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Overall Reviews at Norwegian Cruise Line

Utility Worker | Honolulu, HI | Aug 12, 2019
Long hours, low pay, and terrible atmosphere
Honestly a terrible place, the worst I've ever worked at. I worked in Galley Utility, which management freely admitted was the worst and most under appreciated position on the ship. I'll get the Pros out of the way first, since they're aren't many. Pros: 1) You're in Hawaii Cons: 1) Long hours- expect at least 10 hours a day, every day. and when I say 'every day', I'm being literal. No weekends off, no holidays, no vacation days, and you might have to be dying to get a sick day. Management also complained often about us working to many hours, demanding we finish everything in 8 hours or less. 2) Low pay- I was making $7.50 an hour. 3) Terrible equipment- it was very common for things to break, from mops and brooms to dish washers to escalators. 4) Lack of supplies- on top of everything breaking, management was extremely slow to replace it, and when new supplies came in they never ordered enough to last. This lead to a very competitive and and toxic environment, with workers hoarding whatever equipment they could for themselves. This included even basic things like gloves, brooms, and mop buckets. This in turn lead to people constantly stealing supplies from other workers. On several occasions I found myself literally digging through trash piles trying to find a broken broom or dustbin, just so I could finish my job that night.
Host/Server | Hawaii | Oct 29, 2019
Good way to meet new people
I worked for NCL for just over a year. Basically slavery.. the only good things I have to say is I made some AMAZING friends and got to go on a plane for the first time as well as a ship. I got to see a little bit of Hawaii. However, it is not some fantasy life you would think it would be,m. It is long hours, no sleep, and you are in a tiny room with 3-4 people. You work about 10-17 hours per day 7 days a week for 5 straight months. The food for the crew was awful most of the time. I can’t even begin to explain the pain in your feet the first month of 2. I cried on a daily basis because of the feet pain. I do not regret working for NCL because it made me a stronger person, I have thicker skin. And I have lifelong friends. And it gave me this fire in my soul for traveling. But other than that it is garbage. You cannot go in guest areas until after 7pm and you have to sign up ahead of time and be on the approved list. You get written up for a wrinkle in your shirt, your hair not being in a perfect bun, and for even being 5 minutes late because the watertight doors were closed and you had to take the long way. Managers are trash and are rude and don’t care about the employees at all. 3 right ups and they fire you. You get dropped off at the next port and you pay your way home.
ProsFree nasty food, amazing friends
ConsLong hours, management, no free time, basically like jail
Photographer | Miami, FL | May 17, 2018
Not worth it
I had two managers while on board during my six month contract and they were both absolutely terrible. They were biased, lazy, had no leadership experience, zero professionalism, and acted like children. The management works you non stop even if you're not needed at the time - they will work you just because they have you. Work was 50 + hours a week with a salary of $1,100 a month. The company exaggerates its free healthcare but really its a joke. The "doctor" would look at you if you were sick but say they don't know whats wrong and send you back to work with Tylenol. The upper management also has no idea what they are doing or have a clue how to solve problems. They go by American law but that is arguable because they let a lot of issues slide or turn their head. Especially when it comes to harassment or promotions. It's hard to get in contact with anyone at corporate because they will not answer crews emails. The personnel/ HR on board is also a joke because they hardly speak English and you cannot understand what they are saying. The food they feed crew is not edible and their budget was 75 cents per person for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all together. The only enjoyable part of the job was traveling and getting to see different countries.
Conshours, food, living arrangements, communication barrier, management
Server | Honolulu, HI | Apr 11, 2019
Terrible workplace
Pessismistic environment, terrible management, and underpaid. They do not care about you at all!! You must be nearly dead to call out. Food was horrible. I have pictures of Moldy fruits they’d serve us. Only pro is you can “save money” since you’re pretty much institutionalized and don’t have time to even go out and do things. Only had a 3 hour break at most but most of my days consisted of triples and only one hour breaks. I was forced to work in front of customers while I was crying. The doctor and nurses need to get fired ASAP they have the worst attitudes, don’t know what they’re talking about majority of the time, and just over Medicate you with at least four different pills to take on a daily basis. Yeah you get free lunch and “””rent””” but you have to share a room with at least two other people in such a confined space and the food is either expired or just disgustingly made. Some of the security are nice but there was one specific that was like a bully and walked in on me naked and dragged me and my roommate out of bed at 6 in the morning while yelling like crazy. This place is pretty much like prison and I would not recommend!!
