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Customer Service Representative | Surprise, AZ | Jan 28, 2023
5 stars
What is the best part of working at the company? Things that Ensure Your Company Is a Great Place to Work #1 Education Reimbursement. ... #2 Opportunities to Learn. ... #3 Stock Options & 401Ks. ... #4 Physical & Mental Health. ... #5 Paid Time Off. ... #6 Maternal & Paternal Leave. ... #7 Office Pets. ... #8 Individualized & Safe Work Environment. What is the most stressful part about working at the company? What is the most stressful thing at work for you? Some of the factors that commonly cause work-related stress include: Long hours. Heavy workload. Changes within the organisation. Tight deadlines. Changes to duties. Job insecurity. Lack of autonomy. Boring work. What is the work environment and culture like at the company? The work culture definition is the attitudes and behaviors of employees within an organization A positive work culture doesn't just happen What is a typical day like for you at the company? n a typical day in my last position, I fulfilled management tasks of opening and closing the facility, as well as overseeing a staff of seven individuals. Also“I usually start my work at 7:30 am, collaboratively plan my day, and make sure that the most urgent work gets done first“.My typical day starts as I get up early and try to get to work at least 25 minutes before the ‘start time’. In this way, I can avoid any delays due to traffic jams and can still be on time for work. Then, I sit down and plan the day. I jot down what all plans I have to complete and prio
Project Manager | Dresher, PA | Mar 19, 2023
If you have a caring spirit and can understand the importance of this type of business in people's lives then this is for you.
What is the best part of working at the company? The staff is great, the business is like a family and there are many opportunities for growth. Salaries are competitive and benefits are excellent. What is the most stressful part about working at the company? Not stressful, but you have to be willing to learn as there are many products that have been available over the years and you need to know your stuff. What is the work environment and culture like at the company? A teamwork environment, with people open to good working relationships. What is a typical day like for you at the company? Client focused work that is a necessary evil as it relates to death in many instances.
Financial Representative | Phoenix, AZ | Jan 26, 2023
As a sales rep - I had to pay the company rent for an office or cubicle
My biggest pet peeve was having to pay Pru to rent an office space within their office - which wasn't convenient for customers or me. Wasn't allowed to work from home even though I had an office there - and all my job entailed was talking on the phone and filling out forms. The office manager and co-workers were all nice. It was the mandatory office time for a job that if I was in my car all day going to clients' homes - not in an office that was praised, but if I was at home making calls, that was unacceptable.
ProsName recognition that's all
ConsPru is known for life insurance. Prospecting was a nightmare - nobody wants to buy life insurance.
Specialist | Remote | Mar 13, 2023
They Expect A Lot From Employees
Although in this day and age you have to remain flexible when working at a company, Prudential changed upper management every couple of years. People would just have to figure things out. Management would let people go whose knowledge was irreplaceable, and the workers that were left always just had to pick the pieces up and figure things out. There was no planning from management just massive amounts of changes consistently. It was difficult.
ProsPTO, good pay
ConsLay offs, poor planning
Customer Service Representative | Remote | Nov 20, 2022
Stay away from Annuity Service Center
Surprisingly, this huge multi-billion dollar multinational corporation doesn’t have even the most basic idea about how to run a call center. Their technology is so outdated and they rely on off-shore people who don’t speak English fluently to resolve tech issues for their remote workers. Additionally, they rely on the same non-fluent in English speakers to assist clients and financial professionals- such a disaster!!!
Customer Service Representative | Remote | Jan 8, 2023
Lack of reliable supervisors and misleading information
Don’t give you the work hours you tell them you absolutely need. Circle of misinformation. Could be a great place to excel if they focused on truly training properly and not allowing senior reps to harass and belittle new comers, and actually listened and read the hours needed to work.
Manager | Texas | Nov 4, 2022
Great place to work, until they leave.
No opportunities for employees not located in Newark NJ. They say they are committed to the communities they are in but that is only as long as it doesn’t impact their bottom line. They will leave without the slightest regard for the employees or community.
Claims Examiner | Scottsdale, AZ | Jan 17, 2023
Loved my manager but not hated the job.
Draining, unreasonable processes, pay was quite low in comparison to other companies. My manager was an incredible leader and the only thing that made the job tolerable. Some people stayed for years but it just wasnt for me.
