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Overall Reviews at Panda Restaurant Group

Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Denver, CO | Sep 11, 2019
Really demanding place
During the almost 2 years that I work over there, I had different experiences, I started as the dishwasher, and the manager didn’t give a full time schedule although I was free whenever she would need me, as the time passed, we had a change of management, the new manager didn’t wanted to be there so she take any opportunity to leave Early, and since she was training me as a cashier, she taught me how to close the front of the house, since I didn’t have somewhere to go I was scheduled over time becaus we were “understaffed” and she didn’t hired new peope . I was the opener and the closer I didn’t had social life, and she didn’t even gave me a raise for my hard work I was tired and angry, so I quite , then 3 months later I came back to the same store and a New manager she was nice and a Hardworking person, but she was just worst that the manager before she trained me and aduerme that I was goin to be lead counter , although that was the promise of my last 2 managers she taught me how to coook and how to make the inventory and the order for the week. After a time she left because she was transfer to another store because she was on training to have a promotion, and she called me to tell me that I had a request of raise and I had to accept it when I saw my raise I wasn’t happy I worked so hard, and I was really responsible about the store I even take responsibility when there wasn’t a manager or an Assistant manager and I just receive a $0.50 raise? I knew everything at the stor...more
Counter Help | Albuquerque, NM | Feb 8, 2020
Double-edged sword
While I genuinely enjoyed most of my time working for Panda Express, there were many negatives of the job I just couldn't ignore. Some of the management I had was amazing, especially the district manager. A couple of my managers were unprofessional, especially to the female employees. The way that the scheduling is set up, there are two staff for the front-of-house (FOH) and two staff for the back-of-house (BOH) and there was nobody on call. If someone had an emergency, or was sick, nine times out of ten, they would have to come in anyway because they would be leaving a single employee to handle their section alone during their shift. This is problematic because there is always a rush during each shift available, and the work load is just too heavy for any single person to manage. Advancement never worked for me, because they scheduled me as both BOH and FOH, but I was officially logged as a FOH staff member. BOH makes a bit more money than FOH because BOH work involves difficult physical labor and more acute knowledge of safety procedures and recipes. I spent a five month period doing very strenous BOH labor while never being officially promoted to a BOH staff member under the guise of "needing to watch informational videos" and was therefore severely underpaid for large amounts of work, with no hope for promotion, even though they kept dangling it in front of me to keep me from quitting. In order to climb in this company you must graduate from FOH to BOH, and th...more
ProsFree lunch, fun work, friendly staff, nice uniforms.
ConsLong and difficult hours, not flexible, no sick days, mediocre management, poor prospects in advancement.
Cook | Grandville, MI | Jul 19, 2018
A typical day at work for me consists mostly of cooking and cleaning. I come in to work, clock in, and immediately go to work on cooking to make sure our guests don't have to wait for anything. I have learned a lot while working at Panda Express. I've learned a lot about interacting with people, both guests and co-workers, and I've learned a lot about myself and what I want out of life. The values this company has and is teaching me every day are invaluable. Management at Panda Express is spotty. In the location I work in, our manager is one of the best in the region. He tirelessly and ruthlessly upholds our standards, but ensures that all of his associates are trained properly and are enjoying their job. I can think of no one better to train under in this company. The culture at Panda Express is very much family-oriented. We don't have customers, we have guests. We don't just take orders and hand out food, we serve our guests. We have all built rapport with guests that regularly come into the store; that's a large part of the Panda culture. The hardest part of this job for me is working as hard as anyone, if not harder, knowing that at the end of the pay period it won't be enough. Providing for my family is my #1 goal always, and when I've worked a 96 hour pay period and it's not quite enough? That's the hardest part of this job. The most enjoyable part of this job I think is the atmosphere. The crew I work with are good people; people who care about their job...more
Kitchen Team Member | Yakima, WA | Jun 10, 2019
I do not recommend panda Express
