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Overall Reviews at Nike

Security Officer | Beaverton, OR | Apr 13, 2019
Don’t believe the Nike Hype
The Pay for officers is inconsistent. It can range from ($16-$18/hr plus). They don’t like you discussing your salary amongst each other due to this inconsistency in pay. Shift work is inevitable, however, this department has no fair or consistent policy on who gets what shift or when. They move you from shift to shift and change your days off whenever they feel like it. You might be on a shift for a year or it could only last 4 months. Seniority doesn't matter, so there are employees that have been there for 10-15 years and are working grave shift. There is no way to work your way to a better shift or better days off. There is no room for advancement. They would rather hire from the outside for Lead/Supervising positions. The officers are only loyal to themselves and to certain supervisors and managers, hoping that by telling/snatching/backstabbing co-workers and supervisors it will get them promotions and advancements. If you want to move up or advance to a different position mangers/supervisors see it as a threat and will block you from moving. There is no real written training program or policy for anything. It's very inconsistent, co-workers, supervisors and managers are inconsistent. They would rather keep you in the dark as far as company benefits/policies/procedures, than help you out. However they will hold you accountable for things you were not taught or should have been taught. They are to busy trying to be a small police force without the conc...more
ProsThere are none
ConsPay, Benefits, lack of respect for what you bring to the table, co-workers, supervisors and managers
Associate | New York, NY | Apr 2, 2019
Not what you expect
Image help making a few million dollars and than someone making a few hundreds not hundred thousands hundred they wont be able to feed they family because "we aren't making enough money as a store". Sounds crazy but it happens everyday coming from one making $100,000 to someone making $15 dollars a hour. It starts off great like many other jobs. Once you learn the system and see how things operate you realize it's a favorites game basically a contest of who can kiss up the most. Don't think of having a life outside of this job cause you wont even have time to go to the doctor, see family or even have a social life. You think Nike unity teamwork helping hand well not in the store maybe in HQ or partners but the real store nope wont see it. The lower you are on the structure expect that much respect. Its basically a class thing at the stores to be honest from pay, advantages, and respect. The people who you see when you walk in helping you are mostly honestly amazing hard working people. The people they work for behind closed doors that you only see when someone of high status or elite fame are the ones making those people lives unstable and depressing. I have met some amazing had working people there who would give there soul to make thing better , but than would tell me they cant eat lunch because they can barely afford rent cause they don't get paid enough. I use to think it would be a dream to work for the Swoosh but it turned into a place I would neve...more
ProsDiscount is okay don't expect limited items or launch stuff most the time
ConsPay, Management, Dress Code, Hiring, work life balance, advancement, appreciation
Maintenance Technician | Beaverton, OR | Jun 10, 2019
All soles, no soul
It claims to be a socially integrative, progressive company, and in fairness, it's Bennetton ad style staffing looks that way. The culture is, however, as bro-y and fratboy as ever. My perspective is mostly manufacturing oriented, but leadership on main campus was notoriously no better. Sexism, misogyny, racism, bigotry and privilege abound. Sure, great cafeteria, but putting it next to an unventilated area where plastic is burned? Why are they burning urethane at all! Safety is preached, but not enforced; new equipment brought online without failsafe testing. Teenagers running hydraulic presses without training. There's not enough room to cover all of the engineering failures. My department was at half staff. On rotating 4/3s, that meant D1 was full, D2 was shy a tech or two, and N1&2 we're chronically at half or fewer. Over two and a half years from my hire date, 25% more techs were added, but the number of machines and floor space, and thus operators, tripled. New tech hires were generally of barely to adequate quality. The pool is admittedly thin, but mighty Nike can't even recruit against Columbia and UA. Basically, if you wan't a forever, no advancement job where you can't touch the new tech, the operators are untrained teenagers, retirees working themselves to death or recent immigrants with limited English skills, while surrounded by potentially deadly equipment, all for 25% below market rates, go for it. If you are progressive in any manner, don't. Rea...more
ProsCafeteria, free tri met pass, discounts and free gear, PTO, stock
ConsCulture is the opposite of advertised; pay in the middling range; awful, awful engineering and safety
Development Operations Engineer | Beaverton, OR | Oct 31, 2018
Good work life balance
Office space is open and well most groups are loud and annoying so make sure you have a good pair of headphones. Day starts with stand up which is good gives you a bit of autonomy but some changes of certain things become political and most internal code should be opened but recently it seems its more dictated by core groups. Also no AWS sandbox for checking some of the dev-ops development and only certain people have admin privileges to test accounts, keep in mind test accounts, so when your stuck cause of some role that is missing just makes you have to switch to other work until some one with IAM privileges has time to meet. No leading edge on anything except store app, the company is broken into two sectors one is NDE and then there is nike yet CIO reports to COO not CEO, this occurs in the 21st century very odd. You can clearly see a distinction between WHQ and NDE. If your married and will not rock the boat, and do as your told perfect job. If you do decide to work at nike digital not expect any advancement there are people with 10 years in the same position they started, this is normal through out nike digital. Also you have quite a few number of people that are very arrogant mainly in phone development they get free food all the time just for a few buttons and for keeping state shows you that the people making the decisions really do not understand the stack.
