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R1 RCM Reviews

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Overall Reviews at R1 RCM

Customer Service Representative | Indianapolis, IN | Feb 19, 2019
India's billing is making csu hard
I transition from Billing to customer service because my job went to India. Immediately we were told that we would be on a set schedule. The only good thing is we got to keep our pay. Our training in the department was nowhere near compared what a new hire would get even though we were going to be working in a totally different environment and billing system. I get so many calls from unhappy patients that are being billed either incorrectly (due to incorrect adjustments made from India billing team) or we billed to wrong insurance and I guess India does not do research before sending a balance to patient to try and work the account to the best of their ability. I also think this is the lack of education from R1 employees that work as patient access workers that register and load insurance. The company is all about money and we were just told that we cannot take certain days off even though we have the time. We actual have a "bidding" system that was just implemented by the supervisor that works in the department that is new to it and has never worked in a health care environment before and our time has to be requested in quarters. It is literally the slummiest system I have ever heard of. We also do not have sick time either. The supervisor did not pass any of the tests in training (she was in training with me) and she also is not trained to take calls. She gets paid to micro manage the department's time. I never know when I will have a day off and constantly have to check an...more
Patient Services Representative | Salt Lake County, UT | Mar 3, 2020
Don’t Even Bother
My time with R1 RCM has been nothing but stress. I enjoyed my job at a fast food restaurant more than I have with this company. There are so many things wrong and they manage to keep it all hidden from you till you’re in the job for about a month and then you realize just how bad it is. Trying to get ahold of the person hiring you is like pulling teeth, especially if you’re not in IL where the company is based. I sent so many emails and tried calling the person that was “keeping in touch with me” and heard back maybe once. Terrible staff load, couldn’t get anyone to help cover my shift or the shifts around my shift. I worked my third shift ever, a grave shift mind you, by myself in an ER. They go through people like crazy. Upper management is a total joke, as well as HR. I expressed multiple concerns to them and they either ignored me or told the person that I had an issue with, that I had an issue, causing even more issues. There is no privacy, security, or action taken if you have an issue, and if there is action taken it backfires back onto you. Their policies are beyond ridiculous. Their policy implies that you’ll never get sick, and if you do, tough news. You either show up or get written up. They don’t accept doctors notes, even for a legitimate reason. I have run into the issue a couple times and couldn’t take prescriptions the doctor recommended because I had to be at work, making it harder for everyone else to work with me because I wasn’t productive and everyone had...more
Billing Specialist | Layton, UT | Jan 29, 2019
Great desk setup and friendly coworkers but management- yeah, they lie and throw you under a bus for their own fun
I loved my job with R1. I was a contract employee doing Medicaid claims for Radiology. During the last month, my immediate supervisor was out on medical BUT her supervisor was left as our acting sup. Anyways, she approved OT for us and we even clarified if we as contract employees were ok to take advantage of the OT. She said yes that the person who used to be in charge is no longer with R1 so we are good to go. I’m not joking, I’m a single mom with three growing boys. I worked as much OT as I could. Workflow would slow down at times and I managed my follow up time with a notebook with all info I’d need to input on accounts (basically Medicaid ER for non citizens, which is tons of paperwork and printing and faxing.) well I’d send all to printer and at end of day, I’d print them all out, sort and fax. I even waited for transmission notices before leaving to go home. I studied things I may of had questions on to be more knowledgeable of my role. All this blood, sweat and tears and time away from my children and like that, my manager comes back and two days later, they let us go saying OT was not approved and we added time. I’m appalled that they can just take someone’s livelihood and can them like that without any talking to them about concerns. I admit, I’m human and I may have made a mistake (very little if any) on my time are. If that’s the case, TALK to ME!!! That’s all that was needed and now I’m unemployed and freaking out. Shame on those women for being so heartless and ...more
ProsGood pay and benefits- flex schedule- perfect for single parents or students
ConsManagement and blatant lies to protect their own rear ends
Patient Access Manager | Oshkosh, WI | Jun 1, 2019
Fix the product, so our processes can work better for our customers.