In my experience this was a terrible job environment, they expect you to work until you are drained out. We also didn't get our mandatory breaks it was very rare. Sometimes I would work up to 7- 12 hour shift and I would only get a 30 minute break. I lost count of all the days I never got my breaks which you're supposed to have by law..Also if you don't get along with your coworkers and management you will be miserable. There was a lot of favoritism within co-workers , I was a new hire and was made to do a lot of tasks while older employees stood around all day without helping this went on until the last day I was their. They leave you working alone more often than not ,I would greet costumers take orders and be the cashier at the same time. I was never properly trained, would be left alone in drive thru without help. I was only there to do my job and get a paycheck but with the terrible management and rude co-workers and customers I had to leave ASAP. Management was all over the place, no work life balance. The managers would be mad if you called in and would interrogate you if you needed a day off they wanted to know exactly why,saying you were sick wasn't a good enough excuse. I was treated like I was stupid regardless of always doing my best and doing more than others. This job took a big toll on my mental health, it made my anxiety worse than it already was and I dreaded going into work every day .Getting paid 1$ more than the minimum wage was not worth it at all . Only ...more
ProsFree lunch, discounts, benefits
ConsNo breaks, rude customers/staff
Cook | Fresno, CA | Aug 26, 2018
Great Starting Job
A typical day at work would be clocking in, and start cooking immediately. Stock up your vegetable's and meats. Later at night you start cleaning your cooking area such as the cooking wall, the oil machine, the cooking ring, and switch out the air filters. once your done with cleaning the cooking area, you sweep and mop the floor, throw out the trash, and then stock up all vegetables and meats for the morning person. if any of your peers need help, you go help them out, and in return they will do the same for you if you ever needed help. it's all about team work at Panda Express. I've learned a lot from working at Panda Express. I've learned how to cook, prep vegetables, make panda express sauce, time management, being proactive, learned how to work well under high stress, and provided great costumer service. Management was great. I loved my boss. My manager was like a friend, who i felt comfortable expressing myself to without being judged. The work place culture is all about costumer first. The happier the costumer the more they'll come in. So making the costumer felt welcome while enjoying great food was a must. The hardest part of the job is the Rush hour, when there are a lot of people waiting in line for food. Over time it becomes easier though. The most enjoyable part of the job is building a bond with all the workers. You become a family at work. For example, during Christmas, or Thanksgiving, we would all come together and have a pot luck and just...more
ProsFree meals, flexible hours, and great atmoshpere.
ConsCan be stressful at times.
Person In Charge (PIC) | Lubbock, TX | Jun 1, 2019
Fast Pace, Quick Learning Environment
I loved working there until we got a new manager, then a new assistant manager, then people started to quit. I used to enjoy going to work and serving customers. I would find ways to push myself to better the work environment and the store itself. My manager was supportive and enthusiastic towards all of the employees. He cared about each of us on a more personal friendly level. It made work fun being around a group of people I considered my friends. Then the new manager showed up and kicked him out. The new manager talked about changing things and re teaching everyone how to do their job correctly, but showed no action. We all knew how to preform our jobs correctly, yet she insisted on her ways being superior, but still never enlightened us on her ways. She showed obvious favoritism and treated certain employees as children, giving out punishments for silly things. She was not encouraging and she automatically brought a negative depressing environment to the store. She was not willing to train me for my promotion even when her higher boss told me I needed to train and get the promotion. I ended up training myself in the aspects I needed from other employees and my old manager. In the end a big group of us left after realizing how much we started to hate our job.
Prosfree lunch, good pay
General Manager | Atlanta, GA | Aug 15, 2018
A very stressful place to work, micro managing
No work life balance, required to work 50-55 hours a week but end up work a lot more than that, long hours. When managers were paid by salary, they want manager to work more than 55 hours a week. Since they converted to hourly rate, they controlled managers to work less than 55 hours a week but with high expectation of great operation and store condition and cleanliness, 55 hours are not enough. Very stressful place to work. The way company promotes managers to the next level is not fair. It all depends on how you talk to upper management. You need to know how to talk than how you work. It’s all about I like you or I don’t like you. There were so many people not deserved the promotions. The company culture is great concepts, however, upper management didn’t practice them and expect direct reports to follow. For example, they value respect win-win and acknowledging others, however, they pick and choose when and who to respect and acknowledge. All company has policy, this company didn’t follow their policy. They will say that this is region/zone standards. Those standards are not align with policy. Good benefit but you might not receive bonus you suppose to get because they issue new rules and take away your bonus.
