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Overall Reviews at Ross Dress For Less

Asset Protection Associate | Portland, OR | Oct 30, 2019
Good workplace, fun environment, good team members
I have grown a lot since I started working for Ross, My people skills and group communications skills are amazing now, and I am working side by side with great managers that care about every individual.
Senior Business Process Analyst | Charlotte, NC | Jan 4, 2019
Positive & Collaborative Environment
I worked at Ross Dress For Less for 3 years and during that time I worked in Transportation department implementing a new Transportation Management System. The management team was supportive and provided guidance when needed but they also allowed me to do my job without micromanaging.
ProsPositive environment, good work life balance and continued investment in better software tools
ConsOverall department vision & strategy, resistance to change
Front End Manager | Kissimmee, FL | Nov 7, 2019
Ross stores can be eye opening experience
I've had many positions at Ross and have learned a great deal in each position. At my location since we do so much in comparison to other store's..I feel we don't get paid enough.
Asset Protection Associate | Orlando, FL | May 24, 2019
Very great with prices
A great place to work for and to shop at. Everything is typically collabrative on a day to day basis. One thing that you will learn from working here is how to connect with different types of personalities because you will come into contact with many customers.
Retail Customer Service Representative | Sequim, WA | Jan 15, 2019
Low pay, fun environment
I loved working with people and helping meet their needs! I love clothes and fashion and shopping and eyeballing all the treasures! its the perfect fit for a mom who has kids to make just a little more supplemental income! The co workers become like a family and I loved working together to keep the store at its best!
ProsDiscounts, DOUBLE discounts every couple months
ConsShort breaks, low pay, low hours
Customer Service Representative | Alpharetta, GA | Jun 22, 2018
My first 3 months at Ross
I've only been there 3 months and work part time so I may update this review in another 3 months. The good: - 20% discount to associates - Pay stub sent to the store even if you recieve direct deposit - Store manager is very laid back but encourages growth and productivity - Co-managers are very supportive, very laid back and encourage team work. - They work with your availability - Pay starts at $10/hr and is expected to increase to $11/hr after 6 months to 9 months - 15 min paid rest break or 30 min unpaid lunch depending on how many hours you work - Accessible via the bus line if you don't drive (Google maps) - Close to other options for job opportunities along Northpoint Mall if looking for additional work The not so good: - It's a busy store so apparel and hangers fall from time to time. I wish they employed a floor person for every shift to just keep the store neat - Initial hours are limited (will see if that changes after the probationary period expires) - Many repeat customers... Many familiar faces - Multitasking non-stop means I'm never bored.. the time just flies by - Co-workers are pretty cool (no drama) = I enjoy going to work
ProsLaid back managers who show respect, encourage growth and foster teamwork
ConsLimited hours to start, store needs a little help staying neat
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Murfreesboro, TN | Feb 23, 2020
Productive and hard work.
The job itself was amazing. I loved working with the public so much when I worked at Ross. There were some issues with the manager, but we were able to talk it out eventually after about 11 months. Be aware that there could potentially be issues with the store manager.
Préventionniste (H/F) | Dallas County, TX | Jan 5, 2020
Good experience Very pleasant i do recommand working there
Loss Prevention Manager | Fontana, CA | Aug 27, 2019
Cluttered work environment
Store was super packed with merchandise and very cluttered, made it very uncomfortable working there unless you were cashier or loss prevention at the front of the store which isn't as messy as the entire sales floor. Stock Room was very fast paced but easily manageable to complete each hummer with merchandise to roll out on the floor. Rolling the merchandise on the floor was sometimes difficult due to how cluttered the store was. Cashiering was fun, easy goals to meet. If you're in the "box" for register 1,2, or 3 it gets super messy with hangers, tags, beepers, and go backs that you have to deal with while ringing up customers. Loss Prevention is very boring. You stand at the front of the store all day, greeting customers. You can't even do anything if you catch someone stealing. Management was very unprofessional and causing drama. Played favoritism and would promise promotions but never follow through with it. Best part of the job were the coworkers and customers you would talk to.
ProsEasy Schedule to have a good work/life balance.
ConsShort Breaks, No promotions, Messy store, Night Shift
Customer Service/Sales Representative | Philadelphia, PA | Jun 20, 2019
hours and pay sucked
they had no regard for working with someone's schedule. the pay was terrible. now real job security. would cancel shifts at random. my top management and district management was great. it was supervisors that were terrible.

Questions And Answers about Ross Dress For Less

How old do you have to be to start working at Ross? Do you need experience?
Asked May 16, 2016
As others have stated, 18. Experience will put you ahead of the other applicants but not a requirement. However, every aspect of your work whether it be on the sales floor, register, or stock room is timed and without experience, you are set up to fail.
Answered Jan 8, 2020
You must be 18 because of the equipment in the stock room, and the hours you might work go over the legal curfew. As far as experience, you don't need any. You will be trained on everything you need to know.
Answered Oct 6, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Ross Dress For Less? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
I applied for Area Supervisor, was unqualified. Applied again a few months later and got a call for an interview within 3 hours of submitting my application. Great interview, hired on the spot as a Front End Supervisor. Took about a week and a half for the background check and another week to be put on the schedule.
Answered Jan 8, 2020
It took me about a month from interview to first day on the job. The interview process is fast, but the background check for some reason takes a long time. Their system is not very reliable. I had to go talk to managers a few times in person because submitting forms online would not work.
Answered Jul 6, 2019
Starting salary for part time worker?
Asked Mar 27, 2017
$11.00 per hour.
Answered Jan 27, 2020
14.25 in CA
Answered Sep 17, 2019
Is this full time or part time?
Asked Aug 1, 2016
Depends on your store and availability. There are both part time and full time positions at my store, sales floor, stock team, and Front End Supervisor. You must have open availability to work full time, though. And hours will be drastically cut for PT employees during slow season, which is mainly right after Christimas until tax time.
Answered Jan 8, 2020
You do everything possible to tackle each project at a certain pace not taking your time but a little bit more faster like if it is just like your on place home sweet home
Answered Dec 21, 2019
What is the interview process like at Ross Dress For Less?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
It was very quick. After working there for a while now, I know it’s because the managers don’t really have time to conduct interviews. These stores are understaffed and busy. So first impressions are everything. Just be friendly and quick and they will hire you.
Answered Jul 6, 2019
Mine was very chill. Interviewer was very casual with me, making it much easier to do well. A lot of hypothetical questions, “what if this happened” kind of thing. Got a job offer on the spot, pending a background check.
Answered May 9, 2019