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Passenger Assistant | Chicago, IL | Jan 26, 2020
Great job until you find a better one
A typical day of work: Go to the office to clock in, don’t be late! By the 2 minute mark you’re late. Go to your dispatch and get a flight assignment. Usually you’ll get a passenger and you’ll push them to where ever they need to go. I’ve met some really really cool people, not celebrities but cool people in general. Complaints: I liked the job it’s the Caucasian supervisor with the bob that I didn’t like. She was s clearly prejudice or borderline racist. She would make up rules on the fly about what we could not do to our hair. For example I went through training with the owner of the company and he didn’t say a word about my hair color/ style. When I started she told me I had to change it or I couldn’t work. I mean if the OWNER said nothing she shouldn’t have either right? She even went as far as to take pictures of some of the black girls hair with beads and tell them they couldn’t wear beads. It’s not listed in the handbook that we can’t do it and the other owner with the blonde bob never complained. She told the girls with braids that they had to wear ponytails and that they couldn’t wear their hair down. If you were wearing your real hair you can wear it down no problem. Pay: O’Hare minimum wage $14/hr but Prospect pays $11/hr + “tips” (the “plus tips” comes from making tips but the tips are deducted out of your check so it’s just $11/hr once you’re off of probation the pay is $12/hr plus tips. Shift: Guaranteed 40hrs a week full time. Yes you can cho
Agent | Dallas-Fort Worth, TX | Dec 15, 2015
Discrimination, Favoritism, Unfair Policies, Incompetent Management, Underpaid, NO Benefits
Let me start by saying: Prospect Airport Services is a cesspool, an amalgumation of the worst elements in existence all rolled up into one company. Please don't risk your well being working for a sub-standard company under sub-standard conditions. The work SUCKS. Expect to feel like management has their heel on your throat. Expect to feel like you'll never rise above where you are. Expect to feel like people who are less qualified or deserving will surpass you because they're Indian/Middle Eastern/Arab and share a common cultural/linguistic/religious background/origin with Management. Expect to be lied to. A lot. Expect to be intimidated by fear tactics. Expect to be criticized about the way you do your job. Expect that the criticism will be inconsistent and expect that some people will never be criticized because of their relationship with Management. Expect everyone who isn't treated favorably by Management to equally despise Management. Expect there to be an astonishingly high employee turnover rate due to Management not placing any value in their emploees. Expect that peers and coworkers may one day quit or walk off the job due to finding a proper employer paying a living wage. Expect to feel worthless and expendable in your role. Expect to truly feel stuck in the worst possible work environment collecting a paycheck that you work way too hard for. Expect to appreciate nothing about work except the paycheck. A typical day at work consists of standing on your feet fo
ProsFavorable treatment if you can get in with the right crowd
ConsEverything else you can possibly imagine
Ticket Sales Representative | Fort Worth, TX | Sep 19, 2013
Excellent stepping stone for a career in the aviation industry.
I worked for Prospect for almost one year before finally leaving due to being overworked and underpaid/undervalued. I was hired as a Bag Drop Agent and was quickly promoted to Ticket Resolution Agent. As a Resolution agent you are the responsible party for all other workers at your station, in addition to overseeing the overall operation on the unsecured side of the terminal. Daily responsibilities consisted of checking in passengers and their baggage for departure on American Airlines operated flights, adhering to government policy and procedures for Homeland Security, ensuring all appropriate travel documents are up-to-date and accounted for international travel in compliance with Timatic. Also, as a Resolution Agent I was responsible for handling escalated customer complaints and concerns. The job itself was very satisfying, and left me with a sense of accomplishment at the end of every day. The downside was that one never knows then the "end" of their day actually is due to poor scheduling and oftentimes, lack of employees due to the high turnover rate. Management is often out of the loop as it concerns most the employees. In fact, it's rare to ever actually see a manager outside of the office. More often than not, the supervisors are actually doing the job of management with little difference in pay to the hourly employees. Even then, it's rare to see the supervisors as they have to oversee the entire operation of the terminal assigned that day. In addition, most supervi
ProsCo-workers and the multitude of new people met
ConsShort breaks, no health insurance. Also, no flight benefits.
