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Overall Reviews at Petco

Cashier/Sales | Upper Darby, PA | Jul 15, 2018
Thoroughly Enjoyed the work life
I worked at Petco that opened in Upper Darby. The management was wonderful and worked with my inconsistent college schedule. Floor leads and managers were friendly and supportive. The team had wonderful collaboration and cared about the pets more than the profits. Very enjoyable place to work.
Customer Service Representative | Grand Junction, CO | Jun 7, 2018
I can see myself working here again
But managers should have high school diplomas so that people don't have to wonder why they advanced in the job area faster then the people with a Diploma. Leaves room for discrmination if you ask me.
ProsGetting to learn alot about pets, and do donation drives.
ConsThe management was hard on you for personal reasons not related to you.
Order Picker | Garland, TX | May 30, 2018
Overworked, underpaid
Warehouse is unorganized, overworked for low pay. New workers weekly, every week new people coming in then leaving days later. Constantly moving you to different areas in the warehouse
Receiver | Braselton, GA | May 26, 2019
Good people Bad Management
If they were more honest and told less lies it would be a great place to work. Management will promise you things that never happened. Great people that work there and work hard but it starts at the top and there failing horribly.
ProsGood people work there
ConsBad Management
Department Manager | Auburn, MA | Feb 18, 2019
I was asked to do many illegal things. focus on bringing the company into standard. too many managers are allowed to practice wage teft and petco has historic troubles with lawsuits.
Assistant Store Manager | San Ramon, CA | Aug 22, 2019
Horrible management-San Ramon, CA
I was super excited to land a position with Petco because I was able to work with animals. However, the whole experience was destroyed by the manger. I've never seen someone abuse their power of authority like this before. I had never cried so much at work before and HATED coming into work.
Companion Animal Leader at Petco Animal Supplies | San Diego County, CA | Jan 25, 2019
Better for employees than competition
Petco is the best pet store to work for. Their pay is higher and there demands of their employees are more realistic. Animals are well cared for as pet stores go. Leadership is kind and fair. As far as entry level, no education jobs go Petco is one of the better choices
Loss Prevention Manager | San Antonio, TX | Nov 13, 2018
Great Place to grow your career
This is a great place to work, you can bring your dog to your cubicle. Overall everyone is pretty nice and the the work is very straightforward and repetitive.
ProsDiscounts at Petco
Merchandise Manager | Denver, CO | Sep 26, 2018
Corporate ignores individual stores, but the people in each store are wonderful to work with.
The co-workers are wonderful, and dealing with some of the customers can be really positive. Most jobs aren't overly stressful, but corporate limits payroll too much and gives unreasonable demands for work vs time needed for completion.
ProsGood co-workers, get to be around animals.
ConsCorporate limits success of individual stores.
Accounts Payable Clerk | San Antonio, TX | Apr 4, 2018
Good company
Good company. Good people. Nice environment. I love that I can bring my dogs to work. Good management. Nice dog park. Clean atmosphere. Plenty of parking.

Questions And Answers about Petco

How much do you get payed?
Asked Apr 25, 2016
5-7 dogs a day I average $22.50 not counting tips. Average bi weekly before deductions $1850+
Answered Feb 25, 2020
In Illinois, I started off at $9.75 as a Guest Experience Entry and went up to $10.25 after I finished training and became a Guest Experience Specialist.
Answered Feb 18, 2020
How are the working hours at Petco?
Asked Jun 18, 2016
The store always seems to be over hours, so many hour cuts happen. I do not work the full time hours, but I am a full time worker.
Answered Oct 21, 2019
Depends on the position, store size and how busy they get, really. As a cashier I had a lot of hours. But people in stock had significantly less than me. I averaged 35-40 hrs a week when some people in stock averaged 26 hrs a week.
Answered Jun 7, 2019
What is the interview process like at Petco?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Really easy. Show up on time. Talk to a couple managers. Be laid back. Be willing to get your hands dirty.
Answered Mar 29, 2020
Pretty quick and straightforward!
Answered Feb 13, 2020
What is the most stressful part about working at Petco?
Asked Oct 24, 2016
Not only is the lack of staff and hours bad, but some of the management is kind of corrupt. There are many nights of just two workers running around. There are two kinds of workers at petco. The first kind are the hard workers. These people are usually the ones seen running around all day trying to do everyone’s job so that the store doesn’t sink. They almost always do not get paid to do half of the things they are doing. This kind of employee is usually under appreciated as well. The second people are the ones who do not do their job properly, and in some cases at all. They seem to always slip through the cracks when it comes to keeping the store staffed with good people. They can be seen standing around or are hiding somewhere to avoid working. This kind of employee often seems to have a personal relationship of some kind with the store leader/management.
Answered Oct 21, 2019
Low pay. Low hours. High expectations but no accountability. Some people work their rear ends off and get paid less, while others barely do the minimum to get by and get paid more. Schedule is erratic, management can be catty and irresponsible. If you loved the drama of high school you'll like it here.
Answered Jul 12, 2019
What would you suggest Petco management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 17, 2017
As a former SEL/GEL I agree that GMs need to actually work more and not sit in offices. Need to do hourly walks, help train said management, not just expect someone new to run a store so you can go on week long vacations, stop using PTO to cover hours and leave stores even kore short staffed, get planograms caught up and just me a manager. Too much in house drama from other team players and not enough actual managing
Answered Mar 4, 2020
Be more supportive of partners. Actually step out of the office and help, instead of listening to the 3rd call for crickets. Stop leaving only 1 person running the floor. Do your hourly walks. Stop hiring all your family and friends to get the bonuses for referring them. Appreciate all partners, dont just talk constructive criticism. Learn how to do your job professionally and productive.
Answered Sep 17, 2019