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Overall Reviews at SGS

Chemist | Fairfield, NJ | Mar 2, 2022
Stressful, unprofessional, disorganized workplace
Management is willing to give up integrity and safety of employees to satisfy certain "big" clients. The workload can get incredibly stressful, the constant micromanagement is ridiculous yet the training is almost nonexistent and testing supplies are scarce. Analysts are always expected to deliver results on time regardless of lack of training, supply shortage, staff shortage, instrument calibrations taking too long or sample management not providing the information they're supposed to provide. To make matters worse, client services team constantly accepts expedited test requests for tests that no analyst is trained on or tests that the lab doesn't even have the equipment for. Analysts are frequently asked to significantly cut down the turnaround time if a client is willing to pay a hefty surcharge, regardless of testing backlogs or any other issues in the lab. The communication between departments is terrible. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. The building is poorly constructed and has a terrible HVAC system that would frequently malfunction and would sometimes make working conditions unbearable. There has been numerous ceiling leaks inside the lab and bathrooms, ceiling panels falling off, sickening natural gas smell, jetfuel smell from the nearby airport, chemical waste smell and rotten food smell from the food lab. This lab is the definition of a toxic work environment in every sense of the word. It is not surprising that the employee morale is so l
Clinical Research Coordinator | Richardson, TX | Jul 27, 2021
Worst company I have ever worked for
SGS is only focused on meeting numbers for their studies. They enroll disrespectful subjects, people who do not speak English, people who are hours late to their appointments. Many of the staff have been yelled and even cursed at by panelists and upper management does nothing about it. Clinic manager is nonexistent and is never present when needed in tough situations. The regional manager undermines staff in front of panelists and never supports the staff. You work long hours, often until 7 or 8 at night and a couple weekends a month. The pay is well below the average for a CRO. The majority of the instruments never work properly including the outdated computer systems. The PI’s treat clinic staff like children, often embarrassing us in front of panelists by speaking to us like we are imbeciles. The turnover rate is ridiculously high because they cannot keep good staff due to the low pay, long hours, and lack of support from management. I have never worked for a company that allowed it’s staff to be treated so disrespectfully and manages to place the blame on them. I would never recommend this company to anyone I know. The only reason I managed to stay for as long as I did was because of the support of my coworkers.
ConsNo breaks, low pay, long hours, nonexistent management
Clinical Research Coordinator | Richardson, TX | Dec 22, 2021
Lots of work/not enough staff/not enough pay
Dallas/Richardson SGS Stephens location. This place is good to get your foot in the door for clinical research, but there is little to no work life balance and low pay. The supervisors are angels and help you through anything and everything, but most management above that cares about your work output and not you. PI’s do their job and get out, only 1-2 PI’s are supportive. Training is good but once you’re good at one thing they keep you there. Company cannot hold onto their employees, so constantly understaffed. Management does not care if panelists are rude or badly behaved. You can move up only to CRC II (still at a wildly low pay for industry standard). After that there is little opportunity to move up.
ProsCoworkers are all in the same boat so close culture with other coordinators and assistants
Consno work/life balance, low pay, capped growth
Laboratory Technician | Lincolnshire, IL | Aug 7, 2021
Negative Workplace: Stressful, Underpaid, Underappreciated
I would highly suggest avoiding this place. Management has no clue what they are doing and are very disorganized. Employees are overworked due to short staff and forced to complete tasks way out of their job description (ex: completing management level work as entry level). Employees leave and are never replaced, meaning staff is inexperienced, overworked, and hours are very long. Pay is low as well with no room for raises nor promotions/job advancement. Only positive is you will gain a lot of experience in a short amount of time that is a great resume builder for when you quickly look for a new job.
ProsExperience, flexible work hours
ConsLow pay, unreasonable management, unappreciated employees
Sales | Aetna, IN | Feb 7, 2022
SGS was by far the worst company I had ever worked for.
People were horrible to work with. Mostly everyone was irritated and over worked. People were rude and unprofessional. It was the worst experience I've ever had in a job.At first things were great and it seemed as if I had a promising out look and possibility for career advancement. However as the months passed my manager became less and less involved and it seemed as if all the opportunities we had talked about and discussed were disappearing. My position was "reshaped" while I had been working, so my hours and pay were changed. Manager became much less friendly (I'm still unsure why) but it made me dread work and my life was much more unpleasant.
E-commerce Specialist | Chino, CA | Jan 8, 2022
This was an e-Commerce job, shooting speed is more important than making a beauty.
typical an e-Commerce operation. Go to the studio on time and get whatever merchandise on the shelves to shoot . After a while, the jobs becomes a routine. Over all the job is more or less like a assembly line. The photographer needs to open the box then shoot 5-8 shots and put the merchandise back in the box. Too much time spent on some situation, which can be done moire efficiently.
