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Vice President of Information Technology | Los Angeles, CA | Aug 30, 2018
Work Culture
High pressure and time sensitive work culture, fun and exciting place to work, there are always new and exciting projects to work on. I would recommend this organization to anyone in the aviation industry
Customer Service Representative | Los Angeles, CA | Jan 10, 2020
Productive and a fun active place to work ,keeps you on your toes . Working with management is easy going, questions are answered when asked ,a typical day at Quantas is like I said productive.
Maintenance Supervisor | Sydney, FL | May 27, 2019
Very competitive work force that were proud to work for the Australian iconas the rewards were great
Strong team culture and excellent management team. Training and development of staff was first class.I enjoyed working at Qantas Airways. In the mornings our team would load up a kind of baggage trolley where our large tool boxes were kept and hooked up to a Toyota landcruiser and we had our coffee and a tool box meeting and discussed our work package for the day and how we were going to achieve the outcomes We left went to the Sydney International Airport for the arrival o 4-8 aircraft to be serviced by our team. After each aircraft had been checked and serviced and tech log defects repaired or were reassigned at a later time due to time constraints we assisted the flight crew in the departure of the aircraft. Some aircraft required to be towed from the airport to the Qantas hangars for major rectification and we towed the aircraft in to the hangars and commenced rectification on various A,B,and C checks as required.
Prosdiscounts and free trips
Conswas made redundant in 2006
Aircraft Mechanic | Los Angeles, CA | Jul 4, 2019
Worst management
Pay rate lower than another companies, unfair pay rate for between employees. Management has racist. Stupid schedule that no one like for aircraft mechanics. They're abusing the employees in US. Need union in US
Aeronautical Engineer | Los Angeles, CA | Nov 29, 2018
Good place to get experience
A good place to gain experience. However there is a bias against the American engineers. Due to company politics , the qantas lax station suffers from poor management, engineers/mechanics are under paid and under trained in comparison to Australian counterparts as well as other airlines. The micro management style has led to a very low employee moral. The job itself is fun and enjoyable. The greatest challenge is dealing with management and the company's neglect of the American staff.
Prosgreat parking, easy job. good poeple
Consmanagement, pay, benefits, training
Aircraft Mechanic | Los Angeles, CA | Jul 14, 2018
Its an easy first job and career stepping stone
The Good; My fellow workers are great, and no graveyard shift. My time at Qantas gives me qualifications and experience to apply and work for an American based airline. The Bad; Management lack skills and are biased. The company is micromanaged by individuals all fighting for power and supremacy. There is no appreciation or respect for workers. Poor flight and medical benefits when compared to other airlines Minimal company training. Many senior workers are incompetent so I do not get the opportunity to learn much technical skills or aircraft system knowledge. My A&P is only a qualification at Qantas, it does not let me certify for my work. So you generally only do simple tasks. You need Australian licence qualifications to certify. The Ugly; Office and corporate staff all belittle and look down at us because we are only mechanics in coveralls.
ProsGreat Fellow Workers. Enjoyable work. No graveyard shift
ConsNarrow minded and Poor Management. Admin Staff think they are Managers
Avionics Engineer | South Wales, NY | Feb 5, 2019
Start of my extraordinary career into aviation and aerospace
Fostering great learning lattitude in fields I wanted to. Great travel benefits, great reputation. Colleagues were very helpful and in support of work initiatives and career building.
Business Analyst | Los Angeles, CA | Jun 12, 2019
Qantas Airways
I feel very fortunate to have worked for such a highly respected and innovative company. Management encouraged professional growth and allowed their employees to be decision makers. They encouraged and promoted professional and personal growth. I am fortunate to have been part of the Qantas Family.
Baggage Handler | Sydney, FL | Jul 8, 2019
Great company
Great company and staff. The work was structured and organized which allowed us to complete the work to the best of our abilities and be able to meet company demands.
Aircraft Mechanic | Los Angeles, CA | Aug 4, 2019
Great plce to work
Great management and good people to work with. Schedule was easy and lot's of help. Exciting and fun. Management was easy to talk to and very understanding.

Questions And Answers about Qantas

On average, how many hours do you work a day at Qantas?
Asked Aug 24, 2017
10. Expectation to complete lots of meetings and then do your day job
Answered Jun 16, 2019
8 hours a day
Answered Aug 30, 2017
What is the interview process like at Qantas?
Asked May 27, 2019
Very prompt
Answered Jan 10, 2020
What is the vacation policy like at Qantas? How many vacation days do you get per year?
Asked Nov 29, 2018
4 weeks a year. if it is approved
Answered Nov 29, 2018
If you are an Australian citizen working for Qantas but would like to transfer to America, does Qantas sponsor your visa?
Asked Aug 17, 2018
Yes. Lots of opportunity to transfer to the US if desired.
Answered Jun 16, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Qantas?
Asked Aug 30, 2017
Friendly but must get the job done
Answered Aug 30, 2017