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Claims Clerk | Salem, OR | Mar 1, 2019
Micro-managed by direct supervisor and overall management was not supportive of growth within the company
- terrible work life balance, I worked roughly 50+ hours a week (even some weekends) just to keep my head above water even though I kept my workload fairly low - micro-managing with very little praise for your work you do, the management only points out the mistakes you make and beat you down because of them - benefits and matching 401k was a nice perk and the two weeks training in either Cleveland or Arizona were a nice touch, but after training you are thrown to the wolves - management does not like to teach newbies, they "teach" by telling you to do things they except you to understand when training never even taught any of the skills the way they are telling you - asked for career advancement about 2-3 times within a short times frame and was never given those opportunities, management played favorites and if you weren't a favorite then good luck moving up - Progressive praised their "stress-free" paid time off, but you came back from vacation with more work than you left with. For example, 1 day vaca = no days off claims, 3 days vaca = 1 day off claims, 5+ days vaca = 2 days off claims. One stipulation, the people who assist with your claims while you're gone add work to your dairy by adding pointless notes into claims saying "your adjuster will contact you the next time they are in the office" on about 20 claims. To top that off, you don't get any time when you're back from vacation to clean up your mess from when you are gone. You'll get assigned claims first thin...more
ProsBenefits and 6% matching 401k and out of state paid training program
ConsEverything else mentioned in the review, I'm sure there were other things I missed as well
Medical Representative | Michigan | May 3, 2019
PIP- Medical
Progressive employees are a blast to work with, however, Progressive as a company does not promote fairly. Nepotism is the deciding factor at Progressive, and it's shown blatantly. They prefer to promote employees with limited skills and knowledge who align with their 'culture.' They are malicious and will block all attempts of you being promoted. Speaking of culture, it reminds me of Jim Jones and the people's temple. They promote employees who engage in their ERG's ( employee resource groups), and have this cult like allegiance to Progressive. If you want work life balance, this will never be the job for you. A 40 hour work week is analogous to a leprechaun with a pot of gold. Overtime is not offered, only 6 day pay, and rarely. Management expects you to work until the job is at a manageable level. The job, however is not difficult, but time consuming, there are a lot of processes that should be streamlined to make obtaining info more efficient. The initial training is trash and teaches you absolutely nothing by ways of handling claims effectively. With the bonus, it may be a nice lump sum, however they tax it at a rate of 40%, plus it will usually be less than the overtime you would be paid, if they offered it. If you have children, depending on how much of the Progressive 'culture' kool-aid you drink, you may have problems managing your life, sick children, etc. If you wish to learn new useful skills, unfortunately, this is not the job for you. Be prepared to speak to...more
Cons'Culture', Nepotism, no overtime, minimal room for advancement
Sales Associate | Colorado Springs, CO | Aug 22, 2018
DO NOT WORK HERE! It's not what it seems.
If you're in it for the money then the money here is good. That's the only reason to consider working here though and even then you would only want to work here temporarily. They push the idea of diversity but instead they are selectively discriminatory to employees whom they don't like. Heavy on favoritism. How you are graduated/promoted depends on which supervisor you get. Heard of one girl who was fired when she went to see her husband in the hospital after he was injured in a car crash. Told of another new trainee who was warned to not mention God on calls and coached because he talked too loudly. Oldest gentleman in a recent class broke all records when it came to metrics, never missed a day, got numerous customer compliments- and yet never graduated because he had an inexperienced coach and a supervisor who for some reason did not like him. (Employees constantly chatter about the stressful work environment at Progressive. Gossip is rampant. Dissatisfaction very high.) They tell you they are a different kind of call center. Not true if you think that that difference is a good thing. They're worse than most. Service reps are required to upsell instead of helping customers. If you don't like selling and just want to service, this is not a job for you. Resources that reps use are kept under lock and key. Reps are expected to learn directions without being given access to these directions, except when they are on a call. The way customers' bill's are constantly g...more
ProsMoney. They pay well. That is the only pro.
ConsStressful, disingenuous, subjective promotion practices, micromanagement.
