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Overall Reviews at Sonic Drive-In

Carhop | Round Rock, TX | Feb 3, 2020
Company doesn't care about their employees, but my co-workers cared about me.
Sonic is alright for a first job, depending on where you work. The work environment is stressful and there can be many rude customers. I was only paid $5 per hour and expected to make tips to make minimum wage. Sonic carhops can only accept tips in cash, so more customers didn't tip as opposed to the ones who do tip. As a young, pretty girl with decent social skills, I made a lot of tips, so I ended up making about $12 an hour. However, my male coworkers didn't have quite as much luck with tips. The wages at Sonic don't raise much over time. One of my coworkers has worked for Sonic for over a decade and still only made $12 an hour. She has to work 10 hours a day for 6 days of the week to make enough for her family. She is the hardest working person at Sonic and always has a good attitude, but she is not paid enough for everything that she does. When a customer presses the red button on the menu, it sets off a VERY loud, high pitched ringing noise in the kitchen. Hearing this sound for 8 hours straight each day became very annoying and stress-inducing. Now, working at Sonic wasn't all bad. All of my coworkers were very friendly, caring, and supportive of each other. We had lots of fun and lots of laughs together. I still visit the location I worked at every once in a while because my coworkers were good people who truly care about me. Belive it or not, my confidence level was the highest when I worked at Sonic because I was spending a lot of time with these people. ...more
Crew Leader | Spring Garden, CA | Apr 30, 2019
It's OK for part time or kids in school
Working at sonic in Greensboro/ kernersville/highpoint/ thomasville/lexington north Carolina, They pay their GMs only 24000 to be there 60+ hours a week. They place the GMs by race, they play with the GMs bonus money. Which is regular pay 366 a week. And if you have kids and want to live with out workin 2 jobs it's impossible with them. For the managers it's hard to get paid more than 9.50 an hour, they do not want to give you your paid vacation, and tell you that you can't have it. Then they try to train you to do their work (GMs) and still only pay 9.50. They do have health insurance which is probably the only good part. The equipment will constantly go out and district and CEO's are too morally unreliable to replace it or even have It halfway fixed, so working with no air conditioning in the kitchen on top of nothing working properly makes it alot harder for the cooks who usually make 8 or less. Then when they go out side or step out of the kitchen to take a breath, they get talked at. I have worked at 4 different stores for about 10 years now. Sonic does have its perks but it's impossible to live off of this job by its self. It's good for a little side money. If your in high school it's decent, mainly because they are scared of the parents so they don't treat the high schoolers like trash. But they make 5.15 with tips which isn't alot now that they have put the dining rooms in. But for high schoolers it's a fun relaxed environment for them. But to grow with thi...more
ProsSnack on food. Fun enviornment for kids in school. Discounts on food.
ConsMoney. Raises, 401k, vacation time, schedule, equipment constantly breaking
Carhop | Oak Grove, KY | Apr 22, 2019
Organization is key!
I've worked at Sonic Drive-in a total of three times as of now. The first two occurred in the state of Kentucky, having to have been separated as my family went through a forecloser and it was uncertain times. Once everything was settled and we found a new living space, I returned to the same location to a new manager. The previous manager was a decent manager, run-of-the-mill manager.-type. The second manager was a seasoned veteran. Many of the coworkers spoke of her as "strict", as if that was a bad thing. I'd prefer a strict manager over a 'lax one as it brings order to a company, especially one operating in such a small place. Once my family relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, I figured, with my experience, the first place I should look for work should be where I've been before, a Sonic Drive-In. Sure enough, I was hired and, being a short time in Las Vegas, I was presented with a completely different outlook on how managers should run their store. Assuming that owning a franchise means to abide by the same rules and regulations, knowing how everything was supposed to be done really highlighted just how inappropriately everything was being handled at this new location. My main concern was how the managers' main goal was to ensure that orders were removed from the store's screens to lower their times so they would appear to be performing exceptionally. This would entail removing the orders from the screens with such haste that the crew members were hardly given time to view th...more
ProsIn most cases, enjoyable work environment.
