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Overall Reviews at PetSmart

Pet Sitter | Laurel, MD | Nov 13, 2019
Great company
I've worked for PetSmart over 6 years and would definitely recommend them. I love what I do, I love my team, and I love the company. There's a feeling of family, and the fact that everyone you work with loves animals makes it even better. We are all doing what we love. Great environment, great opportunities to grow with the company, benefits, very good company.
Receiver | North Myrtle Beach, SC | Feb 5, 2020
Awful place to work
The Store Leader was horrible to work under. People constantly called out and weren’t held accountable, the lack of communication between managers was atrocious.
Pet Bather | Pewaukee, WI | Jul 6, 2019
I love Petsmart!!
Sometimes I get mad at my managers or coworkers but in the end it is a great company to work for. Management is friendly and pay is good. Working in the salon is stressful but you have the opportunity to earn tips for the dogs that you groom or bathe.
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Atlanta, GA | Jul 3, 2018
At first I loved it...
I really liked working here- at first. Coworkers are awesome, the customers were okay, and the first manager that hired me was very nice and team oriented. But when the managers changed everything started to change and it became a lot more disorganized. It was difficult when things would be marked as little as a dollar with no notification to the cashiers and no identifying marks to separate them from normal priced items in stock. And when trying to confirm price changed being met with rude and condescending remarks or attitudes. It was also very frustrating that the regional supervisor (as we were told) limited the number of total hours worked for one store so we were always understaffed with only two people in the store during some of our busiest hours.
Attendant | San Antonio, TX | Oct 28, 2019
If you LOVE animals.
The petshotel in petsmart is a fun place to work because their Is always dogs around. But it can also be stressful when you get a high volume of pets.
Pet Sitter | Chesapeake, VA | Feb 17, 2019
Was fun as associate. Higher management get away with anything
Loved working there until I realized how much higher management abuse their power. Scheduling is done by ASL, which they completely can abuse to be in their favor with no supervision.
ProsBenefits, decent pay if management
ConsShort breaks, poorly supervised management
Customer Service Representative | Moreno Valley, CA | Aug 7, 2018
Typical Retail Job
This job is a typical retail job, working as a petcare associate, you must learn extensive knowledge of all pets and products. The management often contradicts themselves and expects far too much from associates while not doing much, themselves, or lying about new work policies to make their own lives easier. The scheduling is frustrating due to the fact that there are constant errors and the hours are unpredictable; one week you may get 30 and another you may get 15. It definitely doesn't provide a stable or steady weekly pay rate and doesn't take into account your requested amount of hours per week. Budget cuts and new work policies do not fall hand in hand, leaving the associates to scramble to find a proper work routine, which isn't made any easier by the fact that everyday is a skeleton crew. You must expect the worst each day because of all this PLUS the fact that the customers are absolutely atrocious.
ProsFlexible work hours, animals
ConsLow pay, mediocre management, customers
Lead Supervisor | Daly City, CA | Jun 1, 2018
Retail normal
Typical retail work environment nothing more nothing less. Clear communication depending on management and personal feelings get confused with professionalism
Customer Service Representative | Fort Wayne, IN | Mar 4, 2020
Understaffed and Manipulative Store Manager
This would have been a better workplace if there was better staffing, management, and store leadership. Unrealistic workload, not properly trained, bribed for full-time positions, underpaid.
ProsMet some cool people
Conseverything else
Customer Service Representative | McCalla, AL | Jul 12, 2019
Good First Job
I was right out of college and looking for a job when one of my friends told me to apply there. At the time management was poor but I do know that as of today it has improved greatly.

Questions And Answers about PetSmart

Why did you leave your job at PetSmart?
Asked Mar 16, 2017
I left because after being a FT manager for 1 1/2 years, and meeting all requirements, being acknowledged for doing a great job, a long time employee threatened to leave after a promised promotion was taken back. She was then promoted to manager and began to get all of my management hours. At that point, with no more management hours to budget, I started being assigned to the cashier role--all of the time. This company plays favorites. The long timers of Pet Care have all of the power. Management doesn't know anything about how to run the department, which is critical, so they favor PC employees. There is a clique that barely works. They sit/stand together talking for hours each shift and never get the day's tasks done which means that others have to pick up the slack. Other managers are worn down by unbelievable work loads, then written up for not completing their tasks. Skeleton crews are scheduled so there is never help for the tasks at hand. People are not given their breaks. At the COVID-19, the employees were not given hand sanitizer. Management was asked to write off 2 small bottles of stock for the cashier's, but replied that they were for customers, not employees. Management lies about the hours you'll get, the pay, the fun and low stress. No fun and the most stressful job I have ever had. PetCare is nothing but cleaning and torturing small animals. 8-1 clean all (filthy) habitats. 1-5 clean 8 fish tanks. 5-9 feed, water and medicate (force feed) all small animals, and good luck getting it all done in between customer service. Be prepared to be bitten--a lot... Birds, hamsters, cavies, snakes... Be prepared to contact ringworm. I caught it twice. Be prepared to be attacked by frightened, feral cats in the cat adoption center when you have to take them out of their cages for potential adopters. I learned a lot there, but wouldn't recommend it as an place to work for anyone.
Answered Mar 29, 2020
I left because I was sick and tired of working with a skeleton crew. People were calling out and going home early on a weekly basis, and with very little consequence. The loyal employees who always showed up were getting rewarded by having to work twice as hard to compensate for the people who did not bother to come in. The last straw was when I found out they were paying new hires more than they were paying me after 3 years. Frustrating and unfair.
Answered Mar 11, 2020
Does petsmart hire convicted felons
Asked Feb 22, 2016
I was hired in NJ PetSmart than let go after they received my background check I only have misdemeanors
Answered Oct 25, 2019
I work with two people that were convicted of murder as juveniles
Answered Aug 9, 2019
Does Petsmart drug test?
Asked May 2, 2016
No, unless they're suspicious they won't do it
Answered Jan 28, 2020
I'm getting help finding a job by my local health services thing...yeah....and the woman talked to the local petsmart manager and was told no drug tests. I needed her to find out for sure because I openly partake. I will pursue the job, there are three petsmarts hiring in my city, and will let you know how it goes. Sure would beat fast food.
Answered Jan 22, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at PetSmart?
Asked Jun 25, 2018
Run. Don't walk. Run.
Answered Mar 29, 2020
Has to love animals. Show you’re dedicated to putting in work.
Answered Mar 5, 2020
How old must you be
Asked Feb 17, 2016
18 years old.
Answered Nov 6, 2019
18 Years old because of being around animals & potential poisonous animals depending on the store.
Answered Aug 7, 2019