Support Specialist | Colorado Springs, CO | Aug 20, 2019
Threatened with non-disclose agreement when I left
This place used to be a great place to work. Now internal and external customer needs not even a factor. All they want to do is cross sell. Imagine how hard it is to get a customer to get a renter quote when they can't even afford to pay their car insurance. You will be expected to do so and it is your primary metric. If someone calls for Roadside Assistance they expect you to bring up one of their many cross sells as Paperless, Renters or Homeowners, talk to them about website because they really don't want you to call in. They don't care. Taking care of the customer is not even a metric you will be rated on. Only cross sell. Also they use artificial intelligence so that will soon be taking those jobs. Artificial intelligence fields chats and customer calls and they will use your knowledge to train it. Empathy for the customer is penalized. This job transitioned from Golden rule to counting their gold. They want you to take care of the business cross sell before you even address the customers need. They believe you have a better chance to sell if addressed up front. I just think that's rude. Was expected to ask customer about Homeowners quote when customer was on way to funeral. All of the good reps they are chasing out. That's why they have high turnover. Most supervisors and managers not skilled enough to take those calls thus making them inept to evaluate you as an employee. Honestly you will have to think about how bad you really need a job because this job will ...more
ConsUnrealistic Job Expectations
Claims Adjuster | Austin, TX | May 13, 2019
Faced paced, stressful
Progressive as a whole does live up to their values and what they stand for as a company. I feel like they truly do want you to succeed and offers many benefits to their employees to ease the stress. However, in the claims department you MUST be good at time management, be quick, efficient and aggressive to resolve claims. You either sink or swim and the workload is intense especially during the summer. You will have stressful days where you feel like crying..leave work with anxiety.. while others aren’t so bad and most people just want help in a stressful situation nor have they ever been in an accident. A lot of explaining how the coverages work, many people don’t understand how Insurance works and don’t understand deductibles or when you’re investigating liability and coverage. You without a doubt will have upset customers that will call, email, and text you throughout the day along with body shops, other insurance carriers, etc. Again, time management is everything in this job and 8 hours in a day is just not enough sometimes. Many weekends working, or trying to catch up to stay afloat. Management and your coworkers are always willing to jump in and help where they can but everyone is in the same boat trying to resolve as many claims as they can. You’ll learn to develop very thick skin. I have learned many job skills working in claims and Progessive is always offering training to help you succeed whether it’s in the department you’re in now or if looking elsewhere. I do ...more
ProsBenefits, gainshare, cafeteria on site, gym, vacation, diverse culture, management, coworkers
ConsWorkload, stressful, worklife balance
Service Consultant | Austin, TX | Apr 8, 2019
Not for everyone
This place has plusses but more minuses. Yes you will learn about insurance. You'll make some decent money with work from home options. More than half of the front line folks work from a home office. Health center cafeteria & gym are all nice but after that it alot of work. Theyll preach to you about advancement opportunities but they only come up infrequently & they dont let you know you'll be competing with upwards of 100 people nationwide for 1 avail spot. They're more concerned about the interview process instead of the person as everything is done via Skype or virtually so you never except for the initial interview meet with an actual person. Turnover rate more than 30% for new hires which means 3-400 people in 2 yrs have walked. They have a set job lineup for you that they want you to follow as to what you're next spot should be after cust svc but if that's not for you you're stuck answering 60-80 calls per day with 5 secs in between from people who dont have any personal responsibility or knowledge of insurance. You're always delivering bad news to them about state forms not being turned in or discounts falling off it's very tough. Theres a 30k page online encyclopedia that you have to use for every call cause every state differs in their rules. Workload is very intense, stress & anxiety you will take with you day by day. Good amount of schedule flexibility though in terms of sliding hours and using accruing vac time whenever you want in a self schedule process...more
ProsSchedule flexibility. Decent benefits
ConsStress, anxiety, workload & no opportunity for serious advancement
Senior Customer Service Representative | Rancho Cordova, CA | Jul 3, 2018
Great Work from home Opportunities, terrible msnagement and development strategies
The metric based system used for performance is a joke. There are several metrics, but the only one that matters is how many Home or Renter's policy you got sent over for a quote. Especially ridiculous when your job does not entail customer calls as your primary role. Management is not informative and sends out rude blanket statement emails to all employees on a team instead of facing issues they have with certain employees head on and only with that employee. Lastly, development to advance or improve is all an 'Own your own development' idea. In theory it sounds nice, but it literally has you in the dark. Management does not give suggestions unless asked, and if you don't ask you can be seen as not trying to improve. There is no extra time per day either to do any of this own development either. You are responsible for your development, assisting team mates in chat that need help, timecards, correcting timecards, IT tickets, keeping track of all time off, proof of your abilities for when performance reviews come around, and of course your actual job. I do not know why they even have sups/managers. The schedule options and work from home options are awesome! There is performance based scheduling selections every year, but if you do perform well you can keep a great schedule. Benefits are great, only downside is your vacation and sick time are combined.
Pros401k/benefits, schedule flex options, work from home options, company events, non scripted calls
Consliterally everything is on you to succeed or find your way on your own, no support *Rewards program based on favoritism not actual metrics
Claims Adjuster | Oregon | Mar 25, 2019
High stress role, good company
A typical day would be coming in and sitting down at your cubicle in the same area as your team and supervisor---supervisors also sit in cubicles on the floor. You will likely have voicemail and emails to check and your phone will start ringing right away. Then the new claims will start rolling in and they will need to be your priority even as your existing customers are calling in. Most customers are very anxious as they do not understand the claims process and are upset from their accident. Many will be very kind, but many will yell and be unhappy no matter how well you work their claim. This generally happens when they are found at fault for an accident, don't like the value of their vehicle, or are unhappy with the coverages they've selected. The summer and winter months can be unenjoyable due to the high claims load and turn over can sometimes be high which makes it worse. Unless you work near one of the corporate offices the only room for advancement is in a claims role. The workplace culture and the employees are the best part of the job .Everyone is willing to help each other, but the problem is everyone is generally drowning in their own workload. You get paid vacation days, but it is stressful because there is nobody to cover you. So be prepared to work overtime before you go and when you get back and try not to ever call out sick. The pay and benefits are good, but almost everyone struggles with work life balance especially those with children.
