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Overall Reviews at Robert Half

Temporary Employee | Miami, FL | Oct 16, 2018
Temporary Agency
Office team is a third party agency that help you find employment. The company that you work pays office team directly. Office team will pay you a minimum of what they are making, and that is how you get paid. For example if office team is getting paid a 2,000.00 a month from a company your hourly pay will be between 8-10.00 an hour. Office team will keep the majority and you don’t get paid the way the company would pay you as a real employee. That is why the have a temporary payment of 8-11.00 and when you get hired you pay will be 12-15 an hour. Keeping that in mind the company that you are working for can call office team anytime and fire you. It can be for any reason. Office team will call you that day without asking you any questions and they will tell you the company no longer needs you. They will not give you a reason of why you were fired. The office team in Miami does not take you for consideration. You may want something close to your home and they will give you something further away. For example you may live in homestead and you want something in homestead and the Kendall area. They will call you to work in Doral, Hialeah, Pembroke Pines; but never in the area you requested. Keep in mind the traffic in Miami is no joke. They do not care. The payroll is different your managers have to approve your hours. They can dispute them to office team for any reason. Let’s say you work regularly 40 hours, but you stayed 4 hours extra the following week. The company that you a...more
ProsWeekly pay check
Office Administrator | Los Angeles, CA | Feb 21, 2020
Helps getting a foot in the door, but...
The staff at Robert Half waste absolutely no time in finding you a placement. I went from a Skype interview to starting my first temp placement in one week flat. However, always go into your interview at least $5 more per hour than what the average is for that position in your state (which can be found with a simple google search) and stick with it! I asked for $20 minimum per hour as an admin assistant, and was told that it would be nearly impossible to be placed at anything over $15 an hour. Unfortunately, I was desperate for work and signed on at $15. I am fairly certain (based purely on speculation and analysis of my contract and other factors) that I am getting about half or less of what my current employer pays Robert Half to have me. I have been in contact with my supervisor at Robert Half for over a month inquiring about a pay raise, which my current employer was and is ready and willing to do. But because of the terms laid out in the contract, any and all questions or concerns regarding pay/raises MUST be passed through Robert Half, and therefore I cannot discuss this directly with the very people that want to hire me directly. Needless to say, there's never a direct 'yes' or 'no' answer, so I'm left wondering what will happen to me next. All in all, I feel more like a meal ticket than a valued employee when it comes to the company of Robert Half themselves. Clearly, they have marketed me as a valuable "employee" and can bring in FAR MORE per hour than wha...more
Human Resources Manager | Odessa, TX | Apr 9, 2019
Great Place to Work if You're Looking for a Quick Hire
A lot of reviews for this company were referring to what the company you're placed with would do, in lieu of what Office Team does. That would need to be a review for that company Office Team places you with. I worked for Office Team until my contract expired with them, and the company they placed me on hired me on as their employee. Office Team literally had very little contact with me, which I did not mind. I do not know about other areas but for mine, they negotiated exactly what I wanted to make. So what if they charged the company more if I'm making what I expect? That is how temp agencies make money. Because Office Team is a temp service, you may have a bad experience which is the company's fault, not Office Team's. Their literal job is to get you quick work. That is why we go through temp agencies, with the hope we are hired with the company we're placed with full-time. The placement team was also very helpful and very friendly. The only complaints I really have were that the customer service number was down or had long wait times almost anytime I called. Their customer service staff was helpful if you could get through to them. I also worked the exact schedule i asked for, and I was able to push my start date back as I hadn't set daycare up for my youngest yet, with no problems or push back. I would like to point out I might have been one of the lucky ones, but I currently have an Office Team member report to me that's had the same experience.
ProsPlace candidates quickly, negotiate rates fairly
ConsLong wait times for customer services, site went down often
Tax Specialist | Princeton, NJ | Oct 2, 2019
Mixed Review
I worked for RH in New Jersey for nearly 10 years, including 7 or 8 at the same RH client and 1 1/2 additional years in a very difficult assignment as the manager of a problem plagued department in a water utility company. While I was allowed at least some flexibility regarding work hours and workdays for the 7-8 year assignment, I received no actual recognition for my efforts as far as advancement was concerned, especially since the client was dramatically reducing its staff, which was part of the reason why I was there in the first place. There were no benefits. Fortunately, I had "grandfathered" at a previous employer for medical insurance. Why did I continue at RH for all of those years? The fact was that very few employers in my profession would hire anyone over 55, let alone over 65. When I moved to the Jacksonville FL area at age 65, it was impossible to obtain any RH assignments in spite of my prior years of excellent, dedicated service to the company. I was not only as competent at my profession at age 65 as I was when I was younger but even more so because of the years of experience that I had accumulated. The Jacksonville office didn't care about any of this. I believe that my age was a factor. That's how the cookie crumbles. Others may have had different experiences, but this was mine. If your experience was better, then good for you.
