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Overall Reviews at Postmates

Delivery Driver | Dallas, TX | Jun 23, 2019
If you enjoy working for less than minimum wage, and damaging your car in the process, Postmates is for you.
Let me just lay it out for you, logically. tl;dr: It's not worth it. 1. It is *criminal* how little they pay you. Making between $2 - $5 per delivery with no guaranteed tip is ACTUALLY LESS, once you account for gas (and god forbid, tolls). 2. THE APP IS GLITCHY, from time to time. Occasionally, your payouts don't show up and it leaves you in limbo wondering whether or not you just got paid for the 30 or so minutes you just spent delivering to someone. 3. YOUR VEHICLE IS ONE OF YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSETS, and Postmates does not care that you are adding mileage to it. In other words, there is no compensation for gas, and no vehicle can run forever. So think about the fact that it will be hard to pay for an: - oil change - tire maintenance - other miscellaneous maintenance - eventual car replacement that will come much much sooner if you spend a lot of time doing Postmates 4. If a delivery is canceled as you're headed to go pick it up, Postmates gives you *nothing*. So even though you just spent perhaps 10 to 20 minutes in traffic (spending your time/gas/mileage) to go get something, they will not pay you a dime. Awful... 5. As all people in the service industry know, people *often leave no tip*. So imagine after you've spent 45 minutes to an hour: - fighting traffic - finding a place to park - finding the restaurant - waiting for the food to be made and paying for it (unless it's prepaid) - fighting traffic again - trying to fin...more
ProsNone, really. Your time is precious, don't waste it here.
ConsCriminally low pay.
Delivery Driver | Fresno County, CA | Dec 7, 2018
The claim that they pay $20 an hour is laughable.
They do not pay hourly wages. They pay per delivery and payment depends on distance. $20 an hour is before taxes, before gas spent on deliveries, before vehicle maintenance, and even then it's dependent on the number of deliveries. They don't account for the time you spend driving around to areas where there might be work. They don't account for the time you're sitting in your car waiting for a delivery to come through. They don't pay you for driving to the pickup location, only for the distance from the pickup to the delivery and the actual delivery. I would estimate the pay is closer to $7 an hour before taxes after expenses. Also, there are only three times a day that there is work. 12pm-2pm 5pm-7pm and 12am -2am. If you aren't splitting your schedule to work these hours, you are probably making closer to $4 an hour. A typical day at work: you are sitting in your car waiting. After 30min to an hour, you get a delivery. You drive to pick up the item and likely will sit waiting for the order to be ready for at least 5 min. Finally, you get the order and drive it to someone's house and drop it off. During this delivery, you are marking on your phone that you accept, pickup, and delivered the item. You will have to use the navigation on your phone so your phone won't last long. Then back to waiting in your car. What I learned: If there were multiple orders coming through that you accept, this job might be worth it. Don't leave your car idling. Don't drive around. Park, ...more
ProsMeet people, you make your own schedule.
ConsVery low pay, very few hours you can actually work, long and boring days.
Driver's Mate | Charlotte, NC | Jan 30, 2019
The compensation plan doesn’t add up.
If you need a few bucks to pay an extra bill or something like that, sure make a few deliveries. Otherwise Postmates seems to be completely disconnected from what it means to actually complete a order. $1 to pick up and order, $1 to deliver and order, $0.10 per minute wait time at restaurant and $0.61 per mile. Minimum $4 per delivery - It’s just simply not enough money to support everything that goes into a delivery (GAS, your time, distance, wear and tear, GAS) On average I’d say it takes at least 30 min to complete an order and if the customer doesn’t tip (which I’d give a 50/50 chance they do) you have the potential to only make $4. Most of the time you are driving log distances, which obviously uses lots of gas. Here is an example of one of my deliveries: 6.1 min wait time = $0.61, 9.91 miles = $6.05, $1 for pick up, and $1 for delivery. $8.66 for a delivery that took me almost an hour driving 10 miles across town. Let’s just say you aire on the safe side and take 20% out for taxes = $1.72. Now you also just drove 10 miles away from where you want to be, not to mention your home. Drive 10 miles back and just go ahead and take out all the money paid for mileage. So you can keep $2.61 for your work. I know this is just one example but this is basically what it is over and over again. I worked out that you should basically take out any mileage money you are paid strictly for gas. If you are be conservative and saving a little for taxes (since you are a contractor) then ...more
ProsWork on your own schedule.
