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Overall Reviews at Olive Garden

Restaurant Staff | Saint Peters, MO | Nov 21, 2019
Only as good as it's managers
Overall, I did like the company. They had decent benefits and the job really wasn't bad. The biggest things that I did not like about the location that I was at was: how quick they were at giving stuff away (I get that that is a big way to help in customer satisfaction if something is not right, but at the same time, if they sit back and give out free stuff at every single little thing, then they are training their customers to learn how to eat out for free) and that when the general manager does not care, then the whole restaurant will go downhill. One manager cannot be made to the the only one to follow protocol and make sure that things are done efficiently and properly, it is like parents playing two different sides and nothing gets resolved. Unfortunately towards the end of my Olive Garden career, it became very hard to continue to care about my job as it seemed as though no one else did.
Host/Server | West Springfield, MA | Jan 7, 2020
Great place
Frustrating environment because there is always something going wrong!! You can’t grow as an employer there! Most of your work will go noticed but management takes credit
Restaurant Staff | Columbia, MD | Nov 14, 2019
Good place to work, but not for everybody!
Honestly, Olive Garden is a great starting job. One thing I will say is that if you are looking for a serving job to pay your bills, you might want to look at other restaurants, maybe even other Olive Gardens. However, if you are looking for a step towards being prepared to work in a more high-grade position, or you're in college and just want some bump in customer service with some money on the side, then Olive Garden Columbia is the place for you. Coworkers are kind and willing to help you. Just be sure of what you need from a job before you apply at this specific Olive Garden- sometimes hours get cut unexpectedly, that's the only bad thing I have to say. Great place to work, many opportunities for growth if you are open to receiving them.
Food Runner | Burbank, CA | Jan 30, 2020
Not a bad place
You just need to show ambition. They’re very flexible when it comes to schedules, most of the people that work there are students. Burbank is the highest paced Olive Garden in the county, many managers in training need to be trained here. So yes, it does get pretty competitive and it does gets extremely busy. Just prepare for it.
Bartender | Houston, TX | Sep 26, 2019
Overall Experience
I've been with the company for 4 years and I have learned a significant amount of knowledge during my time there. I know how to manage a kitchen with about 20+ employees. HAACP knowledge, inventory, receiving, ordering, and stocking.
Certified Trainer | Tampa, FL | Jul 20, 2019
Great money, benefits, and flexability
A high volume restaurant, have to be fast and great listening skills. You should be able to keep a smile and anticipate guests needs keeping up with soup, salad, bread, and drink refills. Great management and they are understanding of life events. Awesome full-time positions for students, parents, or even a part-time job. Willing to take minimum 6 days training for servers with 4th or 5th day take home some cash from training. Usually start with 2 tables and after about 5 days you get three tables. Three tables is enough at this job. Love working with all different personalities and everyone always happy for most part. Not a boring job at all.
Host/Hostess | Scottsdale, AZ | Apr 14, 2019
Easy job
As a host it’s an easy job soon as you get the hang of it but gosh is it boring. It’s not challenging in any way. And you roll a LOT of silverware. And there’s not always a place to sit for your lunch break. But the managers are nice for the most part and the people you work with are cool.
Pros1/2 off while at work and 25% while not at work discounts applicable across all Darden restaurants
ConsShort breaks, boring
Certified Trainer | Sherman, TX | Sep 27, 2018
Great workplace, great management, great restaurant
I absolutely love Darden. They treat their employees with respect. I have worked at three different Olive Garden's and the managers at each one were no issue to work with every day.
ProsThey take care of their employees! Darden dimes!
ConsIf you want benefits, you HAVE to work on average a certain amount of hours. Can be tricky if you leave for a vacation.
Dishwasher | Lafayette, LA | Dec 4, 2019
good for someone just try to get in workforce
good for someone try get some work but nothing more. you try to get to management like I try no one let go or even made attempt to. when the busy rush is over they let you go most of the time.
Line Cook | Shreveport, LA | Oct 18, 2019
Stressful, aggressive, hostile, and unsanitary
Entirely too much favoritism and fratenization. The regi onal manager is very unfriendly and unforgiving. It is a constant revolving door with absolutely no job security! The GM is not in charge of the facility, his direction is given by the regional manager whom lives over three hours away in Texas. No full time hours given so get used to working 15-29 hours a week, if even that many!
ProsWkly pay
ConsNo breaks, non smoking, pay increase no more than 0.25 annually.

Questions And Answers about Olive Garden

Aside from "all black" and non-slip shoes, are there any other dress code restrictions? Are headbands allowed? Colored hair? Etc.
Asked Nov 1, 2016
Yes I think the rules are right
Answered Nov 12, 2019
Headbands are not allowed
Answered Sep 21, 2019
If you want to attend college, are they flexible and make it easy to attend?
Asked Jul 15, 2016
College yes, but Universitys probably be a little bit tougher
Answered Sep 21, 2019
Yes, the store I worked at was very flexible. Not to mention you could give up/pick up shifts as needed.
Answered Jan 29, 2019
What should you were to the interview?
Asked Jan 19, 2017
Clean clothes
Answered Sep 21, 2019
I wore dark blue jeans, with a pink casual but not like a T-shirt top, a cardigan and black flats and received the job. I saw wore when people came into to interview and they received the job. As most people said they really hire anyone. I still don’t recommend wearing tore up clothes and having and underwear hanging out though.
Answered Apr 1, 2019
How much an hour do waitress get
Asked Nov 13, 2016
8.25 a hour
Answered Sep 21, 2019
In AZ It’s 8.00 an hour plus tips
Answered Jan 31, 2019
Does olive garden drug test?
Asked Nov 7, 2016
No i assume it be for management
Answered Sep 21, 2019
Probably but i assume it be upper management
Answered Sep 21, 2019