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Overall Reviews at Pandora Jewelry

Manager | Chattanooga, TN | Jun 14, 2018
Enjoyable and interesting store adapting and focusing on its mission statement
As a member of management, a typical day at Pandora involves tracking and setting metric goals to drive business and reach sales goals. Depending on the shift scheduled, the role requires leading and participating in customer service, opening the store, balancing funds, recording and analyzing data, training staff, enforcing policies and procedures, managing inventory, reacting to customer concerns, troubleshooting, maintaining visual standards, and cleaning and closing the store. I've learned a lot about jewelry and its impact in the business market, personalized client shopping experiences, and cultivating knowledge for customers and staff. Workplace culture is very friendly and fun, but prioritizes professionalism at all times. The hardest part of the job is finding enough time in between job duties to learn and coach new behaviors and policies, but that is only because of a recent retooling of the standards in order to adapt to a changing market and establish a unified brand.
ProsFriendly staff, competitive pay, rewarding interactions
ConsComplicated upper management structure
Sales Manager | Naperville, IL | Jan 19, 2019
Can be slow at times, woman are fun to work with at times,
They really do try their best to accommodate to their associates but sometimes management staff is not consistent on company policy’s regarding the Jewerly and standing behind their associates. Coming into the company I had really high hopes of being promoted as I was told at my interview they only promote within, as I had management experience and over a year and six months being here, I have not been selected for a few open positions in management. The policy’s are apparently the same but no one follows them, especially if you’re favored by the district managers. You’re expected to make goals in order to make commission and this was great when I started but now it’s changed and is almost impossible to reach these even if you’re selling gold everyday and have been in sales for a long period of time. The pros are at the end of the day making connections with the customers and them turning into your regulars, getting to know them which leads to better sales overall. Your PTO gets reloaded every couple months. You meet great coworkers.
ProsFlexible hours, benefits, discounts, PTO
ConsShort breaks during holidays, management
| Trumbull, CT | Jul 16, 2019
It was OK
It was an okay experience. To be completely honest it was decent nothing too terrible at first because the staff is fine for the most part except for one older lady that’s been there for years and the manager let’s her get away with everything. And most customers that come in make interaction fairly easy. But the pay is terrible. They pay you $10.10 starting for sales associates (not too much more for the key holder managers) and for your yearly raise no matter the tens of thousands of dollars you made them throughout the year they will give you SCRAPS (no more than $0.32) for all the work and money you made for their company. It’s insulting. Now for management. Management was okay for the most part. The manager I worked with (Currently there), was accommodating for any days I needed off or if I had a schedule change. But she picked and chose which employees she reprimanded for certain behaviors. She had her favorites. And also when she starts to not like an employee she starts to fill their position before they leave in front of their face and not let them know until it’s to late and they have no other choice but to quit or get fired
Sales Specialist | Daytona Beach, FL | Jul 1, 2018
Productive and fun environment to work
Being at Pandora taught me a lot about dealing with various types of people on a more personal level. When interacting with customers, it was the associate duty to make sure that they immediately felt comfortable as soon as they entered the store, and with that, you have different ones may want to speak or may not want to speak, depending on their mood prior to entering the store, the way they view employees, or any other extra factor. It was a very personal, yet fun environment because as employees, we developed our own relationships with each other, which made work more interesting. Of course it's a jewelry store, so the most enjoyable part about it was experiencing all types of styles of jewelry and seeing the customers' reactions to all of the various ways to customize it to their liking. My manager and assistant manager was absolutely the best management duo I've ever had, and I wish that any other job/career I have, that those present supervisors/managers are as even HALF as exceptional as mhy prior.
Visual Merchandiser | Chicago, IL | Jan 29, 2019
Risky work environment
I can't speak for all Pandora Jewelry locations, but this particular franchise (Sandra Holdings) that I worked for could stand to value its employees more. The discount is good and there are plenty of incentives, but the commission structure (which has changed 4 times since my start date) has made it almost impossible to make goals. There are several good people who work for this company, but management does not hold anyone accountable for their actions, even if that means they manipulate teammates numbers or continue to come 40 minutes late for work every other shift. I have personally witnessed multiple people who do not do their job gain promotions while others who work hard get overlooked. The company does prefer to hire from within, which is a plus. I do consider this higher end retail and a good place for someone to learn useful selling techniques and gain customer service experience.
ProsSome good co-workers, high end retail
ConsShort breaks, unrealistic goals, bad insurance options
Retail Assistant Manager | Friendswood, TX | Jun 5, 2019
The people you work with are fun. Management is a different story.
The job itself is not hard as long as you know how to talk to people. The people you work with will either make your experience enjoyable or bad If you have a bad manager, you might not enjoy working here. It varies on the location, as Pandora is a franchise. For this reason it is also very difficult to file any complaints. You are either ignored or get a very disappointing response . Most of the issues i had were with pay, they would often mess up our checks with either too little hours or no specification as to why that was so.' Again, pandora is a franchise. this is my experience working with these particular owners. Management was also bad. Aside from that a typical day consist of restocking and making sure the store looks presentable to the guest. Very easy,
Prosfree food during meetings, cool guest experience.
Conslow pay, no benefits, cannot place any complaints about management, favoritism .
Sales Associate | Cabazon, CA | Apr 29, 2019
Terrible management and drama
They only give you flexible scheduling if you’re their favorite and if you’re on their good side . You can move up but people will tear you down once you get promoted You’ll only get full time hours if you’re a key holder and if your sales are where they need to be People will talk bad about you to other associates even management Try to report to Hr? Ha. They won’t even bother handing it , you’ll end up getting a write up some way. Pay is ok benefits are good But it’s a toxic environment I know of FOUR employees that left ONE store because of poor management and the employees were VERY unprofessional. Commission is only 1% IF YOU MAKE YOUR PERSONAL GOAL AND STORES MONTHLY GOAL Only thing I can say good is the owner of Ben Bridge reaches out to apologize to those employees for being mistreated
ProsFree food sometimes for Bdays or Holidays
ConsPoor management, toxic environment
Associate Designer | Springfield, VA | Mar 18, 2020
love of the product
The Store basically runs itself, little supervision is necessary as the rest of my co-workers and myself included can handle a work day without needing supervision, and we are able to make complected decisions as a group without hurting the company pocket or image. We provide outstanding customer service and make the guests always feel heard and welcomes as they invest in there jewelry collections and trust us with there products to clean and maintain for them. the hardest part of the job is finding a solution to making the guests happy as we explain warranty and issues like this with our Pandora credit card as there are many rules and fine lines that guests need to hear to understand. the best part of the job is to look at the wonderful peaces of art that is our charms and the story's a person can make with creating a Pandora bracelet.
Sales Associate | Dawsonville, GA | Oct 3, 2018
Very fast-paced and competitive environment
You really have to compete for hours and must be very serious about selling. Meaning if you aren’t really great at sales, you will not be worked. If you just want a job to get through school, like me, I don’t recommend. They only care about your sales, your numbers, and if you’re following the conversation guidelines. You are also required to push the Pandora Preferred Card and you will get in trouble if you don’t get people to sign up for one. Sometimes the hours are great and others I would go weeks without so much as one shift. On another note, the women I worked with and for were absolutely amazing! I actually hated to leave Pandora because my coworkers had become a second family.
ProsGreat discount, employee recognition, pay, corporate gives employees’ gifts
ConsRidiculous sales goals, Pandora credit card, inconsistent hours
Sales Lead | Pensacola, FL | Apr 22, 2018
Enjoyable and exciting with great incentives
Pandora was probably one of my favorite places of employment while in college. I have worked retail for several years before working with Pandora, but it was the first retail job I had involving jewelry. Not only did I obtain a lot of knowledge and skills that I can apply in other areas of employment but I gained many friendships through associates and customers. The jewelry was not like any other product I've worn. It tells a story, whatever story it is you want to tell while also making women feel confident and elegant. I mostly enjoyed listening to the reasons why customers were shopping and help pick out pieces of jewelry that represents what they were wanting to display.
ProsIncentives when reaching goals, person or store wide. Flexible work schedule
ConsNo benefits offered, constant company promotions

