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Application Security Engineer | Herndon, VA | Jul 13, 2018
Raytheon Foreground Security
I loved working for Raytheon Foreground Security but I was a bit of a fish out of water in that organization. Raytheon/FGS is mostly Pen Testers and SOC people. I am a Static Code Analysis specialist and I was the only one at Raytheon/FGS while I was working there. The management there was as good as anyone could possibly want but they were a little unfamiliar with my line of work. As a result I got the impression that I was on my own when my contract ended. They tried very hard to hold onto me but it did not happen the way we all wanted it to work out. I do not believe that this is the way that anyone wanted it to be but all the same, I was on the outside and a definite minority. I don't know if familiarity with static code analysis contracting would have changed what happened to me but I can't help but believe I would have had a better chance of staying with Raytheon/FGS if they were more in tune with static code analysis work. The organization is what it is and I would have liked to stay but it was not to be. If I were a pen tester or a SOC person, I would still be there but I was in a different line of work. It was not their specialty and if a static code job came available that was attached to something they specialize in, I would still be there. I do recommend Raytheon/FGS as a wonderful place to work with excellent people. When I was there it just wasn't a place for code analysis personnel. Outside from the one contract that I was on.
ProsOutstanding work environment
ConsNot much for code analysis people
Senior Software Engineer | Richardson, TX | Jun 16, 2019
Horrible place to work
IIS in Richardson is in its own little world. I was only there from December to April and in that time, + I went to work for a month to do absolutely nothing while they transferred my clearance; + once my clearance came through, I got literally hollered at because I did not know who to contact to let them know I was available for billing (my immediate manager was on vacation and because they never told me that, that was my problem. + I sat at a desk for a week with nothing to do - no matter who I asked, yet they were billing the government for me + without any consultation whatsoever I was transferred to a test team + during my time on the test team, the team lead told me and my office mate that he had made a presentation to the government and made up some re-usability coefficients + from one release to the next they had no reliable method to determine the functionality that was included in the latest release so we knew what to test; it was up to the tester to contact the developer for the feature and ask if the feature was completed in the release + after speaking with my manager (who is in the company email directory as "Batman") and telling him over and over I wanted to go back to development, I was fired with no severance and marked as not eligible for rehire. + That happened after I had sold me house in VA and moved to Texas. I had heard wonderful things about working at Raytheon, but stay away from IIS in Richardson as they are a ...more
Identity Manager | Saint Petersburg, FL | Aug 22, 2018
We were a square peg in a round hole
Raytheon purchased our company and within 2 years there was nothing left resembling our old company. Prior to the purchase we were the premier company supporting SOCOM and SOF specific missions. Our reputation within the community was exemplary, our FSR's second to none and our dedication to the mission shown in the effort we all put forth everyday to support our fellow warriors. Raytheon had no experience operating as a service provider within this community and single handedly dismantled through bureaucratic miss management, one of the top performing companies supporting SOCOM. Raytheon is an excellent company within their wheel house, which is providing high tech systems and weapons to the military, but fails miserably when it comes to supporting the smaller arm of the DoD, SOF. Had Raytheon properly leveraged the experience, access and placement the Blackbird Team brought to the table, it could of been the perfect marriage of skill and experience meets technical development. Unfortunately the Big Red machine is used to making large margins and the conventional side of the DoD and was not able to properly shift it's focus and business practices to support the small SOF community. It's a shame because SOF is the Tip of the Spear and is far more engaged around the globe than our conventional brothers and sisters.
ProsBig Name
ConsTo big, to much bureaucracy, to unwilling to change, to expensive
Principal | Plano, TX | Apr 30, 2019
Not a long term career
The benefits are great and the company shuts down around late December for time off. Good for a career start or to get some experience but don't plan on making a career here. The raises are low and barely cover the cost of living. Generally the pay is below industry standards. The technology is outdated and they are very slow to adopt new technologies. There are a lot of silo'd teams and the work space is extremely political with infighting between managers and teams. Management sometimes denigrates and blacklists employees. There are a few good managers but not many. There are constant re-orgs and occasional layoffs. Expect a new manager every year who doesn't know you or your work. Very slow career growth. There used to be ample training to learn new tech but that has went away and you can go years without any new training (other than annual mandatory ethics courses). Not very good for long term career growth.
ProsBenefits are good, PTO is very good.
