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Overall Reviews at Sephora

Product Consultant | Texas | Jun 26, 2019
Not as fun as you would think
I have a large amount of experience in customer service including years of: food service, EXTENSIVE retail, and education. My time at Sephora was more reminiscent of my time in fast food than a dignified retail establishment. The only perk was occasional/inconsistent gratis (I left being owed upwards of four gratis bags, only received one). The Beauty Insider system is glitchy and time-consuming, but you are statistically penalized if you do not register or sign-in the client at check out. My manager would consistently promise me days off well in advance (that I desperately needed for special events, including my sister's graduation), but then give herself that day off and schedule me to work instead. Additionally, I worked at one of the locations inside JC Penney (so perhaps freestanding is more enjoyable. I know for a fact they are more organized), and I was one of the only people who actually did work. I had numerous coworkers who would just talk and stand around and desire to do nothing aside from play with makeup at the beauty studio, while I was constantly left alone doing go-backs and ringing up HUGE lines of customers at the register. I know at freestanding people are assigned areas to work in, which eliminates this issue. DO NOT work at SIJCP, it is an immense waste of time and ultimately unrewarding. If you love makeup and want to be part of the company, perhaps try out a freestanding Sephora. Those seem better.
Beauty Consultant | McLean, VA | Aug 13, 2018
Fun, Makeup-Savvy, Hard work though
Sephora is an amazing place to work if you want to start off learning about makeup. There is so much room for growth. The senior artist really helps to take care of you and is always willing to answer any makeup related question. It's tough moving from cashier to product consultant though. Holidays have black-out days which means you can no longer request off during those days. There are little to no breaks, especially during busy hours. They offer great benefits like 401k, dental, vision... You get free makeup almost every day but it varies depending on your position in the store. Management got the most product, followed by product consultants aka makeup artists, and cashiers, replenishment, and fragrance experts were last. The discount is only 30% which isn't terrible considering how much free makeup and skincare you get. Work-life-balance is one of their core values although it is hard to maintain. THere is a lot of training if you want to move up in the company. Monthly bonuses are offered if the daily goal is bmet which is awesome. There are two bonuses, apply bonus and survey bonuses.
Prosfree food from vendors, lots of benefits for full-time employees, free makeup and skincare, discounted makeup, training on products and demos, always something new to learn
Conslittle to no break, no holidays off, long hours, standing for entirety of shift, extremely difficult to move up the ladder
Manager | United States | Jul 1, 2019
Sorry to disappoint any expectations
Not a company that is as innovative as one is led to believe. Sephora values are predominantly preached and plastered all over the break-room/ backstage area, however these values are not upheld all of the time and ring empty on most days. The most important Sephora value (Work Life Balance) was routinely dismissed. The hours are extremely chaotic if your availability is open. I have worked in several Sephora locations, each time willing to give a different store the benefit of the doubt, each time experiencing a lack of respect for ones time. I held a high position in my time there, and it seems the higher you go up in this company the more sacrifices and time you have to invest, ESPECIALLY if you're a salaried employee. The salaried co-workers spend over 10-15 hours on their own time there a week, simply because management inadequately schedules and allocates resources and payroll inefficiently. The system they've created does not work. I haven't even mentioned the constant state of confusion one is in because they are constantly changing roles, titles, introducing new methods, literally trying to find anything that sticks. They just got a new C.E.O and changes are already going full force chaos mode, at least this is what I hear from employees I am in contact with. Working there, especially in an elevated position, is exhausting and not worth the amount of time and energy you give to this company.
Makeup Artist | Los Angeles, CA | Aug 27, 2018
Worst job I have ever had!!
The gratis is the only good part about the job. and you get a lot! but the managers are the worst. Its crazy to me that you need that much experience to be a lead or manager. Their job is so easy being DIC and they make it such a stressful work environment when it should be fun. When you are in the makeup world you are not allowed to leave to show someone in fragrance or skincare. One of my managers once yelled at me because I left my "zone" to show someone very expensive perfumes they wanted to buy. also every time you leave the store, even to go get a coffee on the shortest 10 min break ever they have to look through your pockets and purse to make sure you were stealing. Is that a normal retail thing? It felt childish, the store is COVERED in cameras. The extent they went to seemed too much, like looking through my pasta tupperware from my lunch. I quit my other job to work here as part time hoping i could move up quickly and get hours. The hours are a JOKE for two months i was getting 4hour shifts and maybe only 1-3 shifts a week. so a total of 4-12 hours a week. who can live off of that? The position wasn't temporary so I think the amount of hours for part time isn't fair. when there is only 1 full time position in each world... make up skin and fragrance.