ConsBasically everything else.
PLOS | Nashville, TN | Aug 27, 2019
PLOS Fulltime Nashville Gulch location
Upon entering the Postmates office you the sense the feel of a growing company which I was eager to get started with but the location is a HORRIBLE location despite what the company has to offer. Upon completion of my assessment completed online I was offered a onsite interview which I had to pay for my own parking(NOT REFUNDED) but I was eager to join the company once offered the position. The office is a beautiful suite beautiful but the parking which I was told by staff would be covered by Postmates! Leading me to accepted the position and on my first day of training learning more about the Postmates brand I decided to not return. The pay is great to start but if you are familiar with the Nashville Metro Area it should be understandable to provide parking for employees. There is a refund process but would cause for you to pay up to $150.00 or more on parking! This is unacceptable, then once you inform "recruitment" or "Postmates People Team" that you would need to be compensated upfront for parking in order to be able and show up. Reliable transportation is required but mandatory pay for parking is NOT and was NEVER stated. The turn over is high at this location due to this reason (I'm sure). *There is also no assigned desk, you will have shared spaces. Honestly, I'm just baffled at the entire process they go through to not take any consideration of this parking issue for new employees starting with them or providing a gift card upfront instead of making you pay for their ...more
Delivery Driver | Eugene, OR | Nov 28, 2018
Horrible deal for drivers
I read a lot of badd reviews about post mates. And I thought O these were just people that were just lazy and didn't wanna grind. But that's not at all the case. I have worked Three 8 hour days In a row, And have only made $80. That's about $3.50 an hour Then factor in gas, Wear and tear on your car, And at the end of the year you still have to pay taxes on it, And as some have said on here you're basically working for free or if you count the wear and tear on your car you're basically paying them to deliver for them. I've seen some people say that the tips are small but honestly I've only gotten to tips and 30 deliveries so yeah I would say they're more like non existent or very Rare. Much better off getting a minimum wage job and not wasting your days. Really disappointed I spent a lot of money to fix my car remote the transmission for over $2000 purchased a new smartphone and data plan because I thought I can make money doing this. Late night you can get lots of ordersBut they are all drive-through and you have to sit in line for 20 to 30 minutes in the drive to lines then you only get paid about 3 to $4 for each delivery the fact that these people do business is ludicrous and should be illegal avoid at all costs unless you want to be and indentured slave after tonight I'm Done. One other thing I hate about this is it offers you a delivery and you have to accept before you know how far the end delivery of spot is it tells you where the pick up is but not where it's ...more
ConsLow pay, no deliveries, wear and tear on your vehicles, no tips, deliveries are few and far between
Agent | Nashville, TN | Dec 31, 2018
Avoid...Toxic Office Environment
It's a relaxed office culture, and maybe it was a little too lax because lots of offensive racist things were done up there that they let fall through the cracks. I feel like the "diversity" is a mask. Yes, there are many different people up there, but there aren't really any black people or people of color that get to move up in managerial positions. They are always creating and eliminating positions. This is definitely a "who you know" not "what you know" sort of company when it comes to advancement. The insurance is great, but the pay is just okay. It also seems like the mediocre people shine up there so it's almost pointless to do your best because it won't improve your status up there unless you're well liked. They are also cut-throat when it comes to taking credit for other people's ideas. Management honestly acts like power hungry children with no real critical thinking skills, and they are VERY biased in their decisions. They have the most fake open door policy I've ever seen at any company. Open door policy is only used against employees later on especially ones that address racism within the company. There are pointless meetings that could easily be emails. The morale is trash. I liked the place at first, but dreaded coming there as time went on. They don't even really properly train anyone because they're still figuring things out, and I was with them for almost two years. How do you not have training figured out still? If you need a job, they are an okay ...more
