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PO Box 5000 Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Aramco Reviews

Overall Reviews at Saudi Aramco

Project Manager | Ras, MS | Mar 3, 2020
I found Saudi Aramco to be sincerely interested in core principles: education, and travel.
-Treated with respect, -Appreciation for work achieved, -Challenging tasks, -Cooperation with others involved in daily activiies, -Opportunities to benefit local employees with experiences brought in from outside.
ProsExcellent housing, great schools, top schools above 9th grade, oppportunities to see the world and expand our horizons.
ConsThere can be some resistance to Americans in Saudi.
Safety Coordinator | United States | Nov 7, 2019
Work there for as long as you can take it and save your money so you can get out sooner
Saudi Arabia is the most horrible place in the world next to Antarctica Work is not that hard as the bar is set pretty low. Advancement is based on your relationship to a tribal leader and Americans don't have that. Pay for Americans is very good and it better be because that is the only good thing about the job. Retirement benefits are outstanding and you can get them after 5 years
ProsThe pay is great, the gym is great
Consfood is terrible and there is nothing to do in the entire country
Liaison | Rig, WV | Jan 8, 2020
They have good reputation, welfare package and it was an honour to work there, not just good pay only.
Management helps us to take our career to the next level by giving us training on the job, lead and train other with opportunities to work safe, this are supports given in their mission, their product and even the company’s culture.
ProsWelfare of staff, resident workers was excellent during my stay.
ConsHealth care was perfect
Senior Sales Specialist | Arabia, OH | Apr 11, 2019
Great experience.
Aramco was my most favorite experience I have ever had. We lived in difficult conditions on occasion, but you very soon adapted to them, The job allowed a very positive experience and support. The rules of work and life were clear. My wife and I traveled all over the world and we miss our experiences there every day.
ProsTravel experiences
ConsSaudi weather
Mentor | Arabia, OH | Oct 13, 2018
Saudi Aramco is the Greatest Company.
It was not only the most resourceful company I have ever worked for... It was the best. They had the most friendly work culture and there was always a Senior Level Supervisor to talk to. Simply The Best Company!!!
ProsLots and Lots Of Food!!!
ConsVery Hot in Saudi Arabia in the Summer
Superviseur forage pétrolier Sénior (Company man) | Ash, NC | Aug 15, 2018
Productive work
- Good management, - Enjoyable job, - Typical place to work, - Good organization in work, - Good health insurance, - Nice cities, - Response to problems in time.
Internal Medicine Physician | Center, TX | Feb 13, 2020
Delivered best care to the patient's and their families
Working with Aramco it was interesting especially in the medical field, it was interesting to work with multicultural group of medical people in order to deliver the best care to the patients under well supported management
Instrumentation Engineer | Ras, MS | Jul 9, 2019
Not for everyone, but great opportunities
They are looking for experts in their fields. One of the main responsibilities of Ex-patriot Employees is to train younger "national" employees. Compensation and opportunities for personal travel are out of this world. If you can get a job with them, go for it. You will never look back.
Group Leader | United States | Sep 12, 2018
Great place to work and good envirnoment
There is a high competitions between employees. so, you need to prove your self by working very hard and come with innovation ideas, patent and safety suggestions…..etc
Senior Estimator | Houston, TX | Feb 21, 2019
Clear Understanding of requirements
Lots of opportunity for anyone willing to relocate. A continuous growth path company. Plan include onshore and offshore new facilities development. Very professional place to work.

Questions And Answers about Saudi Aramco

What is the work environment and culture like at Saudi Aramco?
Asked Sep 28, 2016
Task based with no vision, goal, or planning. Work on one emergency today, drop it and work on the next one tomorrow. No accomplishment or sense of achievement at all and nothing that you do really means anything or comes to fruition. It’s drive to work, spend your day doing meaningless task, wash, rinse, repeat. It was miserable. After awhile the money did not matter and we packed and left.
Answered Aug 18, 2018
Stressful and unpredictable........more than normal.
Answered Sep 7, 2017
What is the most stressful part about working at Saudi Aramco?
Asked Sep 28, 2016
Work culture is toxic. Everything is a game between warring factions led by saudi managers with one goal in mind: elevate themselves by discrediting their rivals. Staying balanced on that tightrope is exhausting and it isn’t worth it. Avoid this company unless you really need the money and nothing else.
Answered Aug 18, 2018
Very high security and harsh environment.
Answered Apr 5, 2017
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Saudi Aramco? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Aug 11, 2016
3 months. 1st Step: Workshop/Interview/Job offer if passed 2nd Step: Medical 3rd Step: Visa processing 4th Step: Flight Schedule to place/country of work
Answered May 18, 2017
It takes around six months from start to finish.
Answered Mar 11, 2017
How are the working hours at Saudi Aramco?
Asked Jul 27, 2016
40h/wk, 5 days/wk, 30days paid vacation
Answered Apr 5, 2017
Day shift 7:30 to 4:30 PM
Answered Nov 24, 2016
Have bonuses and other forms of compensation been cut for engineers working for Saudi Aramco in 2016 and 2017?
Asked Nov 8, 2017
Yes to the best of my knowledge
Answered Mar 12, 2019
The housing, transportation and food allowance given by the company.
Answered Mar 13, 2018