ProsColleague are all photographers, most are nice people.
ConsThe studio is in a warehouse, Short breaks and bathroom is very far from the office.
Quality Assurance Technician | Fairfield, NJ | Nov 23, 2020
Everyone is very nice and helpful. But the days tend to get repetitive and boring especially starting out
Work-life balance Work-life balance at SGS is great Pay & benefits My pay and benefits at SGS are fair Job security and advancement In terms of job security at SGS, I think it's fair Management In general, managers at SGS very helpful and nice whenever you have a question or need help Culture Collaboration with my colleagues at SGS is not really needed but they are very helpful in explaining any questions you have Overall My experience working at SGS a nice place to start
Specialist | Fairfield, NJ | Sep 12, 2020
It's an okay workplace
This company is a great beginner job for someone who is fresh out of college or fairly new in the field of pharmaceuticals. I only had one year of experience. I learned a lot about the industry and gained a lot of experience. However, because of the lack of good management, the lack of employees, and the bad job culture you wouldn't want to stay there long to build your career. You'll notice that the company has a high turnover rate within a month or two of working there, also. So, basically after about a year start looking for something new.
Manager | California | Apr 2, 2022
Very little interaction with office, supervisor and none with HR
I was hired as an Independent Contractor to work at a Client Facility. There was very little communication. However, the communication from office when they needed something. No follow up or development process. Now, I'm no longer with SGS as their Payroll Department has no care whatsoever about the timing of pay and will not respond to your requests for earned pay. No help or communication back from HR Director as well.
ProsSupervisor is/are friendly
ConsSee review above
Laboratory Technician | Dayton, NJ | Apr 11, 2021
Overworked and underpaid
As a lab tech, you are just used and abused. You get a ton of sample volume with limited equipment because half of it is broken, so overtime is normally necessary to complete your work. They are taking away the night shift so you just end up working long, tiring hours because the job itself is so physical. Workplace culture is non existent and pay is noncompetitive and nonnegotiable -- very low
Prosnobody breathing down your neck, take breaks as needed
Conspoor compensation, no advancement opportunities
Technicien (H/F) | Le Mans (72) | Apr 21, 2022
La pire entreprise dans laquelle j'ai travaillé
Direction : Pas la peine de demander quelque chose, soit il ne seront pas vous répondre, soit il vous répondrons 2 semaine plus tard. Travail : Travail intéressant mais au vu du salaire, on ne peux pas s'investir pleinement, même si il y a des chose à développer. Salaire : On frôle le SMIC pour un poste Bac+3 avec responsabilité. Pas d'augmentation en 3 ans, malgré un parcours irréprochable. Ambiance : Entre collègue c'est top, très bonne entente. Avec la direction,.. beaucoup moins. Évolution : L'évolution de carrière est possible, mais sans augmentation de salaire... Conclusion : Après 3 ans passé chez SGS en tant que Technicien de bureau d'étude, la seule chose positive que je garde c'est d'avoir développé mon savoir sur mon poste. Il n'ont même pas accepté ma rupture conventionnelle, obligé de démissionné... La politique de SGS ne changeras pas, cela fait des années que c'est comme ça, il y a énormément de turn over. Chaque mois des dizaines de personnes sont embauchées et des dizaines d'autres partent.
ProsTravail intéressant
ConsSalaire, Prime, Direction, Culture d'entreprise, Evolution
Chargé de Clientèle (H/F) | Arcueil (94) | Sep 28, 2021
Une multinationale comme tant d'autres !
Si vous désirez être harcelé et fatigué par des pseudo responsables incompétentes,idiotes et en manque d'amies ou de gosses à gerer allez-y. Elle va vous appeler tous les matins et vous soûler pendant 4h,donc 4h de perdu pour bosser au tel avec les clients ou les auditeurs Une pseudo responsable encore en apprentissage et qui s'entend bien avec les leches bottes et il y en a un paquet. Societe d'hypocrite . 2Ème multinationales ou je vois autant de depart volontaire ou non en si peu de temps. L'inspection du travail devrait aller y faire un tour vus le nombre de salariés qui se font "maltraités" et harcelés
ProsLes horaires

Questions And Answers about SGS

What is the best part of working at SGS?
Asked Jan 29, 2020
It's a 12 hour shift with 2 hours of work. Plus your by yourself for the most part.
Answered May 24, 2022
My team is amazing and always has my back. I feel encouraged and always motivated to do better. This may not be a company-wide common theme, but for my lab specifically.
Answered Mar 24, 2022
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at SGS? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 28, 2016
Is it two weeks after back ground check.
Answered Dec 5, 2018
How do i apply
Answered Dec 10, 2017
What questions did they ask during your interview at SGS?
Asked Jun 28, 2016
Tell me about yourself What can you give to the company? What have you learned from your previous jobs? What price range are you looking to get?
Answered Sep 2, 2020
Where do you see your self in the future with sgs
Answered Apr 4, 2018
Does SGS drug test?
Asked Feb 24, 2018
Of course they do and they should,!
Answered Feb 16, 2019
Yes. per transportation requirements.
Answered Feb 4, 2019
What do the initials SGS stand for?
Asked Oct 20, 2016
Standard Global Services
Answered Mar 10, 2019
S.G.S stands for Standard Global Services.
Answered Sep 2, 2017