ConsSlow to adopt new technologies, silo'd teams, low pay and barely cost of living raises, extremely political with infighting, management sometimes denigrates and blacklists employees, constant re-orgs and occasional layoffs, slow career growth, training is non-existent, not good for long term career
Technical Support Engineer | Lawton, OK | Jul 31, 2018
Lazy and disrespectful leadership
If you have any sort of work ethic, leadership will take advantage and overwork you while the lazy employees get paid the same or even more than you. Lazy employees are promoted above hard-working employees. Hard-working employees go through mandatory unpaid OT, while lazy employees get paid for OT they didn't work. These lazy employees will take credit for another's work. There is also a huge disconnect between IIS and IDS. It's not just the Lawton facility. This company has problems if its employees are willing to cut one another down to race to the top. Lawton leadership is not working on this issue and is actually part of the problem. Leadership is more interested in fighting, being "right" (they're not), and cut as many corners as possible without research. Repeatedly directs employees to copy and paste without verifying any technical information and wonders why customers are angry. It doesn't help when any employee who attempts to verify information for accuracy is immediately demonized by leadership as "stupid" or "troublemaker." Funding is also a concern, as quite a few employees were recently let go. Do yourself a favor and don't work here.
ConsPoor communications, high turnover rate, poor leadership, unbalanced workload
Software Engineer | Richardson, TX | Aug 1, 2019
Intellectually Stimulating Projects, and Peers, Management leaves something to be desired.
Raytheon is a good company to work for. They are focused on Defense, they try to innovate and have some good projects. However, they are still learning how to be a Software Company. Management although hardworking and they "care" can definitely come across as Dilbertesque. Management doesn't seem "to get" Software, however they do have a good understanding of the importance of their work. They seem to value Systems Engineers, and this old school form of Engineering. Out of the defense companies, I hear that they are the most innovative and interesting. The business group IIS in particular is very Software focused. Benefits and Salary really could have been better. Try to make the most of the opportunities that surround you. There are a lot of very Professional and Senior folks who can offer good mentorship experience. Try to befriend them and learn from them. There are a lot of PHd, MBA's, and Masters students. It can definitely be stressful to work here. They can expect a lot of you based on your position, and the project that you are working on.
ProsFlexible hours, Get to Work Specific Hours, Good Technologies, Some Colleagues
ConsMilitary Culture, Having to be perfect, Healthcare and Benefits
Civil Technician | Albany, NY | Mar 5, 2019
This was a full time travel job
Parsons was the second employer I've had on the same Government Contract in a 29 year period. I have worked in 47 States, Two US territories, and 2 foreign countries on this contract. Asking my Job Location is irrelevant because the surveyor doesn't allow you to put "Nationwide" or "Worldwide" as an option. I put the World Headquarters as the location, although I've never been there. I've had job assignments as short as a week and as long as 3 1/2 years. I even changed employers during one assignment because I started the assignment as an employee of one of their subcontractors. I've worked in -40° weather and 120° weather and everything in between. Sometimes I work inside, sometimes outside. The cab of my truck is often my office. Raytheon is a Worldwide company that works mostly for Government Clients. . In my job with one exception I did not report to a Raytheon office or facility, I report directly to the client's facility would could be a huge building or a remote mountaintop site, or even located out in the middle of a farmer's field. The job is full time travel to anywhere the client has a need of our services. In my job position, if there was no assignment available at the moment, I didn't work and didn't get paid for that period.
Program Officer | Dallas, TX | Apr 2, 2019
Enjoyable Parts of the Job
I worked for Raytheon over 22 years as a Contractor Program Security Officer. My first and foremost responsibility was to support and protect the men and women fighting for and defending our country which I took very seriously. This means that I was an extension of the Government Program Security Officers and represented them in my official duties at Raytheon. My second responsibility was to my program managers at Raytheon enabling them and all other workers to understand and abide by the Governments rules and regulations for operating a special access program. My workday was filled with many challenges and learning opportunities. During an exit interview with my security manager we discussed items for the purpose of continuing improvement in the security organization. There are many dedicated, hard working individuals within Raytheon's security organization. Enhancing the programs of recognition, advanced training and mentoring would enable these dedicated employees to show that the company is dedicated to the job of protecting our country. I am thankful that I worked with 4 different services of the US Government while at Raytheon and will always be grateful for the opportunity.
Line Operator | McKinney, TX | Dec 19, 2019
It's a family oriented company
Lots of favoritism, everyone made me feel like I was walking on egg shells there. Many employees who have been there for many many years I thought be more than welcomed to help you learned an easy productive way to get production out without errors. Well I was absolutly wrong about that. Instead they were very aggressive, touchy with there items that belonged to the company, gossiping, favoritism, supervisors cover for their favorite employees, allow employees to walk all over supervisors and managers. The one thing I can i did enjoy was actually being able to do something that I truly love to do regardless of all the mess. But wasn't and isn't good to have all that going on while dealing with million dollar products. I tried to personally go to the supervisor myself because I was being harrassed, bullied, injured, and when I mentioned to the supervisor what was going on I was pushed out and wasn't able to fulfill my dream job and i was a very good employee. I had the CEO of IDS come from massetuchets to give me an Quality Control Assurance Coin because I saved 500+ CCA boards from being produced with an malfunctioned component that was sent by the manufactured itself in that condition.
