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Overall Reviews at Securitas

Security Officer | Detroit, MI | Jun 14, 2019
Not a totally bad place to work but...
The idea of the company is a good one however putting their ideas into practice is a different story. I'm coming from a background in LE and with a ton of supervisory experience, so if you don't fall into this category your perception may be different. The hiring/on-boarding is pretty straight forward and simple.They put you through an all day on-boarding with videos and explanations of policies, document signing and uniform fitting. The only issue I had was being given uniform items that were way to big and being told "just to wear them for now until we get you the right ones". Getting the proper fitting uniform items was like pulling teeth and I flat out refused to report to one assignment until they got me squared away. So the disconnect there is: they have a pretty decent uniform policy but didn't make sure I had the proper gear. The pay for the work sites I was on are higher than most others and combined with a pretty robust benefits package makes this a good gig. I hired in part time but could easily get 40+ hours if I wanted to, so if you need the money and are willing to work you won't be disappointed. I want state for the record that everyone I dealt with was nice and I have nothing against anyone in the company however, the managers and supervisory staff are largely disjointed, meaning the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing. The main complaint here is that trying to get an answer or getting things done was somewhat of a hassle and i...more
ProsGood job for pay benefits
ConsManagers/supervisors need to take care of business
Security Officer | Wilton, CT | Oct 22, 2019
It was too good to be true.
I overall enjoyed learning a lot of new things from the 1st shift -2nd shift staff and learning their two main computer programs that they used and learning how to use the monitors. The staff from 1st shift are very thorough and went over all training materials really well. Also work life at the site I worked at was very nice and peaceful, the people there were really nice and they always were renovating there and making new places. I could honestly say if I was by myself or with a partner on the job taking care of a emergency situation I could definitely resolve it and talk in a calm orderly manner and take care of the emergency together well. The only things I had issues with were my partner and management not helping when I needed the help and saying things to me that I never said it did to fire me. So I put in my two weeks notice because I could not see any further future for me or anyone else trying to work there at all. It's just very sad, management saying their professional and to call the hotline if you ever need help and end up not helping you at all.. Also had small issues when their call out line staff-person called me either while I was at my college in class or on the job to have me cover someone's hours when I clearly couldn't because I was either already working my shift or had class right after..I was working full-time which was fine. Personally I would have wished at the site to be 2nd shift and not 3rd but that's what they had available. And honestly t...more
ProsI got discounts at the cafeteria
Consshort breaks, won't let you switch shifts
Site Manager | Massachusetts | Sep 14, 2018
You make the best of it, horrible benefits, typical pay
Workplace Culture: the security industry attracts a certain crowd of employees due to the very minimal requirement for education and experience. They are often people who jump around from one entry level-job to another in various industries. These employees are often the difficult ones. This isn't unique to Securitas or even the Security industry, but it's very prevalent. I believe this class of employees offsets with the employees who are driven. These employees are often college students looking to make money and gain experience, and also older individuals who want supplemental income as they are retired from they previous career. Typical Day: as a manager at a site, I do lots of administrative work to include scheduling, payroll, training, compliance, employee relations to include corrective actions and reviews. I also hold a post as needed and interact with the client and their visitors. That is typical security work. This varies from site to site. Management: the branch level and area level management are excellent. They care about their employees and provide good resources. I have heard some horror stories about other branches and areas, which certainly stain outlooks on the company. Hardest Part of Job: in my position, it is either employee relations (dealing with difficult employees) or scheduling during staffing shortages. BENEFITS: medical, dental and life are awful. 401K is laughable yet depressing. I get no paid time off, but there is some odd vaca...more
ProsMy Branch and Area management
Security Officer | Bronx, NY | Apr 6, 2019
Very busy and takes your full effort and attention to work.
A typical day at the job is doing roll call, marking up your book to do reports later. Sweeping your work station to make sure everything is in order. Advising other coworkers if everything is fine and ok. When i was promoted my everyday routine changed in where I didn't need to attend roll call, just had to do a quick sweep and just observe to make sure everything is not out of place or no suspicious activity was happening. I learned social skills such as dealing with all type of genders, races, ethnicity; how to deal with adults and kids as well since everyday we had to deal with over 30,000 people a day. Improving time management skills being tardy was out of the question. Leadership and team management skills, multitasking skills. Crisis avoidance skills. Learned how to manage huge crowds all on my own. Learned how to turn any complex situation into a more simple and easy to manage situation. The culture was basically a family each protecting each other's back, when you deal with so much people every single day you had to make sure that you can count on your fellow co worker to help with the work it wasn't easy. The hardest part of the job had to have been dealing with the massive crowds before games were starting, having to manage them all on my own in the summer when it was the hottest time of the year, than having to go back to my regular post and manage that area as well I was one of the few that were heavily dependent on by the higher ups so I was dragged from post t...more
ProsPaid always on time. Long breaks, paid breaks. Flexible time scheduling if you are in school.
ConsNo free lunch, you will deal with very rude and nasty people everyday. You will be degraded by people.