Passenger Service Agent | Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, TX | Nov 1, 2012
Unproductive and negative environment with no room for advancement
A typical day at work consists of one routine: Clocking in by or before 6 a.m., going to the designated terminal area to perform my duties, which consists of handling passenger flight arrival inquiries, monitoring manually and recording baggage arrival time information as well as electronically recording that information in to a specific computer application. It is a very self explanatory job. I also provide very great customer service in which I came into the company with. I have learned not to allow my work ethic especially in particular to customer service to be depreciated because of the lack of value it has to others above and around me. I have learned that you do not have to accept disrespect in the workplace, but also instead of reacting eye for eye, responding in a kind but professional way eventually draws the line for any unfair activity towards you to cease. In customer service there are days when you will have to allow the customer to be right when they aren't but not just the customer, the people you work with as well. The training for management should be improved to help them understand how to handle employees in a professional and caring way. However, no management is perfect. If asked about a colleagues character I would like to have something nice to say without having to lie. Basic cordiality is a must and genuine people are the only ones that can make that happen in the work place. I have learned that when titles become power to someone, the people, cus
Attendant | Orlando International Airport, FL | Mar 11, 2022
Productive and fun but definitely not easy or for everyone.
This was a fun place to work and it kept you active but while I had fun covering for a variety of positions this job isn't for everybody. Not only being in customer service you are also expected to have great time management skills due to the lines in the airport. It's a bit of a juggling act between assignments through out the day but if you're sociable and adaptive with the sudden changes that come with working in a place like the airport you'll do just fine. I had worked there long enough to cover for 4 different positions. A PSA is the most common position as that's the one where you assist passengers either from the lobby through security to the gates or from the gates to their final destination within the airport. Then there's Gate PSA which is where you stay at the gates and assist passengers onto their flights. As a Lobby Coordinator I was the one who would call for PSAs assistance when a passenger who needed our assistance would arrive and I would call for Chair Searches when ever we would get down to 10 chairs to ensure we didn't run out. Then as a UMMR Attendant I waited at the gates and kept an eye on any unattended minor who flew in that day and escorted throughout the airport as we waited for their parents/gaurdians to arrive. So there's plenty of variety between the four positions I was given a chance to work as but there are a few other positions you can work in while at Prospect. The only thing is that each position comes with its ups and downs and
Ticket Sales Representative | Texas | Jul 1, 2013
Not a good place to work!!!!!
Not a good place to work at all!!!!! Glass ceiling, EXTREMELY high turnovers, no benefits whatsoever, they don't give raises, constant micromanagement, workers are bullied by supervisors daily, not understanding and insensitive of emergency call-in situations even if you have excellent attendance. Supervisors aren't knowledgeable of how to handle situations and leave you to deal with the situations that should be handled only by a supervisor, on your own. We are constantly standing all day, which is fine but sometimes we barely even get a 30 min lunch break. Most of the time it's almost time for the shift to end before you get it. The other two 15 min breaks definitely aren't a guarantee (we got those very rarely) because they say by law that they are only required to give a 30 min lunch break. Depending on the terminal for which you work for the day, the break rooms are in unbelievable conditions and are very gross. Most employees refuse to eat in them! Some of the break rooms don't even have a microwave. As a Ticket Resolutions Agent, you can't go on restroom or on water breaks unless another Ticket Resolutions Agent is there to relieve you which is pretty much never because they are so understaffed due to the high turnovers and the ONE breaker for ALL terminals operated by Prospect Airport Services can sometimes barely get to you before your shift ends. In some instances we didn't get a lunch or a 15 min break at all!! As I read this review over, it gives the impressio
ProsIt's a job.
ConsTo many to name!
Passenger Assistant | Charlotte, NC | Aug 30, 2022
Extremely Understaffed and Due to That, Hardworking Employees Suffer
Practically everyday employees are required to complete up to 2 hours mandatory overtime (which they were very bad about informing employees on the actual length until about midway through a shift) to make up for them being understaffed. They entice people to accept the fairly low pay of $12.50/hr for PSAs telling them that you will receive lots of tips (about $100+ a day). However, in my time as a PSA (taking as many calls as possible throughout my shift), I averaged about $50 in tips on a good day. The management at the Charlotte location in particular is terrible with little to no communication between them and employees. Most supervisors were hired off the street with little to no knowledge about the job. The dispatch office is also less than competent because they are always assigning overlapping calls and/or more than 2 passengers to an employee at a time. (Most employees can double-push wheelchair assistance passengers, but it is physically impossible to push 3+ passengers at once.) The company may have a decent amount of employees, but that is with about 30% of the employees doing 90% of the work. Although it was nice to have independence in my working day, the only thing they did to get people to work was send a message on the message board telling "ALL EMPLOYEES" that we can't just sit around and not work (with little to no actual enforcing of those rules). It was a difficult job occasionally pushing very heavy people and walking all day, but overall I have little c
ProsIndependence, good exercise, meet wide variety of people from different backgrounds
ConsTerrible work-life balance, bad communication from management, very little training, inexperienced supervisors
Customer Service Representative | Chicago, IL | Jun 13, 2019
The company's internal infrastructure needs to be dissolved Immediately. The working environment is terrible because of upper management.
