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Senior Associate | Raleigh-Durham, NC | Nov 5, 2019
Recruitment bait and switch, Lack of business knowledge
After declining the position several times. The recruitment became aggressive. Issue 1: I was told that I would be joining the firm as a Senior Associate and that in 2 months during PwCs review, I would be moving into a Senior Managers role. Found out later from my managing partner this was not true. If they had been truthful about this I wouldn't have joined PwC in the first place! Issue 2: I was told that travel was not hard and that I would only travel Monday - Thursday. Not true, travel was very difficult. The travel from east to west coast was 12 hours of flights. Managment's suggestion was that I stay for longer periods of time near the client. This does not work with family. Issue 3: They assign you peers to help you with your transition to PwC. My peers were no help to me at all. Two of them I never once talked to. One of them did not show up for our first meeting in person. One of my Peer's that was to be my advocate for advancement; was my manager on a project. This is beyond inappropriate as it is a conflict of interest. Issue 4: They did not understand the business sector we worked in. (Why they hired me) When I would explain the task/issue, I was always met with resistance by managment, who'd never done the task before. Instead of doing the task correctly PwC would instruct me to modify the engagement. (Ie. Audit is not the same as a Review.) Timelines were never realistic for the engagement. Instead of breaking my moral value to the business. I...more
Operations Manager | White Plains, NY | May 3, 2018
Great career
Upon graduating with my MBA in three majors: Accounting, Finance and Economics, I joined the Accounting Firm: Coopers and Lybrand, predecessor to PriceWaterhouse Coopers as a staff accountant. I progressed rapidly to Audit Manager for several reasons: Because of my manufacturing background, I was designated manufacturing specialist; I voluntarily accepted the position of Chair of Accounting and Auditing theory for the Westchester chapter of the NYS Society of CPA's; I requested appointment as in-house theory adjunct to review the drafts and accounting principles developed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, discussing my write-ups with the theory partner and teaching the accounting staff; I asked for and received high risk assignments and formed a special team with certain staff members; Expanded the scope of each audit by incorporating forensic accounting, business valuation, cybersecurity, internal control and information systems reviews, following Sarbanes/Oxley rules and regulations, FASB principles, AICPA auditing procedures and SEC compliance in managing over 75 local and global audits from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies;
ProsLearned great skills, experience and expertise
ConsWas dissatisfied with the new senior partner that replaced the initial senior partner
Technician | Austin, TX | Oct 4, 2019
Great place to learn about how businesses operate, but the work culture needs to change
Overall PwC offered me with some valuable experiences. The firm exposed me to various types of people, companies, and work. The firm offers an abundance of tools to continue growing, and the firm does have perks like monthly happy hours and employee discounts. With that being said, work life balance is not possible depending on the client. I worked upwards of 60 or 70 hour weeks during busy season, and saw seniors and above working 50-60 hours weeks once busy season concluded. The environment is fast paced, meaning you must be able to catch on and work quickly with minimal coaching. While teams vary, I generally did not feel a sense of unity on my engagements. Organization and coaching are the top two ares I think PwC should focus on, as associates are often thrown into the deep end with minimal coaching. Furthermore, office politics plays a significant role in how you are viewed and how your career outlook discussion go. If you do not fit into the culture you will have a tough time staying at the firm.
ProsEmployee perks such as frequent happy hours and employee discounts
ConsLong working hours, minimal coaching, fast paced work environment, client facing
Data Analyst | Belfast, ME | Jan 29, 2019
Great people, but you're not really doing anything
I worked as a Data Analyst for PwC for a year. There are different departments in PwC, so my review reflects my experience with the ones I worked in. Pros A lot of employees, so you meet a lot of interesting individuals Understanding if you needed to work from home/sick/family leave Great facilities Work never seemed too stressful - rarely saw anyone working extra hours. Cons A majority of the jobs there are admin/call centre/compliance based. These types of roles are not very rewarding/fulfilling. If you're someone who wants to work at a great company, but also wants to do work that matters, then I don't believe PwC is the right place. The hardest thing about working for PwC is knowing how despite having a very talented team of people your project is nothing more than a call cetre job. I do want to say if you're someone who genuinely wants job security, low stress and great friendships then PwC is a great place for you. You will move up and after a few years will be paid well, while not having to work long hours/ be stressed by tough work.
ProsGood people, good facilities, great hours
ConsDoing work that you know is useless, but knowing PwC is charging a client a lot of money for this useless work
Senior Associate Engineer | Los Angeles, CA | Oct 1, 2018
Great first company to work for, not a great place to meet people
The training and resources provided by PwC is pretty unbeatable for a first job. Lots of exposure to different types of businesses and projects ensures continuous growth. You will be leading meetings within the first few months of joining. Lots of autonomy in terms of HOW you get your work done (work from home, flexible hours), but almost no autonomy in terms of WHAT you get to work on. Very heavy travel, but very generous travel budget (e.g. $100/day for food). Opportunities for international travel. Not a great place to meet people if you're in a new city as you will be working on projects with people from all over the country/world. Job security is almost guaranteed, however promotion is not. They won't fire you, but instead they just won't promote you. Promotion is also hardly influenced by merits for staff, it's all metrics. Even if you are a star you will still have to wait 3 yrs for promotion.
