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Technician | Oxnard, CA | Aug 28, 2018
Stressful/Poorly Managed/Cut throat
The pay is good enough to get you stuck here. The hours are long with mandatory overtime, atleast 1 of your days off, no holidays off, schedule always changes. Super stressful environment and negative/toxic atmosphere. Anyone will stab you in the back to get their advancement or their way in general. Management always changing, adding more and more paperwork for you to turn in monthly while cutting staffing. The smart ones who learned how to work the system are out on stress leave half the year every year which makes everyone else have to work more overtime and work harder. Alot of manipulation from all ends to make that person's job easier. Hard workers are distributed across teams in order to pick up the slack of workers that managed to squeak by under the radar all these years and their lack of skill is just accepted. Again the pay, (if you happen to advance up) will get you stuck here because it pays the bills better then Other local jobs. But never have time to see family, friends, or time off to enjoy your hobbies. New hires dropping like flies (quitting) others retiring early, seems like the plant maybe closing soon the way things are headed. Concerned at the moment.
ProsPay rate higher then "basic" jobs in surrounding area
ConsRead the review
Project Manager | Vandalia, OH | Oct 7, 2018
Do not work here
Working at the Dayton Ohio location is horrible. They lie to you during the onboarding about schedule, pay, benefits & work environment. Was told would be limited overtime but yet we worked 13 days straight & a mandatory 10hr shifts on second. Managers are fresh faced kids who have not had an ounce of management training in their lives. The work load is consistently updated to keep you from doing your ACTUAL job & if you ask managers how to do it they have no clue. They just sit at their desk on computers and look at numbers. The production people drive themselves mad trying to please them. We’ve had people pass out, one guy almost had a heart attack, workers leaving in tears due to frustrations. Managers choose to yell & attempt to demean you to make themselves look good. Very toxic site & they do everything to keep you from moving on which after you’re hired they tell you that you’re not allowed to move sites. I’m sure the company as a whole is great but the Dayton site is a horrible representation of the company. More than 75% of the employees are actively looking for other jobs. Be mindful please!!
ProsThey give you free toothpaste every few months
ConsWork hours, work weekends, low pay, no room for advancement
Equipment Technician | Greensboro, NC | Nov 21, 2019
Pretty good job and benefits
A day as an equipment technician began with a team meeting, after which you would run your line for the next 8-12 hours. We had scheduled maintenance and cleaning during each shift. All of the other time you would be in charge of a portion of the production line and be responsible for fixing any issues within your area, then immediately documenting the issue. We would also flow to help other team members. The job was sometimes hard physically but it was also a mental challenge because we had to understand the machines to understand to troubleshoot them. I learned a lot about maintenance and machinery. The biggest drawback of the job was the culture. I worked my butt off every day I went in there, especially being a young female with no relevant experience. I wanted to prove myself. However, some of the other staff did not appear to care at all. On multiple occasions, they sat still and watched all of the new members struggle to restart the line, even though it was their job to assist as well. Also, I got the distinct impression that they didn't promote based on hard work, knowledge or special skills but instead, on who their friends were.
Manager | United States | Apr 14, 2019
Challenging, fast paced environment
I left P&G in 2010 after a 20 year career; I cannot speak to the current culture of 2019. During my tenure, the emphasis was on the "What" vs the "How". Once my boss and I were aligned on the desired outcome, I was free to deliver results using personal knowledge, networking, and finding relevant resources. I traveled 25% of the time, however, the traveling was productive and produced new connections, relationships, and resources. I was also exposed to multiple cultures and increased my knowledge of differences and alternative ways to deliver results. I was paid based on merit. I gave input to my performance review as well as work and development plan. Most of the time, leadership was attentive to my career needs and aspirations.
ProsPersonal development, career development, free or reduced priced product, networking, variety of assignments
Cons"The squeaky wheel gets the oil", occasional edicts that went against the company's values, forced rating system resulting in annual terminations, inequalities between business units, inconsistencies between manufacturing sites.
Machine Operator | Oxnard, CA | Jul 11, 2018
A hard working and interesting environment with understanding people that are willing to help you during your struggles whether it be work,life, or yo
Everyday we had a team meeting where we discussed the precious shift and came up with a plan for the day in order to be successful. Sometimes it does't matter how much you plan things out of your control like incoming like raw materials and down stream flow may cause a bad day. All we could do is our part. If you communicate and train it makes things a lot easier on everyone, plus it doesn't hurt to ask about someones weekend or how they are feeling. Of course sometimes people need space so its important to give it to them and understand the people you work with...after all your a team and you need to get along. At the end of the day we all have our problems and sometimes the schedule being 3 on 3 off with OT take a big toll on your personal life which sucks. However, in the end this job provides and there's nothing wrong with that
Prosa lot of training; great pay; great benefits; a home away from home
Conshard on social and personal life; could be dangerous if not paying attention
Production Technician | Iowa City, IA | Jun 14, 2018
Screwed up schedules and shifts
If you like getting free body wash it's ok. Management wants you to do multiple things to "progress" in the company but rarely gives you time, direction, or resources to do it. Schedules are supposed to be locked in by Thurs morning but after you make plans for the weekend they drop mandatory OT on you, or you cancel plans because you're supposed to work and they cancel your shift on Fri afternoon, or you get a phone call on the way in saying you don't have to come in. There is a ridiculous amount of pass-the-buck when you try to get answers about anything. It's either not their area, don't know, or someone else's job. Pay is good once you jump through all the hoops. Benefits have slowly declined. The company is not what it was. Tend to hire brand new engineering or management college grads and stick them into a production system they know nothing about and have them "improve" the area. If you like a 12 hour rotating days/nights shift and frequent overtime you found your home cause you won't have a life.
