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Branch Office | Lombard, IL | Jan 16, 2019
Toxic management culture leads to 100% turnover in region
Within a few short years of being hired, every single person at all branch offices and in other full-time roles within the Midwest region had either (1) been fired or (2) quit. Yes, that is 100% turnover. Why? Corporate in Atlanta treats full-time management roles as expendables, just like the temps that make the company all its money. Very little professional development training available and bonuses are designed to give you the lowest amount possible, like dangling a carrot in front of a horse's face, e.g. basing a recruiters bonus on not their own performance, but also their team members, so that if only one person fails to perform, the entire team's bonus is forfeit. Only unethical employers play those types of games. Company does not believe in severance pay and routinely holds mass firing events every year. I still know and communicate with a lot of former friends from Randstad, but none still work there due to the oppressive and unattainable metrics which make the workplace into a white collar sweatshop environment. No support from management at all, only finger-pointing and a culture of blame. The company is so rigidly run that one cannot even place a picture frame on your desk unless it is in the company approved Randstad frame and only two pictures are allowed are review by your manager. This company does not know how to treat its employees well, as proven by its 100% turnover rate. Work-life balance is awful because you will have to work like ...more
ProsBlue, orange and pink walls in offices
ConsRigid workplace, toxic management culture, few advancement opportunities, grumpy workers
Data Entry Clerk | Chicago, IL | Dec 20, 2018
Unorganized from day one
Even the training process was stressful. They kept insisting they had emailed me documents to complete my drug testing and everything, and I kept telling them I never got them. I had to figure out where to test and convince them to use my driver's license as ID because they never emailed me the bar code I was SUPPOSED to present. They told me "I don't know what to tell you, everyone else found the place fine." then proceeded to email me the instructions hours after I had already completed everything. Management never responded to emails unless it was convenient for them. One time I emailed requesting time off and they intentionally waited until five minutes after my shift started on the day I needed off before they responded saying it was approved. Same thing with enrolling for health insurance. I enrolled soon as open enrollment started. I got a letter later saying that I wasn't eligible for the plan I chose and I needed to change it before open enrollment ended. Didn't get the letter until two days after it ended. And somehow the letter was dated two weeks before I'd even enrolled. Also, they're attitudes are super fake. I was a tier one employee and the first nine months I worked there (which means we had nine meetings) they greeted me with "Hello, and your name is...?" Then after I told them, it was "Ohh our star performer!" They'll email you with an attitude and then the next time they see you, they're all in your face smiling and talking about how they're so happy to se...more
Prosyou rarely have to see or speak to them
Conseverything else.
Forklift Operator | Roseville, CA | Mar 21, 2019
Extremely Unprofessional
Randstad staff is rude and unprofessional liars. They say there looking for "forklift operators" but temps are NOT allowed to operate a forklifts at this job site. If you call in sick the management will claim you can not use a California paid sick day. The few times I called in sick and was denied my right to use a California paid sick day I had to call HR and make a complaint to get paid. If you try to contact them you will be told call them during you brake or lunch witch is not being relived from all work duties according CA labor law. Every week I get a harassing number of text and email reminders to approve my time card. I've gotten over 15 emails/text in one day. The assignment I'm on has a lot of temps, about 20. None of them has anything good to say about Randstad. I have been at this assignment for over 8 months and was told it is temp to hire within 5 months. It dose not matter how hard or fast you work there will be favoritism towards full time employees. Temps are treated like replaceable nobody's at the workplace. The staffing manager at Randstad called me "unprofessional' and said I was being "too aggressive" because after 5 months I kept asking once a week when the assignment plans on hiring me. No real job security, If you make a mistake you will be fired. The place I'm at reminds everyone "You Will Be Let Go' weekly.As a temp you will work next to someone full time that gets paid more then you and gets company benefits like Paid holidays off, Paid vacation...more
ConsRude and Unprofessional staff, NO Paid holidays, Paid vacation / PTO or 401K
Mailroom/Pressroom Long Term Temp | Saint Petersburg, FL | Mar 18, 2019
was able to add something to my resume being that I had no previous work history and meet some new people
I personally would not recommend working at Randstad to anyone I know. Do not apply if you don't like really physical work like assembly line production and you may have to lift heavy things depending on where they put you. All work involves 8+ hours on your feet and standing in one spot for a long time or possibly a lot of walking. The staff at the agency can be quite rude and attitudish. If you ever confirm an assignment with them and something comes up where you can no longer go instead of them finding someone else to fill in for you they will chastise and yell at you for it and tell you that you have to go anyway. The pay is not worth the physical work you generally get $9.35 to 10 an hour. I feel that the staff don't care about the employees they just care about satisfying the client even if the client doesn't treat you fairly they will side with the client because they don't want to lose that business with the client plus the staff gets paided a certain amount per hour off of you so that's what really matters to them. You have to work at 500 hours at any one place they send you to in order to get hired on. The only positive thing is that it gave me something to put on my resume because I had no previous work history and I had a tough time finding a job before them because of my lack of work history and not having a degree yet. This place is not somewhere to start a career only just to make quick money.
