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Overall Reviews at Pizza Hut

Manager | Jacksonville, NC | May 31, 2019
This company is exactly what is wrong with America
I am a manager at pizza hut (SDS) and this is by far the worst company I have ever worked for. The quality of the food is dirt poor and they promote it like it's a 5 star meal. The cleanliness of their shops is horrible and I mean horrible. Their traditional chicken wings are pumped full of steroids and are cooked in the filthiest fryer oil I have ever seen in a restaurant. The area coaches are a joke and do not help you out with any of your problems. They force you to keep garbage employees until they quit on their own (I'm guessing to keep from having to pay unemployment from terminating them) and the utensils you have on hand are all probably a good 10 years old or more. The equipment is in horrible shape and the product temps suffer because of it. By all means if you want a horrible job with horrible pay and horrible work conditions then by all means fill out that application and go enjoy. If the AC breaks the area coach will put off getting it fixed and when the area coach finally shows up to your store and you ask them about it they blame the RGM saying they weren't informed of it. When that happens you have a good 2 weeks of more excuses until they finally get the ball rolling on that. Good forr them because they just cut their electric bill by about $200 bucks and you just had to work a whole month in that fun summer heat beside 2 450° blower ovens and 2 fryers. Oh and if you also enjoy getting paid peanuts and the area coach only giving you enough labor to run a ske...more
ProsFree uniforms and all the sweet tea you can drink
ConsEverything about pizza hut
Lead Cashier | Enumclaw, WA | Aug 22, 2019
A great first time job or in need of extra cash.
I’ve worked here for a little under 3 years and had had 3 different bosses within that time. I started in high school and honestly it was a fantastic first job for me. I used to be very shy and quiet, so this job definitely broke me out of my shell. However, now that I’m older, I’ve been here longer, I know how this place runs and I’ve moved up to managing as well as being a driver, cook and server, I can tell you this.. -the hours are horrible if you really need money. They recently cut hours so no employee works over 20 hours a week. -corporate is a joke and expects things that are seriously impossible. They also don’t listen to the suggestions from people who actually work in the store. It’s always their way, or no way. -half of the employees are lazy and the store manager refuses to fire anyone, even after multiple, and I mean MULTIPLE customer complaints against these employees. -even only working 20 hours a week, you’ll still get scheduled 5 days a week. -if it’s slow when you arrive to work, you have to wait until it gets busy to clock on. I’ve waited 2.5 hours before.. and trust me, I understand the labor and why it’s important to watch it and make sure the labor isn’t negative, but sitting at your work for an hour almost every shift, not being able to go home, just waiting to clock on, is insane. This place isn’t horrible. Like I said, it’s great for a first time job. Or even as a second job if they’ll actually agree to give you a set schedule. You’ll get n...more
ProsEasy job, discounts, great coworkers
ConsCorporate and some managers, hours, scheduling
Team Member | King, NC | Oct 28, 2019
Indifferent to employee feelings and needs, store manager biggest problem
Pizza hut (especially upper management) does not care to make employees feel welcome or needed, nor do they allow the flexibility they claim. People are constantly hired under the pretense that after a short probationary period (60-90 day depending on the person) they will be given more hours and a raise in pay. The period will come and pass and nothing will change. If the store manager is approached they will laugh in the employees face and claim they never made such a deal, and on one occasion someone was belittled and subsequently terminated for standing their ground politely and asserting that they had indeed been extended such an offer. Any request at all for a day off, even if it isn't medically related, is met with the demand for a doctor's note to be able to return to work. Employees are often forced to do other jobs around the store that are not of their job description or pay grade (an example being a server making $2.13 an hour being forced to run the cut table, a job whose pay starts at the minimum wage of $7.25/hour and other entry level employees being made to do management work). Workers will also often be ask to clock out then return to their duties for no pay, and refusal is met with threat of termination. Store manager has been known to leave while still clocked in and be gone for several hours for non-job related and non-emergency purposes (sometimes giving no explanation at all or denying they had ever left)
ProsFree water and tea to drink, most of the staff are pretty friendly
ConsBelittlement by store manager, low wages, no benefits, low worker morale, poor worker treatment, constant loss of hours, store manager is always paranoid that someone is talking about them, store manager will harass/berate or threaten to cut ones hours for no given reason, belittle the management under them and talk about them behind their backs, employee discount is only 20% and only if on the clock not on break
Delivery Driver | Lynchburg, VA | Jun 25, 2019
Very stressful and not worth your time.
