hear get thrown around a lot at Navy Federal is that we make the “Forbes Best Places To Work” list quite frequently. After some time, you come to wonder why that is, and who’s being paid to write that list. Navy Federal is a decent place to work, and executives pride themselves on the competitive benefits package and culture of the credit union. The culture is toxic and only benefits certain employees; and not the vast majority. The benefits are great, the pay however is not a living wage, and the culture is toxic. I’ve worked at different branches and let me start by saying that the recruitment process is very stressful. They treat you as if you are an external hire if you are wanting to transfer within the company. If you are not a military spouse they make little, if any effort to accommodate you no matter how excellent your PAR is. I was overlooked for positions and told so because a military spouse, not necessarily better suited for the position, was moving and had preference (and some are transparent about this). There are little opportunities for growth and clear office politics. The branches function completely different, and several things in the policy and procedure are left to “manager’s interpretation and discretion”, which is the reason why there is so much inconsistency (this is a major complaint amongst members). It is such a disorganized organization. Members know that the culture is if they whine and complain enough they can virtually ge...more
Researcher | Vienna, VA | Jan 11, 2019
Favoritism, corrupt office politics, fear-driven leadership, and resistance to change.
Lead by ex-military/ex-government management and executives, Navy Federal Credit Union is bureaucratic, resistant to change, micromanaged, and saturated with corrupt internal politics. "This is the way we have always done things!" is a popular mantra within Navy Federal, and it shows across the organizational culture. True talent and innovative contributions are seldom rewarded; instead, they are often punished and relationship building is favored to nepotistic extents. Career advancement and moving to other internal positions are a matter of who you know, how well you know them, and how much your manager likes or dislikes you. Business units and departments are siloed across the organization with communication barriers and no collaboration. In particular, employees below manager level (at least in Marketing and Communications) are forbidden from emailing senior leaders/managers without permission from their senior management. Navy Federal's technology infrastructure is vastly comprised of archaic, fragile, and unintuitive systems. The fact that we still use IBM Lotus Notes for email and calendar management speaks volumes alone. Again, "this is the way things have always been!" Working remotely or from home is “frowned upon” across the organization, even though we have the means to do so (laptops, company cell phones, etc.). The "we want to see you in your chair working at all times during business hours" mentality comes from now-former CEO Vice Admiral Cutler Daw...more
Member Services Representative | Puyallup, WA | Apr 7, 2019
Working there starts off with a training where you read manuals for a month. You are then expected to remember everything that you read and if you have to look up a procedure they are questioning you why. They time how long you are supposed to be with a member based on transactions you did for the member not accounting for getting to know the member and looking for opportunities where you can help the member better. If you go over the expected time for set procedures they will question you. They will also constantly instant message you with a group chat (every minute it felt!) interrupting your conversation with the member you are helping sometimes for another team member having questions, making jokes, saying a team member is going to the bathroom, saying how long they are going to be with a member and asking you constantly how long you are going to be with your member, they will ask you that right after you sit down with your member! It was stressful because I felt like I could never focus on the member I was helping and I don't like just processing people. One of the computer programs is ancient in black and white and they just do everything different from other financial institutions which was really hard for me. Back offices handle everything and they are on East coast time so that gets confusing when dealing with procedures. They will constantly analyze your performance and are extremely critical. I got talked to about a 96% mystery shop because I didn't offer an additi...more
ProsWorked with me having kids, good pay and benefits
ConsConfusing place to work, overly critical and stressful
Member Services Representative | Winchester, VA | Sep 6, 2019
You have to drink the Kool Aid
Navy Federal, like many other companies, has the "we're a big family" culture, but in reality, it's everyone for themself. They tell you they don't make you sell products and services, but if you don't, you won't ever get promoted. While training, they tell you that it's fine to take your time, but after about 6 months, if you take any extra time off calls, you won't get promoted. If you are really good at what you do, you are not likely to be promoted because you are needed in your position. You will be told there are all these opportunities, so keep working hard and they will come your way. I was there for almost 5 years and was regularly told how amazing I am, I was given extra duties and looked up to by my peers, but never got any financial compensation for it and none of those opportunities ever came my way. In fact, the people I trained were regularly selected for positions above my own. If you are legitimately sick, you better have accumulated sick leave because if you are out of sick leave, you will be written up for missing time. Doctor's notes do not matter. Instead of just doing the right thing and taking care of their "family", you are very regularly pushed to get FMLA so that the company can't fire you. This is absolutely the best paying entry level job you'll find. And regular raises and bonuses and other incentive are very tantalizing, but i would definitely recommend using this job as an opportunity to work hard for a few years, keep your head down,...more
ProsYou'll be able to support your family.
ConsAnxiety and stress. Be prepared to be disappointed.