ProsGreat Insurance
ConsManagement, Open Door Policy, Underlying Racism
Independent Contractor | California | Mar 8, 2019
Postmates is a fraud and needs to go out of business
Postmates refuses to take responsibility for a phishing scam that is occurring within their marketplace and has not notified their workers of these malicious activities which are being successfully executed and resulting in workers’ earnings being stolen within the platform. I fell victim to the scam after being contacted by someone claiming to be a Postmates employee while I was on a delivery. The person made off with my information and stole over $150 from my account, and Postmates refuses to reimburse me. After I reported it to Postmates, they quickly pointed out that it was a phishing scam. Why did they not warn us of this happening within their marketplace? Postmates does not have the proper two-step authentication measures in place or their system is flawed because this person was able to lock me out of my account and cash out all my earnings. This should have never happened. Postmates will not give me a landline to call and has since ignored emails of me trying to recover my money. If they had sent out a notice of this happening and that they were aware of it, this would have been prevented, but instead, this company would rather their workers suffer and have their hard-earned money stolen knowing that they will not cover any losses. Postmates is a fraud and is not being regulated properly. They are screwing over their workers and their customers. Search Reddit and BBB, and you will read hundreds of stories of people being screwed by Postmates. They think that they are...more
ConsHorrible customer service, horrible business practices, you can’t get a hold of a physical person, no integrity in dealing with their customers or employees, app has horrendous flaws and is not secure
Driver | Palm Springs, CA | Mar 14, 2019
Not Worth the Hassle
Currently I have a full time job plus I drive for a rideshare company. I decided to try Postmates because I thought it might be a good alternative to having an actual person in my car (I work customer service, so a break from constant interaction while I worked sounded good). The few customers I’ve delivered for so far were nice and many gave some kind of tip. Being able to set your own schedule sounds good, too. Really though, the time/mileage it takes to get to pick ups, order yourself at times, wait, and then drop off is way more work than Postmates is willing to pay you for... And that mediocre pay has recently gone down. In the maybe two weeks since I signed up, I saw the area pay go down $0.05 per mile (from pick up point to delivery mind you - forget about the miles getting to the pick up) and the wait time at pick up location go down $0.03 per minute. Plus, Postmates just shuffled the amounts around for the pick up fee (from $1.05 to $1.35) and drop off fee (from $1.05 to $0.75) to make it look like you get a better compensated for the pick up? That’s shady at best. Much like restaurant work, you have to relying on tips to make the job remotely worth it. For things like Postmates, that is definitely not a given being people know they are paying a premium just to get their stuff delivered. Bonuses were another thing. The start up bonuses were near impossible for me to get. Don’t count on them if you sign up and can’t dedicate a full time schedule to get to the number o...more
ProsFlexible Part-time
ConsTrust and Compensation for Work Done
Delivery Driver | Las Vegas, NV | Sep 24, 2019
Horrible Company
I don't even want to give them 1 star. Postmates is a complete ripoff. I recently moved to Las Vegas with my 2 children and I had intentions on making some extra cash by doing some deliveries for this company. They do not give you enough deliveries. I only received about 5 to 6 deliveries per day. They advertise that you can make up to 22 bucks an hour,that's a complete lie! I believe they only give you a limited amount of deliveries on purpose. I made it my duty to complete ALL of my deliveries. I was successful with 57 out of 59(over a 3wkk span). Two of my deliveries weren't completed because the customer was not able to be reached. One of the deliveries was at 1:00am in the morning. I waited the full 5 minutes for the customer to either answer my call or reach out to me. I receive a message from Postmates instructing me to dispose of the food. The next day I complete another order and a few hours after the order I try to go online to do some more deliveries and I am hit with a message stating my account has been deactivated or something like that .I sat there really trying to figure out exactly what I did wrong.(knowing all I did was comply to their rules) I email them and they respond telling me they are exercising their right to no longer have me deliver for them because I didn't complete all of my orders. As God as my witness I went above and beyond for the all of the few orders that I did recieve. I was honest and punctual and in return postmates did me wrong. There w...more