ProsGood life work balance
ConsArrogant employees, No advancement, pay sucks, politics
Retail Sales Associate | Miami, FL | Jan 11, 2019
Inconsistent Experience
Let's get the great stuff about working at Nike (or at least the Nike Factory Store I worked at) out of the way. The dress code is casual/athletic fit, the atmosphere with employees is fun, certain managers were really good at their job, and the discounts were great. Now for the bad... everything else. The hours were always inconsistent and dependent on how much traffic the store was getting that day. On the holidays and back to school time, even part timers can get 40+ hours in, but any other time you're lucky to get more than 20. On many occasions, I was called an hour or so before my shift to not come in because they were cutting staff for the day. Another issue I had with my Nike store were a couple managers who were constantly rude and belittled their employees on many occasions. Micro-managing and rudeness on that level in what is supposed to be a casual, fun atmosphere is head scratching and counter-productive to say the least. The customers were often times worse to deal with. I'm typically someone who is patient with customers, however at my location, that patience was tested far too often. Overall, my experience here was mixed. While I met really cool people that I enjoyed working with and enjoyed the discounts, the combination of rude managers/customers and inconsistent hours really soiled my experience there.
ProsDiscounts, staff dress, breaks
ConsPay, managers, inconsistent hours
Sales Associate | Columbus, OH | Jul 15, 2019
Awful management staff and poor decision making on a daily basis
The Nike store in Columbus was very unorganized and had a high turnover rate. The lack of proper scheduling and hiring the right people to represent the brand resulted in many call offs and being understaffed constantly. Yet they didnt do anything to correct this. They showed extreme favoritism and this played a hand in the high turnover rate. The managers seemed like they were on different pages with store goals and were really only worried about their vacation time, mainly their focus on having the busy weekends off. It was truly unprofessional. I've worked for the Footlocker brands and Finishline company and they had more control over their daily operations. They weren't aware I was an Assistant Manager at these places and as a basic "seasonal athlete" (working full time hours without the proper promotion) on how I was viewed by them they must not have thought their unprofessionalism would he noticed as much. Although it is a new outlet store in Columbus, Store number 217 needs major help and new management immediately. Most managers never worked for Nike and came from places such as Target, Walmart, etc. So they were just learning the brand and the products, while still being ineffective at routine staff management. Good store for discounted products, but terrible service excluding a handful of employees.
Part Time Athlete | Oklahoma City, OK | Jan 1, 2019
Should be an amazing place to work for, but NOPE
Nike should be a fun and exciting place to work for, but the Nike Factory in Oklahoma isn't the best place to work at. A typical day starts off with you clocking in, seeing what zone you are at, and GETTING YOUR 1 SIGNUP PER HOUR!!!! Managers constantly grill you if you don't meet this requirement. You don't get any extra compensation for this either, so you will be harassing consumers till you meet your goal. Another complaint is most of the time the store is understaffed, so if you close you will probably stay 1 hr after the store closes. Another bad thing about is the time you have to be available to work. Part time workers are required to have: 36 hrs of availablity (Basically you are full-time), 3 closing shift available, and have 14-16hrs of peak hrs available (Fri-Sun). It just conflicts alot with going to school and life. No switching shifts either! I would not recommend this job to someone who is going to school. The worst part however, is management. Management is never wrong and will ALWAYS deflect the blame to employees. It feels like there is no Nike culture at the OKC store, management ONLY cares about numbers. This store feels like its Managers vs Employees all the time. However the company does give you plenty of benefits, just be aware this Nike Store job might not be the best for you.
ProsEmployee Discount, 1 hour lunch
ConsManagement, Work life, Culture
Cashier/Sales | Pigeon Forge, TN | May 21, 2018
Don’t even think about this being just a fun part time job
Worked here for many years but I decided I had enough of the inconsistency of the management staff. Each manager had there own set of rules and only a few rules a known or followed by all managers. The people who do the least amount of work are recognized the most and they’re the ones who get promotions and management positions. The most terrible part is the scheduling. If you are part time under or part time employee expect to work full time and not get the benefits of the full time position. They don’t want to work with college schedules or other job schedules. They want you to make “Nike your number one priority”. This is not a career job this is usually a part time job that high school students and college students like to work at. Until they changed policy to you have to be 18 to work there. So wanting adults to work for this company they’re going to have to be flexible with schedules. Most adults that work in a job setting like this have two jobs in order to pay bills or they’re full time college students. You generally pay for your college so you don’t need to be scheduled 40 hours a week leaving you with no time to study which will lead to you failing and that means you threw thousands down the drain. They’re not considerate and they don’t care about you and you’re growth.