ProsFree Product and Lunches frequently.
ConsUnreliable schedule. Changing company culture
Forklift Operator | Joppa, MD | Jan 4, 2019
Proctor & Gamble
I was a part-time employee You are generally limited to 1020 hors of work per year while working 5 days per week and 4 hours per day with some flexibility on the exact hours. This great if you only want part-time work this great or if you have another job that will work with this it can work out pretty good. But if you're looking for full-time employment then you will likely be disappointed because it is a good place to work, it pays fairly well & has good benefits IF you can get on full-time there is very little turn-over unless someone retires gets promoted or quits (which is unlikely ) It's even hard to get fired unless you are disrespectful, dishonest or a continuing hazard to your co-workers. Safety & accuracy are valued over productivity although it is important,, as you would expect. Their priorities really are safety, quality work & accuracy , production - in that order.
Prossafety, reasonably pleasant work environment, decent pay, good benefits, efforts to make each employee feel valued and appreciated.
ConsLimited opportunities for full time employment, some jobs can be boring & repetetive
| United States | Jul 31, 2018
Productive & Exciting environment with very capable teams
P&G offers great pay/benefits and rewards top performers. Reward system is still antique and promotion is slow in comparison to the current generation expectations but pay is very competitive. If you don't care about the title you will be fine. You get to lead large projects and team very early in your career but leadership development is usually by trial and error as there isn't a very structured leadership development program for new hires. As far as technical the training is extensive and very good. P&G only hires high IQ so you get to work with very smart & competitive people which is enjoyable. Top management make very strange decisions and don't take the time to explain why, everything is top secret for no reason. Initiatives launches too slow as the company want everything to be perfect as they are so worried about bad reputation which is very respectful but sometimes we need to take more risk.
ProsGreat people
ConsAntique promotion system
Account Executive | Houston, TX | Aug 28, 2018
I loved every aspect of this job. I was consistently ranked in the top 10 Retail Executive in the US. (approx. 65)
I worked for the Prestige Division of Procter and Gamble. Brand responsibilities included Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Lacoste, and Hugo Boss. I managed a team of Retail Selling Specialists in Dillard's, Macy's, Sephora, Ulta, Nieman Marcus, Nordstom, and Saks 5th Avenue. My typical work day consisted of constant communication with sales staff and retail partners to drive sales. I handled all aspects of driving sales for my brands inclusive of scheduling, event planning, merchandising, training, and planning. I managed a staffing budget, a T&E budget, and a special events budget. My manager (Director) reported directly to the vice president. He created a collaborative work culture, nurturing a true team environment. I truly loved every aspect of my job and would love to be part of that same culture with another company.
ProsCompany car, T&E Budget, company credit card, consistent reviews
Manufacturing Technician | Greensboro, NC | Sep 29, 2018
Browns Summit plant
good pay for someone with no degree, however you have a 9 month period of where they can fire you at any moment and after that a 2 year wait to transfer within the plant. employees with high positions are rude. everyone starts out friendly but quickly show you their true colors. 12 hour shift rotation UN-healthy and stressful, you never get use to it. they say they value your opinion and there is room to grow but they don't and it isn't room unless you are a yes man or know people in high positions. they expect you to work roles with out compensation (supervisors working without supervisor pay) this plant in browns summit comes up with every excuse not to pay you as you advance in levels. they also do not honor degree skills nor transfer with skills. I heard other plants are great and pay more please don't come to the one in browns summit. P&G is a great company however Browns Summits puts a bad taste in your mouth.
ConsBrowns Summit plant

Questions And Answers about Procter & Gamble

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Procter & Gamble? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Less than a week
Answered Sep 12, 2019
I said to submit my salary slip after 3 interview
Answered Aug 26, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Procter & Gamble?
Asked Feb 19, 2018
Know the company and know if you are someone that has the same view on their culture
Answered Nov 28, 2019
Relax and be honest
Answered Nov 21, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Procter & Gamble a better place to work?
Asked Jan 22, 2018
Hire adults, actually fix problems.
Answered Feb 23, 2020
Closer break areas
Answered Nov 21, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Procter & Gamble?
Asked Jul 18, 2016
I'm not sure what it's like in the Corporate Offices but at the Production facilities, the real culture is mostly hidden. The reason that it's hidden is because every 3-5 years the Site Leadership Team changes and with each transition, any negative carry overs from the previous team become taboo to discuss. Each new leader makes the same announcement - "it's not fair" to them to have to deal with issues they had no control in making. While on the surface this seems reasonable, in the long run it's wreaks havoc on the culture. Cultural metrics at the facilities are reported to Corporate by a short term member of the SLT and not by the long term employees (Technicians). As the promotions of the SLT rely on meeting the expected metric, the results are almost always good. In the case where the result would make the SLT look bad, it's covered with a "gap plan" which is like a promissory note saying "at some time, someone will do something" but when a new member of the SLT transitions in, it's obviously "not fair" to hold them accountable to something they had no control in creating. There is also an annual cultural survey that is mostly written to give Corporate the answers they want to hear.
Answered Apr 27, 2019
Agradable y eficaz empresa
Answered Oct 4, 2018
What questions did they ask during your interview at Procter & Gamble?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
What makes you a good fit for Procter and gamble
Answered Sep 12, 2019
Basic interview
Answered Aug 13, 2019