Driver | Orange County, CA | May 6, 2019
Horrible Place To Work, They Cheat The Drivers
Post mates is the worst of the worst when it comes to delivery apps. They pay you an average of $4.00 per delivery then expect the customer to give you a tip. Unfortunately only about 65% of the time you get a tip. And out of those tips most are only $1-3 dollars. Which means you do an average of 2 deliveries per hour. And if you don't get a tip on either one you make $8.00 deduct $2.00 for gas and you make $6.00 per hour using your own car. This really sucks because the minimum wage in California is $12.00 hr. A teenager flipping burgers makes more money than a Post mates driver. Post mates also rips off the drivers by offering bonuses they don't pay. I took numerous deliveries that showed it paid an extra $1.25 $1.50. When the deliveries were completed I was never paid the bonus as shown. Also with the rise in gas prices here in California. (Its now $4.00 per gallon). No one wants to take far away deliveries. So Post mates came up with a solution. That was to "add to your itinerary" What they would do is wait to you get to a restaurant and then add a delivery that is going really far away with out telling you or showing in advance where it was going.. Over and over again, I would accept a delivery going 1 or 2 miles to the customers house then the delivery post mates would add would be going an additional 10-15 miles away. And because they were both being picked up from the same restaurant post mates would only pay you an extra $2.50, even though it cost e...more
ProsWork when you want.
ConsMake less than minimum wage, wear and tear on your car. paying for lots of gasoline for your car.

Questions And Answers about Postmates

If you were to leave Postmates, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 27, 2017
Was not worth my time! How do they even get away with not paying min wage anyways? Can't call anyone for help, your on your own. Don't make very much money then they charged 50 cents to pay you early. And you will need to pay it to gas up.
Answered Mar 3, 2020
The pay is not very good but will help you survive. Or just some extra pocket change if you're bored. I would say the amount of people who cancel and the guaranteed pay for a certain amount of deliveries is impossible. People will cancel on you and you lose deliveries that you think you have to reach your goal. The truth is some deliveries are so difficult in finding consumers apartment it takes so much time. There's no way you can make 8-12 deliveries in 4 hour window. You are lucky if you make 4. Only way is if every pick up you have you pick up mutiple orders. Otherwise it's not going to happen.
Answered Feb 17, 2020
What would I be delivering? Varied items?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Usually fast food.
Answered Aug 1, 2019
Mostly prepared meals from restaurants. But could be just about anything.
Answered Jul 9, 2019
What is the interview process like at Postmates?
Asked Dec 9, 2016
Sign up, fill out a form, pass background your hired.
Answered Sep 7, 2019
There is no interview process. Only waiting time would be for your background check to clear and company card to come in the mail. Background check cleared in about a week for me.
Answered Aug 14, 2019
What benefits does Postmates offer?
Asked Aug 30, 2016
Postmates is slavery. there are no benefits, you make only enough to repair your bike/fuel your car. you cannot eat or sleep if you want to make money with them.
Answered Apr 11, 2019
Postmates is built for individuals with patience, passion, high energy, drive, good attitude and charisma , it’s also a good way to network and get yourself out there because you learn about the community and you learn what other gigs and businesses are out there. A lot of other states are doing good . I make good money
Answered Apr 1, 2019
What is the best part of working at Postmates?
Asked Dec 4, 2019
You get to drive all day
Answered Mar 31, 2020
The best part is that you can deliver on foot or a bike or a car whatever you have as transportation u can use to work with Postmates.
Answered Mar 31, 2020