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Overall Reviews at Orangetheory Fitness

Sales Associate | United States | Feb 3, 2020
High Energy Investment, Low Reward
I worked for orangetheory winter of 2018-19, and it was a generally unsatisfactory experience. The wage was low for the amount of energy I had to put in, and management was odd to navigate. I worked long hours and was never told about break policies - I watched my coworkers and eventually learned that nobody really took breaks. This was exhausting, especially when one week I was scheduled to work 8 7-9 hour shifts in a row. I was also expected to do classes at least twice a week. The implication was I could do it when I was there for a shift, but I could not afford to punch put and loose an hour's pay like many of my coworkers seemed to. Generally speaking it seemed like I was the only person there who was working there because I needed the money. After the first two weeks of training i was given almost no managerial support, and no positive or negative feedback of any kind other than a reiteration of my original training - I had no idea how I was performing until the day I left. Orangetheory also offers bonuses for signing up new members. Despite the fact that I signed up quite a few, I only sometimes saw the bonuses. To be fair to orangetheory, if you are looking to work there for free classes it's a perfect job. If you're looking to make a living and care more about general wellness than gym culture, it's probably not the right place for you.
ProsFree excellent workout classes, performance based bonuses
ConsCulture is not great, management is not great, no break protocol
Sales Associate | Los Angeles, CA | Jul 6, 2018
Decent - But Major flaws.
First if you work at OTF you basically have to LIVE AND BREATHE OTF. You are expected to go on weekend outings, reach out to people in public, and post it all over social media. If you clock out you never really clock out - coworkers and managers will message you off the clock constantly about work related thingS got a call and texts from my boss on a holiday where everyone was off. No sick pay, no paid vacation, and pay scheduling is supposed to be 2 set days of the month but is inconsistent and can fall in the middle Of the week after 17 days of not getting paid since the last paycheck. No health or any other benefits at all. If your coworkers are slacking you have to pick up the slack. It seems like the social aspect of OTF is more important than the operational factors and employees forget to terminate memberships, dompaperwork and such that causes a huge headache for whoever sadly gets to deal with th angry member. Management has no experience what so ever, boss has no idea what they are doing, and is never there. You always forget what you are doing because you are constantly interrupted by members and by the end of the shift there’s 100 things you still have to do. Members are amazing and appreciate you Pay is decent but with the cost of living in my are impossible to live off of. Unrealistic sales goals with the studio already packed.
ProsTeam driven, free membership, learn sales skills
ConsStressful for a gym sales associate, no benefits, no paid time off, etc
Studio Manager | Shawnee, KS | Jun 19, 2019
Great job if you're single or have no life
Fun job if you're single or don't have any other interests outside of work. It's definitely not family friendly. No flexibility on scheduling. Studios are open 7 days a week, holidays, etc. There are no benefits that are worth sharing. No 401k, profit sharing, etc. They provide what they are required by law to provide - health insurance if you qualify. Yes, you get free workouts but you are working so much that you either don't have time to workout or are exhausted. Managers and asst managers can expect to work about 60 hours a week, with one day off per week. However if you're not meeting sales requirements you may be working 7 days a week. Sales and numbers are way more important than customer service and client relationships. Used to be much more boutique like with an emphasis on the personal experience, but because the market is getting more saturated powers that be are much more focused on new member numbers, while retention efforts are few and far between. It's franchisee/owner friendly - sales associate pay is abhorrent at $10/hour and the sales requirements, noting logs, paperwork, notating every call, every interaction, reminders, being on script for everything you say and do, following many different processes depending on the situation, cleaning, etc is a lot to ask for that amount of money. They say you can make much more and you can IF you work many, many hours.