ProsFree meal
ConsStressful, high expectations from upper management
Counter Help | Whittier, CA | Dec 10, 2019
My Honest Review
A full day of work is very tiring, however, it is also rewarding. For now, I am allowing people to get the food they love and getting paid for it. As a newcomer, a typical day for includes serving food, ensuring customers are satisfied while they are eating, and lots of cleaning. The best part of the job is the one free meal I get every time I come in to work, which goes pretty well with my healthy lifestyle. So far, I have learned the abbreviations of all the food, as well as how to work a register. I am looking forward to learning how to cook the foods as it sounds pretty cool and is a good life skill to have. As of now, my managers are pretty tough on me while I am still getting ahold of everything however, I know they are just trying to help me learn and do my job the best that I can. In this job, communication is important and it is nice having friendly coworkers to work things out. The toughest part of the job is the first two weeks for sure. Getting a huge wall of information shoved right at me was tough to deal with at first, but with repetition, everything became easier. I still struggle with cutting the chicken quickly, but I am sure I’ll get up to pace with time. Overall, working at Panda Express has been a great experience thus far, and if anyone is trying to get a job here, get ready to learn!
Front End Associate | Peoria, AZ | Jan 11, 2019
People who deserve and work hard dont get any recognition or respect unless they are personal favorites and pets of upper management
I don't understand how such a prideful company takes no pride in respecting their employees and is only giving to management or favorites. No matter how hard you work and how good you are at your job, the employees who are the best of friends to management will be the only ones getting anything in their favor including hours, requested days off, promotions, raises, slacking off time, less or no consequences for breaking rules or policies, and anything else that the ones who are their to work and do their job will never come close to. Human resources responds, but makes no changes or improvements. Safety and health is something Panda express does not care about and tries to keep hush about when anything unhealthy or unsafe happens or is happening. Employees get retaliation for any concern of unfairness or questions about health or safety or policies. Panda express could be so much greater and better as a whole company if they promoted the ones who deserve it and made employees feel comfortable about their work.
ProsJob, long shifts, free lunch
ConsManagement, upper managment, human resources, favoritism, unsafe, unfair, INEQUALITY
Crew Member | Alexandria, LA | Dec 11, 2018
Worst place to work
Extremely cut throat; unless you are close personal friends with the manager, you are given no hours. $11-12 an hour is great, but not if you are only getting 2-10 hours per week, and have no set schedule to get a second job. (You are required to keep an open availability.) A typical day includes showing up and working extremely hard while watching the boss's buddies lean against the counter and crack jokes at your expense. Free meals are a plus, but you have to take a 30 minute break, even if your shift is only 2 hours. Every shift, people are sent home early because labor is high. Schedule is never posted "on time", causing employees to have to call every morning to see when they work. Group Chat app is used, and is supposed to be family friendly, but is extremely unprofessional, mostly focusing on the employees sex lives and drinking habits. (The management is made aware of it, but finds it humorous and encourages more of the same behavior, as well as shunning and harassing the person to bring it to their attention.) Keep in mind that minors are allowed to work here and are exposed to this. The manager in charge of both stores is far more interested in her personal life than in her job responsibilities.
ConsHuge waste of time

Questions And Answers about Panda Restaurant Group

What is the work environment and culture like at Panda Restaurant Group?
Asked Jun 19, 2016
If they like you for sure, they'll move you up if they don't forget it no matter how hard you try you'll never advance.
Answered Feb 15, 2020
The environment was very diverse
Answered Oct 29, 2019
How are the working hours at Panda Restaurant Group?
Asked Jun 19, 2016
Depends if management likes you one week work 36 to 18.
Answered Mar 7, 2020
They are great, you get as many hours as you ask for.
Answered Jan 17, 2020
What benefits does Panda Restaurant Group offer?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
Free lunch
Answered Oct 22, 2019
Basic health care with eyes and dental
Answered Aug 3, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Panda Restaurant Group?
Asked Jan 25, 2018
Had a technical support interview. It was ok but it was just tiring and I got a deny email saying I did not right fit. Sigh.. For such a entry level job I wasn't expected this many interviews. HR Interview over the phone HR Manager Interview in Office then it was to the Technical Support Team Interview, for a temp job, couldnt get an interview with the VP. then it would get you another interview with the VP President and if you want to get a full time job, you will be interviewing with either of the CEO. So total of 4-5 interviews for a entry level job. Their culture is really important....
Answered Jan 19, 2020
Smile and be enthusiastic
Answered Nov 21, 2019
What is the interview process like?
Asked Oct 14, 2016
Fast easy and fun.
Answered Jan 3, 2020
Relaxed. If hired, it takes less than a week to start.
Answered Sep 18, 2019