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Retail Sales Associate | Las Vegas, NV | Jul 25, 2018
Going Under
Sears, a company that has been around for a hundred and fifty to nearly two hundred years (five or take a decade or two) has fallen on hard times. It was once a wonderful company to work for with great benefits and competative wages, however that is no longer the case. Now, individuals who work for Sears no longer get raises, you're locked into specific pay based on your minimum wage of your state or what have you should you get lucky enough to get a promotion because someone was fired or left the company. Since taking the position of Store Support Lead I have had, at most, a hundred and thirteen hours average to split between eight people, three of which are used specifically for keeping the backroom, merchandise pick-up, and online purchases running. three others are for signing, keeping shoes looking good and stocked and making sure HR is properly manned. I normally operate with about 14 hours cut each week. That is taken into account with the average I gave above. Now, if a store in our district falls under a percentage of online orders filled, that store is shut down from being able to take any online orders, however, that means all other online orders are then re-directed to other stores and those stores are not given hours to properly compensate the amount of purchases we have to fill. So add in the fact that there is only two of us, with no over lap, per day, on top of other duties we are pulled for, not including individuals coming to pick up their products they have...more
Sales Associate | Yonkers, NY | May 7, 2018
Totally Delusional
Even if my coworkers were 50 year old+ adults, all it was was cliques that consisted of fighting, talking smack, segregation, etc. I don't blame them for acting like this, though. The only reason people were so childish was because there was always a competition for sales. Working for 100% COMMISSION WITH NO BASE PAY does that to people. Speaking of commission, don't be fooled by what they tell you. I was told by my MANAGER during my interview that commission would be about 10% of ANYTHING you sold. So I went in thinking I'd make let's say $100 off of a $1000 purchase. Nope. Turns out you dont get the full percentage unless you also sign the customer up for all the extras like protection plans, and even then it only comes up to about 9% of the total. Here's an example: I had a sale for about $1400. The buyer bought protection plans on everything. I made about $60 from it. On the other hand, I sold a fridge for $600 with no protection plan. I made about $10. Yeah MAYBE you'll have a good week and walk away with a big pay check, but that's entirely random. You have no ease of mind that you'll make anything. And when you don't make anything, you walk away feeling like you just entirely worked answering the phone, cleaning the floor, helping customers, for free. There's also no place for new faces. Everyone working there had been there for 10+ years so as a newbie (and a young one at that) I felt so out of place. They barely gave me any training, leaving me to go running t...more
ProsWhere lol
ConsNo base pay, Competitive, Boring
Sales Associate | Rochester, NY | May 7, 2018
Would be better if the company wasn’t on its death bed
I had a very good experience working commission+base sales. I had a great relationship with my hardlines manager and my coworkers. Managers take complaints very seriously and arrange meetings to ensure all needs are met. They hired people within the company before posting jobs to the public which was nice. They do monthly online training, annual district department meet up training sessions and have a program inside the company where you can mentor managers to train you for career advancements within the company. They buy the store lunch when we meet company wide goals which was sorta fun I guess. Pot lucks happened occasionally but they were not that great because everyone sucks at cooking and rode the bus with a crock pot of sweaty Mac and cheese. I left because I had a long drive to be there and I saw sears shoppers dwindling. It was difficult to hit quotas and meet goals set by the company in the end when there was no customers. They had meetings with me asking me what I could “do differently”. They encouraged me to follow up on leads and try different closing sale techniques but all those things did not matter because there just simply weren’t any customers or leads to follow up on. I worked part time and my numbers were compared to my full time co-workers which was very frustrating as I had met goals and quotas for the first 6 months of my job there. When it was quiet I was encouraged to go straighten and stock shelves even though I was a commission based em...more
ProsFree lunches, long lunches, good manager relationships, career advancements, benefits, workshops, training
ConsNo customers, no employee discount
Loss Prevention Manager | California | Oct 11, 2019
management was terrible which led to low employee morale
Working as an LP agent here was stressful. It takes a long time to get certified to makes stops. There were times were I was the only person in charge of the entire security for the store but was not even certified as an LP agent. I mainly did tasks that were unrelated to Loss Prevention which takes the joy out of the job. I joined because I wanted to do undercover surveillance work, internal investigations and bust ORC groups. It was tough to go to school and do my military service while working here, I missed months of schooling. I talked with a previous LP manager that worked at this sears and he was shocked by how much the LP department has changed for the worse. The store manager was atrocious not only to her staff but to the LP department. She had no clue about how the LP department operates but would dictate how we should work by her standards. What made this job stressful was the reports, the computers would work when they wanted to. Saved reports would at times go missing, the printer would run out of ink and burning footage would not work most of the time. To get a solid report out everything in the office had to work, if one step failed it would hinder the process. The workplace culture was competitive, I would say almost cutthroat at times. I did have an amazing partner that was kind enough to train me since there was very little workplace training (there was online training). If you want to get serious in LP work this is not the place. It does gets hit hard by sh...more
ProsGreat camera system that can zoom far, Many of the lower staff members were very kind and helpful
Consyou are dealing with a lot of problems that the staff could handle by themselves, working hours were not consistent, high expectations placed on you to get cases but not enough time focus on shoplifters.