ProsFree food
ConsUnderpaid, extreme hours, extreme physical activity, no sleep
Lead Supervisor | Tampa, FL | Apr 12, 2018
If You Want Neverland Abusive Hours No Manager Support but Adventure This is It
Working on a cruise ship is one of the best things I ever did, and one of the worst. When you work for a cruise line you step away from reality, and quantifiable work experience. People do not realize how much work one does on board, you have all of your duties associated with your job position, and additionally have safety duties and requirements that feel like enlisting in the Navy. You work 80+ hours at times, while being restricted on when or where you can eat, sleep, work, and have time off. With the cultural variety onboard you lose a lot of humanity, and gain a level of racism unknown in other industries. In opposition though you gain a cultural awareness, and color blindness no other industry offers. It's an odd double edged sword, and a constant instability. I was able to see the world while working myself to death, I wouldn't trade all of my experience with Norwegian for anything, but I also would never do it again.
ProsTravel, No Living Expenses, Cultural Awareness
ConsHours, No Paid Time Off, No Sick Time, Real World Experience
Bartender | Honolulu, HI | Feb 26, 2019
Great Pay for bartenders
Staff was great... it’s what kept you going, besides the pay. Management belittled a lot of employees, thankfully I was not one of them. But I did witness and Lado talking behind the employees backs by management which I don’t think was fair… But I was there for a job, and I was there to make money. I wish there were more chances for advancement but unfortunately upper management has been there for 10+ years and they don’t seem to be leaving or retiring anytime soon. Long as you keep your head down to your job and mind your P & Q it’s really a nice place to work… A lot of employees thought they can come and work on that ship so they can go see Hawaii EDD and go onto the islands and party and sightseeing but that’s not the case, and that wasn’t the case for me I knew that from going in. My only one purpose was to go and work, and hopefully move up in the ranks but after a while noticed it wasn’t going to happen as quickly as I thought, I truly have nothing bad to say about NCL as long as you’re in the right mindset to go and focus on doing your job .
ProsCoworkers, Great medical insurance
ConsThe employee meals weren’t the best
Assistant Director | Miami, FL | Apr 9, 2018
Fast paced work environment with very little down time
We work 7 days a week, anywhere between 10-12 hours a day. We must be able to adapt to many situations with the general public and constantly be up beat and friendly. We never get a day off and the management on board can be very poor. Crew members come from roughly 70 different countries from all over the world, so it it a rewarding experience to be able to meet so many different people and to live and work in such a diverse environment. In my position, I am the face of the ship, so I am not allowed to have an "off day," which is the most difficult part of the job. However, I do enjoy being on stage, which is one of my primary job duties. I have learned to be tolerant of all people from all walks of life and I have truly made some lifelong friendships.
ProsLiving on board, we do not have to pay for rent or food, so we can save everything we earn.
ConsWe work 7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day for 6 months straight. We are not allowed to "call in sick, " but there are Doctors on board. However, unless we are extremely ill, we still have to work.
Assistant Cook | Honolulu, HI | Nov 2, 2018
Modern slavery!
You have to sign a 5 month contract to work on the ship. After you are hired you are shipped to Piney Point for training at the Merchant Marine training facility. For two weeks you are in class listening to lectures all day and taking test. If you don't pass all the required test, you are sent back home. If you do pass then you are sent out to Hawaii to train on the ship. Position placement is unfair. I had fine dining experience and wanted to work in one of the fine dining restaurants, but was given the position of cooking for room service! There are no days off and you work long hard hours. In order to have a day off, you literally have to be on your death bed. You are also stuck in a room with at least three other people in a tiny room. If you don't like your roommates or want to move it takes forever for them to find you a new room. Management is unfair. They only reward their "favorite" employees. Overall the job is not worth it. I did not renew my contract after five months.