The management is always rude with customers, talking loudly and inappropriately in front of them, which is very unprofessional. They belittle and overly criticize newer employees for not knowing how to perform certain task, despite not being taught how to. They paid 5 dollars an hour on the road, which is not sufficient enough. One employee knocks into people's cars constantly and takes forever to return from a delivery, and another employee picks and chooses what deliveries to take, based on whether there's an online tip, and management never addresses it, causing them to lose money. One shift supervisor brags about HR never reprimanded. Many employees brag about doing drugs, and sometimes by the dumpsters, I can smell marijuana. The dining area is dirty due to the waitresses talking too much. Another shift supervisor stands around and talks on the phone all day, and takes forever to get you clocked in, and will blame you for being late. Both shift supervisors will bully you into quitting. The general manager just excuses it as it "being who they are." The floors are filthy, especially in the dining area, and no one bothers to clean it until they close. No one washes their hands, and the restroom trash cans will be overflowing with paper towels. The supervisors will take forever to clock you out, because they're busy talking to people outside, and on the phone. Whenever a customer calls to complain about a wrong order, or damaged food, the employees dismiss it as the custo...more
ProsDiscounted food, job has potential to be fun and rewarding
ConsPay is inadequate, rude and apathetic employees/environment, dirty floors, small driver area, inadequate training, lack of customer service, employees attitude towards customers is embarrassing
Delivery Driver | Houston, TX | Feb 6, 2020
Near Dairy Ashford @ Westheimer Location
GM made EVERYONE stay on the first day of flooding during Hurricane Harvey, it being nighttime and manager would not let anyone leave before it started flooding because they believed it would not flood. Then it did. After my car was flooded and did not receive compensation. GM and only other manager (his girlfriend) with matching brand new Camaroes took the liberty of taking their cars home as soon as clouds started showing up.Meanwhole employees threated with being fired if they decide to leave of fake claims of severe hurricane floods. Little did anyone know but the long time GM,the entire area is a lake with the slightest rain,it's a most definite flood zone even with small rain. Anyone would tell you but if you aren't from the area how would you know? But I did get fired. Rather I had to work a second job after to pay for repairs,which lead the GM to fire me because he did not agree with the idea of pizza hut driver working for another company as well,so he fired me.It conflicted the GM that my schedule was not open 24/7 for his standard 10-15 hours week 3 hours day schedule plan. unbelievable. No compassion and greedy GM. During the rain literally raining inside the store leaks everywhere and it's flooding inside the store but no,we still had to cook the pizzas and fry the chicken, while it was a river outside. Would not let anyone leave before it had been announced urgently to have people stay in their homes,he said if you don't come in your fired so everyone came in a...more
Consno hours, minimum wage, no free food, everything is filthy, not many deliveries or tips
Delivery Driver | Lafayette, LA | May 25, 2018
A hard-working team of fun loving employees.
Working a pizza hut was only stressful because of driving to the hood. I enjoyed working alongside most of my co-workers and management was VERY helpful to their employees. A typical day at work for me included taking orders physically, over the phone, food prep., store opening, and of course delivery driving. When I worked weekdays, I would help the GM open. During the day there was usually only one driver and the GM or another manager. This was a result of "labor" being gauged in relation to hourly revenue. Regardless of how hard it was to run a store with two people corporate deemed this of great importance. Many a day I'd come home completely exhausted. A closing shift also came with its difficulties: an employee who closed was responsible for store clean-up, delivering pizzas late into the night, and a massive pile of dishes that was left by the previous workers who were not required to close. I did happen to learn or increased my customer service skills. The Pizza Hut I worked at mainly delivered to the north side hood of Lafayette, La. As a result, many a time I have had to handle problems caused by not only the customers but also problems caused by having such a small work-force during the days. Besides the inherent problems that arise from such a small operation and area of business, my workplace culture could be described as supportive. We were a team. The hardest part of my job was the multiple responsibilities I came to have as a result of my higher than average ...more
ProsLaid-back atmosphere, relatively reliable management
ConsBad tips, bad customers, bad hours, bad work load.
Restaurant Manager | Warwick, RI | Mar 6, 2020
RGM working for $1 over minimum wage
Came into the company with ideas of learning everything top to bottom in order to own a franchise myself. Left understanding why they are failing as a brand. They hired me as an assistant GM and I found out a few months in after becoming frustrated as only being trained as a cashier and speaking with upper management that the position doesn’t exist, only in larger multi million dollar establishments in bigger markets such as Texas or West Virginia. I eventually worked my way as shift learner and was given my own store. The only catch was it was in the next state, a round trip of 102 miles. I was told I would get a 40k salary to run the store. It was a few weeks later I began questioning why I haven’t received my salary and was told I needed to stop helping my old store part time so I did. Then I was told a week later on payday that I had learning zone training videos to complete. So I spent 12 hours unpaid at home on my day off doing them. Then the following payday I was told I needed to meet and be approved by the regional manager. I knew the 3 day window he’s be around and just so happens he came on my only day off and my boss didn’t feel the need to inform me and said I have to wait on the promotion but was still responsible for the work the job entailed. Ordering, cleaning, staffing and training for an entire restaurant for only $14 and hour, $1 over minimum wage. Completely insane and poor upper management hitting atore managers to be responsible for an entire restaurant...more
Line Cook/Prep Cook | Dripping Springs, TX | Mar 24, 2019
Painfully busy sometimes, but usually relatively quiet and simple.