ProsSchedule flexibility, reduced pressure as a non-employee of the client
ConsNo benefits, limited opportunities for professional advancement, no recognition by company of my prior service and dedication
Tax Specialist | Gainesville, GA | Oct 26, 2018
They rammed me through and left me out to dry
This Company only cares about holding on to their Clients. They never checked on me or how I was doing. I was thrown in a job where the company was clueless and the employees could NOT train me on what should have been simple explanations because every time I asked a question they look at me like I was an alien. It was constant confusion from them. Most of the data was incorrect and I would spend time trying to figure out what to do on my own, then ask my trainer and she would say "Oh that wasn't suppose to be in that data" EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. I knew enough about the job to wing it for a few weeks but when the training employee was extremely rude to me that was it. The company Robert Half sent me to had low level staff and management all in one room and the misogyny was choking. I didn't even sit with the people who were doing the job I was doing and I had to listen to MEN berate people all day long on the phone. Last straw was when some management guy said "Did you check and see if she had taken her meds?" about someone who worked their permanently. I got up, went outside, called Robert Half and asked if I could be reassigned. They said no and if I quit this job they would not ever reassign me. EVEN after I explained the situation. In so many words I was told if I would just "take it" they would probably hire me permanently. UH Really? I would rather clean toilets. I am POSITIVE that Robert Half knew of these problems and did not care about what I was about to get...more
ProsNONE unless you like Con Artists
Clerical Worker | Southfield, MI | Aug 30, 2019
Employment variety
I love working for Robert Half as it offers a variety of jobs to do. You could get long-term or short-term assignments. Your rate of pay was based upon the job you worked at so we could start as low as minimum wage and work up to $15 per hour or greater. They offered complimentary computer classes so you could learn new programs which would assist you in obtaining other employment they offered. They always gave you a call before each assignment, sent you an email with the address as well as any tips for the company. if you are a good worker you are always in high demand. Most of the work I did was along similar lines, but each job was different in their own way. The majority of employers I worked at or very helpful when it came to the assignment as well as other staff members would make you feel welcome. You would either wear a uniform if it was required by the employer, such as medical scrubs for medical offices, or you would dress business casual. In most assignment locations you were included in all the activities with the regular staff members. You were paid weekly. They have a help center available to employees to go over work benefits sign up for benefits once a year, help you with your time cards, and help you with any questions you may have regarding an assignment. You did have to complete a drug screen as well as a in-person interview and in-person testing. I worked with them for over. Of 4 years and would go back if I could.
ProsWeekly pay, bonuses, benefits, complimentary training
ConsNot always having an assignment available
Bookkeeper | Pittsburgh, PA | Aug 8, 2019
So Many Changes
Previously worked with Accountemps numerous times in Florida some years ago. It was great for finding a permanent job and for an interim position while waiting to go overseas. Currently job hunting in Pittsburgh and it appears there is a new way of running the jobs they receive; at least here in Pittsburgh. It appears that Accountemps is now trying to promote working directly for them as a salaried employee that will need to be willing to drive up to one hour each way for positions all over Pittsburgh and beyond. The dilemma comes when looking online for a job thru their website. There is no mention that the position is solely for people interested in being their employee and willing to drive one hour to & from work each day. I applied for at least three positions not realizing that if it is noted "Please CALL Accountemps immediately at 412-xxx-xxxx to confirm your application has been received! You can also email your resume to so that you can be considered for this and any other accounting and finance positions.", that meant the position is only for salaried employees. Unfortunately those are just about the only positions that suit my skill set and those are also few and far between at this time. Truly disappointed as I enjoyed working for them in Fort Lauderdale.
ProsUsed to be a fantastic way to find decent paying work and meet wonderful people and learn new skills
ConsAccountemps appears to be pushing to hire salaried floater employees, One hour drive anywhere in Pittsburgh is too much
Accountant | New Hampshire | Jan 30, 2020
Great Assignment, Bad Facilitation
During my time with Robert Half, I could not have ask to work for a better company while on assignment. However, Robert Half is the company I am reviewing, and my experience with them is limited to the hiring process, ongoing support, benefits/pay, and the resignation process. So, let's break those down below: Hiring Process: Very nice, a lot more professional and respectful than most temp agencies. Very responsive to needs, and interviewed with a position within the week. Also received an assignment within two weeks. No hassle with any necessary documents, and the process was straightforward. Ongoing Support: Well, this can vary by each case manager, but I would say that there pretty much is none. You're the product, after all. Expect them to do no more than their legal obligation. Benefits/Pay: Great pay for my area, even on the lower end of the spectrum. It was a great way to get my first real start in the industry. Holidays are unpaid unless you work 2100 hours in the year prior (for full time workers), salary may have different requirements. Please note, in the average work year of 40 hours a week for 52 weeks, a worker will only work 2080 hours. Overtime is frowned upon and is never really approved. Resignation Process: Once again, you're the product. They don't care, and will likely speak to your manager before acknowledging your resignation.