Teller | Winchester, VA | Apr 15, 2019
-management is horrible and bully you unless you knew them prior -advancement is nearly impossible -going to the bathroom is disciplined -unless you are very young and healthy with no children, this will be a hostile environment and you will be frowned upon -upper management does not at all provide an open door policy although they tell you they are- don’t report any harassment or mistreatment or prepare to be fired and bullied and this is an understatement -stress from the constant badgering from management -highly micromanaged -absolutely impossible to have a life/work balance. You do receive time off, but it’s extremely hard to even preschedule time off. -sick time is provided also however it has to be prescheduled. So like most people , you aren’t certain when you will become sick, so if you need to use the sick time unscheduled they will not accept a doctors note as an excuse. It’s unapproved, and stored in your file and will be used against you at promotion time, during your review. And you are also disciplined. And this will also hold you back from any raise. -you are required to do sales however they tell you it’s not sales it’s just benefiting the members, it’s 100% sales, and a requirement for your position, and you must have a high number for again promotion and raises. No commission or additional benefits are given, bc they state it’s not sales. But again, it is. -their medical and dental benefits are great. This is the only high rating I woul...more
ProsMedical insurance
ConsManagement bullies, stress from the management, work/home balance is 0
Member Services Representative | Groton, CT | Aug 26, 2019
Awesome Coworkers, horrible management
My coworkers were amazing, but the expectations placed in me by management were absolutely unattainable. I was told on numerous occasions that I did not have integrity or accountability in what I did, and that I didn't care about members, all because I didn't smile enough or act warmly to managers whom I knew were at my throat most of the time. If you made one mistake it was fine, but any further mistake would cause World War 3. In all honesty, if it weren't for my manager, I would have stayed at Navy Federal. I loved the benefits, but I mostly loved helping people with their finances. I am in no way a mean person, but management ruined my reputation, and by the time I resigned, almost all of my coworkers became afraid of me. I'm assuming my coworkers stopped talking to me because it was seen as too risky; since management was so cut-throat towards me, they would be under the line of fire too if they even chatted with me. I became a threat to their business, and I was told not to come back after I resigned. I am not dangerous, mean, malicious or destructive in any way, and yet my reputation and character was unfairly targeted. My own morality was attacked by my superiors instead of them helping me fix my errors and make less mistakes, and I slowly but surely could not take it anymore. Good luck to those who work here, the management make or break the experience, as it is with any other business. I would have loved to stay, but the unfair treatment became too much for me to be...more
Member Services Representative | Pensacola, FL | Oct 14, 2018
They toot their own horn alot
Sure they have lots of awards and honestly at first thought they might be well deserved. Each day I discover new things they expect of me. I am trained in the credit card side of business, we have separate account service representatives that are trained on checking and savings products. Neither of our areas are trained on the others position yet we in credit cards are required to do the work of both for our normal salary which already doesn't cover the extent of things we are required to be adept in. Supervisors are not trained in the skills their teams actually perform so there is a lot of passing the buck when you need assistance in Everything and anything. We do have some departmentsort that appear to do not much at all including security operations and collections, I hope someday to switch to them but there is lot of favoritism holding me back. Member services are open 24 x7, but our collections department and security operations are open regular business hours when our members need access to them 24 x 7 and cannot be assisted by any other areas when they are closed. Member services then takes the brunt of the abuse from the understandably upset members who are not getting assisted properly.
ProsLargest employer in Pensacola area
ConsJob expectations are unrealistic, low wages, when there are known issues they are kept secret from msrs so they can't effectively do their jobs, upper management nit picky bout things not applicable to job performance

Questions And Answers about Navy Federal Credit Union

Do you have to have a certain credit rating, or have good credit to be hired at Navy Federal?
Asked Sep 9, 2016
They do check your credit but I have awful credit from being out of work due to health issues, surgery and other unexpected stuff come up. They still offered me a position and I'm pretty sure I have over $6000 in debt. They haven't told me I need to make arrangements with them or even brought it up. I was more worried about it than them! It may be different in different states or different recruiters but don't give up! I didn't think I stood a chance with my credit even though they picked me for the job.
Answered May 25, 2018
We do not check credit score. If you have over $6,000 in accounts in bad standing, we will work with you on payment arrangements. Keep in mind that your job offer is contingent and based off your ability to pass this check.
Answered Feb 15, 2018
What are some tips for doing well in the interview?
Asked Jun 30, 2017
When asked what you know about Navy Federal don’t only know it’s a great place to work (everyone knows that). DO YOUR RESEARCH! You should know at least one fact about the company you say you want to work for. That goes for the position too. You are interviewing for a position and opportunity to work there. Give an idea you have a clue on what you are trying out for.
Answered Jul 6, 2019
The interview was frighteningly easy, two people one from Account Services and one from Credit Cards. Asked basic interview questions and then they assessed my computer skills which was super basic. Got the job.
Answered Mar 6, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Navy Federal Credit Union a better place to work?
Asked Feb 10, 2018
More of an open door policy and come out of the office and work in different locations for a week or 2 every year so you remember the front lines.
Answered May 7, 2020
Holds policy needs to change. Membership eligibility needs to change.
Answered Mar 16, 2020
Is there paid time off/vacation days?
Asked Jan 25, 2017
Yes but it is earned per paycheck and if you are an MSR it is harder to take off you have to plan months in advance and race to get it in as soon as workforce management opens it up. If you work certain hours, days, in a certain branch, or if you take on more skills that you won’t get compensated for it makes your pool smaller even though they claim it doesn’t. All you have to do is compare your time off calendar availability to someone else on your team at the same time and you can clearly see it. They try to work with you for trade with business or switching days with another MSR but it’s not vacation time it’s just you jumping through hoops to get time off to live your life or and don’t count on being able to respond to family emergencies without being it being counted as an unscheduled’s most important to the company that a call is answered.
Answered Mar 6, 2019
Oh yeah they offer s good amount of time off earned but good luck getting approved for it. You must schedule sick days 2 weeks in advance...hmmm who knows 2 weeks ahead of time if they are going to be sick
Answered Feb 27, 2018
Are nose piercings allowed?
Asked Aug 18, 2016
Only ear piercings are allowed for branch member service representatives.
Answered Aug 27, 2018
Yes anything is really allowed as long as it does not become a distraction in the work place
Answered Oct 4, 2017