Our customer base is unhappy with the way that things are communicated to them. They get angry because someone calls them to pre reg, but then they come into the hospital and the demographic information is not updated & we have to get the information from them again. They don't care that they have to repeat themselves constantly and they have to wait when they should be able to get their testing done without problems. Customers are also very unhappy about the billing aspect. They receive multiple bills and have paid online, but they keep getting the same bill sent to them over & over again. They make a payment by phone & never receive a receipt & nothing is documented in the system that we can see or other people from billing customer service can see. We also find that these same customers are receiving letters stating they are being taken to collections when they have paid their bills. I've even had instances where I faxed copies of payment receipts to the phone number they gave & I call 5 days later to check the status of the billing situation because the customer comes back in wanting to know if everything has been fixed & there is no documentation that I called or that they received the faxed requested documents...very frustrating for internal & external customers!!! I love the people I directly work with because they try so hard to work as a team, but if we don't have the necessary functioning tools to do our job, then no one is happy.
ProsR1 is attempting to increase cash revenue
ConsThey have purchased so many clinic/hospital revenue cycle departments, why are we still having issues with programs.
Registration Clerk | Waco, TX | May 30, 2019
Poor management and favoritism
I would not recommend going to work for this company. They have changed their name once before and at the rate they are going with how they treat the employees they will have to change it again. They will work you until you are so stressed that you are forced to find a new job. This company is full of lies and they do not have it together. They will fire you for something that other employees have done in the past but don’t get reprimanded for because they are either friends with management or do a position that they don’t want to hire and train someone else for. They do not listen to your complaints or take them seriously. If you email HR they do not contact you to hear your complaints. There is literally no one you can talk to on-site because everyone in management will tell the other person what you said. They will bully you and when you bring it up it gets swept under the rug. They do not pay you extra if you a bilingual but except you to translate for the department as well as other departments in the hospital. You will be hired to do registration and make shell accounts but you will also be expected to transport patients, and go to the floor and collect wheelchairs for other patients. The pay is not worth it. If you are fired or quit (even with notice) your health insurance ends the same day. Beware this place is a joke. I honestly don’t think that corporate has any idea what goes on at this site but hopefully one day someone will step up and let them know.
ProsThe end of the day
Patient Access Manager | Racine, WI | Dec 20, 2018
Nice Manager, but not disciplined
During My career at R1RCM as patient registration, I have loved my manager, and leads they are all so kind. However, due to staffing shortages ( that were like this last year and the year before) the staff is has abused the kindness. Dress code is not followed, excessive tardies, excessive call ins, mandated staffing... and the list goes on. R1RCM has also decided that it was appropriate to place another job on the shoulders of registration. The er is already busy as it is, but because financial counselors are apparently overloaded by the amount of patients they need to assist on nights and weekends. R1 is always changing their policies. PTO balance does not carry over to the next year so you must use it all. HR is a message machine that never calls back. They do not follow through with promises. You can not understand them on the phone. Forget sending an email to benefits center, they do not reply for months. If your pay is messed up, they require you to wait till next payday for your money. Shift differentials are the bare minimum, and you must work 4 hours on that shift. They will mandate you to stay, there is no incentive, or appreciation of hard work. R1RCM lacks positivity. You'd think for a revenue cycle management company they would be more on top of things such as an employees pay. If you can avoid R1 I would at all costs.
ProsNice Manager, Eight paid holidays
ConsUnpaid 30 min break, Forced to take PTO, Mandated overtime, no bonuses
Billing Specialist | Southfield, MI | Dec 8, 2018
Don't Waste Your Time
The company has a very high turnover rate because of the lack of morale, poor management, and constant changes to day-to-day work as accounts are being sent to India. This would be okay if they knew what they were doing, but they don't despite months of training. Management is never available because they are always training the workers in India via videoconferencing. Despite multiple training sessions, training manuals/standard operating procedures, the Indian team continues to make the same mistakes and management doesn't do anything about it. All they do is make us fix their mistakes. Management is unorganized and will give you an assignment and make it "high priority" because they forgot to send it out when their boss gave it to them. Sometimes there is "mandatory overtime" which disrupts your life. Management has a "we've always done it this way" attitude, so while there is room for improvement in several processes, they aren't taken into consideration. And on the rare occasion that something is implemented, leadership will take credit for an idea that was presented by the staff. The pay is decent, when you are paid on time, but certainly not worth your peace of mind. Hard to get HR to respond and resolve issues. Most people are nice, but there is a handful of negative people who absolutely drain you. I am actively seeking employment elsewhere.
