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Overall Reviews at Papa John's

Delivery Driver | Lynchburg, VA | Nov 13, 2018
Team Player Type of Work
Working at Papa Johns was an amazing experience for me. I just finished an amazing 4 month experience with a great group of workers. One of the things about working for Papa Johns is that it is very quick paced. The manager that I worked with started me on a Friday, as he does with all his new hires. He lets them see the full slam of a Friday evening as their first run through to show them what it is going to be like.. I thought this was a very interesting way to go about it. All the shift leaders, coworkers, and even the manager began to feel like a family. Everyone always helped each other. The only thing that I did not like about this job (that most people actually -might- like) was that the scheduled end of your shift was never accurate, specially on weekend nights. Many nights I would have to stay back. Sometimes up to two hours.. I would already have 40 hours scheduled, and then would have to stay back. I'm not the type of person to turn them down because I am an empathetic person. I take on the feelings and stresses of those around me, so it felt good to be able to help out, and make some extra cash. As a married woman, I found it to put a strain on my marriage in the beginning because of this reason. I left the Papa Johns franchise because I am relocating, but was told I was always welcomed back. I am hoping to apply again at the franchise where because it was a good income to help take care of bills and have personal spending money when needed.
Pros50% Discount on all meals. Any pizza made incorrectly or was voided, the crew was allowed to have, Amazing flexible hours.
ConsNo Lunches, No Breaks, Unable to clock out without manager password, Staying back extra
General Manager | Wichita, KS | Jan 12, 2019
Not terrible, not wonderful.
It’s hard to rate a company like this because each district can be run differently by a different individual, or it can be corporate. So be aware of the difference. Mine was low on the totem pole for a district of 10 stores in Midwest Kansas. It was decently ran under the first owner. He would visit the store once a week or so and be uplifting to the younger employees like me. Then he decided to sell his district to two new guys, and that was just a mess. From the time they took over until well after I left, they’re only focus was to earn money. They promoted me to GM at 18, as soon as they took over the company. Not to trash on myself, but that was a very poor decision. They then cut all of “my employees” hours and then had me be the one to deal with all the anger and frustration. I was literally thrown into all the chaos with the hopes and promises of being moved into an office job downtown if I could prove my worth as a GM. I feel like the owners had good intentions, but very poor execution of such. I left the company after a few more months because of the stress. Shortly after they shutdown my former store. They came in on a Sunday night and told everyone not to bother coming into work anymore. They nonchalantly offered the employees the option to work at one of the other stores in the district, but that fell through immediately. So nearly 12 employees to my knowledge at he time, were out of a job over night. That is very poor management.
Pros%50 off discount
ConsNo breaks, not even to eat, long ridiculous hours, refusal to give raises, poor management, lack of training
Assistant General Manager | Los Angeles, CA | Apr 23, 2019
Not a very good job
I can honestly say this is one of the worst experiences I ever had. I’ve been with the company for three years, started off as delivery driver and worked my way up to assistant manager because they were very short-handed ( always are) . The food is very expensive even for a 50% discount you’ll be paying about $12-15 for ONE pizza . They won’t hire you or consider you unless you have open availability for every weekend and holidays. When you close (as shift leader), you have to work even during your lunch break because they’ll leave you with only one driver during peak hours. If your going to work at this place, you might as well forget about your personal life because they’ll have you working a lot with little pay . I was only getting paid .25 cents more for being a shift leader with SO MUCH responsibility. In the end, I found out it wasn’t worth it and considered other opportunities from other jobs. I was only getting 28 hours a week while the general manager gets 60. And the workers sometimes said things about me and gossiped a lot . I was always depressed and sad every time I had to go back to this job. It was very stressful in dealing with mostly the manager and other drivers thought THEY knew better than you . The other shift leaders and assistants were always saying I’m doing things wrong, and to do it their way. It’s JUST PIZZA it shouldn’t be so serious .
Pros50% employee discount that’s pretty much it .