ConsSmall margin for management error in such a small environment. Things can go good or bad.
Server/Cashier | Murphy, TX | Oct 27, 2018
the guy who runs the store i worked at was really rude to customers and his employees. he would constantly undermine you and yell and just act like he was the best worker there but he’s the opposite... they aren’t very understanding if you’re sick, or have constant health problems. i have some health problems that can make it difficult for me to concentrate or move at a fast pace sometimes, most of the time i’m usually able to move fast and keep up but sometimes i can’t and when i get that way they just tell me i’m too slow or dumb and that i need to leave rather than trying to accommodate to me. there’s 1 manager that works at my store who calls me names and doesn’t want me doing anything because he thinks i’m stupid, i mean he just says things sometimes that implies he doesn’t like women or think they are capable of a lot of things he is capable of. so, the environment is kind of prejudiced, you have to know your place or you get bullied. i mean there are some fun people that work there and the customers can make the job fun but a lot rests on your shoulder for you to only get paid like $3 an hour. i don’t know how they get away with paying the carhops $3 an hour when it’s like a fast food place and people generally don’t tip but you rely on tips to be your income? i’ve also been told we aren’t allowed breaks and we aren’t allowed to eat on our shift even if you’re working like 7 am - 4 pm. it’s also extremely difficult to get promoted or get raises. like you have to work ...more
Prosfree food up to $8 in a day
Conspay, promotions, a lot of things, most things
Crew Member | Alabama | Sep 6, 2019
Don't work here unless you like no breaks and unprofessional managers
Depending on if you are working carhop or crew member, your duties will vary. Hard work, fast paced, breaks are rare. You earn just under $5 an hour because of tips making up the rest. But let's talk nepotism. I can assume my store isn't the only one it happens at. It doesn't bode well when the Manager has family in asst-manager positions and they get away with being verbally abusive to staff, are on their phones when working, eating while taking orders, etc. Essentially the things the crew are never supposed to do. Never mind that they get away with insulting staff as if they were their personal whipping post. It's hard to watch it happening to a co-worker much less have it happen to yourself. Maybe it doesn't sound like much but the verbal abuse is so unprofessional and can seriously affect a person's self esteem. I have seen it happen way too much. Forget training, they expect you to figure it out on your own. If there are guidelines for training, you are expected to know it by osmosis, and you will get yelled at when you don't do it to their expectations. If they don't like you, they nit pic your performance. Get use to yelling, that happens often. And when nepotism is at play, forget any corrective action from management, EVER! It's really too bad, since most customers are enjoyable to serve and so many of the crew are hard working nice people. It's no wonder they have such a high employee turnover. I have heard it's to be expected when working in fast food. I sugge...more
Carhop | Kirbyville, TX | Jun 17, 2019
Very nice place to work, just management is terrible
In the beginning I was given shirts that did not quite fit. I wore two pairs of pants that were black pants. I asked what was allowed, uniform-wise, and I was told hair tied back, black jeans, and the sonic shirt. I had called in once. I had to drive someone to the emergency room that day and I had not only messages my manager I was going to work with that day but also called sonic from the place I was currently living about 5 times and then messages a more receptive manager. After finally getting a message back I was told that I was going to be written up for calling in. I had contacted around 4 or so hours before my time to go to work. The managers never gave me a packet on what I can and can't wear. I've had to rip off fake nails because I was told they weren't work appropriate. Mind you, I don't handle the food. I've taken a food handlers license course and passed it with a very high grade. My issue also was nobody told me no nail polish and no nails. They then told me "black pants". About a month after wearing only two pairs of pants they decided one pair wasn't work appropriate anymore and sent me home to go change. I decided after all of that it was not worth it for all of that I told them I would not be back. Management also allowed more employees to talk about each other in destructive ways and sometimes even joined in on it. One manager even thought it was okay to call one employee stupid and make fun of her before she came into work with the other employees...more
ProsHalf off on lunches as long as your'e working that day, lunch breaks and smoke breaks.
