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Overall Reviews at Rite Aid

Forklift Operator | Baltimore, MD | Jan 25, 2020
Great benefits and pay, or management and dissatisfied employees.
Overnight shift management regulates employees very poorly and in those regards employees become disgruntled. Too much gossip and jealousy between employees and arguements. Overnight shift does not dip well with suppressing and
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Encinitas, CA | Oct 28, 2019
Great local customers but unhelpful management
I enjoyed getting to know the customers and employees on a personal and happy level. I did well even though it was usually understaffed. My main issue with management was that I noticed I was getting intimidated for wanting to take a leave of absence from exhaustion. I went to the union and got the paperwork, but the manager was so put off by me asking he was not sincere and claimed hes tired too. I felt nervous by his reaction and it made me feel uncomfortable going to work again. I was doing pretty well there and even offered to help the pharmacy out as a cashier. Its unfortunate how things ended but the way I had great relationships with both workers and customers made me feel rewarded at the end of the day. I know I could have done great things for the company if I was given a fair chance. They were very lazy about giving us breaks and proper chairs to sit in which started to make me sick and physically sick I needed the keave if absence to figure it all it and the manager who was just a fill in for the original one who passed away, did not care about the employees, supervisors would feel so put off if they had to work around him, management had just started to change around the time I left but I was feeling so uncomfortable with him that It was hard to even go I felt awkward how he handled people with no emotion and generally felt very happy to know I could work gravyeard shift with anyone else because he purposely only worked early shifts. I know it was busy and so unde...more
Forklift Operator | United States | Jan 31, 2020
They have good benefits
They have good Healthcare benefits. The meninges are nice and you have good training. They give you an opportunity to move up in the company. Their pay schedule is every week. But their pay rate is a little off
ProsI've been here for years is a nice job to work ingrowing
ConsI don't make enough for my living
Senior Customer Service Representative | Pennsylvania | Oct 31, 2018
Productive fun place to work
Love the job and my management is amazing. Never had a better job as far as great treatment by management etc. Teamwork environment great pay and hours
ProsManagement hours pay
Certified Pharmacy Technician | Mount Clemens, MI | Apr 7, 2018
It is ok...
The pay here is ridiculously low. They expect licensed Techs to works for close to minimum wage. Yearly raises are a joke. But, if you need a paycheck, its a job.
Loss Prevention Manager | Rego Park, NY | Dec 15, 2019
Not bad place to start off and great place to grow
From a loss prevention agent aspect, now renamed Asset Protection agent, The Rite Aid APA program will give you a full span and understanding of loss prevention in its entirety, and give you the skills you need and can take anywhere. The fundamentals of loss prevention doesn't change, the 5 steps to making an apprehension. But what does change is companies policies, rules and regulations. I recommend Rite Aid, weather you are starting you Loss Prevention career or continuing your career.
Group Leader | Philadelphia, PA | Nov 12, 2019
A safe and productive work environment. Friendly atmosphere. challenging good work ethic
I enjoy coming to work everyday giving instruction, and directions to the associates who I'm responsible for. we built a good and respectful relationship.
District Leader | Mission Viejo, CA | May 17, 2019
depends on the position you take
I started off at the bottom and worked my way up. the company went from very family based, fun environment, and positive energy to very micro managed. once i changed positions from management to a admin it has been better once again.
Pharmacy Technician | Saginaw, MI | Jul 25, 2018
One of the best places I have ever worked!
Rite Aid is a flexible company that truly understands that life happens. They have an amazing team aspect or at least my store did, I probably would have retired from there if they were located in my new state. Scheduled organized truck days, friendly co workers and customers, simply understood work procedures. No questions unanswered.
Accounts Payable Clerk | Pennsylvania | Feb 5, 2020
They try to listen to employees but are not good at return communication
It's comfortable here with good teamwork. Upper management tries to listen to employees but are horrible about communication back. Changes take you by surprise at times. Other times they send out an email. It's a hit and miss on communication

Questions And Answers about Rite Aid

If you were to leave Rite Aid, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 19, 2017
Customers not so bad, but working with some of the most ignorant, miserable co workers. Awful atmosphere. They treat customers in an ignorant way! Moving to a family owned pharmacy. Much more friendly and personable. Worker friendly atmosphere is lacking at Rite Aid! Customer friendly atmosphere no longer exists there either!
Answered Mar 30, 2020
There is 0 loyalty for their employees. They wouldn’t notice if you died nor would they care. Sad
Answered Jan 11, 2020
What is the most stressful part about working at Rite Aid?
Asked Oct 24, 2016
3 years so far of working here. I work in a high volume store and am a shift supervisor. It is a physical job. Definitely hands on! In my store, truck comes once a week. We have to unload truck. Sort it. Put it out on the floor. They range from 9 foot-18 foot trucks depending on the season. You then have to work truck. (Every employee works this day) You work 8 hour shifts. Usually just you and a cashier Therefore, you're manager on duty and responsible for everything, no matter what happens that day. Vendors, customers, maintenance workers, etc. Every weekend, you pull tags for the whole store. Put up new ones. ( Very laborious ) you have to label things, face, stock, worry about overstock, the safe, cash registers, pharmacy. . I'll stop there. Youre underpaid and corporate is a joke!!!
Answered Feb 28, 2020
When upper management comes in to ask “what can I do for you” don’t bother answering they don’t really care
Answered Jan 11, 2020
Do they drug test and if they do what kind of test.
Asked Feb 15, 2016
You just urinate in a cup at your nearest clinic. Then you give your future boss the slip. Done.
Answered Mar 8, 2019
I think most professional jobs within a big company do drug testing. You should pass if you're clean! If you are on prescription medication, please tell upper management asap!
Answered Nov 20, 2018
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Rite Aid?
Asked Aug 11, 2016
Ask what your responsibilities are.if you stay over do you get paid.ask about breaks .Your job discription is the most important. HAVEa written copy if you can get it.
Answered Jul 7, 2019
Don't do it. It's a horrible company to work for. They do not value their associates at all
Answered May 15, 2019
What advice would you give the CEO of Rite Aid about how to improve it?
Asked May 8, 2017
It doesn’t start out with how much money you can make. Everyone knows that a great smile and extreme friendliness keeps customers coming back alongside a great product. Customer service is the main key to keeping the door traffic coming. The customers will spread good news by word of mouth about the best service they have ever had in a Rite Aid Store. Employees that are eager to help customers help a business succeed. Treating that store as if it were their own business. Most importantly managing a pharmacy with enough help will keep people coming back. Exhausted technicians are not what people want to see handling and counting medications which is number one cause of human errors.
Answered May 30, 2019
Pay more money were taken advantage of
Answered May 4, 2019