Typically, the morning and lunch shifts are occupied only by a driver and two managers. I usually worked evening shifts, primarily putting together pizzas on the line but occasionally taking calls or manning the register. Usually the morning hours are quite slow, while dinnertime is much more busy, but there are occasionally nights which hardly have a dinner rush at all. Because of this variability, it's hard for the managers to accurately predict business on many nights, meaning the days we were either over- or understaffed were relatively frequent. Perhaps once every two to three weeks would be a particularly stressful night with not enough people to effectively put out orders on time, but the rest of the time it was manageable without too much stress. Working the line with a partner is great for learning to share space and work as a team, and teaching new hires similarly helped in development of teaching skills. Of course, making certain mistakes, at least consistently, was very much looked down upon (often for very good reason), and would generally lead to a passive-aggressive reduction of hours. Unspoken punishments like this, alongside the pressure to perform as normal on those occasional understaffed days, were the worst parts of the job. The best was probably when customers would appear particularly grateful for food I'd ensured was properly made.
ProsSmall daily stipend for food/drink, occasionally free pizza when a customer wouldn't show up
ConsStanding work, occasionally stressful long shifts without meaningful breaks
Shift Manager | Lake Havasu City, AZ | Sep 11, 2019
The head management of the establishment is very poor.
.They have refused to allow employees to use available sick pay .Reprimanded employees who used sick pay due to family emergency .After promotion did not alter pay rate until employee asked multiple times .Changed clock in and out times shorting employee hours without communicating with employee .Management would not relieve shift lead on duty who was throwing up in office .Would not enter sick pay, taking weeks for employee to receive owed payment .Told employee they would be fired if they did not show up, they had pneumonia .Training video clearly states when closing, 2 employees must remain in building until closing duties are completed and leave at the same time but on several occasions employees were left alone .Conflicting management statements, head manager stated overtime was approved for some employees but next manager in charge would say no overtime was acceptable and that the head manager said no one was allowed overtime, then that manager would go into overtime every single week .Management on multiple accounts would throw away time request off sheets and schedule employees on days that were requested off due to Dr. appointments .Multiple safety hazards that were not attended to immediately .Management would constantly put employees on the schedule while they were supposed to be in class even though management had all school schedules printed in office
Pros$5 off as employee discount
ConsNearly impossible to take break, severely lacking communication, GM not trained on laws of sick pay, purposely understaffed
Manager | Blackfoot, ID | Jun 13, 2018
Provides team with the resources needed to attain result
A typical day at work. I would arrive to the store before opening and set up my registers and count the safe.Then I would put the dough in the proofer,turn on the ovens,set up the dining room and start my food safety checklist.Around that time my driver and my cook would show up,and on occasion a server besides myself.I would then delegate tasks to them to start out the morning and open the store.I would then bounce between being up front as cashier to being in the dining room taking orders.I would also constantly be checking with my crew and making sure they are doing their jobs without complications.If they have any issues I work through them with my crew and if needed I would help them complete their task to keep everything running in a timely fashion. What I learned I learned great management skills.Team building exercises.How to help customers in the best way possible.I also learned how to maintain a good work pace for a busy work day the hardest part of my jo I would have to say the hardest part was when I was short on a crew.When someone would not show up for their shift and I could't find a cover for their shift the whole day would be twice as hectic and we would end up playing a game of catch up to meet the end of day standards The best part about my job I would have to say the best part was the customers and my coworkers.I loved our customers they were for the most part friendly and enjoyable and I loved being a waitress/manager and helping them.My c...more

Questions And Answers about Pizza Hut

If you were in charge, what would you do to make Pizza Hut a better place to work?
Asked Feb 28, 2017
I don't know honestly. It's pretty great already.
Answered Mar 28, 2020
Raise pay to $10
Answered Mar 26, 2020
Why did you leave your job at Pizza Hut?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
I loved working there, it was a lot of fun most of the time. But it was Horrible pay and very little hours. If they paid more with more hours I would gladly still work there.
Answered Mar 26, 2020
Horrible pay and not enough hours. i may have worked 1 or 2 days a week, and i was lucky if they let me close. usually it was short shift.
Answered Feb 8, 2020
What would you suggest Pizza Hut management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Hire those who really want and need the job there applying for.
Answered Mar 24, 2020
Pay more! And make the employees feel appreciated other then just by your awesome coworkers and awesome uppermanagment I think corporate should be the ones who should try to live off our pay and deal with the ins and outside of the job and still actually loving the job but only due to the customers,coworkers, -gen. Manager (who's a hero in almost if not all of the employees eyes) as well as the area manager and the customers 2 things are the biggest problem pay and call centers oh and dont forget not having the ability to sell beer and and the 5$ and 6$ prices...ect. individual stores should be treated as such each store deserves that kind of attention and respect. I love my job and my general manager should be acknowledged as well.
Answered Nov 17, 2019
How old do I have to be to work here
Asked Jun 22, 2016
16 years old insider 18 years old and older for manegment and driver's
Answered Oct 1, 2019
I got hired a month before I turned 16.
Answered Sep 23, 2019
How are the working hours at Pizza Hut?
Asked Jun 13, 2016
Rush hour hitting heavy traffic mornings sitting around playing games on your phone
Answered Oct 1, 2019
30 top that's it that's all 30 hours and no deliverys
Answered Oct 1, 2019