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Rogers Communications
Rogers Communications
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Rogers Communications Reviews

Overall Reviews at Rogers Communications

Customer Service Representative | Columbia, SC | Sep 10, 2018
Great for benefits, not much else
A typical day is hard to define at a telecomm company, customers are always irate, and rightly so, out of the 3 major telecommunications companies; Rogers charges the most exorbitant fees for their cellular + data plans whether on contract or bring your own device. Their approach to customer service went from give people whatever they want, to give them nothing almost overnight. Office was in BC, so there was absolutely no room to advance unless you were willing to relocate to Ontario, which was not feasible for 90% of the staff. Management was very hands off, unless there was a problem that directly put their position in jeopardy, in which their reaction would be swift and personal. Because there is no room for advancement, the burnaby office thrives on turnaround, and is constantly inventing novel ways to terminate staff to free up room for a round of new hires; regardless of whether or not the termination was warranted. You would be forced into Wireless Retention, once you reached the end of career cycle for customer service. HR is a joke, as it is with most corporations, they are glorified spies,constantly looking (and in some cases creating) for wrongdoing to be placed solely at the blame of the average staffers. In fact aside from the benefits package the only positive thing about working for Rogers, were your fellow coworkers.
Consstatic shifts, poor management, zero room to advance, poor corporate culture
Technical Support Representative | Richmond Hill, GA | Oct 15, 2019
An amazing place to work
I worked at Rogers as Technical Support Agent for 2 years. Working at Rogers was one of the best companies I've ever worked for thus far. The management team was very respectful and they had an open door policy. Their goal was to make you feel comfortable at work. Everyone was friendly. The best part was getting bonuses and pay raise every 6 months, overtime was available often for the most part. There is room for growth in the company and they will help you achieve your goals within the company. I've seen people move up within the company in a short period of time. Also last but not least was the benefits I got as a part-timer. They honestly care about their employees. The con's working at Rogers as a technical support agent it was a level entry job, there was back to back calls barely any rest periods to take a breath.
ProsFree lunches sometimes, a lot of overtime
ConsShort breaks, fast-paced, back to back calls
Headend | Ontario, CA | Dec 24, 2018
Could Be Better
Changes in CEO always leads to layoffs. Never sure in what direction you were going. Changes in middle managers or what team you are with always creates an adjustment period for everyone to figure it out. There are times you don't feel appreciated. People were great to work with. Only thing that counts is the bottom line $$ and shareholders. This is true for all large companies.
ProsPeople, Leading Edge Technology
ConsNot sure of direction at times, lack of training
Junior Project Manager | Ontario, CA | Jul 30, 2018
Great Place to Work
Rogers is a family business, and once you join you can take pride knowing that you are not a number. The company cares about you, and has fantastic programs in place to help you grow within the company.
ProsAwesome Company
ConsPay Scale has not been updated in many, many years; as a result is not as competitive as it used to be.
Service Assistant | Roslindale, MA | Jul 25, 2019
I enjoy working it will soon and I recommend anybody wants to work with all these services it will be a good thing for them!
I just volunteer worker! Not paid! I serve the the clients their food! And interact with and interact with clients! And interact with a client's!! So I enjoy working at Robinson community!
ConsMe me
Business Development Specialist | Avenue, MD | Mar 3, 2020
Productive work environment
Typical work day of a small business specialist is to review a clients current Rogers services and recommend cellphone and internet plans that go accordingly to their needs. When it is a slow day, we have to try to advertise customers in order to attract clients.
Program Assistant | Roslindale, MA | Jun 7, 2018
Hard but rewarding
Rogerson Communities is a place that until you leave you won't miss. The job is though but its rewarding. Caring for patients that pass away is always though, but going on field trips, having a snack or just putting a smile on their face with poetry helps gain prospective.
Legal Assistant | Weatherford, TX | Nov 7, 2018
bad company they are hard to communicate with and deal with i dont know what else you want me to say ther is nothing to say so i wiill jusgt type until i get the correct number of words so there is nothingmore to say ok have a nice dahy
Prosgood pay
Customer Support Representative | Service, MS | Aug 6, 2018
Not a bad place
Busy high-stress job, You can advance if you put in your time you will get a better shift alot of benefit but start at low pay rate Good management a lot of training
Pros50% 0ff your service
Conslong hour and shift bids
Manager | Ontario, CA | Oct 3, 2018
Rogers is a good olace to work
I enjoyed my time with Rogers. They treat people well. Good company to work with The company itself offers discounts on monthly.bills they offer a great benefit pkg.

Questions And Answers about Rogers Communications

What is Rogers Communications sick leave policy? How many sick days do you get per year?
Asked Sep 7, 2017
6 days per year
Answered Nov 15, 2018
No sick leave
Answered Sep 7, 2017
How are the working hours at Rogers Communications?
Asked Jun 24, 2017
Since I only volunteered I can come in anytime and consider not being late that's what they're working on those are like!
Answered Jul 25, 2019
They were suitable for me
Answered Jun 24, 2017
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Rogers Communications?
Asked Oct 3, 2016
Be yourself and do research on the company.
Answered Oct 15, 2019
Be good t what you do!
Answered Aug 9, 2017
What is the work environment and culture like at Rogers Communications?
Asked Oct 3, 2016
Great multicultural events, great partnership amongs departments.
Answered Jun 26, 2017
99% of work from your vehicle
Answered Oct 3, 2016
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Rogers Communications a better place to work?
Asked Apr 21, 2020
Listen to the staff
Answered Apr 21, 2020