ProsOpportunity to travel, training, great office (if you ever make it in), work from home, good benefits
Conslong hours sometimes, promotions only every 3 years, very little say in what projects you are assigned to
Director | Los Angeles, CA | Feb 10, 2019
Fast paced and challenging work in professional services
PwC was a fast paced and competitive work environment. As a director, I enjoyed the freedom to make decisions and manage a team. The work was challenging and I enjoyed working on solving complex problems for some of the largest companies in the world. I also enjoyed training and mentoring young professionals as they started their careers in professional services. However, the partners managed the firm by the numbers and they evaluate employee performance by more than a dozen different metrics. It always seemed like they had cause to terminate anyone at anytime with cause because it was so difficult to keep all the metrics in positive territory simultaneously. Last, it was an extremely competitive workplace environment due to the limited availability of opportunities to join the partnership. The competition in the office sometimes produced undesirable outcomes and poor client service.
ProsChallenging and interesting work, professional development training, career mentorship
ConsJob security & office culture
Managing Director | New York, NY | May 6, 2019
Good pay, good fringe benefits...but nothing is worth working here. The culture will eat your soul
So the good news is that I get to put PwC on my resume. The bad news is that I have PwC on my resume because I actually had to experience the disaster that is that company. I was in Advisory, so not Audit, Tax or Assurance. Here's a good story...I had to let 2 people on my team go because someone somewhere thought there would be a downturn in the economy. Ooook. I got to announce who I let go at a Partner meeting at the Ritz Carlton where 250+ partners were staying for a meeting. That's right, I fired people who did nothing wrong, and talked about to peers while drinking Macallan 18. To those two...I am sorry. This place is full of smart people who are really good at what they do. Unfortunately, what they do is both great work and Game of Thrones style ambushes, politics, back stabbing and lying. It's an incredibly toxic culture and one that I wouldn't return to for all the money in the world.
ProsSmart people, good brand recognition
ConsEverything else besides that.
Senior Developer | Dallas, TX | Oct 24, 2018
Decent company not designed for programmers
PwC is a business services company that treats all departments as such. There is no career path for developers, and there's heavy management oversight. They are slowly adjusting to being more Agile, but the culture clashes quite often, with management always breathing down your neck about documenting work/hours/progress, performance measurements for things like putting your time in every day by 10am, and required yearly tests on managing clients and tax work (even though we aren't allowed to talk to clients and don't do any actual tax work). Some of the teams are more like groups of developers who generally work in a silo, each working on separate areas of the code for which they are solely responsible. There is also no career path for developers beyond Associate and Senior Associate. Beyond that is management.
ProsSome good benefits, unlimited sick leave, flexible
ConsNo development career path, treat employees like consultants, heavy management oversight
Audit Intern | Houston, TX | May 1, 2018
Great work if you love accounting and can get the job.
I got this job after I finished a ten week internship. I turned the job down. Why? I didn't love public accounting enough to commit to the career. My preference and interests were in managerial accounting. Managerial and Public Accounting are like comparing apples and oranges. That being said, I wish I did have a passion for public accounting, because this would have been a great company to work for. The company culture is very supportive of developing its employees and the pay and benefits are top notch. However be prepared, especially if you're starting out fresh from school, to dedicate your life to the company. The work can be tedious, time sensitive, and attracts a lot of eagle eyed interest from many invested parties. It's serious work, but they pay you well. This is not a place to get a job. It's a place to build a career.
ProsGreat pay, benefits, and professional growth opportunities. Employees are valued.
ConsNo life work balance.
Support Staff | Cleveland, OH | Sep 18, 2019
No. Just No.
Great place when I started, but became the most stressful place I've ever worked and overworked. Manager had no experience or knowledge about what my team did. The 'work/life balance' they claim does not exist. This place will steal your heart and soul and leave you feeling like the least skilled or capable person in the entire workforce. We all heard 'be thankful you have a job' so many times it was ridiculous . . and we were all hard-working and dedicated to accomplishing what needed to be done. PwC became about micro-managing our time when they sent our actual work overseas by creating a data-base to track every minute of our day . . which in itself, took up time. THREATS if you didn't meet the time goal set , and we were instructed to BEG senior associates and managers for work that they needed to complete because they also had to track and account for all of their time . . while their work was being sent overseas also. So No. Just No.

Questions And Answers about PwC

What is the work environment and culture like at PwC?
Asked Jul 12, 2016
Current climate is completely untrustworthy with an emphasis to downsize.
Answered Mar 6, 2019
Used to be an excellent company full of happy people, but now another company that has offshored technology, leaving a backstabbing management team an unsure future for many. I rate it "Avoid". Too bad.
Answered Mar 6, 2019
How are the working hours at PwC?
Asked Jun 30, 2016
12 hours a day is a norm! and of course, one works on Sundays default to ready up for Monday meeting/ reports! If you get Sat work free, god bless - run on the Hudson!
Answered Jun 6, 2018
Work/life balance was decent depending on engagement. Travel is required as well depending on line of service and client.
Answered Mar 13, 2017
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at PwC? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
I am interned at that company, which is typically different with the process in united states.
Answered May 10, 2017
Took 2 days to be contacted for employment.
Answered May 9, 2017
What is the interview process like at PwC?
Asked Jul 20, 2016
Detailed and Fair
Answered Mar 15, 2017
Long Meeting with hiring managers and team of individuals. HR pre-screen
Answered Mar 10, 2017
What benefits does PwC offer?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
As a consultant, I received a straight hourly rate. No vacation. No typical employee benefits.
Answered Jul 26, 2017
Medical, Pension, paid vacations, training
Answered Mar 15, 2017