ProsYou can get easily hired by them if you have a clean record, or if you can give them a good explaination for an criminal charges
Conspoor pay, attitudish staff
Staffing Manager | San Francisco Bay Area, CA | Mar 16, 2020
Fast-paced work environment with a million and one things to do, but you go home not feeling accomplished at the end of the day.
Sales and staffing: Sell service to potential clients and staff the open positions. From start to finish you own the process and are encouraged to constantly "break" new accounts. Many businesses have dealt with staffing agencies before or at least have some knowledge of staffing agencies, so the market is tough to break into. Very seldom will you come across a hiring manager that has not had a bad experience with staffing agencies or is not constantly bombarded by account managers vying for their business. The staffing agency market may have once been very fruitful for staffing managers and account managers but the industry has definitely cooled down, and getting any business is an uphill battle. In response to the cooling market, staffing agencies have revamped account manager and recruiting roles and combined them into an all encompassing role, "Staffing Manager". Now, staffing managers perform and are expected to produce results of two people for the pay of one. Useful terms to listen for or inquire about are; full-desk (sales and recruiting), separate-desk (sales or recruiting), commission (OTE) as part of the expected yearly compensation, etc. In summary, these types of roles and organizations can be very fulfilling to some and very standoffish for others. It can be a great entry level sales and recruiting role for recent college grads as it offers a perspective into B2B sales and recruiting. Good luck, and continue your job search! Nothing good ever comes easy!!!
Network Consultant | Los Angeles, CA | Sep 18, 2018
Highly Professional Technical Consulting Company
Randstad places highly qualified technical professionals into companies who need such expertise as contract employees or as staff augmentation for short or long term projects. A typical day is to go to work with/for the company that Randstad has placed you into as if that is your employer. You do the job that you were placed there to do, you interface with the manager or supervisor for that entity, as needed, and work each day to help complete the work assignments on time. At the end of each day you may need to update the time tracking work sheet that is usually presented to the hiring manager or supervisor, at the end of the week, for validation of the time spent doing the work requested. The hardest part of the job is going into new and unknown environments and having to get familiar with the different processes that each company has to get things done. The most enjoyable part of the job is seeing the end result, of all of the work, yield the desired results for the customer and knowing that you are a part of that companies success story now.
ProsRandstad has a diverse customer list, and is not opposed to work for hire contracts with it's customers.
ConsAs an IT Consultant, you need to get placed on a customer account as Randstad will only hold a consultant, on payroll, for so long with no customer to bill for your time, so a little hustle effort is required
Staffing Manager | Chelmsford, MA | Mar 21, 2019
Difficult to review because I worked there twice and had 2 totally different experiences
It is very difficult for me to review Randstad because I worked there on two separate occasions, and in two different states. My first experience was terrific. I made a huge contribution there and was given a very prestigious award. And the reason I was successful was not only because I had drive and determination, but I was given autonomy to accomplish the job in my own way. And the focus really was putting people to work. That is what I did and I was allowed to do that as I saw fit. The second time I worked there (in a different state and more than a decade later) I had a totally different experience. The metrics and numbers were ridiculous, and it was like hitting numbers just to keep people happy. I was not used to being so micro managed and stretched thin. Randstad offers some very good training and it is a good employer if you are fresh out of school and need to gain some experience and knowledge. But as a senior person with more than 15 years of experience it was not the right place for me the second time around. The numbers and activities they expect are incredibly difficult. And the sad thing is people were just making calls to hit their numbers.
