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Sam’s Club Home Office 2101 SE Simple Savings Dr. Bentonville, AR 72716-8048
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Overall Reviews at Sam's Club

Merchandiser | Carolina, PR | Nov 14, 2019
Good place to work
A place to grow professionally, a place to learn different types of duties. Sam's club is a good place to start a job experience and whith that used to escalate for better positions in the future.
Cashier, Member Order Specialist, and Overnight Receiving Associate | Orlando, FL | Oct 20, 2019
It's alright
It all depends on how you handle the work you're given.
Cart Attendant | Houston, TX | Feb 10, 2020
They don't care about you. Period.
They are a company that treats their loyal workers as expendable. They don't care about your circumstances outside of work. They aren't flexible with the work schedule even though they say they are. Half the managers there don't help their workers but just chastise and criticize instead. They threaten their workers' job security. They accuse their workers' of not working hard enough when they very much are. If you live far away, the points system will be your achilles heels and they don't try to work wotrh their workers that live far away. There is often traffic and things out of my control but they didn't care. I worked all the holidays and they provide no extra benefits or incentives. And lastly, why would you attack and accuse a good hard worker that had EXCELLENT attendance and never missed a shift even when I was sick? Why would you let a manager that abuses her power write the worker description so she could add her two-cents to besmirch and sully your good name? Great job for followers, people that love being told what to do in a very rude manner, and don't mind when managers abuse their power and threaten your job security when they don't get their way even though they know they are in the wrong. THIS COMPANY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. You've been warned.
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Greensboro, NC | Oct 16, 2019
Productive and fun
It was a good workplace. There was always something to do, and you won't get bored. The other associates were around my age group, which is 18-25. Which made it even better because there was always something to talk about between the co workers, which made it a fun place to work.
Administrative skills, Computer literate, 35wpm and proficient | Murrieta, CA | Oct 25, 2019
productivity and good work relationship
fair over all working with associate and managers. Typical day at work. Easy working with associate get along with managers. Most off all my department manager she listen to her employees needs.
Photo Technician | Las Vegas, NV | Dec 23, 2019
OK fir retail but you'll never be full time. Management helpful but scheduling tough. Hard to get a set schedule. Need to be able to learn on on your own.
Host/Cashier | Sharpsburg, GA | Jan 21, 2020
sometimes a fun place to work and good members.
Working at sams can be challenging at times but with good customers and some team oriented co-workers the job can be fun and done efficiently and with members satisfaction.
Forklift Operator | Omaha, NE | Jan 2, 2020
Like the work
I like working out n my department I'm in the freezer most of the time stocking but it does get cold but n there l.i like also helping members as well
Customer Service Representative | Coral Springs, FL | Nov 11, 2019
Anytime you work for Walmart it’s not the best experience the work is long the management is horrible you don’t get any hours you get criticize for doing your job in the first place
Assistant Leader | Lone Tree, CO | Feb 7, 2019
Very stressful place to work
Senior management is a 3-ring circus. No one is on the same page; you had direction A from one person, then the next SM would come in and change the direction. Long hours and no reward.
ConsLong hours, low pay and expensive benefits

Questions And Answers about Sam's Club

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Sam's Club? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
1 week including taking training tests on computer
Answered Feb 24, 2020
It takes a while hired on the spot, background and drug test completed. Orientation was last Saturday, unable to complete i9 form told I would receive a call from hiring manager Monday never received a call, went to store and called multiple times still waiting to start.
Answered Nov 11, 2019
Can I work full time at Sam's Club?
Asked Feb 10, 2016
If you are hired part time you will never get full time but can work 40 plus hours don’t take full time no overtime will make you ho home early
Answered Feb 24, 2020
Yes you can, I was just hired on a full time
Answered Nov 16, 2019
What questions did they ask during your interview at Sam's Club?
Asked Jul 10, 2016
None just here is what’s available what do you want
Answered Feb 24, 2020
Very relaxed and laid back. Probably the easiest interview you could have. Questions were simple: *Can you work weekends? *What availability can you work? *What do/did I do at my current job? I wasnt asked any situational questions. After all the questions, you will be given a tour through the area you will be working in** I suggest asking a lot of questions about the job, store, benefits and any other questions you might have! They like that! And it gives you more of an idea of what you're getting into. **
Answered Dec 3, 2019
If you were to leave Sam's Club, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
My team leader didn’t know what they were doing had a poor attitude working with people thought yelling & job threatening was the way to do it, or not speaking to you all day checking if you need help consider you are new like less then a week kinda Assumed prejudice or jealousy was possible. Every 2 weeks they would implement new work policy???! Was suggested on first week to work overtime which team leaders or management cannot ask you to do. Never got breaks & had to stay over to finish so team leader didn’t have to finish which was their job. Would say more but think ya got the drift oh & it’s much worse then this All reviews on management are correct
Answered Feb 24, 2020
Poor management. My lead is never in her own department, seems as though managers are worried about every department but their own.. they say one thing and do another! A bit of advice to the leads would be to lead by example!
Answered Oct 26, 2019
What is the best part of working at Sam's Club?
Asked Nov 23, 2019
Going home
Answered Mar 21, 2020
Answered Mar 15, 2020