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Overall Reviews at QuikTrip

Customer Service Representative | Cumming, GA | Sep 5, 2018
Quick shifts. In and Out just get your job done.
Overall, I liked this job but the store I worked at was understaffed which led to problems on me even when I only worked two-three days a week. The management could have been better at my location.
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Charlotte, NC | Nov 4, 2019
Great management, Fast paced
Most enjoyable of the job is to keep my customers happy and proud ! I’ve learned a lot in every field to stocking, cleaning, cooking, and learning great time management.
Night Manager | Texas | Oct 10, 2019
Fun, fast-paced environment
A typical day at QT goes by very quickly and you have fun doing it. You experience ongoing training almost daily. The culture of QT is to take care of everyone around you, of course the customers but your coworkers as well. Soon after joining QuikTrip, they became part of my family.
Associate Manager | Kansas City, MO | Aug 14, 2019
Good company
Great place to work if your young, always busy. Good benefits great pay, but the schedule for assistants is not so good. They do keep you upto date what's going on.
ProsGood pay
ConsSchedule not good for Assistants
Customer Service Representative | Saint Charles, MO | Oct 31, 2018
i loved Quiktrip
I absolutely loved working for QuikTrip!!! it was fun and fast paced. Managers were great and willing to work with you all the time regarding any situation. I wish I could have stayed with the company, I just couldn't pick up enough hours to pay my bills and had to find a new job.
Consno set break/ meal times
Customer Service Representative | Arlington, TX | Jan 30, 2019
Best place to work for
Such an amazing place to work Super flexible with your hours and days And with your personal life helps with school if you need days off Just an amazing place
ProsFree drinks
Assistant Store Manager | North Carolina | Jun 9, 2018
A decent job but be prepared
Quiktrip is a wonderful company and offers so much if youre willing to go for it! It is, however, a very demanding, stressful, and time consuming job. There is little life outside of work for management positions, and time off is based on coverage (and 15 limited days roll over the day after they are used on the next year). Overall the staff is nice and we all work as a team as per guidelines - when thi gs are going well. Its hard not to love this company, but it takes so much out of a person and keeps demanding more; the is what gets to people. For those who dont mind overly stressful situations and 1p+ hour shifts 5-6 days a week, go for it, its great! Pay was once above average is now on par with others, but the we do bonus monthly so thats a major plus. They are also understanding if you leave and come back on good terms. I would still recommend working here.
ProsBenefits, pay, and overall good team of coworkers, clerk hours are much more flexible
ConsHigh standards, very fast paced, long manager hours and overtime, relocating stores frequently for some, stressful
Operations Manager | Tucson, AZ | May 22, 2018
Very good company, just a horrible job. Always dealing with drug addicts and on a serious timeline to get the work done. Very high pressure but the pay is amazing
Customer Service Representative | Atlanta, GA | May 21, 2018
Fast paste work environment
It is a great place to work at times. It is very fast and if you cant keep up you will not be there for long. The management was good and the would work with you if you had a good manger
Front End Associate | Dallas, TX | Oct 31, 2019
Quik trip
It is a great starting job or second job to have. As for a full time job may not be suiteable for all. Your availability has to be completely available to move up quick.

Questions And Answers about QuikTrip

What would you suggest QuikTrip management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 23, 2017
Management needs to trust in their employees especially if they have been there for more than 5 years. Getting reprimanded for mistakes management makes and blaming it on employees is not acceptable. This caused me to leave my position and not giving me extra hours even though I had requested them and additional training for other positions. Good employees are your front line. Your management needs to be the same.
Answered Mar 27, 2020
Listen to regular team members. Realize loosing a bit of profit to make good employees stay isnt a bad thing
Answered Jan 20, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at QuikTrip?
Asked Sep 13, 2016
Be honest and upfront. Speak your mind.
Answered Mar 12, 2020
Be sure they know everything going on in your life. They don't care much about you personally during an interview.
Answered Feb 9, 2020
What kind of drug test do they administer
Asked Jul 9, 2016
No drug test for part time employees, unless you get hurt
Answered Jun 18, 2019
IF you get an interview, you have 24 to take a drug screen at one of their facilities.
Answered Jun 10, 2018
Is the math test for part time clerks on paper or do they ask you the questions vocally? Also, how are the questions and is it timed?
Asked Sep 10, 2016
The math test is taken digitally in one of their offices nearest to you; you'll be signed in and given a sheet of paper in which you will thus use to log into their testing sessions. The test is a simple, yet briefly long test that is composed of a table labeled "1c. 10c. 25c. 1$." etc. which you are supposed to fill in how much respective cents or dollars would you give back to a customer as change; an example of one of the questions are: "A customer wishes to pay $20.00 for gas and $15.85 for merchandise; how much change would they receive if they have tendered $50.50?" or perhaps "A customer would like change to be made for $1 in 3 quarters and the rest in nickels"; you would have to fill out the table accordingly. The math test results usually take around one week; you can attempt to call the office after one week (if they have not responded to you) and find out as to why they did not call back. Me personally, I did not receive a call back and had to call them myself asking for a status update. It turns out, I was not originally accepted not because I had failed the math test, but because my availability was not fit for the job. However, I simply fixed the availability issue and I am now currently in training! Good luck.
Answered Jul 25, 2019
I think everyone’s experience is different, mine personally, I did mine on the computer and it was not timed. there is a stack of paper by the computer and a pen holder filled with pens to write with if you need to process the math. The questions are easy I’d say, they just give you word problems and then there are collums that say how many dimes, pennies,nickles, 1$ 5$ 10$ or 20$ you would give back. and sometimes the customer would want half of it in 5$ instead of a 20$ they would want 2 $5’s and the rest in a 10$. its really not that bad you just have to think a little. there are like 5 questions, too. its not like a full-on math test. then it takes you to finsih your application making sure they have all your information.
Answered Feb 18, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make QuikTrip a better place to work?
Asked Jan 9, 2018
Pay higher wages.
Answered Mar 12, 2020
Give people fair hours, actually switch people out of the kitchen and on the register, when people tell you what your medical issues are respect them and try and help them out instead of firing them for being chronically sick.
Answered Feb 9, 2020