Questions And Answers about Pandora Jewelry

How much commission do you make off of each item?
Asked Aug 3, 2016
Zero commission on sales, as well as compensation.
Answered Jul 24, 2018
No commission
Answered Jul 3, 2018
What is the dress code like? Are you required to wear only Pandora jewelry?
Asked Oct 13, 2016
Pandora now allows you to wear black, white, gray and pink. No athletic sneakers. No denim. You may have an abstract pattern on clothing but not images like flowers etc. The three pieces of Pandora jewelry are part of the dress code but some managers may be lax about it.
Answered Feb 3, 2020
Depends on the location. Corporate offices are permitted to wear jeans, tshirts and other casual attire.
Answered Oct 8, 2019
What language is normally spoken in the store?
Asked Jan 25, 2017
Answered Apr 19, 2018
English,Portuguese And spanish.
Answered Aug 21, 2017
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Pandora Jewelry a better place to work?
Asked Mar 21, 2018
Get a General Manager who knows how to talk to people and not be such a stuck up racist. A general manager who can leave the way she was raised at home and be friend at work because that’s how you want your employees to feel so they can talk to you.
Answered Mar 13, 2020
Higher pay for the area.
Answered Feb 10, 2020
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Pandora Jewelry? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jul 10, 2016
It depends on where you work. If you ste interviewing for a job in the corporate offices (Baltimore or Columbia) be prepared for several weeks. I had 2 interview dates with multiple associates each day. Once I finished interviewing it took them a month to make an offer.
Answered Oct 8, 2019
Within one week.
Answered Jul 25, 2018