Vice President of Quality | Roseland, NJ | Jan 21, 2023
Excellent Company to work for
Worked at Pru for 32 years. Challenging assignments, great benefits, above average pay. Co-workers were like family. Worked in the Technology Dept so the demands were very high, but it was well worth it.
Customer Service Representative | Moosic, PA | Mar 21, 2023
best place to work
Best place to work in north eastern Pennsylvania. Prudential is no longer in operation and has been taken over by a company called Empower. Prudential was a great place to work.
Sales | Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh | Jun 19, 2018
Very bad working condition in this company. But I learned a lot of thingsthings.
- A typical day at work: Telesales from morning to noon with the source I find on my own. I go direct-sales at night with my team. - What I learned: Many tricks on how to find customers and convince them. How I was lied and used by team leader. I should have been more conscious about working condition. - Management: My team leader was a very bad guy who has no management skills and lack in sales experience either. - Workplace culture: Being very discipline is the only thing I find good about this place. But it is sometimes quite treat. - The hardest part: The interest rate is very high compared to other retail banks. It leads to hard-finding customers and also go against your manner convincing them. - The most enjoyable part: I can find nothing.
Senior Human Resources Manager | Malaysia | Jan 9, 2013
Multi National Company with Head Office in London - Stable
Prudential Insurance is a large organization that is very stable and structured in it's operations, policies and guidelines. Despite the high regulatory limits in which we operate, the local office has much autonomy and is a very friendly and caring place to work in. There is good teamwork between management and staff at all levels. The most challenging part of the job is to recruit calibre staff as the insurance industry is a very niche industry. The most enjoyable part of the job is the open communication and interaction between all levels of staff in the company.
Prosgood yearly bonuses
Conslong hours, work life balance is not at a very healthy level
Customer Service Representative | Cebu City | Sep 18, 2020
Highly Competitive and Productive
One of the best companies. The management is professional and listens to their employees. Everyone was helpful. You'll learn a lot. Although it's a fast-paced environment, I had the best time because of the people I was working with during that time. The team was among the best I've worked with, from more than seventeen years of working experience.
ProsFree coffee, free gym, conducive place to work, good pay, nice benefits
Receptionist/Secretary | Baguio | Jun 19, 2018
exciting and fun challenging work
● Handled administrative duties such as typing messages, answering phone calls and maintaining agenda. ● Highly proficient in all applications of Microsoft Office, including Excel, PowerPoint and Printer. ● Strong customer service orientation. ● Trained in record management and confidentiality. ● Organized and coordinated meetings, conference and travel arrangements.
Prosfree transport and coffee break
Office Manager | Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh | Nov 22, 2017
It is a great company with great core values and culture
This is the number one Assurance Company in Vietnam in term of APE. This is a renowned company in the world so it is running based on Company's values and internatinal practices. All the staff have a chance to develop and improve the career path. The office is designed for great culture.
ProsOpen office, free gym, casual wear everyday...
ConsOld culture vs new culture

Questions And Answers about Prudential

What benefits does Prudential offer?
Asked Mar 13, 2023
life ins, health ins, dental, vision, 401k, pto, disability time, etc
Answered Mar 19, 2023
Health insurance, dental insurance, vision, insurance, group life insurance
Answered Mar 13, 2023
What is the work from home policy at Prudential?
Asked Sep 21, 2022
100% remote options
Answered Mar 2, 2023
Varies from dept/manager.
Answered Sep 21, 2022
What is a typical day like for you at Prudential?
Asked Sep 21, 2022
Answer phone calls from clients, agents, and brokers. Assist them with servicing policies and answering questions.
Answered Mar 2, 2023
Depends on the department/manager you are working for. Some areas are well run and they truly value work/life balance while other areas are complete dumpster fires.
Answered Sep 21, 2022
What is the vacation policy like at Prudential? How many vacation days do you get per year?
Asked Mar 19, 2023
depends on length of service, max is appx 30 days
Answered Mar 19, 2023
Does Prudential Financial do a credit check?
Asked Dec 12, 2022
Yes, very thorough. I was questioned about a late payment on a store credit card of all things. On a $100 balance. My car payments, mortgage, and other credit cards had impeccable payment history, but they zeroed in on a late payment for a $100 balance.
Answered Jan 26, 2023