Prosthousands of dollars worth of free makeup, skincare, perfumes
Consshort breaks, managers are unprofessional
Store Director | New York, NY | Aug 29, 2018
Change in Culture
Sephora has changed to become a profit hungry, work more with less environment from the hiring of external retail "gurus" who fled their former, now struggling, retailers. We have become a retailer just like any other. In a quest for growth and dominance, we have created a dichotomy of values vs profit and are now expected to deliver unrealistic budget goals to fuel new store openings across the company. This cheapens the client experience, and lowers morale. The disconnect of reality and top heavy bonus centered nature of top management creates a poor work atmosphere no matter how much gratis you give, how many "appreciation" events or stock your fridge incentives. Reinvest with wages and payroll to your stores, we see the clients first hand. We have ceased to be a luxury retailer where clients love to shop. Stop posting how well you're doing on websites and media, but tell us that we are struggling and in bad shape. You took away our in store client service incentives in order to drive sign ups and sign ins to capture client data to get them in our omnisphere on the backs of low wage workers who can get paid more at McDonald's. You expect us to deliver double digit comps on hundreds of hours less than we received when we did millions less. We have become just another retail store and it's really unfortunate.
Beauty Consultant | Indianapolis, IN | Jan 23, 2019
Sephora was a great company, JCP was not
Working for Sephora is a great experience and I recommend every beauty buff apply. I have my esthetician's license and was able to really move a lot of product with my knowledge and expertise so that enabled me to ask for and get more money that a basic starting BA (beauty advisor). The manager at Sephora IJCP was also wonderful. She did a great job really managing us the team and getting us balanced with the artists and and brand ambassadors working great together. It was JCP that screws it up. JCP would often try to get us to leave our store and go work for them on the floor and clean up the clothes and recovery at night and that is NOT what we were hired for. Also JCP policies are very strict unlike Sephora's company culture. There was a high pressure to get credit card applications from people in our shop even though they couldnt use their discount or coupons on any of our products and most or our customers werernt jcp customers, but Sephora customers. I understand they are trying to bridge that gap like A Macys or Saks, but its not that type of store and will never have that clientele so holding us hostage at night to do their bidding was annoying.
Prosgreat technique classes and lots of gratis!
Conshorrible work life balance
Makeup Artist | Multnomah County, OR | May 29, 2019
It all comes down to location
If you work in one of the retail locations, there is not enough company wide consistency in management training and implementation or hiring processes to maintain a consistent experience. In my time at Sephora, I had a number of different managers, and a ton of different leads. Each change in personnel in this regard greatly shifted the dynamic of the workplace; for better or for worse. While there are certain aspects in which they theoretically excel; such as artistry and management development, the truth of the matter is these roles are not accessible in many locations. In my experience, nearly every person in an elevated position within my store and those in the same relative area had been the result of nepotism; it was ALL about who you knew, and very little about your experience. Additionally, I was consistently frustrated with the scheduling method. For a company that preaches "work life balance" as one of their core values for employees, it seems a little ridiculous to me that we are only given our schedule a week or so in advance; this makes it hard to make any concrete plans with anyone.
Proscreative industry, creative freedom, fun environment, good gratis
Consshort breaks, scheduling issues
Senior Education Consultant | Hot Springs National Park, AR | Feb 5, 2019
Loved my clients and the beauty industry
Sales drive Sephora. The role of Senior Education Coordinator is not to educate Sephora Cast Members about product, it is a position to drive sales and profit. Management at Sephora inside JCPenney did not engage in professional or positive behaviors as was the expectation. Workplace culture was one of wonder when helping clients, when dealing with other Cast Members one really had to be on guard at all times. The hardest part of the job was having kindness and positivity about Sephora inside JCPenney and with respect to fellow Cast Members repaid with negativity. Additionally, for workers with disabilities, accommodations were very difficult to obtain. If one applied for accommodations they were usually ignored. The most enjoyable part of the job was working with my beautiful (inside and out) clients! Helping them alleviate skin care problems, and helping them to achieve a make up look that was uniquely their's. I loved my clients, and still love the beauty industry in terms of helping every person realize how beautiful they truly are.