ProsPay, volunteering
ConsManagement, poor morale, unorganized, work being sent to India, HR
Auditor | Remote | Jul 16, 2019
Poorly structured company
If you are looking for advancement within the company, you will want to work elsewhere. Advancement is dependent upon who you know and who likes you. It is not based upon skill set. Managers have an authoritarian style of management. If you can keep your opinions to yourself and just do your job as well as let your manager dictate your daily responsibilities, then this place will be fine for you. However, If you have opinions, well thought out ideas, and a vast skill set, you will want to work some where else. There are many chiefs and very few indians and all the chiefs have "god complexes". The benefits and salary are good. However, many of the company's coders are being promoted to auditors since they can pay them half of what the seasoned auditors are making. Many of the promoted coders do not know how to audit very well and need more training since they lean on the senior auditors for constant help which makes it difficult to complete your daily tasks. Auditors must adhere to daily company production standards; therefore, if you are busy working with the newly promoted auditors, production will suffer. Again, the management team is horrible! They all "stick together" so if one manager disagrees with you, all the others will side with that manager. This makes your work day extremely frustrating.
Patient Access Manager | Bolingbrook, IL | Jan 23, 2020
Avoid at All Costs
Where to start... Management doesn’t follow their own rules. They promise an open door policy but don’t follow it. You only succeed if you’re a management favorite or kiss a**. They encourage gossip and don’t squash bullying. I was blatantly lied to and then fired, not to mention my termination was being gossiped about by coworkers a week prior to it happening, so someone in charge let it slip. I went to HR about the bullying and nothing was done. Previously to that I attempted to talk to my supervisor about it, who shot me down and said “now wasn’t the time to talk about it”. I then tried to talk to my manager under my supervisor and she told me to go to HR so I did and they did nothing. They don’t care about their employees and management is constantly contradicting themselves. I was screwed over and I know my boss didn’t like me but I got the job done. They only want people they can get along with, not who get the job done. They constantly tell you “you’re an important part of the team”, but they don’t protect you unless you’re a management favorite and kiss up to them. Avoid this place at all costs. They have little to nothing to offer. I met some great people but until they overhaul management and ensure that everyone is being treated fairly, they will continue to fail. Do not work for R1, specifically in Bolingbrook.
Manager | Chicago, IL | Jan 10, 2019
Apply anywhere but here
Hospitals cutting costs at the risk of hurting long standing employees and patient care, should at least considering selecting a company that actually cares about people. There is no culture. Making money at all costs should be there number one value. No one at the VP level actually cares about the people that actually do the work and put in endless hours to try to keep the company alive. Automation and India should be the only two words in their dictionary. It truly frightens me how they message things when they are genuinely and discretely screwing employees over. Worst of all, no one in HR responds or knows how to answer questions related to benefits. HR questions go unanswered, local HR is clueless about policy and procedures and the lack of communication about changes is atrocious. Everything is smoke and mirrors. There are leaders at this company that only look out for themselves and have very questionable behaviors. Those leaders take all the credit as they push their employees further and further to the breaking point. You will never feel job security. Not one leader is genuine. No one leaves that company satisfied they made the choice to join. Signing an offer letter is the first step in kissing your dignity goodbye.
ConsEverything else

Questions And Answers about R1 RCM

How are the working hours at R1 RCM?
Asked Jun 30, 2016
8 hour practical work
Answered Mar 24, 2019
In Birmingham the hours were great
Answered Apr 5, 2018
How long on average is the recruitment process? I have completed my video interview at this time.
Asked Aug 29, 2017
It’s veryyyyy slow, it can be up too 2 weeks-4 weeks !! So I wouldn’t recommend leaving your previous job until you found you get a email on start date
Answered Nov 6, 2018
The hiring process is slow. On average about 5 to 6 weeks after your personal interview. I work in Pensacola and our management staff is wonderful.
Answered Aug 12, 2018
Do they offer part time positions?
Asked Sep 14, 2016
They have part Time positions at the hospital sites, and will allow good workers to move from full time to part time if needed for work life balance at the corporate office.
Answered Oct 14, 2017
I think it depends on the locatolion that you are applying at.
Answered Aug 7, 2017
What is the most stressful part about working at R1 RCM?
Asked Apr 30, 2018
The most stressful part is actually "working" for this company.
Answered Mar 5, 2020
Employees are not paid well.
Answered Jul 15, 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at R1 RCM?
Asked Mar 14, 2018
Run, do not bother. There are better companies out there hiring. You deserve better.
Answered Mar 5, 2020
The interview process was fairly fast. It was 2 phone interviews then the E skills assessment.
Answered Oct 3, 2019