ProsYou're employed for a moderately fair wage.
ConsNo job security, not much respect. Do not depend on this company!
Patient Registration Representative | Evansville, IN | May 13, 2019
Do not work for this company!
They were quick to place me with a job that paid decent. Once I was working, there was no communication between me and OfficeTeam until the company I was sent to decided to end my contract with no notice whatsoever. Remember, this is a TEMP agency. Their goal is to place you in a job as quick as possible so they can get paid quickly. They don't care about the people they send to jobs, all they care about is money. AND most companies that hire temp agencies have quick turnover rates. During my contract, there were 5 people that quit or were fired. Not only was the company I sent to using OfficeTeam, but they were also hiring people themselves and using other temp agencies to hire more people. From what the permanent FT staff said, it was pretty normal to see this many people come and go in such a short period of time. There's a reason why companies look to temp agencies to get them more bodies in the work force - because they can't keep them once they get there. They only thing that was good about this job was the pay. I was paid $14/hr for a normal shift M-F and working every other weekend. The work environment was extremely stressful and the supervisor played favorites (not that that is OfficeTeam's fault, but that is why my contract was so short). If you do decide to be employed by OfficeTeam, remember that this is a temp agency and that you can be easily disposed of from any job they send you to.
Consstressful environment, no communication, CONTRACT JOB
Executive Administrative Assistant | Walnut Creek, CA | Jun 23, 2018
Always a job for me
Robert Half, Office Team is always thinking of me. I have few gaps between projects. I work with nice people who I communicate with often. Pay checks and payroll processing is timely. It takes too long to accumulate sick leave, worse, more time to accumulate vacation time. The benefits for a temporary worker such as myself are more like discounts vs. company paid full benefit plan. Pros of Robert Half is professional development and training. Management returns calls and emails within 24 hours or less. They are understanding to emergencies. What could be better? I should have been brought in as a senior admin instead of coming from the bottom and working my way up. My salary should have been much higher. I am learning how this process works as I stay longer, now going on my 2nd year. A temp to perm job does not guarantee that you will be hired and may be disappointed when you are working a temp to hire job and see them interviewing your competitors right by your side, then one day you are replaced by the person they really hired for the job that you have been temping in. With that said, I keep applying for full time perm jobs, and never give up. I keep working and fulfilling my assignments.
ProsTimely payroll processing, short and long term assignments, communication
ConsPay rate, temp to perm does not guarantee you will be hired, I should have been brought in at a higher rate of pay and level instead of starting over.

Questions And Answers about Robert Half

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Robert Half?
Asked Aug 8, 2016
I've had perhaps 5 interviews/ meetings with RH. No placements (20 yrs. experience). On one occasion, after working a 12 hr day, I was met by a woman who looked liked she stepped out of a fashion magazine and was scolded for not dressing the same. Exceptionally pretentious, plenty of 'key' phrases, no substance, a complete waste of time.
Answered Mar 10, 2020
It's a good company not the best and you have to be vocal about ur situation
Answered Dec 4, 2019
What is the work environment and culture like at Robert Half?
Asked Aug 8, 2016
Answered Sep 8, 2019
My personal experience as a client/candidate is that after the initial period of contact they treat you as if you have dropped of the face of the earth. If they do not place you right away they tend to forget about you completely.
Answered Jul 23, 2019
How did you feel about telling people you worked at Robert Half?
Asked Nov 9, 2016
Fine. I let everyone know.
Answered Aug 15, 2019
I am very honest in conversations about my professional experiences with them.
Answered Jul 21, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Robert Half? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jul 6, 2016
It takes a day to process all paperwork
Answered Mar 28, 2019
It's fast. like an interview and a couple practice cold calls
Answered Feb 16, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Robert Half a better place to work?
Asked Nov 9, 2016
Assign each applicant/candidate to a recruiter and require that recruiter establish contact with the contact, basically interview the candidate to find out goals, desired work locations, desired pay rates, etc. In addition, the recruiter would be required to provide the contact information for his or her manager to each candidate managed by that recruiter.
Answered Dec 19, 2019
If I was in charge I would make sure all follow up are done.
Answered Dec 4, 2019