Conslittle work/life balance, power struggles and lack of professionalism on the sales floor (the black tile)
Makeup Artist | Massachusetts | Jun 3, 2019
goods and bags
like most companies there are good and bad... for my location at least they tried hard to make sephora as fun as possible but honestly it just seemed unnecessary to me... like doing stupid little things like bringing in munchkins or cookies or something so they don't have their employees quit. Work life balance at sephora USED to be amazing... now we are only allowed one saturday off a month.. so my store says anyways, its suppose to be company wide though. Management is ok.. i feel like they don't really care and when problems arise in-between other beauty advisors they sort of just brush it under the rug instead of reprimanding employees when needed. Also if you have an issue with another manager, not matter how much proof you have the store manager will always side with the other manager and then you end up looking bad. IDK i like what sephora stands for, the inclusion of all.. and gratis is fine (but in some locations you need to be careful cuz gratis usually goes "missing") i've met some really great people working there but all and all for a retail job it is quite the headache
Prosgratis, free food
Consno work life balance, catty-ness, two faced, long hours, on saturday off a month, pay, hours
Sales Associate | Spokane, WA | May 4, 2019
not a great place to work
I’m sure other Sephoras were ok to work at. I ah e had friends all over the country that loved working there. The one I worked at wasn’t the case. The management was catty and would talk to other employees about others (including customers and fellow employees). They did not remain professional. There were times that management would bring up absenses/illnesses with an employee in front of customers. Employees were never aware of what hours they would work in a given day. Even if they were scheduled an 8 hr shift they may be asked to go home due to it “being slow”. Multiple times an employee would be scheduled under the amount of hours for a lunch and would be forced to take one. Many were scheduled 4 hrs and had to still take an unpaid lunch causing them to lose hrs and money. Not to mention how many employees would blatantly follow and call security on people shopping because they thought they looked shady or not up to par. Sephora should be a place known to be inclusive of others; this location is not. New management needs to be placed there.
ProsFree merch/samples
ConsForced lunches at under 4 hr shifts, management being catty with fellow employees

Questions And Answers about Sephora

What is the interview process like at Sephora?
Asked Jul 21, 2016
I applied one morning, about three hours later I was called in for a same day interview. The interview itself took about an hour, the mngr was pretty rude and honestly was a horrible experience. The mngr did contact me afterwards to offer me an interview with the GM that would result in actually getting the job, but after having the experience with the mngr I no longer wanted to proceed with the job.
Answered May 22, 2019
Got an email for an interview & went in the following day. It was a group interview. A couple days later I got a call for a second interview that same day, went in for a one-on-one. A week went by & they called both of my references & I just submitted my background check just waiting for it to be cleared! So it was about a 2 week process.
Answered Mar 27, 2019
Does Sephora offer commission for sales on top of their hourly pay?
Asked Jun 26, 2016
No, but if the team makes their goal for the month you get a bonus. The pay is already pretty good compared to other retail type places. At SiJCP you also get 2$ per card application, which can stack up quick if you’re good at it, and considering that hundreds of people come in daily, it’s pretty easy. On top of that, you get extra little bonuses once you get to a certain amount of credit applications. Everybody else on here is just bitter. For the most part, if you do your job well, you’ll get paid well.
Answered Jan 28, 2020
Sephora employees do not get commission
Answered Jun 19, 2018
Would part-time hours be flexible if I am a full-time college student?
Asked May 19, 2017
Yes not a problem
Answered Jan 31, 2018
I think if you have a good manager they will work with you on and awesome schedule.
Answered Dec 13, 2017
Why did you leave your job at Sephora?
Asked Mar 22, 2017
Left for serious personal issues and have been trying to get back in the company for over 2 years. I really liked working there and enjoyed the atmosphere.
Answered Aug 16, 2018
There's little to no upward mobility.
Answered Jul 22, 2018
What kind of benefits are offered at Sephora ?
Asked Oct 19, 2016
None really
Answered Jan 31, 2018
None, no medical, no maternity leave
Answered Jul 19, 2017