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Assistant Store Manager | North Carolina | Sep 25, 2019
Can't trust anyone; constantly afraid of losing job
I have been an assistant manager for 5 months. The first month of my placement my manager kept putting his hands on me... and I contacted HR. HR came to the store from Atlanta to do an investigation... told me I had nothing... and told me that my co workers think that I smell bad. I am only sticking around because I am getting my teaching license. I have been written up multiple times for things out of my control and for things that were not completely my fault, and I am so scared I am going to lose my job. I dont even think I will be able to go to my uncle's wedding in a month because no one will cover for me. I was forced to spend a week in Atlanta and I lost money going on the trip because I missed my flight and I had to drive. I had to share a room with someone who was so loud I couldn't sleep at night. I am in graduate school getting my teaching license and I had to travel to ATL, spend a week with a complete stranger who wouldn't let me sleep at night, and I was miserable. I feel like HR lied to me about smelling bad because she didn't want to tell me that my manager was the only one who said anything and that's retaliation. I was written up for being 15 minutes late because I had to turn in a paper for grad school one morning and my employee was 20 minutes late and never got written up. Retaliation again. I work so hard and if my phone is in my back pocket I am asked to put it in the office. My boyfriend is sick with chron's disease and type 1 diabetes and I just can'...more
Sales Associate | Massachusetts | Nov 15, 2018
The truth after working at Sherwin for 2 years
The place can be fun and productive but when it’s business, it’s business. But I had no advancement here. I was promised to move up within the company in months but years passed and I’m still an associate . My coworkers were cool but I was always told one lie to another. They would come up with excuses as to why there’s no position open to move up or point out mistakes I had no control or idea on how to solve and use it against me.But another associate from another store was placed in the program I worked so hard for and was just thrown right into it. By the same manager who told me there was no position open. They were hiring an another associate with a much higher salary than me and before we get into past job experience, this person had none, was terrible at team work, did not want to work while here and was lazy , yet was making an extra $2 than me when I’ve been here for years and put in a lot of work into the company and determination to move up. Yet I was always shot down . I was always given a lot of responsibilities as in putting away the star order, ordering more color cards, remembering every little nooks and crannies and details for our customers and how to help them. I maintained the store cleansiness and was most of the time alone in the store with expectations to run it smoothly by myself. So essentially being a manager with a minimum wage pay. Seems totally fair. The only way to move up is if you have a degree . The stores rep, manager, district manager or who...more
ProsDepending where you are
ConsAdvancement, lies, cheap, no reward.
Delivery Driver | Henderson, NV | Apr 4, 2018
A solid choice for employment for those just starting out and willing to work, but advancement potential
Sherwin Williams is a solid choice for those just entering the workforce, and can be made into a career for those who are willing to work at it. Advancement opportunities are somewhat limited as there are only so many management positions available per store, but branching into other areas such as becoming a sales representative or seeking to move into the corporate arena are possible. As a delivery driver it was an enjoyable experience to not be tied to a single location aside from starting and ending a shift. The hours were fixed for the most part, with only rarely being called in to cover a shift, and occasionally having to work (no more than) an extra hour here and there in order to ensure critical deliveries were made. Only on very rare occasions was there an inharmonious workplace as the delivery driver position meant not only taking deliveries to customers, but also transferring product from one store to another, and this often meant bringing people just what they needed, when they needed it. And for the most part everyone within the stores seemed to get along. The most difficult part of this job, besides the physical aspect of it as paint is anything but light, is staying on task as for the most part it is without direct supervision. The dispatch office and store managers keep nominal track of driver activities, but naturally it falls on the shoulders of the drivers to get the job done. Working without direct supervision is also an enjoyable part of the...more
ProsBeing able to work on your own without direct supervision.
ConsMaintaining the self-motivation to succeed can be onerous for some.
Sales Associate | Nederland, TX | Feb 16, 2020
Challenging yet enjoyable.
