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Senior Manufacturing Technician | Flanders, NJ | Feb 28, 2019
decent place to work, advancement opportunities, but don't count on promotion
Siemens is a good place to work, but the logistics for parts procurement is always behind the 8 ball, which interferes with our production abilities. This influences management to become more and more critical with how we use our time, even though we are always trying to push instruments and find things to do. When we are slow, which is often (due to parts problems), we are encouraged to take our paid time off. We are never required to, but are encouraged to. The benefits are decent, but are expensive. Overall, the work environment is clean and low-stress, and we are never required to work more than 40 hours. Issue is, the pay is not very competitive, so most of us are either required to work as much OT as possible, live far away, or both. Other issues are that certain people get to advance while others who strive to do their best get overlooked, but I guess that is simply par for the course these days. It is definitely a decent place to work if you are single, but if you are a single income earner trying to raise a family, it is very hard to make ends meet.
ProsRelatively relaxed work environment, lots of PTO, team culture
Consmicromananagement, friction between shifts, favoritism, corporate bs.
Quality Engineer | Flanders, NJ | Sep 16, 2018
Prodcutive place to work with gym, relaxation studio, and ping pong table
Processing Customer complaints for investigation and potential safety issues/. Learned so far about assay development, software development and testing. Reliability growth testing and Failure mode analysis, software requirements definition, and assay and instrument related complaint handling and regulatory agency reporting. Management trains you to do you job well and then is trusting you to do you work with a minimal of supervision. This empowers employees individually. The hardest part of the job is when dealing with new employees who were hired to do something in another department that interacts with yours which were hired based on who they know and not their experience in dealing with the duties of that particular positions. Despite training received still are not doing the job well enough to satisfy my and other employees' needs to have work from then first. The most enjoyable part is the friendships built and how each team I have been on helps each other with work in order to accomplish the final goal of completing the work.
ProsBeing able to have an adjusabe schedule and work from home.
ConsEncouragement to be promoted is not encouraged by all managers.
Production Supervisor | Huntsville, AL | May 15, 2019
Plant closed but was fun while it lasted
Siemens bought this plant from the Chrysler Corporation. I was blessed to be promoted from an hourly operator to a Supervisor shortly after I hired in and graduated college. There were also several others who got internal promotions into management, skilled trades, and technical positions as well. The opportunity for advancement in all areas was greater with this company than any other I have worked with. The Health Insurance benefits were greater with this company than any other I have worked with as well. HR and Upper Management supported the Supervisors much better than in the other Union plants I have worked in. This helped us Supervisors out a lot. Unfortunately, the plant closed after 30 years of operations. FMLA is great for the people who really need it. However, when the greater majority of your workforce is appearing to abuse it and does not show up for work everyday, you can not sustain a business for long.
ProsBest Opportunities for advancement and Best Health Insurance
ConsPlant Closed
Project Administrator | Orlando, FL | Sep 21, 2019
Was Great
The first five years that I was there, I was in a great department, great managers and co-workers. Then management came and fired my manager in front of our entire group and he did not know it was coming, and our department was sent to Steam turbines, with two of the most horrible managers that I ever worked with. The treatment from them was so bad that I literally had to take a relaxant to walk in the door, plus, one by one, they got rid of my incredible co-workers from my previous department, I was the only one left. Then they tried to accuse me that the 80 phone calls I received a week were all personal, when in fact, they were all business according to the phone records and wanted to write me up. I quit on the spot as I had done nothing wrong and always had exceptional reviews. These two people still leave a bad taste in my mouth and they are still there. Otherwise the first 5 years were incredible with good pay and benefits and I was able to travel the world through my job. Too bad.
Millwright | Tampa, FL | Jan 4, 2019
Plenty of work to go around
Union work with Siemens is very consistent and requires 84 hours a week when you are on the job. Granted, your time off is sufficient when you have it. Team work is a must to get through these heavy work load jobs. The pay is more than adequate, but the balance of work to home life is the most difficult part. I was at my own house three and a half weeks last year all together. The job is also extremely physically demanding and I'm personally feeling the affects of this. Management and experienced millwrights almost always teach younger millwrights the law of the land and how to work safely on multi-million dollar equipment. The travel is amazing. I've seen every corner of the country doing this type of work. The job is physically exhausting which becomes dangerous when working eighty-four hours per week for up to ten to twelve weeks straight at times.
