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Legal Secretary | Pocatello, ID | Dec 30, 2020
Difficult, demanding and unfair place to work.
A day would start by sitting and reading all day with only a 30 minute lunch. Employees got talked to who would walk around the building instead of going straight the restroom and coming immediately back to their desk to continue sitting and reading documents all day. I could have heard a pin drop in the office, we were not allowed to talk only management was allowed to joke and rudely discuss things to include negative comments regarding daily discussions. They and the job I worked for as I was a contractor misled employees by informing them if they failed a test, they would not be fired but that was not true. People failed and they got fired. PAE misled employees causing mistrust amongst many employees who worked with them. What a careful as there were many unhappy employees.
ProsPro-It's a job.
ConsNo cammaderie, no honesty and definetly no team organization existed. Leadership was awful and misleading.
Process Technician | Portsmouth, NH | Jan 21, 2021
Meaningful work and caring supervisors
The job itself was repetitive once you were comfortable but knowing that what you're actually doing is meaningful, made the repetitively worth it. The supervisors I had were all very knowledgeable, down to earth and overall very caring individuals. My coworkers were all great, fun, helpful and hardworking people. Advancement opportunities are available depending upon your own personal drive and your senority for some positions. The benefits were all good for an individual but for a single income family, they were a little rough. If I lived closer, I'd still be working there
ProsMeaningful work, thorough training, great supervisors and coworkers
ConsDistance to location is bit rough because housing nearby is too expensive
Electrical Engineer | Houston, TX | Mar 16, 2022
Excellent company from a government contractor point of view. Poor compensation.
Great company as far as learning the aspects of facilities work. They are not so great at listening to their work force when it comes to suggestions or ideas of how to address fixes that will both benefit them and the employee. The pay is lower by comparison to other positions where a person would be performing basically the same tasks who has the same education and experience. Great company to retire with, poor company if your looking to expand your horizons.
ProsWorking with some of the best and brightest people both with the company and the customer.
ConsLow compensation, Management indifference, Unfair promotion tactics
Data Entry Clerk | Williamsburg, KY | Mar 9, 2021
work is easy but no way to advance
I worked in 2 different depts. which was data entry and facial recognition. I was top notch at data entry. Not so much facial. Very stressful. I loved the people I worked with for the most part. However it is about impossible to move up unless you are friends with someone high up. Most people are hired on second shift, and most people leave because no matter how good your production is there is no way to get onto first shift (again unless you are friends with someone higher up). I was treated dirty in the end and that's why I left. They make promises then go back on their word. Watch your back, don't trust anyone. Make sure you get EVERYTHING in writing.
Prosflexable schedules
Consmanagement, advancement, ect.
Logistics Manager | Albion, MI | Jul 18, 2021
Sounded good during orientation.
I have to honestly say that this was the worst employment of my life. I know this was just one of many projects PAE had but dang! You can't expect people to work around the clock with no home time. It should be a sign when alot of very well qualified people just quit left and right. I was lied to from the start, HR was pretty useless and program manager had no knowledge of Operations, or Logistics but expected to micro manage everything. If you want to work for them? Ask every question you can think of, because if your taking a salary position? Expect to work 13-14hr days 7 days a week till the contract is up, or you just burn out.
Trainer | United States | Apr 8, 2021
10 years there... salary cuts every year
Been there for 10 years. Our salaries get cut each year. It's done by not giving pay raises, downgrading the pay-level of our positions, not paying us full travel per diem, or not paying for the entire travel. They continually reduce our paid work hours, but have us continue to work the old scale. For example, we used to work 60 hours per week and got paid for 60 hours... but with no overtime rate. Then it was work 60, but may only put 48 on our timesheets. Put more, it won't be approved. Getting another job at PAE if you an employee is almost impossible. I've heard from management that the unwritten policy is NOT to harvest employees from other divisions.
Clerk | Center, TX | Oct 25, 2020
Opportunity to help Immigrants
I worked as a contractor, General Clerk-1, for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) under the PAE contract. We reviewed documents submitted in behalf of immigrants seeking naturalization. Doing this work always made me feel like I was making a positive contribution to people less fortunate that the average American. These were people trying to escape conditions in their home countries that Americans simply never experience.
ProsHelping people who need to vastly improve their lives, and the pay was better than average for the work being done.
ConsWish the breaks were a little longer.
Analyst | Florida | Sep 1, 2021
A Government Cash Grab of a Company
Worst contracting company I've worked for. No support. Issues with paying employees fully and on time. Threatened employees to endorse the company so they win a new contract. Pay is abysmal. HR is a joke. They love to brag about profits but do not reward employees or invest, in any way whatsoever, in employee growth. They are strictly there to take government money and and demonstrate absolutely no interest in employee welfare or the actual job-site mission. But hey, as they like to brag, they're multi-millionaires so uh...mission accomplished. Do not work for them.
Diesel Technician | United States | May 29, 2021
blue collar people get stepped on
with any blue collar job with pae, you will get treated like you are inferior because you work for a living. Its not a good place to work. period. plus its for the government so it doesn't pay much. and you still get taxes TAKEN OUT because Antarctica is not another country just a different continent. plus they would reimburse me for all the medical checkup i had to do beforehand.
Prosits antartica
Conseverything else
Electrical Engineer | Saint Mary's County, MD | Sep 23, 2020
Not bad for first job
I'm trying to base this completely on the contracting company: with that don't expect much training or guidance. Previous PAE manager treated me as a number and couldn't even type out my full name on an email. They did not give me a decent enough job description of what I'd be doing on the government site but I took this position anyway due to being a nervous college student needing a job right after college.

Questions And Answers about PAE

What is the best part of working at PAE?
Asked Mar 18, 2020
Employer will keep you busy
Answered Jun 29, 2022
The manpower, the management is baf
Answered May 6, 2022
How long does the clearance investigation take?
Asked Oct 11, 2016
Current 18 to 24 months for a Top Secret clearance. There is a backlog at the moment.
Answered Dec 11, 2019
I got the job offer 6/27/19 and my clearance approved 7/29/19. Start date 8/19/19. So about 2 months to start date.
Answered Aug 4, 2019
What is a typical day like for you at PAE?
Asked Mar 18, 2020
8am - 4pm
Answered Aug 28, 2022
Working full shift
Answered Aug 8, 2022
What is the promotion process like at PAE?
Asked Jun 18, 2021
Very hard to move up in the company as they choose favorites and you really have to know people higher up.
Answered Sep 15, 2022
Answered Sep 9, 2022
How flexible are your working hours at PAE?
Asked Mar 18, 2020
The hours are set without flexibility. The morning shift is from 6:00am to 2:30pm. The evening shift is from 3:00pm to 11:30pm. There are two 15 minute breaks and one 30 minute lunch break.
Answered Nov 2, 2020
We had to work Saturday
Answered Oct 4, 2020