I've had my share of working for company's that aren't great, because they undervalue their employees, lack compassion, practice favoritism, discrimination against ( young black employees ) and overall blatant disrespect. I would not recommend this even as a 1st job in high school. I began employment in April and Resigned in early June, for this reason alone, the company is family owned and for 50 yrs it's been owned by second generation daughters and sons who then hire their great grandsons and granddaughters now 50 yrs later we have to work for a company where there's no authoritative personnel to handle my issues of being forced to stay when i worked mornings and this was explained and documented at the start of my tenure here. I would complain to on manager they direct me to another manager and they are all in cahoots so none of my concerns or needs were examined. They simply said if you don't like it then QUIT. Is this how your company handles employees who bust their buts day in and day out. We make you look good, we're the reason you're in business and have been for years. THIS COMPANY PAYS TOO LOW TO DEAL WITH THE MANAGEMENT ! MANAGEMENT IS THE REASON I GUARANTEE 98% OF EMPLOYEES QUIT, the work is not terrible but after standing for 9 hrs it becomes tiring and they force certain people they don't favor to always work extended hours while sending the same group or their " buddies home" I was working there and at my day job trying to go back to college and this COMPANY
Wheelchair Attendant | Charlotte, NC | Oct 26, 2021
Stay Away
Do not work for this company, They will talk down on you like a Dog, I don’t know what it is, but the GM is teaching their Supervisors to disrespect their workers, I feel like there feeding them poison, feeding them w negative thoughts and talking bad about their workers, on the daily.. the company needs to do better honestly, because they keep losing workers left and right, and this makes the Airline look bad, Plus they make you do Mandatory Overtime and if you refuse to stay they take Issue, they won’t even let their workers have second jobs (will you can try having a second job) but even then they won’t care if you have a second job, let alone a home life responsibility or Family, and they wonder why we don’t have enough PSAS.. you keep firing them, just because of other priorities/Commitments.. Prospect just need to hire anyone despite having a second job, because it makes them look bad, and it makes American look bad, and I’m pretty sure American would want/encourage Prospect workers to have Second jobs, just like American workers (Gate Agents, Ramp Agents, ETC) especially during these difficult times w the ongoing pandemic and the staff shortage, they should raise the pay up big time, so they won’t have to do Mandos, and they say we gotta have our mandos there a necessity and it’s part of the job, it’s absurd because you have to think about your workers other commitments/Priorities as well Personal lives, have a heart for your workers, and start showing respect, or else
ProsBetter Regulations/Tips
Contractor | Chicago, IL | Jul 24, 2013
Fast Paced Working Environment
Once you walk into the area of assignment, you are sent to a gate where you will wait for the flight to arrive. You must put the wheelchair you take with you to gate inside of the jet bridge. Usually you are sent to the gate 10-15 minutes prior to the arrival of the flight. When the plane is approaching, you go inside the jet bridge; hold up your tablet with passengers name and wait til they come out of the plane. Once they are buckled up on the chair, you go back down to immigration and clear it with them. By this time you are going towards the carousals where you will help the passengers with their luggage. If they have a connecting flight, you take them to the next terminal to the gate from where their next flight will be leaving. If they do not have another flight, you exit them out in terminal five. When directing in Immigration, I am responsible for announcing that US citizens go into the blue ropes and visitors with visa or Esta go into the black ropes, where they will proceed to an officer to clear Immigration. Working at Prospect has its good and bad days, just like anything else. The upside is that I have great co-workers. We work together efficiently to make sure that the passengers get taken care of. I have learned to deal with a lot of different personalities and also with all kinds of different moods people may be in. The hardest part is when it is super crowded in the Immigration area, and there are a lot of angry people standing in line waiting to get p
Prosdown time
ConsShort lunch breaks, no health insurance

Questions And Answers about PROSPECT AIRPORT SERVICES

What is a typical day like for you at Prospect Airport Services?
Asked Apr 29, 2020
Answered Nov 30, 2022
Answered Nov 30, 2022
How often do you get a raise at Prospect Airport Services?
Asked May 8, 2022
After 90 Days Your Supposed To Get A Bonus That U Won’t Get And They Don’t Give Out A Raise
Answered Dec 5, 2022
Once a year
Answered Dec 4, 2022
What is the best part of working at Prospect Airport Services?
Asked Dec 8, 2019
Bad experience
Answered Jul 3, 2022
Nobody should ever work for prospect they have no management or communication
Answered Jun 29, 2022
What is the promotion process like at Prospect Airport Services?
Asked Apr 7, 2021
Promotes people that does not know the job they have lots of favortism
Answered Nov 26, 2022
They don’t have one they promote people who doesn’t know what to do
Answered Nov 23, 2022
What benefits does Prospect Airport Services offer?
Asked Aug 16, 2018
None you still have to pay
Answered Nov 28, 2022
You can move up positions.
Answered Nov 17, 2022