Security Guard | Indianapolis, IN | Aug 10, 2018
Everything is a gamble
I'm not 100% if it is like this everywhere, but I will try to be as detailed as possible for my location. Currently, I'm tasked with sitting in a squad car overlooking a parking lot at a factory, with the occasional tour to be taken around the premises. This requires the use of the company provided vehicle for multiple tours a day, plus a single tour where you document doors and entrances for secureness. Overall you're basically keeping an eye out for vandalism, car theft, and other General crimes that could happen at a place like this. The job itself is a cakewalk, it's hard to complain about sitting in a vehicle for 12 hours a day, especially at a location where there isn't a lot of pedestrian foot traffic. Some days there are only a few cars in the parking lot. Now here's where the problems start. In the short amount of time I've been here, I've watched 3 company cars come and go due to maintenance issues. Running a vehicle basically 24/7 can be hard on a car, I understand that, but the company doesn't even lift a finger to take care of minor things. I have not been able to run a vehicle due to issues in roughly a month now. 1 of the cars had the transmission go out, which is not an easy fix on the spot I'm sure so that one had to be taken. The other 2 cars just ran low on coolant. This is a simple fix, buy the coolant, and refill it. Easy and done. When management was notified of the issue originally, we were told to just not run the vehicle. Then nothing hap...more
ProsEasy, so far have had no shortage of work, and again, easy
ConsBad management, HORRIBLE equipment maintenance
Security Officer | Manheim, PA | Jan 28, 2020
A deep dark hole, competent need not apply.
When being hired, I was told that advancement could be both quick and rewarding. After several month's working at the Manheim location, I've learned otherwise with extreme difference. There is no such thing as a raise. No such thing as a promotion, as supervisors tend to clutch on to their titles until their ancient grasp is broken. You never get a chance to do as you were hired to do, as management is in a constant panic due to understaffing in some situation or seeming paranoia in others. There will be triple coverage at each post during first shift, double coverage or more on second shift, and not enough people for even single coverage on third. We're tasked to protect ten's of millions of dollars worth of inventory on over 500 acres, but are paid less than HALF of what Securitas is paid per officer hired. (From information I have seen, the site pays Securitas $24 per officer, and anyone not a supervisor makes less than half that). They seem to think that the near constant available 1.5x overtime makes up for the poor wage, but having to do frequent doubles on top of your normal full time shouldn't be a requirement to pay your bills. Management- especially the Site Supervisor- seems to play favorites at best, with the more accurate description being more like "morbidly imperial" in his insistence that his shift needs more staff than the other two shifts combined- leaving second and third shifts to do the work of two or more people on any given day. As far as train...more
ProsSometimes able to listen to music or podcast quietly when it's slow, frequent overtime available
ConsPoor pay, severely limited training, no respect, poor management.
Security Officer | Warsaw, IN | Oct 9, 2019
Low management and will hire anyone
Worked with Securitas for 2 years, I have never known my benefits nor my exact pay. Always on 2nd shift (15:00 to 23:00) while living an hour away and was told they would find me something closer and never contacted me about that. They will pay favorites and blame anyone for anything, just today I was yelled at for a problem that happened at 13:00 before I came in because it was never reported. This is an extremely common occurrence. We were not given any means of self defense but were expected to approach and talk to anybody suspicious before calling police. given no brake time and only allowed on your phone for emergencies even on weekends when you and the other officer are the only two on the property. The scheduling is crazy because if someone claims they cant work a day the expect anyone else to fill it, normal a 2nd shift worker. The employees constantly treat you like a good-for-nothing potato that is lower on the chain than the janitors, yet you are still told to treat every one of them like they are the CEO. We are to know the workings and columns of every building, what to do in certain situations, and told we can never tell an employee that we don't know regardless of the question like we are customer service, and answer all incoming phone calls to the company after 1700 because that is when the office workers go home. All of this and even more for only around $13 per hour. They will hire anyone regardless of what hours that person can work, we currently ...more
ProsYou get to meet a lot of new people.
ConsMost of those people don't like you and everything else about the job.
Security Guard | San Antonio, TX | Jul 23, 2019
The site I was assigned was perfect for me
The post I got just happened to open up around the time I joined this company. It was not close where i lived but I was more than willing to drive the distance for it. It was a new company moving to our city so I got to watch the business we were contracted to work for, start its new home here. I got to work two posts for the same company since they were moving from one building to another as well. We worked with simple time sheets where we recorded the times we did our rounds and what we ran across or wrote if everything was normal. Even reporting if lights around the building burnt out and etc. It was a large building so was easy to keep busy. I worked all and every shift throughout the years I was there and ended up staying with the weekend graveyard shift my last two. Which I loved. No one ever wanted it but it fit me perfectly. My supervisor was real sad when I had to leave cause finding someone to cover that shift was real hard. It was a 12 hour shift and only two days out the week. I worked at my post for 4 years and out of those years, 3 out of my 4 supervisors were fantastic. One supervisor who was going to a different job, wanted to refer me for his supervisor spot but I had to turn it down. At the time he informed me that if a crisis strikes(like during Katrina), no matter where in the US, our company does volunteer work. Which is great. But if you apply to be a supervisor, you are basically signing an agreement that if you are picked you have to pack u...more
Security Guard | North Hills, CA | Mar 7, 2019
The most unprofessional company I’ve worked for.
