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Overall Reviews at Sally Beauty

Sales Associate | Elk City, OK | Jun 11, 2018
The best place i ever had the pleasure of working
The work environment that Sally's gives you is incredible. You really do feel like a family when you work here. When they started to take out and restructure the company is when it started to decline. They went about it the wrong way and left a lot of people who dedicated their lives to this company in the dust and it broke my heart. I understand it's all just business but i couldn't continue working for a company who began to treat us like mushrooms.
ProsEmployee discounts, incentive rewards, yearly vacation, incentive trips, bonuses, yearly raises, PTO, vacation pay, Health Insurance benefits, 401K
ConsShort breaks, mediocre managment
Sales Associate | South Carolina | May 16, 2018
too many chiefs and not enough indians
Could be a great company, but they put the wrong people in charge. Too many friendships in upper management, no one to go to when there is a problem. Almost like nepotism. The company has too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Doesn't pay employees enough for what they ask of you. You have to run your own store by yourself, but are micromanaged once higher-ups come in. Its never about what you do for your store or the company, its always what you don't do. Too much stress for no pay. But good experience because management is asked to do everything that most companies have multiple employees do.
Prosemployee discount, a couple company chosen free products a month, good experience
Consawful pay, fear mongering, hostile environment, poor management, asked to do in a day what takes a week, HR does not care to help, nepotism, constantly asked to work overtime, I could go on for hours!
Warehouse Supervisor | Yulee, FL | Jan 16, 2019
Horrible place to work
They have horrible management at the facility now. Terrible place to work. I would not work there ever again. You are under paid and overworked. I am glad I left there.
Consbad salary, bad hours, bad management, dont care about the employees. warehouse manager is a jerk
Customer Service Representative | Sebring, FL | Dec 10, 2018
Fun environment I would recommend anyone to work there. Too bad I had to relocate and leave the job, but I loved it decent discounts on stuff that I wanted and was able to know first before any customers when the sales were coming out.
Vendor Manager | Denton, TX | Feb 4, 2020
Provides a little work / life balance
They provide a little work / life balance. They expect a lot out of the employees. Does not always own up to what is mentioned or discussed. Pay is low.
Assistant Store Manager | Nacogdoches, TX | Jul 8, 2019
I enjoyed various parts of my job, but compensation was poor, management was poor, and the hours were not compatible with family life as assistant manager- they are much more flexible if you aren't in management or are in higher management positions. Compensation was not high enough to afford childcare. They did have very good benefits and even benefits for part-time employees.
Beauty Consultant | Owings Mills, MD | Dec 30, 2019
Would not recommend
Low wages, hard work. To make matters worse you would think corporate would be better and professional. I have been trying to speak with someone for 3days. I'll get to the receptionist be transferred, to only be put on the line for over an hour. I have even left 2 voice mails. If you like being short paid overworked then this is the place for you. It's also a fixed-rate, no promotions
Beauty Consultant | Lakeland, FL | Oct 1, 2018
It was alright
The work wasn’t hard and the people were fine but there was no room to go anywhere, it takes years to be promoted and unless you’re someone’s favorite it wasn’t going to happen anyway.
ConsYou’re a cashier forever
Customer Service Representative | Cincinnati, OH | Apr 17, 2018
I gained knowledge and experience while here
I love cosmetology and helping others feel good about their self also loved the customer service experience and continuously learning about new products and meeting new people as well as salon owners.
Prospeople and the experience and knowledge gained
Conspart time
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Florence, SC | Sep 1, 2019
You had to be friends with someone to be considered for a higher position. They only liked you if you sucked up to them (bring them small gifts and food or other things.)

Questions And Answers about Sally Beauty

What would you suggest Sally Beauty management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 20, 2017
Better pay for BA's and SM's. For the amount of work we do and the knowledge we're expected to have we deserve more.
Answered Nov 22, 2019
As employees of Sally’s (I applied for Co-Mngr) what are some things managers could do better to help out their employees? After all, people lead by example. Just curious. 🤞🏼
Answered Nov 18, 2019
Does sallys drug test
Asked Jul 13, 2017
Sally has recently begun to do background checks.
Answered Dec 22, 2019
They do both!
Answered Oct 25, 2019
What advice would you give the CEO of Sally Beauty about how to improve it?
Asked Jan 15, 2018
1) ALL Sally's should have a recycling dumpster. I work at a tiny, low-value location and we still receive anywhere from 75-100 boxes a week for shipment, and they all have to go in the garbage. 2) ALL Sally's should be able (if anything, required) to turn their lights off at night. We are required to leave our store lights on 24/7 to "prevent theft" although it's apparent all of our theft happens during hours of operation. It's a waste of electricity. 3) Either there should be 2 closers a night each night, or each Sally's should have security. Closing alone is dangerous, especially in sketchy areas, and especially when employees start out at 18 years old. 4) Each location should have an Assistant Manager. I've worked 2 years at a small location and I've seen several managers get so overwhelmed from the amount of work they take on that eventually quit. 5) Pay raises should be given out more often than once a year, and they should be worth more than an extra quarter added to the already low pay rate. I have been with the company for 2 years, I have consistently good numbers and good performance, yet I only make 35 cents more than an employee who got hired today would.
Answered Oct 11, 2019
Let non-management positions have the option to work full-time and qualify for benefits like health insurance and accrue paid time off.
Answered Oct 2, 2019
If you have experience with doing hair but are not a licensed professional will they still proceed with your application, or are they more so looking for licensed cosmetologist?
Asked Sep 15, 2016
No longer required. Everyone starts st the same rate.
Answered Oct 27, 2018
I have no beauty experience at all and I was hired on the spot. I did have two hears of retail and sales driven experience so that may have helped
Answered Sep 13, 2018
How are the working hours at Sally Beauty?
Asked Jul 14, 2016
When people are working hard, need time break 10 minutes. and continue working.
Answered Apr 8, 2019
When ever they need you .. it used to be great before
Answered Feb 11, 2019