Prosfree lunch, no rent, hawaii
Consbad pay, long hours, management, living arrangements
Utility Worker | Honolulu, HI | Aug 19, 2018
Lots of fun !!
One of the best jobs I ever had if your parents are rich and dont care what you do and they give you money when you ask. Its the only way that will work. I went on the ship with high expectectations as they told me dont get on board if you are not willing to work 11 12 or more hrs per day I was like wow I will make money even with the 6.54 Hr salary they gave me then get to hawaii from miami and now your stuck because you have no money to come back on your own so you have to put up with all their rules they make you join a union ha ha what union figths for you and let you get paid 6.54 Per hr in the usa with no tips... Then the promise of lots of work becomes a lie and they tell you you will work 5 or 6 hr a day great have the rest of the day to do something on ship nnaaaa you will be confine to your room or the small tv rm because your not good enough to mingle with the people how will passengers know your not another passenger this is done to llet you know who the master is ....
Reservation Agent | Remote | Jul 7, 2019
Hate it but need a check
I honestly do not like this job. The travel agents that call in from different companies I mean large companies are rude and we must be the face of the company and take all the rudeness but even though these people are calling in representing the large company they work for they can be rude because it’s all about Norwegian making money not us. They do mandatory overtime which sucks, no unpaid time off which I have never heard of before. Their saying is you gotta have time to take time so if you don’t have any vacation time or paid time(that’s all you get) then you can’t take off and the vacation stuff is crazy because those days may be booked by other workers… you have to fight for time off. For 90 days you can only miss 1 day which is sad. I thought this was going to be a great company to work for but it is not great. Don’t be fooled these people calling in are rude that’s something they don’t tell you . Pros the pay $15 but I don’t think they can keep people that’s why the just raised the pay

Questions And Answers about Norwegian Cruise Line

How do you feel about the future of Norwegian Cruise Line?
Asked Jul 25, 2017
Surprised it lasted this long!
Answered Aug 13, 2019
They have some unlawful practices going unchecked and i see , no predict one big lawsuit in NCL future. Which i plan to sign in on, or maybe start the class action myself. NCL watch your labor laws. And the union, is unethical at best, dont even think they are looking out for you. Ohhhhh the things i have witnessed.
Answered Jul 21, 2019
What would you suggest Norwegian Cruise Line management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Evaluate the people in management! What I saw was horrible and very low pay and mistreatment of people...I was sent out to help with the huge turnovers in 2006
Answered Aug 13, 2019
The company should look back to how it used to run business 30 years ago. It used to be great working there 40 years ago. Cruise benefits were fantastic employees loved coming in to work. Everyone was happy to wake up in the morning and go to work for Norwegian Cruise line when Norwegians used to run the company . Good luck 🍀 to the company . I hope it does not go bankrupt. It would be a shame.
Answered Jul 25, 2019
Do they pay an overtime rate after 40 hours?
Asked Aug 4, 2016
IIt should be after 40 hrs!
Answered Mar 28, 2019
It depends on your position. They do if you work as a GSR/PVP
Answered Jan 29, 2019
If hired could i work all year around?
Asked Mar 23, 2018
No 8 months on board is all coast guard will let u do
Answered Oct 2, 2019
Its certain contracts but most likely you could cause it was a lot of people quitting when I was there and there were working their crew like slaves and whoever wanted to stay longer, they let them
Answered Aug 13, 2019
What is the most stressful part about working at Norwegian Cruise Line?
Asked Jun 15, 2017
Everything, I was like a beautiful slave ship. I have never witness these kind of working conditions in my life. It was just strange to see
Answered Aug 13, 2019
I was scheduled for triple shifts 9 days in a row when I first arrived. They issue you the most uncomfortable blister inducing shoes they can find, molded plastic that do not breathe, nor do the uniforms, everything is 100% plastic or polyester so you sweat and the sweat collects so much you can wring out your socks at the end of the day. Even changing socks mid day you will still wring out your socks. They could, of course, find slip proof shoes that had better fit and padding, but gee, I guess that might cost a dollar more wholesale or something. Imagine a 14 hour day wearing ill fitting shoes and walking 8-10 miles.... oh, and smile!
Answered Sep 9, 2018