Senior Software Engineer | United States | May 3, 2019
It was fun at times but I traveled 250 days on average
I managed 5 employees. And I was expected to learn CERTIFICATIONS > COMPTIA SECURITY+ CompTIA Security+SY0-501 on my own. My area was poorly managed. But I enjoyed the work environment and the folks I worked with. Hardest part of the job was taking the Comp TIA Security + SYO 501 was the most difficult part of the job and test to take. Most enjoyable part was working with the other engineers in the field around the world on AFATDS (Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System), FOS (Forward Observer System), Radars, and basic manual artillery systems and the new Fire Control Specialist (13J). The fire control specialist integrates and processes tactical battlefield information from multiple users and sensors through a network of Army and JOINT automated battle command systems on 1. Operate communications systems. 2. Primary tactical data system operations. 3. Data base management. 4. Fire mission processing. I always enjoyed training soldiers and civilians on new systems.
ProsPay for extra hours up to 84 hours per week. 12hours a day 7 days a week.
ConsThe extra hours will wear you out after 8 to 10 weeks plus drive time from site to site.

Questions And Answers about Raytheon

What is the work environment and culture like at Raytheon?
Asked Jul 4, 2016
The job was great I loved showing up and I loved working. Coworkers were your average coworkers you like some you dislike some. There is favoritism amongst the supervisors and leadership. There's bullying amongst some workers who have been there longer.
Answered Oct 2, 2019
Bullying of coworkers is overlooked by Manager, it was a toxic work environment. Not a good company to work for.
Answered May 11, 2019
What is the interview process like at Raytheon?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Phone interview, then in person interview a few days later in front of a panel of four. Thought the interview went well, hiring manager said I would hear from them? Its been close to three weeks plus and nothing the in house recruiter never responded to of my follow-up email regarding status etc. Don't even know if he passed along my thank-you note. I think they just bring in people to satisfy the interview requirement for the position. No response at all from these folks very unprofessional information and application status very hard to come by there recruiters never follow-up which is why I think they purposely bring in people they have no intention of hiring just to satisfy their quota and just blow you off after that.
Answered Mar 6, 2020
Bait and Switch - they hold a "social event" at a bar. Five minutes with one manager, three with another. Five with the recruiter who then asks me what my salary expectations were. She said she'd get back to me. At one in the morning she emails me telling me that they were going ahead with an offer, and would I please fill out the formal employment application. I do so. Two weeks later the offer comes and it is drastically less than what I had stated I would need in order to leave the good job I am currently at. They also tell me that I am only going to be hired as a senior software engineer (I am currently a senior principal II at their competitor and I have a TS). I tell them that I am not taking a demotion and they'd have to do better if they wanted me to jump ship at the good company that I am at. They were inflexible and non-negotiable. I walked away from the offer. They gave me no incentive to leave my job to come work for them. Avoid this employer.
Answered Mar 5, 2020
What advice would you give the CEO of Raytheon about how to improve it?
Asked Feb 8, 2017
1) Adopt a true reuse strategy and apply real capital to true common solutions. 2) Retirement attrition is taking the experienced employees out if the company. Provide capital to support senior mentorship to college grads being hired. 3) Invest in solutions that make information easier to navigate; current systems entail many wasted hours finding that one needed document or detail. 4) Stop signing up for unrealizable schedules and budgets, just to win the contract; lost leaders have no place in the business. 5) Review original bids against proposal wins, when budgets are not met, learn from past bid winning mistakes.
Answered Jun 11, 2019
Add an evaluation system for experience. I’ve met some very smart college graduates who work in a silo mentally. When we speak diversity, it should be applied to those who have experience too! A person with a degree can get hired or promoted but can not manage a production line, etc, over an experienced person. This is why certain business units are having process issues!
Answered May 31, 2019
How are the working hours at Raytheon?
Asked Jul 4, 2016
Working hours will be made with board members to ensure all parties or participants are satisfied with opportunities and esop like structure Markets must be transparent shades of leveling tiers based on value they provide Myspace
Answered Sep 9, 2018
40 hours a week and if need be will work the overtime and weekdays
Answered Jan 16, 2018
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Raytheon a better place to work?
Asked Dec 20, 2016
I would create a rapid prototype department that didn't have to adhere to government regulations and could produce new solutions more quickly and then figure out ways to streamline them into compliance.
Answered Jan 3, 2020
Pay my bills.
Answered Jan 2, 2020