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SIMOS Insourcing Solutions Reviews

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Overall Reviews at SIMOS Insourcing Solutions

Packer | Pittston, PA | Jan 23, 2020
Dont waste your time! Please dont!!
Do not work here! I repeat, do not work here. I will never work here again even if its the last place to work. I cant stress it enough on how horrible this company is. Some assignments are OK but the most part, they're the worse. They make YOU pick 50-70 of tiles/marbles off the floor to put on a pallet. They dont even have the decency to put pallet under there product so it wont be on the floor which makes it hard to pick when its so heavy, literally back breaking work, your like a human crane. To top it off thye have no benefits despite the fact they work you so hard. You can get serious hurt on the job yet they dont insure their employees? They hire and fire people from the boss to the employees every 6 months so you have to deal with new people and their bad attitude every few month espically the ones they hire. They do not put qualified people in supervisor positions so unproffesionalism is a daily thing. Jealous female supervisors puts all the heat, disrespect, attitude on the women but freindly with the men. Hounding the women while they work by wathching complete your job from start to finish. Very confrontational! A female supervisor got in my face, thank god I handled that the way I did because that could of ended bad. They are suppose to have 35 to 40 pickers, they cant even hold 11. The turn over rate is so high because of how terrible this company is. 2 Weeks ago they had closed to 20 pickers, now they have 9 with 5 more leaving so they'll be down to 4. That me
Laborer | Pottsville, PA | Aug 10, 2021
Terrible company!
You only get 40 hours of PTO time for the year! The pay is terrible I was working at Lowe’s dc in Pottsville, PA and they make more and have way better benefits through the actual company that you’ll be working at! Do not apply through SIMOS unless you have a criminal background, they will hire you at least for awhile and as long as you work hard they may keep you. If you mess anything up in receiving though except that to catch up to you you will probably get terminated after a week or 2 unless you’re milking yourself here that’ll be the only way you’ll keep your job. Also expect to get vto because that’s what started happening to us lately they don’t have the work for us but they keep hiring and the company is also hiring for their company so just keep all of this in mind before applying for SIMOS! They through me around here I started in shipping and apparently the coach didn’t like my work effort so I was put in receiving and then they started training me on the let scan gun, even after I told them I’m not comfortable doing it they still went ahead to do it so I did that and everything was alright until one day I messed up and that was game over for me to receiving again once you mess up doing green plates or anything like that that you enter into the scan gun now someone actually needs to do some work to fix it so they make a huge deal out of it your lead may tell you it’ll be okay but it’s really not. Pallet strip is pretty easy to learn try to get yourself there that’s
ProsYou don’t need to clock out for your lunch break. Weekly pay at least here it was.
ConsEverything else unless you’re a convict and need a job then apply.
Material Handler | Memphis, TN | Jul 2, 2021
Yea might be a fun and productive work place if you're Hispanic or in management
The training is often minimum and insufficient. Whatever you're not trained to do you're expected to figure out. Expected to know things without being told. Needed assistance can be frowned upon and is often given as little as possible. Help if given is often not when needed or not in the manner required or requested. Like I say I need help there. They'll come here and tell me to go there and I become the help I need. It's all if to say so you can't say they never helped. Making hard jobs look easy equates to no raise. If you cannot do a two man job alone with very little help you can receive a raise but if you can do it and will do jobs no one else wants only needing a little help, a raise is seen as trivial, even laughable. As if to say this job is way easier for you then it should be so why could you possibly want a raise or need it? Regardless of work load if management isn't pleased, most times it's seen as the workers fault. It's never that it's too much work or it's to heavy. If they could they'd have me here 7 days not so I can help out but so I can keep a load off them that they really don't want to lift a finger to carry. Coworkers and management can take anywhere from days to months off while I'm expected in every work day (was usually 6 days but I've made sure to take more days off. The days of me working 6 while they work 4 days are over) and if I miss a day about half the time I'm asked why didn't I come or I get supposedly joking comments about good workers sho
ProsSparingly free lollipops, donuts, pizza
ConsLazy, want workers they can put on 2 man jobs, don't mind working you to death just as it's not them, gives help at leisure not when needed
Warehouse Associate | Elwood, IL | Sep 6, 2012
Mismanaged and underfunded
A top tier manager hires her friends and neighbors for key managerial positions and then covers for their incompetence without regard for the welfare of the company. Advancement is nearly impossible, because the competent hardworking people are placed under the lazy under-qualified few in order to avoid complete failure. The associates are held to strict standards of attendance, punctuality, quality and performance; while one supervisor has already missed 14 full days this calendar year and been late numerous times and she only works a three day/week shift. The maintenance team is not given any tools and much of the equipment and fixtures are taped together and propped up with wood shims taken from broken pallets. Threaded rods stick-up from the floor where conveyors were ripped out of position by a careless night-shift, presenting a dangerous trip hazard, but if an associate trips on one of them they will be forced to take a drug test, and they will most likely be written-up for unsafe conduct. Used in-line conveyors are used in an end-load application and the sharp connector brackets are covered in yellow tape as opposed to being removed. If an associate gets tired towards the end of an 11.5 hour shift and fails to lift their carton high enough while loading the conveyor they will get a nasty bruise and/or cut followed by a write-up for working unsafely. The pressures of third party logistics has forced Simos into cutting every expense to ship the most packages at the lowes
Prosthere are a few excellent supervisors, and some hard-working people.
