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Roehl Transport
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2.7Work-Life Balance
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1916 E 29th St Marshfield, WI 54449
1,001 to 5,000
$100M to $500M (USD)
Transport and Freight

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Roehl Transport Reviews

Overall Reviews at Roehl Transport

Over the Road Truck Driver | Conley, GA | May 3, 2020
Lost their family atmosphere, too focused on obtaining mega carrier status!
Had a love hate relationship with them. Depending on who your fleet manager on depends on how long you stay. I believe when working here, reading in between the lines has to be one of your strong points.
ProsHome time options
ConsMicromanagement from safety, trucks are extremely underpowered, they were secretive and lack of communication with drivers!
Owner Operator Driver | Marshfield, WI | Jun 21, 2019
Friendly employees
Roehl is a competitive company that gives equal opertunities to qualified people in the United States. The employees go beyond their way to make your job stress free and enjoyable.
Tractor Trailer Driver | Marshfield, WI | Oct 4, 2018
Training was good
I did the GYCDL program with them in Marshfield, Wisconsin because those types of programs are the only way I could afford truck-driving school. Over The Road training was pretty good, but I failed the 45 degree backing on test-out day for my own truck. Still had the license though, so I was able to get Class B jobs.
Truck Driver | Appleton, WI | Apr 8, 2019
Work you until you crack.
Don’t get paid much, they try to squeeze every penny from you. I signed a contract to get my CDL with them. They agreed to pay for school if I drove 100,000 miles with them. I was almost done and got injured. They fired me!!! Now I owe the complete amount, no credit was given for the 80,000 + miles I drove for them. THEYRE AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! Truck always had issues. Dirty trailers, they take advantage of the new drivers. DONT DRIVE FOR THESE CROOKS!!!!!!!!!
ConsShady, shady company.
Truck Driver | Marshfield, WI | Jul 23, 2018
Nice place to work
They have a nice fleet of trucks . They are safety orientated and provide training . Their hubs are nicer then most companies. They try to maintain their equipment .
ProsAre known for safety
ConsStart at a lower rate of pay
Driver | Marshfield, WI | Mar 18, 2019
Good company
Roehl is a solid family owned company. I learned a lot about the varied divisions, such as flatbed and refrigerated. Management and culture were good for the most part. The hardest part of the job was sometimes reaching concensus between various departments and the owner. The most enjoyable part of the job was the ability to introduce processes and improvements to improve efficiency and results.
ProsSolid & steady
ConsSometimes hard to reach concensus
Regional Driver | Marshfield, WI | Dec 28, 2019
Great Training
Training was top notch. After grinding the over the road lifestyle out I found myself wanting to go local. If you're running regional try to work it so that your live events happen earlier in the day.
Motor Transport Operator | Marshfield, WI | Jun 27, 2018
Great Work Place
Outstanding Company for learning and growing as a Over the Road truck driver. The hardest part of the job is learning new locations for pick-up and or drop off's.
ProsMilitary Friendly
ConsShort days off
Truck Driver | United States | May 14, 2019
Low miles
Expect less then 2000 miles on average as a flatbed driver. 46 cents per mile $20 for tarping/untarping lumber tarps. $15 for steel tarps Nearly all loads are tarped Detention pay after 2 hours Contract is for 120k miles. Mostly drive the great lakes region
Regional Driver | St. Louis, MO | Feb 27, 2019
This company plays games and is unethical
As a trainer, as soon as you get your first decent raise they cut your loads/miles and don't keep students in your truck if you are a trainer. They take safe miles away from you for incidents that were not your fault. They do everything in their power to prolong your time commitment with them after they put you through CDL school. They know darn well nobody wants to stay with them after their contract commitment so towards the end they drag it out so that it takes longer to fulfill your mileage commitment. The unethical things they do with people's pay is ridiculous. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing with this company. Nobody is on the same page and nobody communicates. Don't get excited about getting a raise because as soon as you do they cut your miles and if you are a trainer they don't keep a student in your truck because they don't wanna have to pay you the extra for it. Their CDL training is a joke, they don't teach drivers the basics such as route planning. They don't care about putting skilled drivers on the road and they don't care about driver safety.

Questions And Answers about Roehl Transport

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Roehl Transport?
Asked Aug 9, 2016
Be punctual.
Answered Nov 5, 2019
Yes ask them if they're offering such good benefits and pay why do the require such a lengthy contract?
Answered Mar 27, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Roehl Transport? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Its pretty quick. Be weary of the contract they want you to sign. They promise you 1200 a week youll be lucky to GROSS 600 a WEEK thats 7 days. If they paid 1200 a week they probably wouldnt need you to sign a binding contract with them.
Answered Mar 27, 2019
Way to fast I was on the toilet when I applied got a call back before I got off of it. A little over 3 weeks later was through orientation and otr training and in my own truck.
Answered Feb 25, 2019
What is the interview process like at Roehl Transport?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
I was a recruiter and depending upon which recruiter you get (whether one is a favorite amongst the recruiting dept or not) you might get onboard. They are very strict with hiring. Even when you qualify per their guidelines if management sees something on the app they don’t like they will disqualify the driver, period! FM’s also micromanage their drivers and not enough miles. Heard it all the time from drivers I hired there. I never felt confident selling Roehl to drivers due to lack of integrity in the recruiting dept. I’ve been driver recruiting for 3 yrs, 3 different companies and only here at Roehl did I struggle. No support from management at all. Don’t waste your time putting in an app here.
Answered Dec 6, 2019
What interview your interview is not crashing into anything at orientation or failing a drug test. If you got all that in the bag congrats you got a job or something like that.
Answered Feb 25, 2019
Are there trucks automatic
Asked Apr 29, 2017
Big mixture lately a lot of them have been but they just buy what they get a good deal on.
Answered Feb 25, 2019
Some, but not for the beginners.
Answered Jan 14, 2019
Do you hire people with a past criminal record
Asked Apr 28, 2019
Ppl who say they don’t are stupide my felony is 12 years old I was able to go through there training get my cdl and I still currently drive for them
Answered Jan 17, 2020
Heck, no I know are liars they may hire you if you already have your CDL, but they told me I can't go to there paid training if I ever was convicted as an felon so I went elsewhere to get my license. FACTS...
Answered Jul 4, 2019