Assistant Manager | Baltimore, MD | Sep 26, 2019
Don't get too attached
Genuinely enjoyed working here, briefly. Cold calling, check ins, sales, and clean up were your basic duties; very simple and stress free work. I was hired by one manager, who resigned a couple months later. Employees warned me about the hire turnover rate, telling me most people do not last 3 months. The new manager seemed very promising, but he still has a lot to learn about actual quality leadership and fair management, which will come with more experience. The owners are an awesome couple, unfortunately they neglect their facility until the ceiling falls apart (literally) and do not have much motivation to do any preventative maintenance that isn't MacGyver'd until it is way past too late. The ceiling would (often) collapse in the middle of a group fitness class, we could complain daily, the Head Coach could be in tears about it and there would still be no permanent action taken to prevent the issues from happening again. I was ultimately terminated without warning or any prior disciplinary action for really nonsensical reasons. After contacting Dept of Human Services and MD's Unemployment Law, both determined that I did not partake in any misconduct that should have led to my termination. (Not to mention, the firing manager perjured to the Dept of Human Services, so I certainly have a case!)
Sales Representative | Houston, TX | Jan 28, 2020
Great job, poor management
Orangetheory was a great company to work for. In my first few months I was still trying to get the hang of it but eventually became one of the top SA’s for several months in a row. The pay was amazing and the commission on top of it was even better, plus I was full time. The only negative thing I would say about the company is that they kind of play favorites when it comes to rules being broken. They allowed other SA’s to get write ups for saying racist things and making derogatory statements about women and still keep their job. Although I was one of my studios top SA’s I was let go for trying to help another coworker because an extremely upset member was turned away and just so happened to know the owner. If you have an understanding regional manager, then you will be fine. Mine was the complete opposite, plus strict. She nearly gave the entire studio anxiety issues when she walked in and treated everyone like they were inferior to her in LIFE. When the regional manager was away the studio was a great place to work at where everyone could get out of their comfort zone and really learn/grow. This is no where near a bitter review, it’s just a portion of my perspective based on what I experienced. If you think you can handle it, apply.
Sales Associate | Trinity, FL | Jan 11, 2019
NOT at Trinity
They need a studio makeover with the operation and systems they have in place for the sales, contest, commission structure, marketing methods, member retention, better organization on past sale call logs and new lead report that could be shared among staff not just top sales people. They make new people there floor mat only ones cleaning and try to take over calls and not follow up sheet. Have favorites, have spoke rude, what you to respond to 40 text emails everyday on there time. Waste your gas for marketing. Can't keep a full staff so you can work a schedule that works for you. They will over load you with drama and Dilly around schedule so your set up for failure. Said it was legal to work me 6 days in a row when I'd been working 4 a week regularly and said I needed time off bc of stress.. yet guess my life didnt matter to them as long as the top crew all went on vacation. Miro manage the heck outta wrong things. Make rules bend as the go for the faves only. Talk behind each other back fired manger because they suck at taking ownership for sucky systems and over louding employee to failure. If you'd like the toughest mental workout go there for the all-out push! 😂
ProsNo lunch breaks, they never refill the coffee for breakroom
Sales Associate | Celebration, FL | May 17, 2019
Environment Toxic/Management not involved
A typical day at work is not so exciting but the members/trainers are what makes me come to work everyday! I got hired but training was not very thorough! You get thrown on a computer! Short staffed mostly all the time! Workloads that Studio Manager is given (Manager required tasks) is done by you or another SA. but are not ever acknowledged for your work/goal completed. Never see the owners unless they are in the area! Owners are not very involved at all. Outsourcing is huge for Orange theory! This is where you can gain all your business from & succeed! I had to motivate team to go outsourcing and pitch ideas for events to Studio Manger for outsourcing! Also, when trying to gain new members! Success in making partnerships with other Business's while I was there! But Studio manger never followed through! lost out on a lot due to this. Sales Associates & Trainers are more the face of the company! We are dedicated to members & Orange Theory! I love this company but it is franchised. So you don't know how management may be like. You go in mostly blindfolded as I experienced.
ProsMembers are amazing! Trainers are awesome!
ConsStressful, Competitive, Workload is challenging, Management not strong
Studio Manager | Lakeland, FL | Oct 7, 2019
Do NOT apply for studio manager at this location.
I applied FIVE month prior to me leaving (I applied for studio manager). When I started I realized that two other employees had been hired for the same position (we were all hired within a week apart). None of us were promoted. None of us were told why we were hired(what position we were). We were hired under false pretenses for sure. My guess is that the GM/franchise owners are just cheap as hel* and do not want to pay someone to run that store. So they hire people with management experience to fill the gaps that the GM doesn't (which he didn't do anything at all saying he runs another location!). Btw, NO benifits whatsoever. When I started I needed proof of income to go to my doctors.. I found it VERY odd that ALL of the people that were hired after me could no access their paystubs (kind of a big deal).. Long story short, the GM took 4 months to get us access to our paystubs.
