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Overall Reviews at RGIS Inventory Specialists

Inventory Specialist | Riverside, CA | May 6, 2019
Great company, easy work, good pay
A typical day at work included scanning items in a store, stockroom, or warehouse. Work is generally completed with minor supervision, with supervisors coming around to answer questions and assign new areas once the areas you've been assigned to scan are complete. There are one to two breaks depending on the shift length and sometimes a 30-minute lunch, though they often offer you the opportunity to work through it and sign a waiver if you'd prefer the hours to the lunch. Management is friendly and helpful. If you keep them informed regarding any scheduling changes or requests off, they will always attempt to accommodate. Most of them are very helpful with questions during a shift. They want you to succeed. The company has an app for scheduling that's helpful and easy to use. Pay starts at $14.00 in southern California and goes up by 50 cents for every level you achieve. I think there are four or five levels. It might go up more than 50 cents each time with the higher levels, I'm unsure. To go up in levels you must scan quickly and accurately. The small machine you use to scan items keeps track of your rate and accuracy is checked my store employees who come after you as you continue on to other areas. The better your scanning speed and accuracy, the higher pay you can qualify for, every six months. They also offer an opportunity to level up immediately after your first five shifts if your speed and accuracy are that good. Travel is not paid unless using a company...more
Prosamount of hours, pay, ease of job, flexible scheduling, friendly management
ConsNo consistent set schedule, potential for pay decrease if your performance decreases, travel
Inventory Specialist | Tucson, AZ | Oct 12, 2018
Work Somewhere Else
Everything about this job is stressful besides the actual work. It is the easiest job to do with the hardest atmosphere to work in. The higher ups are constantly rude to employees, mistreat them verbally and financially, and there is little room to advance even though they tell you otherwise. There is also a communication problem amongst the bosses, and misinformation given in order to get people to sign up for whatever they want you to do (I was offered a supervisor position while being told said position comes with more hours, more work, and more pay, but instead was given more work, the same hours, and the same pay. Also discovered that promotions are withheld on purpose if you don't conform to what they want you to do; including blowing off medical, family, or personal appointments and emergancies in order to work for them when they want you to work) Hours are very inflexible as well. You are punished for changing your availability for any reason by being given far lesser hours, and most shifts given are either at the crack of dawn around 4 a.m. or at night from 9 p.m going into the next morning so get used to coming home at 7 in the morning on your "day off" since you had to work the night before well into said day off. Hours will also drastically drop to 0 once the holiday rolls around. The only way one can make a living with this company is to work a solid 50 or more hours a week, something they want and encourage regardless of if you have family, school, any ...more
ProsAlways more work if youre willing to have no other life
ConsShort breaks or no breaks at all, a lot of traveling without payment, long work days with unequal compensation
Auditor | Kansas City, MO | Sep 18, 2019
Get your money and get out; Always have a backup plan.
On a typical week, travel day is either Sunday or Monday (depending on that week's schedule). Some people drive to meet sites and carpool in the company vans from there, some people drive their own cars (which they do not get paid for), and some people get picked up from their houses (there are really no set rules on this.) Usually stay at 2-star hotels, so don't expect anything better than a Red Roof or a Days Inn. My district worked mainly for one company which was nice because it was easier to become familiar with the product; this made it easier to count. There are weeks when there's tons of work, lots of travel pay... then weeks where there is no work at all. During that time (if your manager knows what they're doing), you will get scheduled at other stores that you are NOT familiar with; you'll have to work with other teams that need help, and you'll only get offered extra hours based off of where you live, not how good you are. The company is all about cost; decisions are made that stress employees and rarely ever make sense. Overall, the job itself is easy and the money can be good at times. I made a lot of friends and saw towns/cities I've never seen before. Other than that, there was little to no training available for the people who struggled to catch on, management changes just as quickly as employees turn over, and the lack of communication was absurd. They tell you they want you to be accurate when really they just want you to have an accurate guess... and do it...more
ProsTraveling to new cities every week, making friends with coworkers
Consshort breaks, lots of drama, lack of communication, LONG trips in crowded vans, no room for advancement
Inventory Auditor | Plano, TX | Feb 1, 2019
The definition of inconsistency
Your work location changes daily. Your supervisor(s) change daily. the functionality of your equipment changes daily. Your co-workers change daily. Every day you walk in to work, you get to flip a coin to determine if your equipment is working, then roll a dice to determine what issues it will have that day. By the way, as long as your equipment powers on, you are expected to perform your task at the same level as if your equipment were running perfectly. Just about every one I talked to told me to skip things or override things because no one really checks or cares as long as the numbers are close. Supervisors told me to be exact but fast, even when the scatter on my handheld scanner was messed up. I was regularly scheduled back to back events with about 5 or 6 hours between them and none of the supervisors understood when I was said that I was too tired to drive 2 hours in traffic and then work for 4 hours coming in to the third event with about 8 hours of sleep across 3 days. If you work, THEY WILL SCHEDULE YOU. And asking out requires an act from god because just about everyone I spoke to hates this job and doesn't want to fill in for people. The job it self is easy. Scan things, compare the numbers,, move to the next lot. But I have had ONE day after 2 weeks of working where my equipment actually performed as intended. It's an ok job for a month or two. Also, your equipment in INCREDIBLY dated. You'd think a company that does inventory auditing ...more
