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2740 N Mayfair Springfield, MO 65803
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Independent Contractor (Trucking Industry) | Springfield, MO | Oct 31, 2018
experiencia en transporte
Esta empresa, me dio la oportunidad de hacer algo diferente en el ambito del transporte pesado, el cual forma parte importante de mi experiencia laboral.
Switchboard Operator | Springfield, MO | Aug 2, 2019
Wonderful Company to work for.
Prime Inc is an amazing company to work for. Great benifits and pay. They have hard hours and expect hard work, but you get paid for what you do so it makes it worth it. They strive for healthy employees by encouraging exercise and healthy eating. They want you to succeed and achieve your career goals and will help as well as they can.
ProsGreat benifits
ConsHard hours
Driver (Independent Contractor) | Springfield, MO | Jan 30, 2019
Prime Inc cares for the safety of their drivers and it is seen in all the safety training courses and videos available to the drivers.
Great and awesome company to work for. The atmosphere at Prime terminals is always positive. The repair shops are amazingly clean and well kept. The repair technicians are. Very knowledgeable and have always had a positive and professional attitudes. The attention to details never ceases to amaze me. I truly love working for Prime Inc.
ProsVery safety oriented company, provides all types of safety training associated with trucking.
ConsYour financial success is in the hands of a fleet manager who depends on sales reps
Building Maintenance | Salt Lake City, UT | Mar 20, 2020
Good experience and respect from most coworkers.
A typical work day was busy, plenty of work to keep you busy. I learned about repairing and replacing electrical components, flooring, and all toiletry items. Learned to use various chemicals for many applications including, but not limited to, housekeeping and grease removal. Diverse culture of employees that are good in support and respect for each other. The most enjoyable part of the job was recognition for detail that I add to my work, able to work solo and as a team to accomplish tasks, and working at my own pace when time allowed.
ProsFree breakfast during afety meetings on Friday, free lunch for team meetings.
ConsShort break periods with long time between breaks.
Lease Operator | Springfield, MO | Nov 7, 2019
Truck driver
Good company to work for. No room for advancement. As a lease operator it was flexibly home time but if you want to make money you have to put in your time. Fleet manager was great
Driver (Independent Contractor) | Springfield, MO | Mar 21, 2019
10 yrs with Prime and only left due to medical issues
I worked for Prime for well over 10 yrs and enjoyed every minute of it. If you want a job that’s 9-5 where you can stay home and keep watch over your wife or gf, then this isn’t the job for you. In 10 yrs only 2 occasions I didn’t get home ON THE DAY I wanted but got there the next big deal. My fleet manager & I had a great working relationship. When I scratched his back, he scratched mine.
Information Technology Specialist | Springfield, MO | Nov 2, 2019
Work hard play hard
If you are willing to give Prime your all, Prime is willing to reinvest that back into you. A great company to work for when one is a dedicated, hard worker.
Truck Driver | Springfield, MO | Jun 16, 2019
Solo lease operator
You will only make as much money as they want you to make. You'll get enough loads to cover your lease payment for the week and then when it's time to make your money the loads dry up. Forget about detention pay layover pay you will sit at receivers or shippers for 24 hours or more. You are just a number at this company. Facilities and equipment are top-notch but you will pay a premium for all of this. Not to mention they will nickel and dime you to death on your weekly settlement. Do your one year and move on!!!!
ProsBrand new truck, nice terminal
ConsInconsistent freight leads to inconsistent paychecks.
Accounts Payable Clerk | Springfield, MO | Sep 27, 2019
Alot to do onsite
If you're young and/or single,it's a great place to work....or if your spouse works there. Otherwise you aren't home much..married to your job ..extra curricular activities were pretty awesome. Whether you like the place or not really does depend on who your boss is.
Truck Driver | Springfield, MO | Jun 13, 2019
Excellent company
Good company, cares about drivers (from my experience), just needed a local job due to family. Would go back to work for them in the future if possible.

Questions And Answers about Prime Inc

What would you suggest Prime Inc management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 20, 2017
Not give the fleet manager so much power over lease purchase revenue.
Answered May 27, 2019
Structured training. The training program is sort of free form for trainers without the usual checklists and signoff you see at most large companies. Driving a truck might be an art form. But I've played the violin since I was 8 and I can easily tell you that art has science and structure. Office support isn't that great. It might be nice to see some automation support to minimize hassles from office staff, maybe like an uber system but lighter. Don't like the "i should know that" attitude from my support team. If i should know, you should tell me. Every time I ask, even if I ask 100 times. Even if I ask every day. Would rather have automation support. Not people. If you can automate the lawn being mowed you can automate my call in stuff. Automate. Automate. Automate.
Answered May 20, 2019
What type of drug test is used at prime? Hair follicle or urine?
Asked Apr 14, 2017
As of October 2019 it is urine before you start orientation and hair on day two of orientation.
Answered Oct 10, 2019
We comply with the medical requirements and standards set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to ensure that all of our truck operators conduct themselves as safely as possible. Each new driver must take a drug test and thorough physical exam that meets or exceeds these standards. You are required by law to disclose all treatment, medications and medical information with the doctor that is conducting your DOT physical. Some basic requirements are: Blood Pressure Levels: 140 over 90 or lower Eyesight: 20/40 or better in each eye (with corrective lenses if needed) Hearing: Must be able to hear a forced whisper at 6 feet Diabetic: Sugar levels must be well controlled with an A1c level of 10 or less. If you’re on insulin, you will need form MCSA-5870 which can be found on the FMCSA website. Heart Related Issues: You will need cardiology clearance and possibly recent stress test or echocardiogram results. This list is not exhaustive of every disqualifying medical condition, medication or treatment. Please discuss your concerns with your primary care physician before you arrive at Prime. You can also give Recruiting a call to discuss any questions regarding drug testing!
Answered Jul 29, 2019
What is the interview process like at Prime Inc?
Asked Sep 4, 2016
The background check is completed during the intake process at their facility, which is a little unnerving. You sacrifice your job and get your family excited about an uncertain future. They are not sensitive to disability confidentiality and other candidates will hear your disability status. The DOT has a different rule about disclosure than OSHA, I guess. The week long orientation process is a mix of interview and orientation. It's adifficult and a high pressure process. The interview with the recruiter is a piece of cake, but you definitely aren't done there.
Answered May 20, 2019
They say at prime, this is your longest interview, you will do a week of orientation, take a written test, get a physical, when you get there, then three weeks with a psd trainer, test out for your cdl, and you are hired.
Answered Aug 22, 2018
Do prime take money out your check to pay the for school.
Asked Feb 19, 2017
You get an advance during training which you pay back. You also have equipment costs which isn't revealed up front, even as a company driver. You have to pay for a TWIC card which is deducted from your paycheck. Your chains and load locks, ablon locks and such are expenses you are responsible for and required to have. These things will be deducted from your paycheck. They have a company store and you can purchase additional gear for the truck which can be deducted also.
Answered May 20, 2019
Training is not "free." You will pay for it one way or another.
Answered Feb 1, 2019
Does prime do hair follicle or urine tests?
Asked Mar 27, 2017
Sept. 30, 2017 Urine tests only as of this date.
Answered Sep 30, 2017
They do only urine tests.
Answered Sep 7, 2017