ConsShort breaks, had to work DURING my lunch break (shift leaders, assistant managers), low pay
Driver | Hampton, VA | Nov 13, 2018
Not as described
To start, the operations manager is awesom. Okay, so I was hired as a delivery driver, first day of training I go on runs with a driver and we do a “triple” which is 3 orders within 3-5mins from each other. Then two doubles after. Fast forward the next day I’m out on my own. I’m told to take a double, then I come back I take another double and the manager on clock says “you aren’t allowed to take doubles”. Mind you she just sent me on one. 2 days after this same manager sends me on a triple, apparently you only “break the rules” if they tell you too. So one night I was on a 4-11pm shift, 9pm hits and I’m told to do dishes because orders are slow. Then order comes in I run a double and come back continue cleaning. it’s around 10:30 now, I’m next to take order, I come back and I’m told I’m not allowed “as a delivery driver” to take orders past 9pm on a 11pm shift Because I have to do dishes from 9-11. When challenged why as a delivery driver I’m not allowed to take orders and why I’m forced to do dishes she stated “it’s your side task”. There is no paper that is signed that says this. So now it’s 11pm “end of my shift” I asked to be clocked out and receive my tips for the night. I was then told if I leave before dishes are done that’s her assuming I “quit”. Apparently I wasn’t allowed to clock out until ALL the dishes were completed which would have easily taken another hour or more. Moral of the store if they need a dish washer, you’re “IT” at $7.25 and hour instead of taking ...more
ProsFree food, community tips great
ConsSome managers shouldn’t be managers.
Delivery Driver | Lake Mary, FL | Jan 20, 2020
It's a delivery job, details are not needed.
Not a lot of details are needed to describe this job. It's not hard, just have a valid driver's license. Can be overwhelming at times during busy hours as long as you know the area. No drug test is needed upon hiring. The pay is meh. Your base hourly hovers around minimum wage, and below that when on delivery. Tips are what you need if you're looking to make any decent money. Tips do vary, and the longer your shift, the better chances your tips will be. You could easily make $100 in tips on an 8 hour shift Unfortunately, many drivers usually get 4 hour shifts, don't expect a lot. To work full-time, go into management or be the opening or closing day driver. There isn't any other way. Management at this location is a joke. They are careless when it comes to the job itself and the drivers. The scheduling is never consistent and asking for a day off in advance can be challenging. Sometimes, you'll find management smoking in the back or at the tanning salon next door during their work hours. Overall, this isn't the worst gig. Unless you want to become a franchisee, there's no career path. This is usually reserved for high school/college students. However, if you need to make a few quick bucks and get some free pizza, this is for you.
ProsFree pizza
ConsNo breaks, low pay, no benefits, terrible management
Shift Leader | Lexington-Fayette, KY | May 15, 2019
fast passed work environment, and met interesting people, both customers and fellow employees
A typical work day included, setting up the store for business, including counting the store cash of a morning, checking expiration dates on all products, preparing the ingrediants, preparing for any large orders for the day. Afterwards, making any and all products our customers desired, help helping the next shift prepare for their rush, and staying to help, if there was an insufficient number of people to help. I learned to remain calm under stress, and to work as part of team. The management team, ranged from adequate to exemplary, but most did their job, and did it well. As for the others that worked there, some were excelent, and others were lacking, depending on personality and experence, but most are able to adapt to the work environment, and become an effictive team member. the hardest part of the job, was learning to remain calm under stress, it was a worthwhile skill to learn, and I am very grateful that I did. The most enjoyable part of the job was learning new skills, and work with people of all types, I am very greatful to have learned and adapted from my time there, and hope to continue learning, and growing as I advance my career in other avenues.
Prosdiscounts on food
Consminimal time off
Shift Leader | Council Bluffs, IA | Apr 6, 2019
Its a Huge Mess.
If your just starting at your local papa johns, its really not the best job in the world. I've worked at 3 different locations. 1 really busy, 2 slow but steady. As an employee the job can really suck if its your only job. Drivers work mainly for tips and have to drive their own vehicles, in all sorts of weather. So easy wear and tear on your vehicle so you need to keep it maintained. Even with all that, its the best pay you'll probably get unless your the general manager. Non-management workers get paid little and are mainly part time. There is training but promotions are very rare unless you transfer stores. Raises come only with promotions. Got to keep those costs down. The hours aren't friendly unless its a known side job. You either work all the time including getting called in constantly or get put in only where they can use you. The turnover is usually high and the schedule is highly erratic week to week. You can ask for days of for any day but holidays usually though... which adds on to that highly erratic work week. There's usually no system in place to make sure people stay working.