Some days are slow days where you put up truck and converse with coworkers, other days you get slammed by customers that want to be difficult. You could say working at SW is turbulent, you never know what you might get that day. On a good day, you only get a few customers, most of which are probably frequent customers that you know and like. You get to finish putting up the truck shipment and get the chance to relax. On a bad day, you get a line of customers from when you walk in, to when you walk out. These customers have never purchased paint before. They don't even know what color they want and they expect you to know what to make. But you can't just mix whatever because if the customer doesn't like that $60 can of paint, that customer doesn't buy it. Some customers can take up to an hour or more just trying to figure out what they want. They'll talk about the color, the type of product they need, the amount of paint, and then they'll argue about the price. Some have issues that not even a miracle could fix but expect our paint to. This can be inhibiting because you have to help each customer one on one until they leave, and in some cases, there are only two workers in the store and there's a line of people waiting for help. Not every customer is like this, of course. Most know what they want and are willing to help you help them. But some have an attitude for whatever reason and are usually resistant to any type of help. But in any case, once you do successfully help them...more
Pros40% Employee Discount
Delivery Driver | Reno, IN | Jun 19, 2019
Lazy coworkers, poor management, almost like working for doordash cant speak to a real human
This place is a wreak, if you have the chance to work here be prepared to work with coworkers that like to be on there phone or “chilling” in the back of the warehouse while you work, but don’t expect that you can do that oh no its wrong. Management is poorly informed, does not even know that things are happening right under there noses; because they are the main reason for it and a perfect example of that same problem. This next situation is like working for doordash or any other self employed food delivery and if you worked for them you know what im talking about. At SW you cant even find the Proper HR phone number not even Payrolls number not even a number so employees can get In touch with someone to help you with anything work related, and if you do find that number be prepared for automated messages and if you don't get automated message be prepared to get an answering machine saying to leave your number for a call back or that that person is on vacation. Also drivers have to use there own phone GPS that uses Data and the directions that are received on paper- work are wrong sometimes taking you to wrong address, be prepared for head aches. All in all the job is not hard, but be prepared is all i can say. There is way more to write but i don't have the time nor energy for writing so much negativity, i think the positive is getting payed; that is if they can give you a paycheck in time i have waited 4 weeks and still no pay check, you have the option of dire...more
Assistant | West Virginia | Aug 9, 2018
Fair entry level pay, difficulty varies.
I had the opportunity to work both a larger store and one of the smallest in my district. Experience varies based on management and the hours to be divided among staff. The company culture is progressive in policy, though not always in practice. In my area, SW took steps to discipline the worst offenders. Experienced local managers understandably support larger stores, while inexperienced managers tend to occupy places with less volume. Many quickly move on in some form, making smaller locations very chaotic and inconsistent. As assistant manager of a small store in a seasonal resort town, I frequently worked alone and never had more than three employees of any rank on the roster. You need to be willing to wear all hats and seriously see being behind as an opportunity if you want to be content here, let alone advance. Having a stable, fun, and competent team is not guaranteed but is the difference between a smooth or back breaking day. There is a lot to be said for developing a routine and just showing up for shifts. Job carries good reputation and training, plus many opportunities to network. As others have said, there are limited options if you aren't willing to relocate. Customers are generally grateful and work with you. Strong benefits, stock matching, vacation time. Some very enthusiastic and good people, but challenging environment and expectations.
ProsBetter than average training, brand, contacts, and compensation.
ConsVariety between locations, promotion tied to relocation/travel, high turnover, staffing issues, always another task.
Technician | Columbus, OH | Nov 20, 2018
Great company
This review will be short because there isn't really anything to complain about working at Sherwin Williams. This is one of the better companies I have ever worked for. Management listens to the employees concerns about making the workplace better. The only negative aspect I can think of is the attendance point system. Once you reach 7 points the company will fire you as per corporate policy. If you are 1 minute late you get 1/2 point. If you leave early to take an extra minute on lunch you get 1/2 point. A call off is 1 point. No call no show is 2 points. Points fall off 12 months after accumulated. I know someone that had to back out of voluntary OT 12 hour shift and got 2 points as it was over 8 hours. The point system is so bad its one of the only reasons I had to subtract Stars. I basically have to get to work 15 minutes early and sit in my car to ensure I'm safe, which is basically extra time I'm not being paid for. I take 28 minute lunches for the same reason. The total you can float (6.5) is so low and the fall off period is so long you have to play it safe for when you inevitability get stuck in traffic or need to call off. My site is moving to 12 hour shifts so any call off will now be 2 points which means 4 in a 12 month period and you are fired. They will work with you occasionally with approval from your manager to shuffle your schedule around and not be docked points. You can also take unpaid vacation days or so I've heard from HR.
ProsPaid lunch break, lots of paid OT opportunities which is usually voluntary.
ConsAttendance point system
Lead Associate | Naples, FL | Sep 11, 2019
Hands down best company to work for
Excellent company to work for. I started with sherwin Williams in 2012 as part time. Quickly moved up however left for a few years and regretted leaving. Finally came back to Sherwin-Williams in 2016. The one thing I love about Sherwin-Williams is that they are located in every state and almost every town. I enjoy moving to different places and was able to transfer anywhere I went. For the most part I enjoyed every district except SW florida and had great management until I transferred to SW FL district. Unfortunately I left this year (2019) due to inappropriate hostel management pushed me away. Customers loved me and I loved what I did. I was a proud employee and had great ideas to improve things with the company but i just ended up leaving due to these issues with management and HR ignored the issue. Anyhow yes I recomend Sherwin-Williams to anyone because of the great benefits, high pay and quick advancement opportunities. Wish anyone applying the best of luck and hold on to this job as you can really go somewhere career wise with Sherwin-Williams. The only thing I would change is I wish sherwin would hire managers with in the company more over the ones with no knowledge of paint but they get chosen first because they have a degree. Also provide better training for new employees.