ConsManagement is a huge problem
Cook | York, SC | Jan 28, 2020
not a good place to work, very discriminating
Worked here a bit, had a guy on drugs that kept picking fights with me and always was threatened with my job, despite it was a manager who was picking the fights and the general manager did nothing but come at me. He even come in one night cussing at everyone because he got called in after his manager picked another fight with me over a chicken patty we sold. Then I had pay missing, and reached out to HR only to be told not to do that and for a month could not get any help. Had a new girl start working and first day come in saying the boss told her he wouldn't threaten her with her job when I was constantly threatened with mine. Even I went to the boss about people smoking weed and slacking off and nothing was done except I was told I was not able to do any other job except work in the kitchen despite his manager kept picking fights. My job was threatened with "food cost" problems at one point when the reality was most people slacked off and ate food without putting it into the computer... The GM ignored this completely and instead threatened me with food cost problems when I told him why things were so off. If you want to be mistreated this is the place to be. Seemed great at first, but then you realize that no matter how hard you work, you're still going to be threatened and mistreated because the boss won't fix the problems but just imagines new problems to cover up what his people were doing, managers too. When I needed hours, they went to a kid who wasn't allowed overtim...more
Carhop | Nampa, ID | Nov 5, 2019
Working here will be your biggest mistake
If you’re looking for a job with good management, friendly staff, great customer interactions, cleanliness, good hours, a steady schedule etc. Sonic IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU. Sonic’s management is unfriendly and unfair to their employees unless you’re considered a “favorite.” If you’re not considered a favorite, you will constantly be yelled at, and never have room to improve. The staff is super unfriendly. Drama is a constant thing at America’s Drive-In. Kitchen staff refuses to make items properly and get really upset and throw fits when customers have complaints. Front of the house makes drinks incorrectly and doesn’t treat customers with kindness. Customers are incredibly rude and disrespectful. Constantly throwing items at Carhops. Cleanliness isn’t a word in the Sonic dictionary. Neither is sanitary. Dishes are constantly dropped on the ground and not cleaned, food is prepared incorrectly and often not cooked for long enough, and the mold is ridiculous. Even when you ask for a steady schedule at Sonic, you’ll work random hours. Need a day off for any reason? You’ll most likely get scheduled that day, even if it’s for a funeral because Sonic is always unfair and “understaffed“ I cant tell you how many times people asked for full time hours and only got 12-15. Management also will tell employees they’re getting a promotion to keep them. The employee will not receive a promotion or a raise. There is absolutely no room for growth or improvement at Sonic. In conclusion, Amer...more
Carhop | Plano, TX | Dec 9, 2019
Goes downhill
I wanted to work at Sonic solely to wear the uniforms and be outside during the summer. Tips were amazing during the spring and summer. It was my first job and a good one, but things started to go downhill as the colder months approached. Sonic isn't as nearly busy as it can get during the spring/summer, so tips aren't easy to get. My Sonic paid us $4.75 plus tips to make it equal to minimum wage, and if it wasn't then the money to make it minimum wage came from Sonic and they weren't happy when that would happen. It was frustrating because I was really good at my job, friendly, and outgoing. But sometimes no matter how hard I tried, customers just wouldn't tip well or at all. Happy Hour at my Sonic is 2-4 and it can get insanely busy. My first Happy Hour was exhausting. You really need to work hard and work together to make sure orders go out on time and correctly. It was also hard to keep personal life away from your job life. I never really shared details about my personal life with my coworkers but it was extremely hard to hide my sad moods from them and customers. Maybe that's my own issue but having to go out and be friendly to customers can be hard if you're not in the right state of mind or if something is weighing you down, even when it's not work related. Basically, it was a great first job during summer (when I started). You really have to rely on customers tipping if you want to make actual good money. You'll occasionally need to help make drinks, bag or...more
Team Trainer | Melbourne, FL | Feb 6, 2019
I have been working at sonic for nearly 3 years. I started out as a carhop in Melbourne, which they start me off at minimum wage. I eventually worked my way up to $8.75 an hour. However, I had to relocate to Winter Haven, so I transferred to the sonic in Winter Haven as well. My experience at this sonic is the complete opposite. The Winter Haven Sonic is very disgusting. Cooks do not wear gloves nor do they follow the 20-minute rule for washing hands, the machines are not cleaned frequently, the candy for the ice cream is not flipped and the containers are disgusting. The store is not well kept. This is coming from the standpoint of someone who has experience in working with sonic. The workers of the winter haven sonic have a nonchalant attitude and they seemingly do not care about the quality of the food. This also applies to the numerous amount of managers this store has, who basically do nothing for the store. I genuinely like working for sonic, but this store has completely turned me off. They start out carhops here with server pay, which is contrary to Melbourne. Because carhops split orders, the number of tips received is decreased. Therefore, I am receiving a ridiculously less amount of money in this location. In addition, many customers do not know that carhops at the winter haven location work for tips, so tips are not even guaranteed!!!!! I will advise the company to make it required for ALL sonics to start their carhops off with at least minimum because this is rid...more
ProsFood is half price?
