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Overall Reviews at Primerica

Financial Analyst | Dallas, TX | Sep 10, 2019
The people are really top notch!
The culture and the ability to grow are the best parts of working here. What we do for families is incredible as well! The business opportunity offers a way, through a sweat-equity program, to open your own brokerage firm.
ProsUnlimited income potential
Consneed to be a motivated person
Registered Representative | San Juan, PR | Aug 28, 2019
Great entrepreneur development
You get to experience an entrepreneur lifestyle and develop the skills to master every step of it. You get personal development and coaching by the most excellent managers and already business owners. Going up and growing is up to you and it should not be an issue if you learn to work hard.
Vice President of Finance | Lanham, MD | Jul 15, 2019
Supportive and encouraging work environment
A Very productive and exciting place to work. Meeting clients and assessing there personal finances and incorporating better ways for financial management. Budgeting and financial planning. The most difficult is ensuring that clients are adequately protected financially
Financial Representative | Sauk Rapids, MN | Aug 20, 2018
Everythings at Primerica is great. They pay for you to get licensed in the things you need and everyone is extremely helpful in teaching you how to manage yourself and time and be the best you can be. Great leadership and resources.
ProsFlexible, great, fun, great commisions
District Leader | McComb, MS | Apr 17, 2018
Productive and very lucrative company to work for
Primerica is an awesome company with an amazing benefits package. it allows me the freedom and flexibility to manage my desired income. Primerica has a family/work life balance!
Customer Service Representative | Riverside, CA | Mar 3, 2020
Amazing Company with Amazing Opportunity
The company itself is amazing they are for the people for clients and employees, management varies in location. The Arrizon Hierarchy has built an amazing organization with the leadership of Mario & Franny Arrizon. It all ends on leadership duplication & will to learn. Primerica offers all their training online they just have to read. It's been done before. I myself have gone through multiple things and for away a bit but Primerica is always there and available to all who pass background of course.
Appointment Generator | New York, NY | Jun 8, 2019
Amazing place to learn anout finance
Primerica was a great place to learn and grow as a person. Everything is fully dependent on your ability to be coachable and be productive. There are many resources available to prepare and motivate you but in the end it's your ability to communicate with people that makes or breaks you.
Independent Contractor | Riverside, CA | Jun 7, 2019
• Obtain new clients through warm and cold marketing • Communicate and provide income replacement benefits to clients. • Maintained MTD/QTD/YTD CRM date base. • Ensured customer retention through excellent customer service. • Prospecting new team leads to build a strong hierarchy
Operations Intern | Atlanta, GA | Jan 8, 2019
Great environment to work in with uplifting people.
Great environment to work in with uplifting people. The department I was working with was going through a transition and I felt that I helped with that and overall had a great experience.
Customer Service Representative | Kansas City, MO | Dec 16, 2018
productive and challenging
the life insurance company i work for was a good experience just didnt get to receive all the benefits i know the system just wasnt giving a format to be successful as i wanted to be

Questions And Answers about Primerica

Would this be considered a multi-level marketing company or is it more of a regular corporate call center type structure?
Asked Oct 10, 2016
MLM have to be registered as such. Nothing illegal or wrong w MLM but Primerica is not, it is a hybrid business model registered as a general agency broker model. All businesses and sports teams recruit! Here you can build an agency with ownership or just be a solo advisor. Either way is fine you choose, can't get that at another firm. Primerica has a clear path to full ownership but which ever route you choose it requires hard work for a period of time
Answered Jun 10, 2019
It is MLM, but doesn't require its new recruits to pay in. The poisonous part about most MLM structures is that they leech off of new members and have products that are hard to get behind. Primerica doesn't seem to be like that.
Answered Jan 29, 2019
How are the working hours at Primerica?
Asked Jul 10, 2016
Flexible with appointments generally in the evening.
Answered Mar 21, 2019
Can not be successful part-time.
Answered Nov 2, 2018
Is this a pyramid sceem?
Asked Jan 7, 2017
As a self employed contractor of PRIMERICA are you entitled to the tax write off like vehicle costs, home office % write offs, fuel ect...
Answered Apr 7, 2019
It is a pyramid scheme. I went In for an interview for Customer service and was told I need to selling life insurance is customer service. In order to do that you have to refer a bunch of people you know and what primerica would do is basically contact those people and try to sell them product at their residence as your ”training”. What kind of customer service requires a License to sell and needs to train newbies by visiting people they know personally? It is a pyramid scheme
Answered Mar 3, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Primerica? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Oct 20, 2017
They will hire anybody minutes after their first interview.
Answered Dec 23, 2019
From start to finish I was completely employed with Primerica in a matter of days. New employees are required to obtain the proper licenses before beginning to recieve commissions but trainers will begin training from date of hire. New employees are walked through the licensing process from start to finish.
Answered Jan 21, 2019
How do you feel about going to work each day at Primerica?
Asked Sep 22, 2017
When you do what's right for people , you feel good about yourself and your clients feel great to refer you to others. Every appointment is such a positive atmosphere. Our mentors pushes us to achieve the best we can be. We also go on world class accomodation trips all expense paid every 6 months ! Is it that awesome !!!
Answered Dec 28, 2018
The short answer is great! I previously worked for a Fortune 500 company that is recognized for their culture and work environment and there is no comparison. The energy, positivity, and drive in my Primerica field office is incredible. My team lifts me up even when I am having a bad day or don't feel well.
Answered Nov 30, 2018