Consunsafe working conditions, several underperforming supervisors.
Finisher | Memphis, TN | Jan 9, 2014
Horrible, Horrible, Horrible!!
Simos was the Employer. The companies they assigned you to work for was Nike or Williams-Sonoma. The hiring process is long. I waited approximately 4 hours at the Simos hiring office then once they called me back, the lady said I had to come back in 2 more hours. Ok. Once you're hired..They give you instructions on where to go, when, and all that. They assigned me to Williams-Sonoma. The first day was horrible. I went inside and asked the security guard could he give me instructions on where to go. [ Because I'm new ! ] He said " I don't know " . So I'm just standing there looking lost...First day..And I don't know where to go. So anywho, someone eventually showed me where to go. OK. Let me give you a description of a warehouse. A lot of noise, it takes forever to get where you're going, hot, you stand up all day, nerve wrecking, you have no privacy!! A typical day there was hell. My feet were hurting..The breaks were way too short. [ Remember, it takes forever to get to the break room! ] People were constantly watching you like you're in a prison. When actually you were!! Warehouse people work like slaves!! Point blank period!! I wouldn't advise anyone to work at any warehouse!! I worked at more than 1 so I know!!! I didn't enjoy anything about that job!! I learned that a warehouse job is not for me. And also people let me say this "TEMPORARY SERVICES" will hire you quick!! But the jobs are slave jobs!! and you will never be able to go home and say you had a good day..So get
ProsNo pros what so ever!!
ConsBeyond short breaks!! No benefits, no healthcare, no nothing!! You stand up all day long!! And work like a slave!
Warehouse Associate | Tooele, UT | Feb 23, 2021
No work to be done, favoritism, good personalities but questionable work ethics
I noticed that favoritism is played all the time. They always send people home because there is "No work to do." so your hours are never guaranteed. There's a requirement of "numbers" to hit every hour, but they rarely help when you need it. There's a chance to get a bonus, but you can never control if you do or not. The managers are good people, but there's room for improvement on how they manage everyone, including themselves. They ask you to stay home if you have even one COVID symptom, and I have been sick this week, so I stayed home. I called in, correctly, within the asked for time frame, for each shift, to let them know I would not be in, due to being sick. However, they put on my attendance record that I was a "No Show" for Monday. I called in again today, (Tuesday) and although today isn't on my attendance, they put "No Show" for tomorrow (Wednesday). How is that even possible, when tomorrow has not happened yet? I know I called in and have evidence of it. Unfortunately, they never gave anyone's numbers to anyone, BESIDES the call in number, so I have no idea who to talk to about that, or how to get ahold of them. Looks like I won't be sticking around much longer, due to their mess up. Long story short, if you plan on working here, you better NEVER need to call in or get sick... (Oh, and the insurance sucks too, unless you've worked there for a year. You also don't get any holiday pay, PTO, or anything like that until you've worked there for a year.)
ProsPossible bonuses
ConsVERY bad call in system, bad schedule, etc.
Manager | United States | May 27, 2015
A very unprofessional Company
Please spare yourself the nightmare of this company. I knew nothing about this company, and in hindsight did not give any due diligence to researching them. I was hired on the phone, no reference checks, no background checks, and no drug tests which gave me a pretty good indication that this was not a professional endeavor. I worked for this company for a few days, and was treated with a great amount of disrespect, by individuals who most likely did not graduate from 8th grade. Education, and professional levels are not the priority with this company, it's more a matter of how badly you can treat people, and meeting the physical demands of this position. The mentality of Managers and Supervisors within this organization is of the lowest potential possible, and therefore you get what you pay for because the educated, and professional are not going to tolerate the physical and mental aspects of this company. I would certainly suggest that those in control place a stronger emphasis on the qualifications of those in Management positions as continued operations with the likes of those in place will lead to demise in non continuance of customer contracts. I never did fill out an I9, and for all intensive purposes it is illegal to work without producing the required documents necessary. If they are willing to break Federal Laws, then they certainly take no interests in the people they employ.