This company constantly overholds security Guards at their pleasure without notice and will hold you accountable of being insubordinant if you refuse to stay overtime. I was terminated after receiving only a verbal warning. The site I worked at required “clearance” which was the reason I was never releived and why I wasn’t able to be releived by a feild supervisor, although being told by the feild supervisor other information that contradicts what was said by management, the whole clearance situation all changing when I spoke up about the situation about how I should be able to be releived by a feild supervisor, if they are “cleared” to use the restroom, then they should be “cleared” to stand post and your employees should be able to leave post when they are scheduled to do so. With this company it is a constant he said she said with feild supervisors and branch manager that will do anything that is in favor of themselves to make their job easier, without any consideration of their employees or their personal lives. Their reasoning for you being forced to stay overtime without notice is always “it’s in the papers you signed when you were hired”. The level of unprofessionalism of this company had me in the predicament of being suspended for being “insubordinat” due to making a feild supervisor stand post, which it is their job to do so in the first place. I was let go due to stating facts to management such as “it is there job to find people to be cleared, it is your job to ha...more
ProsNothing to say but hope you like to sit for long hours.
Security Officer | Seattle, WA | Oct 3, 2018
Just a number
What you do varies greatly based on what contract you are stuck on. As does pay and many other aspects. I work as a Transit Officer on the King County Metro account and got health, dental, and vision. It's a lot of standing and walking around in everything from sweltering temperatures in the summer to freezing in the winter. My particular job was in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel, management within the account wasn't bad but the further into corporate you get the less responsive and reliable it becomes. Overall most security work doesn't require much thought or effort, just a basic ability to view your surroundings and record what you do for the day. The biggest challenge is dealing with the general populace, homeless people, and drug addicts. At least once a day you will have to see and call in used needles and human waste. People will see you in a uniform and dislike you immediately because you represent authority. People will scream at you, disrespect you, call you names, and make up baseless accusations to smear your character simply because you do your job by telling them to abide by rules that are clearly posted. You will also answer the same question for directions at least forty or fifty times a day. There is realistically very little upward movement within the company, you can become a supervisor or account manager and eventually go to the corporate office but they make very little more than the highest paid officer. This company also almost never fires people, ...more
ProsHealth Benefits, Simple, Flexibility
ConsTreated as a number, dealing with the unpleasant parts of society, no respect

Questions And Answers about Securitas

What would you suggest Securitas management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
They're lack of security code of honor. They will lie to you. Will do nothing to prevent you from leaving. Watchout for your Eagle Pass TX sergeant direct orders scam, you will followed them and will used them against you. You have no way to proof this because they're are not allowed you to make daily activity reports. Even though you call Laredo, TX dispatch human resources they're lack of emergency situation experience. And even they know the situation they won't do nothing to prevent you from holding the position.
Answered Feb 18, 2020
They should hired security experienced sergeant who holds at least a security job for 3 yrs. Make them take a psichological & training evaluation every 3 yrs also human resources dispatch because if sergeant took a day off you got followed chain of command human resources is your second choice.
Answered Feb 18, 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Securitas?
Asked Sep 5, 2016
Run run run as fast as you can!
Answered Feb 19, 2020
This company is garbage the pay is terrible there accountant has a mental problem an can't add properly
Answered Jan 17, 2020
Do they train you for a guard card
Asked May 20, 2016
They only gave you a test with more than 100 question just to discover your sergeant did a 20 question assessment.
Answered Feb 18, 2020
They do in San Antonio TX very professionals but when you get to Eagle Pass TX location site you discover your sergeant has lack of security training and do not know what's the security code of honor means. He was not a security before he started that job and he did not did the same 120 test question like you. Also his allowed to hired securities who will not passed the background check at site. They will let them go hired you fired you and then rehired them again. Now your only concern it's to exported merchandise TABC out of the city and guard that no item it's take it back while the exported process when system down you will do it the old way easy as that but he will not let you know he'll wait until you make a mistake to bully/ blame you. Also store managers will make you believe you have to make an inventory before merchandise left the premises on a vehicle which this it's not your duty but them that's why their been asked for their presence while exportation by vehicle. Items will get lost and managers won't showed you the video also your not allowed to make activity daily reports. This it's a problem they need to resolved as soon as possible
Answered Feb 18, 2020
Does securitas pat weekly or bi-weekly?
Asked Aug 2, 2016
Bi-Weekly Then if they noticed your an awesome worker who never missed a day and cover your coworkers on your days off they turn the table at you and make it weekly. It seem like they help you but they will do as it better for the company
Answered Feb 18, 2020
As of Oct 2019 Lexington KY is now weekly.
Answered Oct 19, 2019
How are the working hours at Securitas?
Asked Sep 6, 2016
They will use you up and then toss you out like garbage whenever they don't need you. You will be lucky if they know your name.
Answered Oct 8, 2019
Depends entirely on the site and amount of staffing. Minimum I've had full time is 8 hour shifts 4 days a week, most is 12 hour back-to-back shifts for all 7 days of the week.
Answered Feb 3, 2019