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Overall Reviews at Office Depot OfficeMax

Customer Service Representative | Tomball, TX | Jan 23, 2020
Good place to work
I have been with Office Depot for 30 years, Moved up from cashier to CSM. Flexible hours is a plus and pay is above scale. Leavinf because they done away with position.
ProsFlexible hours
Conslack of training
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Marshfield, WI | Jan 19, 2020
Retail job
It is a good entry level job, typical watch video's for training, help customers during the day along with other tasks assigned like stock shelves and detail
Inventory Manager | Boca Raton, FL | Jan 17, 2020
I would rather not discuss
I was an exceeds performer and survived several round of layoffs. After working incredible hours and garnering two promotions and being relocated 3 times until I got to corporate I was let go along with several other high performers, some recently promoted.
Product Owner | Boca Raton, FL | Feb 23, 2020
Upper level management was always totally supportive and aware of all IT project and program initiatives. Customer satisfaction was paramount and always delivered.
Customer Service Manager | Westchester, CA | Feb 20, 2020
Upper Mnagerment priorities
Frequent sales and customer service support priority changes. Less than effective attendance to schedule enforcement. Effective staffing to support customer volume was impacted.
Regional Sales Manager | Boca Raton, FL | Feb 4, 2020
Company is fine place to work
OD/OM gave me 15 years worth of employment so I was able to support my family. My typical day of work varied. I would travel for account maintenance, new business development, and account development. 2 day a week were dedicated to processing and updating CRM/SalesForce and appointment setting.
Customer Service Representative | Denver, CO | Mar 25, 2020
Not a good place to work
Office depot only paid 10.50 an hour which was on the high side. the job was technical, demanding and poorly organized. Management did not support employees and treated their customers terribly.
Office Assistant | Sumner, WA | Jan 18, 2020
grat place to work for
great place to work for the people are fun and the job was rewarding. company always made sure you were taken care of. great pay and benefits.always a great place work
Account Manager | Phoenix, AZ | Mar 23, 2020
Company filled with great people trying to reinvent themselves
Office Depot was one of the original industry disrupters (circa 1990), today they are being disrupted and are working to find there way. While they continue to retool themselves repeatedly, they have lost critical continuity in the B2B sales team and vision. I was a 27-year veteran that decided to take the many valuable skills I had learned and use them elsewhere. I am forever thankful for my friendships, teammates, learned skills and the opportunities I had during my tenure.
Print Manager | New Berlin, WI | Jan 1, 2019
Tough to get ahead, too many "things to sell"
I advanced in a year, from a job I was over-qualified for to Customer Service Manager. I was placed in a new store, with sub-par management around me, as well as undertrained staff. The company wants you to sell 8 things to every customer. Subscriptions, rewards, biz box, square trade on electronics, and so on. Add in the print department's "pitches" for upgrades and 3rd party businesses to do work that can be done in store is ridiculous. There are at least 3 third-party companies that they want you to utilize in the print department. These are skills, that if trained with good hires, can easily accomplish. It is a waste of company money and time. This is their business model though. After all, they bought a failing multi-million dollar company, while the company itself is failing. The only profit they have posted is when they closed over 200 stores in the last 5 years. Upper management is disconnected and has no idea how to do anything in the store, let alone what it's actually like to do try and attain the expectations that they put on employees. All while underpaying quality employees, and treating them like garbage. Their practices are almost a perfect mold of another "great" company. Sears. I'm glad I got out when I did, there is no future for this company.
ConsSee review.

Questions And Answers about Office Depot OfficeMax

What would you suggest Office Depot OfficeMax management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Stop forcing full time people to go to part time with no benefits.
Answered Feb 20, 2020
How about giving your employees proper training on the store. I feel that in order to provide advancements within a company, you should be cross traing employees. And making sure that if you are short of staff in one area you can fill in with someone that has been trained, instead of a nearby store. I spoke of this to my district manager about providing workshops for CPC. Making sure employees are provided the company handbook explaining about the point system for attendance policy. Making sure you are not hiring one BLACK employee at a time to add diversity into your worksite, and then they have to face racial profiling or prejudice behavior from management or other employees. And lastly, terminating an employee before they received their promotion all because you didn't provide them with proper termination grounds. Allot of managers be threatened because they have a few people that is under them, who could do their position better than them. My
Answered Feb 3, 2020
What is the work environment and culture like at Office Depot OfficeMax?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
The company was nice. Overall people were friendly.
Answered Dec 28, 2019
The people who trained you expect you to know the job overnight. They get frustrated when you ask questions.
Answered Nov 11, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Office Depot OfficeMax? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 16, 2016
Application, call from store manager, interview and it may take up to 2 weeks, but the process is quick due to the high turnover of employees
Answered Dec 28, 2019
Application, call from store manager, interview and it may take up to 2 weeks, but the process is quick due to the high turnover of employees
Answered May 13, 2019
How workings hours
Asked Aug 4, 2016
The hours are too sporadic. Part time workers are working 9-17 hours a week. Not really worth the time to drive there.
Answered Nov 1, 2019
Senior sales consultants get 36, SSM, OPS, CEM, CES and print supervisor get 38. General manager is expected to work between 45 and 50 hours a week.
Answered Jan 22, 2019
How would you describe the pace of work at Office Depot OfficeMax?
Asked Apr 17, 2017
The earth city warehouse is very busy...but the managers aren’t very good at getting things moving..they also have no time management skills. Becky Walters blames the manager of a truck is late to the warehouse to drop off a load...even though it’s actually on the trucking company and the driver... Answered February 27, 2019 - Driver/Warehouse (Former Employee) - Earth City, MO The pace is fast because usually you're understaffed so the couple of associates you have must work very fast to keep up the demands of a very demanding, needy customer base
Answered Dec 28, 2019
Slow paced overall with random bursts of customers
Answered Mar 14, 2019