Prosno clockin/out, benefits, pay
Consvery stressful, high workload, micromanagement, too many metrics and always adding more
Intern | Mayfield, OH | Jun 27, 2018
Excellent company with many great opportunities
I have interned at Progressive three times in the past few years, in multiple fields. Each experience was incredibly positive. Work culture is wonderful, all my co-workers were engaging, and very helpful. Every day, working at Progressive was a great learning experience for me. I learned so much in each and every field I interned for, whether it be development, software testing, or facilitating my own meetings. I definitely felt a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day. There is a great work/life balance while working at Progressive. Management is great, I felt attached to each person I had worked under at this company. The hardest part I would say about working at Progressive is the workload can fluctuate quite a bit. I was always able to find something to work on that was for the benefit of the company, as well as my own personal growth. Flexibility is definitely something emphasized here at Progressive. My favorite part about Progressive goes along the same lines. There is always something new to learn each day, and new ways to challenge yourself. By managing my workload regularly, I was able to give myself time to come up with creative solutions and exceed expectations. I could see that the tasks I completed for Progressive really benefited co-workers, as well as the company as a whole.
ProsGreat work/life balance, awesome benefits, flexibility, great management in IT, great food (watch for foodtrucks!), down-to-earth business leaders, creativity is highly rewarded.
ConsWatch your workload and be open with your manager if you need help!
Customer Service Representative | Colorado Springs, CO | May 11, 2019
Huge Mistake, Never Again
I began working at Progressive about 8 months ago. The application and hiring process took about 2 1/2 months from applied to hired. The first time I applied I was contacted and told to complete an assessment, which I did, and would be contacted shortly after. A week went by with no response, so I went through the whole application process, assessment, phone screening, etc and eventually was hired. Training was in a relaxed, classroom setting and from day 1 begins teaching you everything about insurance. After training, you go onto the call center floor for a "probationary" period of time. Quickly upon entering the call center floor and taking phone calls, I realized that the training does not prepare you for handling calls or customer requests. Comparing the training to the actual job is apples and oranges. This made the job incredibly stressful. I cannot say any part of the job was enjoyable. During training, they pump you full of Progressive Culture; feeding you the kool-aid so to speak. Then you get out of training and realize Progressive is just like any other evil corporation. They don't care about you as an employee, they don't care about your well-being, and they certainly don't care about helping you advance your career... Unless you're somebody's favorite, of course. Lots of favoritism and inconsistent treatment around this place. Getting out ASAP.
ConsInconsistent management, poor communication, they preach transparency but they are transluscent at best, training is too long and not relevant enough to the job of being on the phone.

Questions And Answers about Progressive

What is the interview process like?
Asked Apr 5, 2016
If your resume passes initial screening, you'll receive and invite to complete an online test. The online test has a few math questions, and a mock call center environment where you listen to a few phone calls, input information into the mock system, and choose a series of responses based on what the customer says. If you pass the test, you'll receive an email within a few days to complete a virtual interview that you have 7 days to complete. You are asked 8 questions, and record yourself answering said questions. You have 3 minutes to answer the questions, and one chance to re-record if you didn't like your first attempt. If you are selected to move forward after that, you'll receive another email asking you to setup a face to face interview.
Answered Feb 27, 2020
Very easy, virtual and quick
Answered Nov 15, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Progressive a better place to work?
Asked Jun 14, 2017
Listen to my employees. Especially those willing to work while going through school or raising a family and just need a new schedule to help accommodate their needs so they can be thriving employees.
Answered Mar 31, 2020
Give the option for call centers reps to be able to do something other than phone work all the time
Answered Mar 22, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Progressive?
Asked Jul 8, 2018
Dont do it but if you really want to work there, just smile and answer the questions correctly.
Answered Mar 11, 2020
They really like brown nosers so don't be yourself while being interviewed, stoop down to their level.
Answered Mar 11, 2020
I just received a phone interview with a Progressive recruiter yesterday. How long does it take before they get back with you on your results of whether you are going to move forward in the hiring process?
Asked Nov 9, 2016
I was told directly after the phone interview that i was moving forward. And a few hours later received my background paperwork through email.
Answered Jul 8, 2019
About 24-48 hours you’ll get a call/email.
Answered May 16, 2019
Do they do a background check on all applicants or just ones that they feel will be hired?
Asked Sep 30, 2016
Yes Progressive will do a background check on all applicants.
Answered Nov 30, 2018
They didn't hire me because I had 3 duis on my background.... tough
Answered Nov 24, 2018