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Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines
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Operations Intern
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Overall Reviews at Southwest Airlines

Librarian | Dallas, TX | Nov 22, 2019
Fun, culture rich, however not a dynamic company.
Fun company to work for, full of diversity and culturally rich, however culture is a double edged sword. As a consequence change and adoption of change is a slow hampered with meetings for inclusion and decisions.
Flight Attendant | Dallas, TX | Oct 3, 2019
Great Experience
I wouldn't change a thing I loved working at Southwest Airlines. I learned so much from working in Reservations. I worked on the Ticket Counter for 2 years and then a Flight Attendant for 8 years.
Planner/Scheduler | Dallas, TX | Jan 31, 2020
Busy fast-paced environment.
Company overall is excellent - I was in a contract position and was treated very well with all employees and management alike. The hours were long yet rewarding.
Recruiter | Baltimore, MD | Mar 3, 2020
Amazing environment
Southwest Airlines has an amazing culture, loads of fun, and encouragement for personal and professional growth. The work is challenging and engaging. Leadership always has your back and practice servant-leadership. Iron-clad team and a company you can feel proud of.
Customer Service Representative | Dallas, TX | Dec 28, 2019
Great company with happy employees and good benefits. everyone is very friendly and the learning is endless but it is very competitive and very difficult to move up.
Engagement Specialist | Dallas, TX | Mar 5, 2019
Great place to work!
Southwest Airlines is a great place to work! Southwest has allowed me to travel and build many relationships. You are encouraged to express your opinions and show your creativity. You build relationships thru teamwork and encouraging Leaders.
Customer Service Representative | Denver, CO | Mar 17, 2019
Fun and Productive atmosphere with a great company culture
Over 6 years with the company and the only complaint I have is the transitioning of positions and union contracts that does not have much job security for probationary employees. Other than that, great company with an amazing culture.
Captain | Orlando, FL | Feb 7, 2020
Enjoyed working there.
Typical airline pilot schedule. Trips usually three or four days in length. Monthly bid on schedule working 16 to 19 days a month. Retired Sep 2019 age 65.
Customer Relations Representative | Dallas, TX | Jan 16, 2020
Hope your a favorite
You will know if you fit in right away...if not your life will be miserable. They pick favorites. If you really want to fit in, say yes master...and don't look the wrong way either.
Technical Support Specialist | Dallas, TX | Sep 9, 2019
Productive and fun work environment
Professional environment Fun workplace with a lot of outside activities Great culture Great benefits Great opportunity environment to learn and build up professional career
ProsHoliday celebrations - Birthdays celebrations - Free meals
Consnone I can think of

Questions And Answers about Southwest Airlines

I'm 52years old and my whole life I wanted to work for an airline company. I was wondering if being as old as I am, that my age might pose a problem with being able to work in some of your companies departments?
Asked Dec 24, 2016
You will do great. Your age don't matter. But ur professiona, patience, urgencyl and smile does. GOOD LUCK !
Answered Mar 30, 2019's the perfect age for the American Airlines ramp crew in ST.LOUIS....they don't hire anyone under the age of 50
Answered Feb 4, 2019
How long does a background check take? Before they move you forward with the drug testing / finger printing.
Asked Jul 6, 2016
3 months. 1st int oct 4 2nd fto f ot 14 then offer dec 3. Starteed Jan 13
Answered Feb 22, 2020
The Year, I was Hired... Over 50,000 Applications were taken. The First Round of Interviews Left About 35,000. The Second Round Left About 24,000. Third Round Left About 9,000. Total Hired that Year..... 498 People.
Answered Dec 17, 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Southwest Airlines a better place to work?
Asked Nov 10, 2019
Occasionally, when disputes occur between employees, the company seems to favor accusers, and the accused is guilty until proven innocent. This needs to change. It promotes the spiteful minority on property “throwing fellow employees under the bus” out of spite. The accusers need to be at risk of job action if they lie to get revenge. With a large organization these petty disputes bring us all down. Employees need to be able to work it out, and the company should not empower “fake” whistleblowers.
Answered Mar 27, 2020
I would hire more ground employees to eliminate overtime and help create a better home/work balance. It was pretty good but there is room for improvement.
Answered Dec 5, 2019
Do you have to work full time to fly for free. And do southwest offer part time
Asked Jul 4, 2017
Yes there is part time!
Answered Mar 3, 2019
Fly free after hiring. After 10 years you may retire with lifetime flight benefits!
Answered Nov 24, 2018
Does Southwest Airlines hire Customer Service Representatives part time?
Asked Jul 1, 2016
Yes SWA offers part time shifts at the 6 reservation centers, but, they do work lots of overtime . I know for 2 summers, the 4hr part-time shifts were extended to 8hr shifts.
Answered Jul 20, 2019
Yes, Customer Service Representatives usually start off as part time employees! When a full time position become available you stand a great chance for the promotion in house.
Answered Oct 25, 2018