ProsDecent pocket money as driver, good side job, discounts on food
ConsNo exact break times, crazy work schedules, low pay for stress involved
Training Manager | Orlando, FL | Mar 7, 2019
Papa John's
As a general manager, the ability to multitask is required. I had to do anything from prepping food, working in production, training new employees, interviewing applicants, review and balance payroll weekly, review profit and loss statements monthly. I learned about running a business, patience, and leadership skills and qualities. I always strive to create a fun working environment for my employees. It can be stressful at times, but at the end of the day, when the rush is over, everyone high fives and we discuss where we did well and where we could improve. The hardest part of the job for me is a work/life balance. In our company, when you are a general manager, you are expected to treat the business as if you own it. That means you are on call for anything 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Family time is very important to me and I have struggled to be able to have that working every night until my kids are asleep. The most enjoyable part of the job is knowing you created a product with a team that your customers will enjoy. Compliments about our service and food is always a great feeling. The owners of the franchise also treat our employees exceptionally well. They are amazing people and create a great environment for all.
Shift Manager | Northville, MI | Aug 21, 2019
Not worth the stress for the low pay
Training should have taken 2 weeks but took over 2 months and it was never completed despite constant reminders (you need a manager to sign off on training stages to proceed) which makes it strangely convenient that you make minimum wage until you finish training... (if you stick around that long) and when you do finish you get the honor of making $10/hr. No raises from there on out. Ownership will fight tooth and nail to avoid giving raises or spending money in general. There is no map of the current delivery area at the store because a map "costs too much". Unwilling to hire enough workers to staff the restaurant during peak hours requiring you to be at 4 places at once with no help (watching oven, handling phones, topping pizzas and interacting with customers at the same time). If you ask for help you will be ignored and blamed for issues despite lack of training and manpower. You will be contacted on days you're not scheduled with complaints. Drivers are all experienced and work hard making this job at least bareable. Owner likes to call into the restaurant at peak business hours posing as a customer.
ProsDiscounts on some items
ConsHours, Pay, Complete lack of training, Condescending work environment
Delivery Driver | Madison, IN | Apr 26, 2019
Papa John's will do as much as possible to make sure you do not get a raise.
I've worked at this place for 2 years. The place I work at is in my hometown but I go to college in Indianapolis which is 2 hours away. So I would mostly work during breaks especially summertime. I would work approximately 40-50 hours a week and I learned how to do everything from the front, to the makeline, to the oven, to delivery, and also product management. I did not receive a single raise while working at Papa John’s and I’m glad that I had the “break” of going to college. I’d recommend if you want to work at Papa’s make sure you are ready to fill out multiple surveys that anyone could take and pass in order to get a raise. The issue with me is I took all the surveys to get raises but I was never able to be graded by my managers. Do not sign up to this job if you are bad with stress or you cannot deal with rude customers who do not tip. Also, be ready for some good days where you can make $100 in tips and another day where you make $15. It is completely dependent on luck and what deliveries you get. So be ready for the other drivers to try and steal some runs to try and make more money. I know I had to.
ProsGood people to work with
ConsBenefits, raises, stress, anxiety, poor work environment.

Questions And Answers about Papa John's

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Papa John's? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jul 3, 2016
Usually within 24 to 48 hours, background check required
Answered Jan 8, 2020
I walked in and asked if they were hiring. They said yes & asked me to come to the back for an interview.
Answered Jan 4, 2019
How did you get your first interview at Papa John's?
Asked Jun 17, 2016
I applied in person and was hired immediately
Answered Jan 3, 2019
In Lakeland Fl I filled out application online at and was contacted quickly. A lot of good information listed on
Answered Dec 19, 2018
What are the shift hours?
Asked Oct 10, 2016
10 am to 7 pm day shift for drivers closing driver 3 pm to 12:30 am
Answered Jan 3, 2019
4 to 10 but I come in several times and I worked too close clean the store up with my family for the inspections and didn't even get a thank you
Answered Dec 27, 2018
What benefits does Papa John's offer?
Asked Jul 5, 2016
Full time is offered partial health care and 401 k
Answered Jan 3, 2019
Health Insurance if you're a full time driver.
Answered Aug 11, 2018
When is payday at Papa Johns?
Asked Aug 10, 2016
In Kansas it is every Friday.
Answered Jan 4, 2019
Lakeland Fl gets paid weekly. Very cool, direct deposit too.
Answered Dec 19, 2018