ProsGreat pay, good benefits, lots of time off, pensions, part of stock and much more
ConsPoor management for some stores. Needs better training for new employees
Assistant Manager | Louisiana | Apr 20, 2018
Great company to work for, horrible management.
I really enjoyed my time working with Sherwin-Williams during my intern and sales associate days. They offer GREAT benefits, which is what led me to accept the job offer in the first place. I only began to dislike the job whenever I was promoted to Assistant Manager and was constantly being asked to relocate to places that were 4-5 hours away from where I was originally from. Long story short, it got to a point where I had no choice but to relocate. I tried to be open minded about it and went and worked in the area for about a month, however I was unwilling to be so far away from home (which I made clear to my boss before accepting). If you accept an Assistant Manager position with this company, be ready and willing to relocate with only a few days notice, no exxageration. They will assist in reimbursing your meals, gas, and paying for hotel rooms, however, after relocating you and having you out there for about a year, they will promote/relocate you again. Some people do not mind, however I was looking for stability. Also, be prepared to work 44 or more hours a week. It is very blue-collar so it is WORK, not sitting in an office and filing papers and answering the phone. Overall though, great company to work for. Just did not like the management.
ProsDecent pay for college grads, awesome benefits, tries to take care of employees.
ConsShort breaks, constant relocation, long hours so not much work/life balance, inconsistent scheduling, blue-collar.
Retail Assistant Manager | Round Lake Beach, IL | Jun 24, 2019
Amazing work expiereince , great management
I have worked there for two years and have had the best work expiereince here at sherwin williams. It has gotten to the point that all my co workers are friends that i have recommeneded, i even got my brother a job at sherwin and he loves the job. Moving on the Managers are very understanding and are always in touch and wanting to help you improve. You do work closley with the manager and assistant doing most of the same work in the store, just that managers are expected to do more sales than anything. You do have alot of customer interactions, there is alot of learning with the job and alot of questions that go with selling paint product , but no matter what you will always be with someone that will be there to help and answer questions , you will never be left hanging. They are flexible with the schedule and will always ask in advance if you could take an extra shift or not. You do put away stock every sunday or saturday but its always divided with the shift on sunday and monday. The only con i would have is that becoming a full time employee is rate and that there isnt a commission plan within the company. Other than that , its a great place to work , just be weary of working at a commercial store , they handle a heavier work load with the same amount of team members of a residential store.
ProsFlexable schedule, part time, great management, free lunches from managers time to time.
ConsFull time is rare, no commision

Questions And Answers about Sherwin-Williams

If you were to leave Sherwin-Williams, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 29, 2017
Pay is NOT competitive like they say it is for city drivers
Answered Mar 3, 2020
Management does not back me up. SW has been shorting my pay for months and I have to fight for my rights to be reimbursed. My mgr only makes it worse and I do not trust this company to pay fairly and appropriately. I am fed up working for inexperienced 24 year olds.
Answered Feb 11, 2020
How are the working hours at Sherwin-Williams?
Asked Nov 6, 2016
Sometimes 48-60 hrs a week. 24 hrs open warehouse
Answered Jan 9, 2020
I was a store manager, and I would work 8-12 hours a day with no work life balance.
Answered Dec 11, 2019
What is starting pay for this position?
Asked May 20, 2016
15.00 in GA 90 days probation then 19.35
Answered May 24, 2019
Started as sherwin temp at flora minwax plant hired on at 18 per hour top out at 20-24 per hour
Answered Jan 4, 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Sherwin-Williams? What are the steps along the way?
Asked Jun 20, 2016
It took about 2 weeks from interview to drug and background check.
Answered Oct 3, 2019
It was a quick process. In-person interview with HR, in-person interview with the hiring manager (Supervisor) the next day, and in-person interview with the department manager and a Director a few days later. All in all, from the time I was asked to interview to the time I accepted an offer, it was less than 2 weeks.
Answered Jul 1, 2018
What is the best part of working at Sherwin-Williams?
Asked Nov 26, 2019
Opportunity on moving up.
Answered Feb 24, 2020
You get an awesome employee discount, and you get to lift heavy stuff so it's like a free gym membership.
Answered Jan 5, 2020