ProsEasy work
Consawful hours, dysfuntional equipment, lazy coworkers, distanced supervisors, and so on and so on
Auditor | Ohio | Sep 24, 2018
Random hours but easy work
Overall seemed like a great company. They will pick you up and drop you off from your home with company vehicles, drive you to a work site, and let you work relatively unsupervised for the duration of the event. The equipment you use tracks your speed, so as long as you work fast and accurately, you get a raise every fiscal quarter. There are no reviews, their computers do it automatically. My main problem with the job is that very often I would be picked up and driven to the job site, only to find out many people called off. Since I was reliant on their carpool system, I would have to work until the job was done. This led to many occasions where I was scheduled for 6 hours, only to be forced to work 14-18 hours. If I asked for breaks or tried to stop working, it was implied I would have been fired and then stranded hundreds of miles from home. The first two times this happened I was unable to feel my toes for days after being on my feet for so long, which would not have happened if I had been prepared for a lengthy shift. Another issue is that training is done by a seperate company. So when I had questions, oftentimes they were met with rude non-answers from some of the shift managers. Not all of them, in fact most were extremely pleasant to work with, but a few were just downright nasty and condescending. I also originally was told I would be making 10.50/hr. They even had me enter it into a computer form during my hiring process. When I got my first check I...more
Prostransportation, easy work
Consinsane hours
Inventory Auditor | Columbia, SC | Jul 30, 2018
DON'T BE FOOLED! Only single people should apply!
If you are in school, are a single parent, or have any type of home or social life.. IT WILL SUFFER! WORK HOURS ARE CRAZY! Expect to wake up at 3 am some days to get to work. Other times you'll need to be at work at 6 pm and you won't be home until the sun is up. Oh and there's NO SET TIME TO GET OFF! You are off when the work is done. And if you traveled with a group... You might get left. Don't worry.. you'll make it home with another group. DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE TRAVEL ASPECT! You don't actually get to enjoy the places you go. You're there to work. When you're done... You leave! Some people are required to travel 4 plus hours to go to an event. (AKA TO WORK). Travel outside your local area is in an uncomfortable van and stopping to get food before or after work is RARE even if the total time including travel is over 8 hours. Breaks are for 10 minutes. A meal break is not a guarantee. In total I've had 3 meal breaks in the 3 months I've worked there. I have been at work for 12 hours ( with about 3 hours of travel included) and only received ONE 10 MINUTE BREAK! If you're late you will not get a call from your supervisor. You will get a call from the DM AND A VERY RUDE TEXT! If you're late for an out of town event, you will get left. Let's not get started on the lack of training either. Yes you're scanning inventory but they don't teach you the different rules of counting that come with each store. So most of the time people are clueless which effec...more
ProsLess work during holidays
ConsNo benefits, short breaks, terrible scheduling, no communication
Inventory Associate | Santa Clarita, CA | Jul 31, 2019
Joke of a company
They offer next to no training at all then send you to your first inventory event expecting you to know how everything works. They sent me to a single two hour training session that started late and ended early. We spent maybe 30 minutes watching videos on corporate policy then another ten minutes scanning merch in the store we were at. The group I “trained” with got absolutely no feedback even after asking the lady in charge of the session how we did, so we walked out of there not knowing whether or not we did anything right. I was afraid to even ask questions once I started going to inventory events because every time I did the supervisors would always act like I was the world’s biggest fool for not knowing exactly what to do in every situation. They also kept messing up on the schedule and would put me on for events that were outside of the availability they signed off on when I was hired. I literally only needed two days off per week because of school and was fully 100% free to work the rest of the week so it wasn’t exactly like I was asking for a lot. They ended up terminating me and couldn’t even give me a straight answer as to why. First it was for “too many no call no shows,” to which I responded that the only events I’d missed were the ones I shouldn’t have been scheduled for to begin with. Then it was suddenly for “non communication” because apparently the means by which I told them I couldn’t make it to those events wasn’t sufficient, even though I followed e...more
Inventory Specialist | Torrance, CA | Aug 16, 2019
Extremely easy work, good pay, terrible management/hrs
I basically got hired at the interview. The ONLY stressful thing about this job is management...the two main supervisors are two rude ladies. They make it seem like it's the most difficult job in the world. This is inventory work, so all you do is count and scan SKUs. That's literally it. I have another merchandising job working resets and store remodels; now that's a difficult job! This is entry level merchandising work made difficult by management with power trips or just bad attitudes. They schedule you 2-4 days a week, but you will most likely only work up to 2 hours per shift because the team leads get to decide who they want to send home if you're "counting too slow" or "no longer" needed for the shift. If you're a new hire you will pretty much always get sent home early for at least the first month. Assignments are RARELY close by and you basically do not get milage reimbursement, but they offer car pool services. They make a big deal about scheduling and working with you if you have a specific schedule or other job, yet they have no problem making you drive 20+ miles just to get sent home after 2 hours. Team leads are amazing! But alot of the employees are straight lazy and will count slow or just chit chat away and complain about wanting to go home 1 hour into the job. You are literally just counting product. Pay starts at $14.50 and if you count fast, you can move up and get a raise pretty quick. (Up to $18.50/hr) That's probably the only plus right now. We will see...more