Cashier/Sales | White Plains, NY | Dec 1, 2019
Literal garbage of a job
I applied for the cashier/apparel position and it was easy. I finally got a call back and they told me to fill out some things online and then told me to come into the store a certain date. Interview was easy and I got the job. They told me to fill out more things online and then to come into orientation a certain date. I came in and management was just lazy. The manager forgot about our orientation and we weren’t even trained at all not even about the policies/ rules. They just told me and my other friend to fold and organize clothes for 4 hours and they did not even teach us about the registers. They just left us there to do that only. Afterwards they told me to come back for my actual first day the next week. I did so and I had to ask my co worker what to do, they trained me instead and NOT EVEN THE MANAGERS DID THAT. I was only given a little packet about the emergency drills and codes for the store and a paper on how to talk with customers. All managers except one was pretty nice, the other managers were lazy, rude, and so unfair. I asked to change my che dile because I had something personal coming up, I never gave an attitude. The manager just gets mad and says, “I HAVE TO GO EAT NOW”. With such a bratty tone, she acts so rude towards everyone. I did what I was suppose to and after all that lazy management. I was left there to learn on my own the first 2 weeks. I was left to learn alone, I asked the managers if I could be taught everything, they just ignored my simple...more
Stocker | Montclair, CA | Jan 31, 2019
Friendly teamwork based retail environment!
For a seasonal position, I was treated with fairness and equal kindness from other Sears Team Members. Due to being new at backstocking, I was tasked to tidy up the shelves of the shoe department, and at rare chances tidying up the clothes display and stock, as well returning inventory to their rightful places. I learned a lot from my errors, but there is still room I need to learn that working at Seasonal is not enough. Management is like a sports team: We as associates and back stockers have to make sure that every shelves is full of inventory displayed and in a tidy fashion as possible! The environment is unfortunately very quiet thanks to the decline of mall culture, but there were still folks coming over during holidays and post-holidays shopping for discounts. The most hardest of the job is dealing with the shoe stock missing its mates. The reasons? There are worst case scenarios where the mates do get lost or misplaced elsewhere, and lacking of a set structure to easily find shoe mates or their right box packaging. It was a disaster on the back stage. What I enjoy the most is the friendliness of the associates (and which we all have a common goal when it comes to working with Sears!), and I researched a bit more about Sears, its retail history and the current situation with Sears. If I were to return to work again, it would be for the friendship bonds I made with the associates, and an unfortunate that I don't get the spare time to know them more. Lets HOPE that some S...more
ProsFriendly environment, problem solving opportunities
ConsLittle time to take a break for less than 5 hrs shifts, questionable leftover food contents on fridge, tedious inventory backstocking or misplacements.
Retail Sales Associate | Spokane, WA | Dec 28, 2018
The Overall job.
This job had maybe one or two gems that were good, the rest wasn't. To start off a typical work day, it was very unpredictable, you either had so much to do with no time, you had days where no one would assist you, and other days where the managers would ride your butt because you weren't "working" fast enough to their unreasonable expectations. You would be put it a different department without your knowledge, your schedule would change without notice and some managers will not listen to any feedback whatsoever. This is the current "Typical Day" I face. Some of the employees bust their butts to work hard, and no appreciation or praise is given only criticism. Others are so lazy and don't pull their weight, some managers will sit in the break room and be paid to lounge. The hours are very difficult in aspects of working until close one night, then opening the next morning for several days in a row destroying any sleep schedule you may have had. Theft at this store is very bad, we have merchandise stolen hourly, and corporate doesn't care, our neighborhood has some bad crime in it. Another thing to watch for here is gossip, backstabbing, and bias. Now the good stuff; There are some phenomenal customers I have interacted with who have absolutely made my day, some co-workers and 1 or 2 managers are really understanding and nice to befriend. Unfortunately, the pro's are very minuscule but there are some good people in this company.
ProsDiscounts to purchases, points systems, some good co-workers, sometimes free pizza, and sometimes so busy time flies by.
ConsWork days are unpredictable, so much to do with no time, You would be put it a different department without your knowledge, your schedule would change without notice. Some employees work super hard with no appreciation, others are super lazy.