ProsAbsolutely None
ConsToo many to list
Finisher | Memphis, TN | Aug 12, 2012
Productive workplace
When im entering the building at work I'm greeted by the friendly secuirty guards, they scan and check my badge,then wish me a great day at work,their enthusiasm encourages me to have a great day. Once I do my daily routine of clock-in on time, I join my team to discuss the expectations and goals for the shift. We also discuss accomplishments and areas that needs improvements.Management always allowed us to speak about our areas of concern. They were understanding to personal issues but they encouraged hard work at all times. Their motivation and commitment to our team made me want to work harder because they cared. They were very professional and addressed all concerns with our team with constructive criticism and praised the positive. After the team consultation, I go to my work station and begin scanning packages that needed to be shipped. The uncomfortable part of my occupation was being able to talk to management about my professional concerns but because management was so understanding, I was able to improve my communication with them, which helped improve my communication with others. When working in the environment, it was hard to adjust to the temperatures in the building but once I was there for a couple of weeks, I was able to adapt to the situation. It was enjoyable to work hard daily and have a friendly environment that encouraged hard work.
Prosfree mini fans
Constemperature was very hot.
Supervisor | Elwood, IL | Dec 29, 2018
A lot of favoritism depending on what shift you work on.
Ops managers are only concerned about their individual shift not the concerned of the goal of the company. There is a different job function for each shift even though you could be working in the same department. Meaning 2nd shift receiving department are held to a different standard than the other shift receiving department. Management doesn't provide adequate training on equipment to maximize production. They have a Supervisor that is best friends with the HR Manager on site. So this individual supervisor goes to the HR manager for special favors and gets them. Ops Manager doesn't make sound decisions. The Ops Manager takes instructions from the Supervisors instead of the Ops Manager instructing the Supervisors. If a supervisor doesn't personally like you, then they will fire you. They don't provide you adequate time to making necessary adjustments or provide proper coaching to help employees become successful. if they don't like you, you will lose you job. Ops manager allows supervisor to use profanity to call employees out of their name. They tried to hire new employees and pay them more than the employees that were already employed
ProsEmployees do get paid every week, and your direct deposit is in the band a day before pay day
Consshifts are not held to the same standard. healthcare
Recruiter | Memphis, TN | Dec 26, 2019
Favoritism, hard work is not rewarded
They hired an incompetent manager with an inability to forecast the recruiting needs of the office. She isolated herself and worked in the reception area. This made it difficult to communicate with her. The manager decided to retain individuals that essentially bribed her and sucked up to her instead of retaining individuals based on merit that worked hard and placed triple the amount of candidates as the individual that were kept, with half the amount of errors especially I9's. What nonbiased manager would fire people that consistently recruit 25 people a day and keep individuals that place 10 people a day it's illogical and biased. If you did not throw the manager a baby shower(took several smoke breaks per day), buy her child clothes( receptionist) rarely answers the phone too busy laughing and talking with the manager,or take several breaks on the clock (on average 4 daily 30 minute breaks,) everyday to get food for yourself and the aforementioned people as well as the manager, she also (texted all day, took personal calls and laughed and talked to the manager) if you didn't do a bad job and didn't suck up to the manager you had to go. They laughed and talked while I worked I guess the joke is on me. Please view your cameras, they will prove everything.
ProsCheck your camera system to prove it.
ConsHard work is not rewarded

Questions And Answers about SIMOS Insourcing Solutions

What would you suggest SIMOS Insourcing Solutions management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 14, 2017
Make revisions in the point system. Lowes employees get to regain their points back by one calender month. Not 90 days. Make sure that adequate training is provided. I feel boxed in. I used to work at the warehouse as a Lowes associate inbetween 2012 and 2014. The training was more thorough. Now it is abbreviated. I'll admit I am appalled by the lack of training. Communicate to Simos associates what they must do to get their numbers. What can they write down as off standard for their time sheet? That is not communicated to the Simos employee yet they are expected to get a certain amount of points every shift. If an employee writes that they have experience in building or receiving from their prior warehouse experience put them in receiving or building. Not shipping or non con. Some employees are placed in positions that are not suited to them.
Answered Nov 21, 2020
To work as a team to make goals a reality and grow with the company
Answered Sep 29, 2020
What is a typical day like for you at SIMOS Insourcing Solutions?
Asked Jul 13, 2022
Answered Nov 19, 2022
Hard labor, poor pay with incentives to compensate but that will usually be denied you at any opportunity and never truly explained.
Answered Nov 6, 2022
What questions did they ask during your interview at SIMOS Insourcing Solutions?
Asked Jul 26, 2016
Do you have problems standing for long periods.
Answered Aug 13, 2022
skill levels
Answered Jul 23, 2021
If you were to leave SIMOS Insourcing Solutions, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 25, 2017
If I were to leave. Lack of training. Lack of accountability. I had to deal with a pallet that had labels on it th that were not received properly. It took 4 hours to work on a pallet ffg hat should take 15 to 25 minutes maximum.
Answered Nov 21, 2020
To escape the abusive, hostile and unethical work environment.
Answered Nov 21, 2018
What benefits does SIMOS Insourcing Solutions offer?
Asked Feb 8, 2017
Come out of your pay
Answered Nov 15, 2022
Holiday pay
Answered Oct 29, 2022