ConsStore is disgusting, Bad management, low salary

Questions And Answers about Sonic Drive-In

If you were to leave Sonic Drive-In, what would be the reason?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
There is a lot of drama. Most of it between the adult employees. Really stressful because half the time it's understaffed.
Answered Mar 25, 2020
The lack of management, and the management they do have is absolutely horrific except a few, it’s honestly more of a hook up site then is a work place. One to two or three cooks didn’t care if u were from the age of 16 to 66 they would be aggressively flirtatious I guess no means yes please proceed to sexually harassed me but from what I have heard there is only like one or two cooks now that won’t leave you alone but he is also mentally unstable but that’s no excuse but if you want to work hard and make the exact same amount of earnings as a coworker that does absolutely nothing and reaps the benefits this is your place but tips are sometimes surprisingly very well
Answered Feb 17, 2020
What is the interview process like at Sonic Drive-In?
Asked Jun 18, 2016
Was interviewed by the GM to be a shift manager in charge of inventory management. He asked many hard and specific questions. The interview took almost an hour. Was offered the job at the end of the interview. I accepted.
Answered Jan 25, 2020
Put in application on Indeed. Call them and tell them you filled one out. Then brief interview about past experience, no hard questions.
Answered Jan 3, 2020
Do you get paid every week
Asked Jul 15, 2016
Every 5th and 20th of every month unless it's holiday orcweekend you might get your pay the Friday before.
Answered Mar 6, 2020
Every 2 week on Thursday
Answered Dec 25, 2019
What would you suggest Sonic Drive-In management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
After becoming a crew member, it wasn't long before I noticed that management was terrible to their employees. They would yell and degrade for small mistakes, as if that somehow made people want to work efficiently. Write-ups were handed out if you could not find a cover for your shift, despite having notes from your doctor or school institution. When I was promoted I remember telling myself that I would change the energy that surrounded the store. It took a couple years to come to fruition, but I realized that through treating employees with care and respect we were able to keep them longer. Having a sincere interest in my coworkers and allowing them to stay home when emergencies struck (without handing out write-ups) is what kept them loyal to the store. Unlike my fellow managers, I do not believe in yelling or belittlement as a form of corrective action. When you allow your employees to vent their frustrations in a no-judgement space you can work together to make the problem easier, thus reducing the amount of burn-outs and walk-outs.
Answered Jan 29, 2020
Continue to lead by example and professionally increase the growth of the franchise.
Answered Oct 5, 2019
Why did you leave your job at Sonic Drive-In?
Asked Mar 15, 2017
Manager wasn't flexible with my schedule, also kept scheduling me like crazy even thought I'm a part-timer. They would throw fits when I asked for days off too even though for the days I asked off It was for school because I'm a senior In highschool 😠
Answered Dec 19, 2019
Not enough pay to live off of
Answered Mar 20, 2019