ProsPer Diem, Travel and overtime/double time
ConsTravel, home life, dangerous, physically exhausting
Replenishment Associate | Southhaven, MS | Jun 23, 2019
Lacks attention to stock, Inventory is out of control
I originally came through the door as a picker as confident as i was and as hard as i worked i couldn't seem to fit the position especially with the sudden rises in quotas every week or so. So i became a relpen driver. excited about my new role, i instantly felt confident and was pleased with the position. I discovered over time that the inventory was in desperate need of attention. And I'm still getting hounded by my manager, who insists that down times are accurate. Thesupervisorin inventory discussed with the manager of inventory how excellentof a job i was doing and how I'd be perfect in inventory but he said there was not enough room. They only had 2 inventory personnel and the whole warehouses count was off. I delivered a more accurate count each time i left a location that they had to verify.
ProsThe co-workers are good people
ConsManagement takes things personal, gets upset when people are sick and stuff
Software Engineer | Atlanta, GA | Jan 20, 2019
One of the best environments that I have ever worked in
Peer engineers helped shape me into a better engineer. The best part of that environment was improving my skills by working alongside people with experience and great personality. At times there was a lot of weight on my shoulders. At the same time it was rewarding to prevail and provide the company with solid engineering. The workplace culture at the R&D was great. I really appreciated the fact that I could be working hard on a solution/project and a coworker would provide a break from intense thinking when I need it. Company events and outings really helped keep us all on task, and at the same time relaxed in our environment. Our company encouraged this. They were genuinely concerned about keeping our workforce from getting burned out. I would not be the engineer that I am today without the teamwork and knowledge that I received from my peers, as well as give it back in return.
Senior Test Lead | Huntsville, AL | Jul 24, 2019
This is a horrible place to work!
I think it's just my situation with my manager. He is emotionally abusive, and manipulating. Seriously over micro-management. I get punished for doing any kind of innovation. All levels of management promote inexperienced decision makers. Innovation is selectively suppressed. Highly political environment Zero mobility No agile accountability I basically just stand at my desk and read news articles and watch youtube videos. Any time I try to do something new and interesting I get punished for it. I tried to build a search engine automation system for our testing platform and my boss tells me not to do that ever again! However, they do pay well! Very well. I guess I shouldn't complain getting paid tons of money to chill out and watch youtube. Then again, every now and then my boss just decides to start yelling and I have to work 15 hours a day to keep up with all his demands. Like today!
Drafter | Orlando, FL | Oct 13, 2018
fun work place
Mar 27, 2018 in graphic designer degree from full sail university a course in the mccert program are eight different tools you need to learn media communications use for daily uses the form of entertainment and marketing campaigns on various types of news media creators. Having an understanding how industry works to changed in the last decade due to technological advances to learn about media communications would help me to understand media tools how it help me working for the different clients for media used media for marketing and campaigns for different clients. Share ways that you can use them professionally and your personal projects you can suggest different approaches to changing how the public and the media perceive them to you. Show you how to make a videos of your own could go viral to share its messages looking forward to the next section to learn more about communications.
Consgood benefits
Lead Installer | Towanda, PA | May 29, 2018
Create a good office enviroment. Have activities that show your gratitude to people you work with.
It is important to have a Safe Working environment not only in the office which will migrate to the work areas. Site Safety and Cleanliness will help create and maintain the correct work mindset for Quality throughout the work area. It is imperative that all Share Holders are part of this mind set. Know the persons in the office and field you work with. This is the only way you know if they are collaborating correctly with in the culture of the work area. Do Not Assume anything. Creating this environment and having activities with the office makes a person happy to go to work and proud to be part of a good team.
ProsOffice get to bethers such as Dances and dinners or a family day at the park.
ConsPeople that refuse to get along with one another and think they are always correct in there thinking

Questions And Answers about Siemens AG

What is the interview process like?
Asked Jan 10, 2016
Potential employees are questioned about their abilities. Company works closely with local Universities to identify potential candidates coming right out of college.
Answered Jul 27, 2019
Friendly and comparative
Answered Dec 4, 2018
What benefits does Siemens AG offer?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
Temp Worker - I enjoyed worker for Siemens; wonderful exeucutive breakrooms, incredible office layout and decor, extremely supportive staff, diverse culture and learning; pleasant working environment, loved.
Answered Aug 31, 2018
Health and 401k
Answered Jul 23, 2018
How are the working hours at Siemens AG?
Asked Jul 20, 2016
Good hours / no sick days /4 doctor excuses per year / 2 weeks vacation at start with 4 of them mandatory
Answered Mar 16, 2019
Overtime is occasionally needed, but generally the working hours are a normal 40 hour week.
Answered Oct 24, 2018
What is the work environment and culture like at Siemens AG?
Asked Oct 16, 2016
Strong culture. Well managed.
Answered May 30, 2019
Toxic and in crowd culture.
Answered Apr 2, 2019
What questions did they ask during your interview at Siemens AG?
Asked Jun 15, 2016
Situational questions
Answered Jul 31, 2019
Availability. Work Ethic.
Answered May 30, 2019