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Driver | London, OH | Mar 11, 2020
Gets better if you stay for a while
I've been working at a london spoke for 7 months. In my view the job gets much better over time. Months 2 - 3 were difficult for me. Most of the people I trained with had already quit, and I wasnt experienced enough to fire through my deliveries with any speed and I was coming back late all too often. After a while, you will become more confident with the van and moving the shopping around, plus you will have been to most the areas dozens of times so you will know the area. I find now about 1/3rd of my drops I recognise from previous deliveries, so I know where to go. The amount of time you get for a drop is based on the previous deliveries to this customer and the amount of food they are getting. So a top floor stairs with 7 totes they will give you a tidy 30 mins usually, which is nice because you dont feel you have to exhaust yourself. However, a 2 tote delivery to a house you'd be lucky for 5 minutes, so even easy deliveries you will have to keep moving.... no rest for the wicked ;) The downside is that you need to be able to keep up with an average driver to keep on schedule. If the last 5 guys did the drop in 12 minutes, then you will get 12 minutes regardless if you can keep up or not. This can be especially difficult when you have 25+ drops in a day. When you are starting out, it will be tough. If youre not used to a job like this you will find all the lifting tiring. You will be late a lot. My first 10 days, I finished late 9 times. But now I'm here fo...more
ProsAfter a few months it is fairly enjoyable
Consthe start is tough.
Development Director | Tysons Corner, VA | Nov 4, 2019
Amazing get it done culture; great team; A global Fortune level start up!
I have never been associated with an organization like Ocado. Imagine going to work for a fortune 500 company that is run with the attitude of a start up. Fast, agile, motivated, high energy and fun... As a member of the North America Start up team, for this FTSE 50 company, I have been encouraged to innovate, create change, engage in and lead challenging company changing projects and collaborate globally with other team leaders. The entire Management structure is accessible and every person I have met has a "lets get it done no matter what it takes" attitude. Very Very cool environment. There are of course issues... problems... but where are there not. Ocado is a major, multi-billion dollar organization that is also one of the fastest growing in Europe. It is newly expanding into North America and the culture and business challenges, along with surprising technical challenges, cause bumps and twists in the road. We don't always agree and sometimes we quite assertively disagree; but everyone is encouraged to push the limits of their job and technology so that we can push the success of the organization forward. Not only is there great encouragement; failure is not seen as damming to a career. The attitude is "Well that didn't work, how do we fix it and move on? What did we learn? and now lets go try again!" Additional challenges include moving from a major on-line grocer to an amazing leading edge (read bleeding edge) tech company that is pushing the boundaries...more
Driver | Sheffield, AL | Jan 17, 2019
Hard work poor pay no life
keep away at all costs.bad management.u can do 35 drops 250 miles.On after moons u can get back home at one or two in the morning.it is a very clicky place.u get sent to Lincoln Scunthorpe Gainsborough homefirth Doncaster just a few to mention.if systems go down in the middle of nowhere like Lincoln in a small village u ring management they leave u in the 🤔.it happened to me.if u want a life and got a family keep away.money is 😥for what u do.some lads where great but most was up the manager back 😋 to get better drops. If it's bad weather or snowing they still send u and it could be Matlock bradfield if u get stuck it's Ur fault and get warnings or the sack.ocado Hitler .
ConsIt's all bad
Delivery Driver | Manchester, NH | May 17, 2020
Terrible attitude towards drivers
The whole attitude of the management towards its drivers is disgusting and bullying, Management positions filled with people that have no understanding or empathy towards their staff and a very arrogant approach when you might need understanding. Massive turn over and its easy to see why.
ProsWeekly pay
ConsAlways only 1 minute away from the sack
Personal Shopper | Staffordshire, VA | Mar 9, 2019
How i found working at ocardo
I found working at Ocado very hard the job itself was fairly easy although the English language is the minority which can be intimidating at times this is a very fast pace job with bonuses for the faster you work although if your not fast enough you will be asked to leave as they have a high turnover of employment
Delivery Driver | Royal, IA | May 25, 2019
Fun place to work
Fun place to work. Flexible hours. Constant staff turnover so getting to know new people all the time. 7 site managers in my 5 years and 15 team management turnover.
ProsFlexible working
Recruiter | Tysons Corner, VA | Feb 20, 2020
Fun place to work!
Exciting company to work for with lots of new things happening and plenty of opportunities.Opportunity abounds in an exploding company. Amazing people and friendly work-space!
Cstm | Leeds, AL | Aug 3, 2019
Unrealistic routes Managers don't care less about you Working nearly every weekend No social life And don't dare be off sick it's a crime If you want a life don't work here
ProsFree coffee wow
Coördinator (m/v) | Andover, MA | Nov 5, 2019
Team Work
Nice team work with quality leadership and conducive working environment.

Questions And Answers about Ocado

Is it monthly pay or weekly ?
Asked Mar 7, 2017
Weekly pay
Answered May 11, 2019
Pay is Weekly
Answered Aug 25, 2018
What are the shifts that van drivers do
Asked Mar 6, 2019
It varies but mornings and afternoon shifts. They stagger start and finish times although afternoon shift finishes no later than midnight. If you are running late they do pay you. If you finish a little earlier they pay you the full pay. They also give you extra if you do not have anytime off over Christmas.
Answered May 11, 2019
Do Ocado rehire people that got the sack
Asked Feb 12, 2019
I doubt it if you got sacked. If you left on good terms then I would think they would re hire
Answered May 11, 2019
How many day the holidays pay ?.
Asked Jan 18, 2019
200 hours pa.
Answered Jul 20, 2019
How did you get your first interview at Ocado Group?
Asked Aug 25, 2018
Answered Aug 25, 2018