Prosstrong training program, good place for someone fresh out of college
ConsCrazy metrics, intensive training where they try to break you
Technician | Houston, TX | Jan 10, 2020
Great support with challenging work = a decent paycheck
Management was strict because security was tight. We couldn't even have a soda pop at our desk. I know the reason why, though. Management wanted to prevent liquid spills on the computers, which is understandable. We had to walk through the metal detector every time we left our desk and every time we returned to work. Workplace culture is diverse and inclusive. The environment seemed something like a factory sweatshop, but we had to work at a really fast pace. The hardest part of the job was the night shift. We worked for 4 long 10 hour nights, and I couldn't even sleep in the morning because my mind was on autopilot from working all those hours. It was as if my health were starting to deteriorate then. The most enjoyable part of the job was the pay and benefits, as well as the people helping me with whatever I needed help with to avoid error. Eventually, everyone had trouble functioning nights that the company eliminated the night shift altogether because production went down. I was offered to work second shift, but communication fell apart because the HR manager went on vacation and didn't even let me know. They were supposed to call me back to reinstate my job once they got everyone on second shift since I was a good employee, but I never heard back.
Recruiter | Knoxville, TN | Jan 31, 2020
Randstad as a corporation is excellent, the Knoxville branch is TERRIBLE!
I really like a lot that Randstad, as a company, does but our branch in Knoxville was the worst place I've ever worked. I was told by our Branch Manager to discriminate against people on multiple occasions, we were discouraged from leaving for lunch (even as an hourly employee), we were required to answer phones while interviewing candidates, not allowed to spend any extra time out of the office when making client visits (how do you grow your customer base if you can't make extra visits), required to double the company established goals, and not given any room to breath. Our manager would stand up and holler across the office if she didn't like something that was said or done WHILE In an interview. She would call someone out across the office and take them to the back office to to question them if something happened. The BEST Staffing manager tied a CORPORATE RECORD with 7 new accounts in one calendar month (requirement was ONE) and only got a half-hearted shout out in a morning meeting. This job could have been one I stayed at for a decade, but instead decided to part ways after 6 months. I'm really disappointed in this experience because the company really takes care of their employees- outside of this branch, apparently.
Customer Consultant | Jacksonville, FL | Aug 22, 2018
No communication or recognition with employees
I worked with Randstad Staffing agency for 3 years. In the beginning it was great! Over time, the management team changed and with that being said the environment changed as well. I had certificates and recognition for doing a great job on a monthly basis. With me, the little things count the most. Management unfortunately, stopped doing that for their employees and no explanation why. The communication with employees went from being done on a weekly to monthly basis to almost never unless it was something on the negative side. I lost interest when it seemed to be no interest shown in the employees anymore. My first year was great but things changed after the transitions were made. I worked hard and never gave anyone any issues. I understood that I was on a contract for my employer but the environment never let me forget that I was on a contract and not an employee like everyone else. To make sure that everyone feels welcomed and needed is something that needs to be integrated in the workplace again and more opportunities need to be provided to everyone. If those opportunities are not available, it would be nice to know that by Contracting Agency instead of being blind sided,
ConsBetter healthcare

Questions And Answers about Randstad

What is the interview process like at Randstad?
Asked Jul 6, 2016
The job seekers by the company give the tranning and capacity building by the company
Answered Aug 8, 2018
The Agency will send you a message and you come in for an interview, they ask a few work history question, then they say they have to take it to other people and then get back to you.
Answered Jul 24, 2018
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Randstad?
Asked Sep 5, 2016
Don't. You're wasting your time, dealing with unprofessional people who will lie to you from the beginning of the process to the end. At least that's been my experience with them. Avoid.
Answered May 6, 2019
Never work in an environment that you are not comfortable with. Speak up!
Answered Mar 25, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Randstad? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
I was working on the third day.
Answered Jul 23, 2019
It depends, some of the companies that I temped for only needed a fill-in or assistance during busy season. The one company that hired me on permanently, I spent 90 days temping.
Answered Apr 12, 2019
Do you get holiday pay at Randstad if you been with them for 90 days
Asked May 29, 2016
I have been working for Randstad for a year a 3 months now... Never have I been payed holiday pay even when I work the holiday... It's been nothing but straight time... I receive no PTO pay either... I was told to get PTO I would have to have an amount taken out of my pay each week to be put into another acct and when I was ready to contact them and they would pay me out of that money
Answered Sep 5, 2019
No not all We need to know whay ?
Answered Dec 27, 2018
What advice would you give the CEO of Randstad about how to improve it?
Asked Feb 8, 2017
Be considerate towards your employees period thier what makes you or breaks you
Answered Oct 14, 2019
To be more considerate towards your employees with children, especially babies. They get sick, and unable to attend daycare. Also, to be considerate towards your employees when they have a family member pass away.
Answered Sep 4, 2019