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Pret A Manger
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London, UK
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Restaurants, Travel and Leisure

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Pret A Manger Reviews

Overall Reviews at Pret A Manger

Food Preparation Worker | Washington, DC | Nov 20, 2019
Management is terrible
The management is a complete mess, pret used to be a great place to work for but after they changed the operations manager everything became a disaster
Team Member | Strand, IA | Mar 12, 2019
too loud, too fast, too stressful, manager is shouting, not many team members, worked more then 50 hours all the time, team member calling sick all the time, not enough people, they cut benefits, not enough money, nightmare place to work. Brexit is my way home.
Prosnothing. I don't like the food anymore.
Consbadly managed, hard work for minimum pay, depressing.
Customer Service Representative | Chicago, IL | Oct 3, 2019
Management is lacking
My typical work day consist of Ops Manager yelling and cursing at my manager. Ops manager says he wants things done a certain way and when that way is executed he Decides to change his mind and say that’s not what he wanted from them. Managers cry in their offices because of how stressed they are. You can’t get a raise unless you have it good with the ops or they see you doing more than you are qualified to do. Managers are secretly looking for new jobs right now to get out of Pret. It’s a very stressful environment with people who are lazy.
Customer Service Representative | Boston, MA | Jun 29, 2018
Pret a manger company info how te company is with there work efforts
productive workplace but bad management the job itself involves alot of work minimal training but management ISNT its best and can be better. its a easy job some of te job duties are a little hard but its a great company to learn skills to go to the next level in the workforce world.
Prosfree food for employees
Consfood quality isnt the best but edible
Maintenance Person | New York, NY | Sep 26, 2019
Worst place to work at
Company is cheap always getting sued they don’t pay good HR is bad news thus company is going down and the kitchen is nasty and they use out dated food p
Customer Service Representative | New York, NY | Jun 5, 2019
Nice people, tedious work
It was so hard to learn all the products in order to use the registers at a fast pace. You are doing the job of three different positions because they are low on staff. Friendly workers but tough around breakfast and lunch.
ConsEverything else
Prep Cook | New York, NY | Sep 7, 2019
Its ok
Team leads has favorites, cool place depends on location. I was at Rockefeller center location very mixy in the culture, made the best out of it if you like to work then it's a job for you
ProsFree selective food
ConsHad to be there at 4 in the morning to start the shift
Administration Manager | Washington, DC | Apr 21, 2019
Productive and amusing workplace and environment for employees and customers.
Upon entering a day at work, I would first speak to my team and management. Then I would change in my work uniform and clock in. As soon as I head to the store floor, I would check the selection and make sure everything is neat and organized. I would then assist the line of customers and when there is down time, I would clean and organize as necessary. This would continue for the entire shift as I assist customers with refunds, disputes, or any other problems with customer service. At the end of the shift, I would delegate closing tasks to staff members in order to ensure everything is closed and cleaned properly. I would soon take all of the registers to the office and count the cash and the safe to make sure all monies are accounted for.
Retail Assistant Manager | New York, NY | Oct 15, 2019
Nice coffee shop with potential for growth
It was a great place to work and learn alongside many diverse team members. Everyone is very helpful and its a competitive pay type of work environment so there's always room for growth and promotion.
Prosfree lunch, decent breaks
Conslong hours, lots of labor
Team Leader | London, OH | Apr 22, 2019
Always lacking team members, poorly managed
Worst place to work!! Worked 60 hours and more to cover for missing team members. Manager is stressed and it reflects on the team and leaders. Terrible vibe!! I don't recommedn Pret. Very dishonest company. They work you until you drop and the pay isn't good at all for it. Don't even start!!
ProsGreat team but burned out from too much stress
ConsToo many!! Worst s management and dishonest approach of top leadership

Questions And Answers about Pret A Manger

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Pret A Manger?
Asked Aug 7, 2016
Do a research about them & be honest
Answered Jun 1, 2019
-Be yourself and be honest, and also please be professional as soon as walk you walk in the door. They are observant; if you're rude to the person at front desk or even over the phone, chances are they'll think you'll be rude to customers and your potential team. -Listen to the questions first, take it in, and then answer.
Answered Mar 22, 2019
What do they ask you on the interview?
Asked Sep 5, 2016
Availability, commute, and previous experience relevance as mentioned on resume
Answered Jun 28, 2019
50 quiz then 100 quiz now on iPads. But they cheat and are given answers as they need workers. No real training and bullied into signing training records without training.
Answered May 4, 2019
Do they drug test
Asked Apr 30, 2017
NO, they do not drug test.
Answered Aug 30, 2017
As of 07/28/17 no.
Answered Jul 28, 2017
Do they rehire
Asked Feb 13, 2017
Yes. Just wait 6 months to re-apply.
Answered Aug 30, 2017
Yes they do rehire
Answered Jul 3, 2017
How long does it take to become a general manager from a trainee? What are the most sought after qualities in a manger?
Asked Jan 25, 2017
It ddepends all on you
Answered Oct 21, 2017
Depends how much butt you wanna kiss.
Answered Jul 28, 2017