ProsFun employee
ConsTerrible management and scheduling
Customer Service Representative | Mesa, AZ | Apr 11, 2019
Great place for young adults, or old teenagers
Unlike some of my coworkers this was my first experience working for NIke. I joined when 24-7 intouch first received the contract with Nike after their nightmarish contract with Concentrix(I worked for Amazon there so I know how much of a mess that place can be) It was kind of a call center culture shock, not just the dress code, but how loud it was. Just constant chanting and cheering which was aight in training, but not when you're on calls, and you're hearing it better than the people on the phone. The calls ranged from "Where's my package" to "Nike sucks, Jordans are better." I'm not a fan of retail so it's pretty hard to be empathetic to A holes who haven't received their shoes a day they were expected. It was kind of like being in high school, but with the age of you coworkers it's to be expected. I don't like how your 'desk' is just a row of tables with computers twelve inches from each other if that. My trainer was amazing, can't stress that enough. Wish my 'coach' was better. I was offered a better paying job closer to me, and put in my two weeks. I don't see the appeal in this LOB unless you like wearing athletic wear to work, and helping people shop. I'm more of a technical person. Did I mention the break structure is two 30 minute breaks.
Proslaid back dress code
Consbreak structure, loud
Customer Service Team Lead | Orlando, FL | Jun 20, 2018
Great Experience and best Job I had.
The best job I had easily. A typical day in my role is stepping into the office and check my email within 1st hour. Ensure daily schedule for the day is uploaded and that daily schedule for at least 1 week in advance is done. 2 to 4 hours spent being Manager on Duty for sales floor. Setup schedule for new hire training if applicable or setup interviews and who is conducting them. Several other tasks to be completed as they appear sporadically (supply order, morning meetings, 1 on 1 follow ups, etc.) Learned every aspect of retail management, my experience allows me to be able to step into any retail management role with full confidence. Management is trained to identify talent at every level and be a mentor to push team members to higher position. Very inclusive work culture that allows people to express themselves. The hardest part of the job was to be able to manage the high volume of staff and volume of consumers while keeping a high level customer experience at all times. The most enjoyable part of the job is seeing the people of around the world and variety of interests with the love for the brand.
ProsAmazing Brand, Upward Mobility, great benefits, unique experiences
ConsUnderpay on average per position, Consistent above your position work expected

Questions And Answers about Nike

Do nike work on holidays?
Asked Dec 10, 2016
Yes they do in some departments.
Answered Feb 6, 2019
Except for Christmas Day, the Nike Citadel in California is open every day of the year.
Answered Jan 22, 2019
Whats the nike discount?
Asked Jun 2, 2016
50% off at employee store 40% off online at
Answered Jan 20, 2020
30% in store 40%warshouse
Answered Mar 13, 2018
Does Nike hire a person convicted of a felony
Asked Apr 12, 2016
Yrs they do, so I don't quite understand what's the background check is for.
Answered Feb 6, 2019
I work at a store where once, someone actually wore their ankle bracelet to work. The story that guy normally told was that it was a heart monitor. I believe the real reason was that it was for a DUI.
Answered Jan 22, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Nike a better place to work?
Asked Feb 14, 2017
Manufacturing is the front line of Nike products, especially the shoes. When the company is making $37 billion/year in revenue, and grew 11% from just last year, the factory workers should enjoy the growth as well and be rewarded for making the company so much money. I understand that profit sharing is offered, but for a company making so much money, I think they could pay their workers more than just $1-$2/hr than what a McDonald's employee makes.
Answered Jan 25, 2020
Put lives above business. Your dedicated staff cannot be dedicated if they're dead. Serious weather is a serious issue. If rain turns to ice or snow gets out of control you shutdown and send staff home so you ensure they're safe return to their family.
Answered Feb 11, 2019
How did you get your first interview at Nike?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
I applied online on their website. Nike called me two weeks later and did a phone interview.Then HR emailed me some information to come in for a in-person interview. i was interviewed by two Nike manager they asked basic question. A week later Nike called me to do a drug test and want me to send in my background information.
Answered Jan 20, 2020
Internal employee application
Answered Aug 24, 2018