Cashier | Philadelphia, PA | Feb 12, 2019
Done and over
I came into my position at Kmart rite wen they started closing the store and it was around the holidays. I was there for a lil over 3 months and it was crazy busy all day every day due to the holiday sales and closing sales. I didn’t like the fact that management no longer cared due to the closing. They let everything and anything fly. Cashiers would come in whenever they wanted they would get off there registers and jus randomly walk the floors even though it was crazy busy. Management was barely on the floor to help out. They had customer service run everything even though they were busy themselves you had to wait long periods of time to get change for your register, a void and it would cause customers to freak out. When there was no price they would say I don’t know and not even try to find a price or even get someone to find the price which made my blood boil (laziness) . The pay was only minimum wage which sucked big time when your on the register from the time u get in til the time u leave n other ppl are doing whatever they want and getting paid the same. Customers weren’t that bad they had regulars who would come in daily and actually respect u, but there were definitely some not so good ppl. If the store wasn’t closing and they didn’t bring in so many seasonal workers I think it would have been a better experience. There were associates that have been there forever and you could tell they loved there job and would go above and beyond. The place was more dirty then ot...more
ProsThey would buy lunch alot
ConsPay, coworkers, no benefits
Receiving Supervisor | Houston, TX | Oct 26, 2018
Good company with poor management
When looking at their layout as a whole, they have an AMAZING system set up for success. That being said, I've never heard of a store actually being ON-Process, and this is likely what drove them to bankruptcy. No employee discount, no bonuses, no raises (unless you're a favorite then they submit the help ticket to boost your pay). Raises are easy for management to do, they just won't pick up the phone to call the market HR, or create the help ticket. Spoilers! If you're an amazing employee, you likely won't get vacation time approved because they'll want you there. If you DO manage to take it by complaining to higher up, then you'll never hear the end about how the department is down and it's your fault for those days you took off. Their company 'twitter' called Pebble says they embrace feedback, but once you say something negative, then it's frowned upon and you get in trouble. If you're a member of management (supervisor or ASM), each area looks out for themselves when it comes to district manager visits (which happens often). For those familiar with standardized testing, remember "teaching to the test"? Similar here, "managing to the visit". You likely won't be trained and just thrown out there to the wolves depending on your lead. I was always on top of training my team though because I hate that "I'm new and don't know what to do in this situation!" feeling. The pay is horrible and recently anyone making above 10 per hour was let go, and the positions re-poste...more
Conseverything, money, hours
Administrative Assistant | Springfield, MO | Feb 27, 2020
Horrific Company with Zero Management from Corporate to Local
This was a horrible company. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get in contact with anyone in corporate management or even at the store level (from home). There is a constant need for help in the store (both needing new people and employees needing help from managers with customers waiting). It is impossible to get anything done. I was constantly asked to do things that were making use of the "Other duties as assigned" type aspect of my job description. I did 1 task in the office every single day and was not trained on the others that were part of my job description, to the point that managers had to do it because my coworkers were off work. If I would have been trained, this would not have been the case. My boss worked well with me when needing time off. If you are disabled, this is NOT the company for you. There is so much corporate drama and paperwork that waits forever to be done in their offices (that are impossible to get a call in to) that the poor benefits given are not worth the time. The General Manager at my location was helpful and worked well with me when needing time off work or other things. I think too much was expected of him where he was stressed too much, though. The Assistant Managers acted like they were just employee supervisors and nothing more/lazy. It was a decent working environment that made me comfortable going to work. I frequently had customers coming to the offices because no one was available on the sales floor and they were looking for support....more

Questions And Answers about Sears

What is the work environment and culture like at Sears?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Stressful. Not enough hours, lots of things to do, nobody's "authorized" or "qualified" to help you. If you're on 100% commission in appliances, you're only making 2-3% on a sale. If you're in the backroom, you're making minimum wage for about 9-13 hours a week.
Answered Oct 16, 2019
The company is constantly changing and closing stores
Answered Sep 21, 2018
How are the working hours at Sears?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Not enough hrs weekly, around the holidays is the only time you will get enough hrs weekly to survive, employees start at minimum wage
Answered Aug 27, 2019
I worked 4 10 hour days Mon-Thu
Answered Jul 31, 2019
What benefits does Sears offer?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
If your part time, none. Although you may qualify for 401k after working a minimum of 1000 hours.
Answered Dec 20, 2018
Benefits are very weak compared to other companies of similar size.
Answered Jul 12, 2018
How did you get your first interview at Sears?
Asked Feb 25, 2016
Applied online for In-home applanices service job, set up an interview at 1pm, I arrived early, was told an interviewer will come see me in a few min, waited more than 20 min. I left.
Answered Mar 24, 2018
Applied online and attend a hiring event where they did on the spot interviews
Answered Jul 5, 2017
What is the interview process like at Sears?
Asked Jul 1, 2016
Applied through the website. Had a recruiter set the interview up, and went all downhill from there. Got to the interview and was told they had no positions but they would put my application on file so when it got busier they would call. Very unorganized in my opinion.
Answered Jan 14, 2020
My interview was pretty simple, I didn't get asked any scenario questions like I thought I would. The only thing I got asked about was my availability, how did you hear about the position, and why do you want to work at sears. The rest of the interview was pretty much the interviewer explaining what was expected of me.
Answered Dec 20, 2018