ProsEasy work, laid back team leads
ConsRude management, little hours to start
Inventory Specialist | Colorado Springs, CO | May 30, 2018
Easy job, hard schedule
The job itself is fairly simple and not too difficult; I won't get into that here. The hard part for me was the sporadic schedule. Many jobs occur when stores are closed so be prepared to work many nights. Scheduling is done on a weekly basis and shifts are inconsistent so there is little advance notice; flexibility is required. They will take into account your availability but you won't get many hours if you're too picky. Every job needs to be completed once scheduled so if people no show (which was common), expect long hours occasionally (12 or more). Also, unofficial double shifts were common. People get scheduled to work all night, the job runs over time, and they need to be back out for the next one in a couple hours. Don't expect consistent sleep because it simply will not happen. Other days, we would finish a job in 4 hours and not have work for a few days. Overall, don't expect consistent hours or schedule. The other main factor of this job was the commute. Travel all across the state, and sometimes further, is required. Travel was typically an hour or more each way and there were very few jobs in town. Luckily, the company provides transportation from a main office. They tell you travel is paid, but it's at minimum wage minus 2 hours per job, not counting your personal travel to the office. This made it hardly worth the time commitment; even if your pay was officially a couple dollars over minimum wage, it came out to minimum wage or lower when travel time is ...more
Auditor | Albany, NY | Jul 25, 2019
Retail inventory attracts people at a certain crossroads in life
I used to love this job, and it saved me when I was at my lowest. If you're a good conscientious worker, this job can get you back on your feet again, and there's opportunity to get into management, . However, due to the nature of the business, and high turn over rate, your fellow coworkers will come from a wide variety of cultures and financial backgrounds, and as such also display varying degrees of personal integrity. In the time I worked there, the staffing went from being a mix of retirees and college kids, to being mostly ghetto trash. This is not to say that there aren't some gold nuggets in the bucket of manure, but 8 out of 10 don't want to pull their weight, show up late making the entire crew late, or don't turn up at all if they don't feel like it.. The ones that ARE reliable think that the world is owed to them, are rude, and just make the entire day difficult for everyone. They have no concept of why you shouldn't just spew out whatever thoughts and words just happen to reach your lips. many of the pros are also the cons, depending on what type of person you are. most recently there are many changes intended to make the job more flexible, but so far the t practice is not living up to the theory.
ProsHotel stays include a per diem, fairly easy to become a supervisor, easy job once you get used to it, Employees come from very diverse backgrounds (meet many interesting people), non standard hours
Consnot as easy as it seems, employees come from very diverse backgrounds(there can be a lot of jerks), low pay, odd hours

Questions And Answers about RGIS Inventory Specialists

What is the interview process like at RGIS Inventory Specialists?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
Phone interview was informative and quick.
Answered Feb 23, 2020
I applied online. After a few days, I had a phone interview then I signed documents and I am waiting now to start working.
Answered Dec 7, 2019
Do they drug test?
Asked Feb 23, 2017
Mouth swab or UA?
Answered Feb 7, 2020
I was drug tested
Answered Jan 18, 2020
If you were in charge, what would you do to make RGIS Inventory Specialists a better place to work?
Asked Nov 9, 2019
Try to set up adequate crews for the jobs. I know this is not always possible, but it could improve.
Answered Apr 1, 2020
Make sure the employees are not on there phones while working and not hanging out with there friends and talking to each other.
Answered Mar 29, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at RGIS Inventory Specialists?
Asked Aug 14, 2018
Be yourself! You don't have to put on a show for the company. They are looking to hire people that want to work. You just need to show up and they will train you
Answered Mar 2, 2020
You need a car! You will need to drive to a new location everyday and if you dint have transportation, you wont be considered
Answered Feb 3, 2020
I have a interview next week, can someone explain how much per hour you receive. Also when you travel from job to job do they compensate your time? Also gas? If you travel out of state do you receive compensation before the trip so you dont have to use your own money? Thanks,
Asked Jul 23, 2016
1. Pay varies by district. There is a mininum district starting wage that can increase if you perform well. This pay can also decrease if you don't meet your goals. RGIS is pay-for-performance and does not do merit raises. There are also "adder roles" such as store supervisor, recounter and setup that increase your pay for a particular inventory event. 2. Travel events are usually done with a company van. The driver of the van is paid minimum wage based on where the event is located. The other passengers do not get paid for the first hour of travel each way. You only get paid gas if you use your own vehicle to go to a travel event (must be approved by an area manager) or if you are bringing equipment to run a store.
Answered May 12, 2018
In Amarillo,Tx pay 9.50 a hour in town you provide your own gas out of town they take you in the company Van
Answered Mar 24, 2018