ProsProbably the EASIEST job on the planet, an ape could do it.
ConsNo communication within the employees, HORRIBLE management, no commission (even though they say you get it), NO benefits, you will never get over 30 hours a week, one of the dirtiest places I've worked for.
Customer Service Representative | Massachusetts | Mar 12, 2019
Sales associate
Honestly when I was first hired by Orangetheory it was the best part-time job I could of asked for. 7 months down the road my manager left. The new managers had no idea what was going on and trying to implement rules and regulation that did not apply to any of us part-time people. EX: covering your own shift two months out when your not even scheduled for that day yet and was just trying to be a good person and give them a heads up. There is no room for advancement. Managers favor certain employee all of the time. EX: giving people card on their birthdays with gift card or celebrating their one year in front of people who have been there the same amount of time. I've never worked so hard in my life at a part-time job just to try and advance and not get recognized for ONE single thing.The amount of hours I worked and the amount of times i bent over backwards for this place were endless and for absolutely no reason. The only reason why I stayed so long is because of the members that come in every evening and make my day and notice you as an individual and not just a money maker.
ProsMembers, free membership
ConsEverything about this place
Brand Ambassador | Marietta, GA | Aug 11, 2019
Brand Ambassador
I enjoyed my time at Orangetheory. The first and second managers were amazing. They listened to our grievances and attempted to fix our issues as well as customer issues. They supported our decisions and even worked beside us. When it would get busy, they'd hope in to assist. However, the third manager they had was a pain. She played favorites and often talked down on the brand ambassadors despite a lot of us having worked the front desk longer than her. She often questioned whether we knew how to do our job even though she knew we were trained by the best trainers the owners could bring in. I enjoyed the owners. We always saw them in the studios interacting with clients and with us. They'd even help us monitor clients and take phone calls if it got a little too busy. They also appreciated their employees. We'd have retreats, company gatherings and lunches, and they even had competitions among the studios that allowed us to win gifts. I was sad I had to leave them, but I felt that I wasn't going to get the chance to advance in the studio like some of the other girls just because I wasn't extremely chummy with the new manager or the owners.

Questions And Answers about Orangetheory Fitness

Does Orangetheory fitness do pre employment drug testing?
Asked Jan 25, 2017
No, but they should! so many employees in and out because they're strung out
Answered Oct 12, 2018
No. Otherwise they probably wouldn't be hire any employees lol.
Answered Mar 10, 2018
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Orangetheory Fitness?
Asked Sep 11, 2016
Just be yourself. Make sure you will fit in with culture. Energetic, young, vibrant
Answered Nov 8, 2019
Just be yourself, and it helps to actually be interested and supportive of the fitness industry. You are going to be selling something that you have to believe in, if you dont believe in it, it will be hard.
Answered Nov 1, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Orangetheory Fitness a better place to work?
Asked Feb 10, 2018
Orangetheory fitness management should be caring, starting at the top level. Concerns/issues from employees to upper management/ regional management should be addressed, not ignored. A professional environment should have no room for "click" or high school behaviors, and that's most of what you'll see at Orangetheory Fitness. Employees should be appreciated and recognized based on job performance, and not how much of a "BFF" they are with management. Orangetheory fitness would be a great place to work if the family, small community environment that is preached, would also be practiced.
Answered Mar 28, 2020
Make taking the classes easier to do, not charging employees the same prices as they charge members.
Answered Feb 7, 2020
On average, how many hours do you work a day at Orangetheory Fitness?
Asked Nov 2, 2016
You average 3-5 hours
Answered Nov 1, 2018
8 hours a day. 32-40 hours a week. it was inconsistent.
Answered Aug 24, 2017
What is the work environment and culture like at Orangetheory Fitness?
Asked Jul 24, 2016
Cut throat and competitive
Answered Oct 5, 2017
It is what you make of it.
Answered Jun 28, 2017